Thursday, March 31, 2022

You See, I Told You So)))

Well, didn't I dedicate my whole writing career to this moment trying to explain to the people in D.C. that they know shit about Russia and they better take my advice and, following Bismarck's advice, make "a good treaty with Russia"? 

I agree, they don't, they never did--99% of the US Russia "experts" are frauds in academic and human terms who sell nice-sounding BS to very provincial and uncultured US "elites" to reinforce those elites' sense of self-importance. This is happening since WW II and never ceased, but then again, I said and wrote it so many times that there is no need to repeat myself. Get the fvcking real professional experts and fire most US "Russia" academe, maybe after that you will get some positive thing going, like normal relations.

P.S. I am not for hire, if anyone thinks about my ulterior motives.

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

WTF Of The Week.

No, it is only the 30th of March. There are 31 days in March and April First has been cancelled anyway. Wanna lose (remaining) faith in humanity?

This... WTF, guaranteed, will be overpriced above and beyond. It is Dyson, after all.  
The best comment was this: Dyson just invented the greatest birth control(c).

Upcoming Finalization.

For the Eastern Cauldron of VSU and remaining Nazi elements. Eduard Basurin is eloquent:  for VSU artillery people it is better not to surrender and commit suicide while they can (in Russian). 

He also added that now any 404 military in Mariupol who have been "pocketed" into the Azov Steel plant no humanitarian corridors will be offered out of Mariupol and that means physical annihilation and war crimes tribunal for those who will survive (in Russian). Most will not. Increasing number of reports from different sources confirm the fact that remaining "forces" of Azov and VSU are constantly high and under the influence of hard drugs, including heroin and other "cocktails" one shoots into veins. So, it is just the matter of method of how to finish those remnants off and if anything is worth saving at Azov Steel plant. We'll know soon enough. 

Now to Tucker.

The issue he raises is not that it is, indeed, insulting for a country which loves to present itself as the best thing ever, but is that of a paralysis of the American governance due to a complete degeneracy of the elites. As I am on record, getting elected (and re-elected) has nothing to do with real governance on the national level--I assert this for years and the record of the so called Western (and American) "governance" supports my assertions. The most disturbing in all that is the fact apart from purging the best and most capable from government structures, it is a complete inability to process and internalize whatever the last bits of reliable data are provided. 

Some may say (and many do) that, oh, but providing "good data" isn't it "empowering" the enemy? Sure, but this does not apply in the US case since in normal governing bodies, should, what I write about (which, BTW, is not intel, it is all in the open) Russia and modern geopolitics, have been internalized, the only course the United States would have had in this case would be to tone down a BS, seek good accommodation with Russia and see how the US can benefit from it. This is what normal governing bodies do, but not in the US whose "elites", as I already stated not for once, cannot find their own ass with both hands in a brightly lit room. They just do not have faculties to get it, and they double-down with suicidal so called "policies", while having no situational awareness whatsoever. Those who do, they are purged and silenced, otherwise--you get General Keane and ISW, or Jake Sullivan and Tony Blinken as an Exhibit A. So, it is not "insulting", it is suicidal and, in some cases, homicidal. Albeit the media shitstorm, after Biden calling for regime change in Russia, in the US MSM gives at least some hope that those cretins didn't lose the self-preservation instinct completely, and this is a good thing. 

Now the "thing" is coming:

I am not going to wax "economical" here, not exactly my shtick anyway, but  even ever critical of Kremlin Paul Craig Roberts had to admit:

This is what real physical economy of enclosed technological cycles and real military power give you--you can always reset the "resetters". I need to write something on Russian commercial aviation, some really interesting and cool developments are taking place there. It is especially important against the background of a terrifying tragedy of the China Eastern Boeing 737-800 crash. Can it be the case of the repeat of 737s known problem of the rudder being stuck? Remember Pittsburgh US Air flight 427?  And while at it, wait for revelations regarding MH17 Flight which are coming. Wonder why the US wanted to blame LDNR for that? War Crimes Tribunal will provide a real investigation and results. Where US and UK supplied Stingers and Starstreaks, in what hands, will they end up? Questions, questions...

How To Look Laughable.

And I mean it. Evidently in the course of what passes in the West for statesmanship throwing hollow promises to the left and to the right is considered a pinnacle of a state craft, while elsewhere it is considered to be a mere bullshit. Germany, evidently, decided that making grandiose statements without any wherewithal to support them in practice is a good policy. Right, you know, like promising not to expand NATO to Gorbachev. 

Apart from obvious delusion of such a statement--Germany cannot guarantee anything to herself--one has to ask the question: who would believe Germany with exception of completely delusional Ukie "elites"? Or, for that matter, the US? Germany has to resign herself to a simple fact of life that it is a lapdog country with declining economy in general and industrial base in particular, lacking any resources and being in the state of committing a cultural suicide.  I mean, they still believe that they are "the locomotive of European economy", a favorite cliche by all kinds of creatures from Wall Street Journal. Militarily Germany is a pipsqueak and if anyone wanted to see this, be my guest, it is for March 2022:

These are average prices, there are some places in Germany which have it as high as 50 cents per kWh. This is how economic death looks like, but sure, they need more philosophers, political "scientists" and activists in German government. So, the details of how Germany will guarantee anything are not disclosed. Of course. Details are boring and hard, grandiose statements are easy. Like the ones General Keane loves to make, especially using the term "strategy" in between verbal packages of BS about Ukraine and warfare. 

As Larry Johnson notes:

Russia Mythology Dominates the U.S. Media

They want Russians to die so badly, that they continue to invent things as they go and, of course, they love to parrot Ukie propaganda. In related new, Douglas Macgregor spoke in length about this whole clusterfvck of American (lack) or competent governance and piles of BS being created by Western media. 

At this stage, American Main Stream Media can not be viewed other than a huge lie-machine for brainwashing public and they are the laughing stock of the rest of the world. Generally speaking, the profession of journalist has been killed in the West. It is now up to what passes for "alternative" journalism which faces the task of recovering the status of profession of a reporter. Here is one for you, wonderful Eva Bartlett talking to Gonzago Lira:

In conclusion, here is Andrei Raevsky's good take on this whole "tempest in the tea cup" (primarily spun by all kinds of amateur "analysts") of "negotiations":

Pentagon, actually, got it almost right)))

Yeah, Kiev is not a target (at least for now), it never was from the start. The VSU around it were. I quote Medinski again that reduction of activity "doesn't mean a cease fire". There is nothing to comment on it--everyone, I hope, by now read Scott Ritter's excellent primer on operations.

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Some Importnat Issues Not-Covered In Depth Otherwise.

One of them is, of course, as in that old anecdote about Chief The Sharp Eye who after a month of imprisonment noticed that the prison had only three walls, with the fourth one gone and leading to freedom, Washington Post now "noticed": 

No, moron, what's your name, Sudarsan Raghavan, it is not "virtually every neighborhood... has been militarized", it is called using civilians and civilian infrastructure as a human shield, because people are not allowed to leave. A classic newspeak and double-meaning from a CIA-controlled rug, which also has issues with "noticing" the fact of Ukies shelling incessantly civilian neighborhoods all over Ukraine and Donbass and then, of course, blaming it on Russians. 

But behind this sudden discovery by lowlifes from WaPo hides another important purely military truth admitting which by the pool of all kinds of former Top Brass spewing BS in main stream media on Ukraine is akin to committing a seppuku, and those perfumed princesses don't like pain. Obviously, nobody does, but when truth causes pain, then it tells you something about the character of people. And here it is, from Saker's blog: 

Color me surprised, NOT. Didn't I warn about all those wunderwaffe supplied to 404 by the US and NATO? Those are primarily for sale, not for fighting a REAL war. Emphasis on "real". The author of the piece (Nightvision) continues:

In another sudden and unexpected report, the Pentagon now wants to scrap DOZENS of F-22’s. They have suddenly decided they want to ‘divert funding’ to the next generation platform. There is clearly connection here to something the Pentagon has witnessed in Ukraine that has left it scrambling to rethink its approach to modern warfare. You see all proxy wars are laboratories for Great Powers to test and assess their equipment. The F-22 was the flagship of the U.S. airforce, the ONLY plane forbidden by Congress to sell to any ally even in ‘export version’.  

I find nothing unexpected in that cancellation. Many people have to put together these two events: December 2005, the official acceptance of F-22 into service and this date--April 2007, combat deployment of S-400 air defense system. For those who have a short memory I will remind you that throughout 2000-s Russians maintained that F-22 was already obsolete by the time it was rolling off the manufacturing floors of Lockheed and that the whole "Stealth" concept as envisioned in the US was a grossly oversold marketing gimmick. Since then S-400 not only spread around but deserved the reputation of the best AD defense system in the world and when air war is considered within the framework of Russia's, not Iraq's or Afghanistan's, air defense capabilities which are redundantly networked, are supported by both Early Warning, EW  and satellite capability, and are very deeply integrated top-bottom, suddenly this whole concept of the US air war and of F-22 begins to lose its glamour and hi-tech feel. 

In other words, Russian AD, as I am on record non-stop, not only sees any "stealth" target, but tracks it and develops and, if necessary, distributes targeting. This is a completely different environment and as events of the last moth in 404 have shown--relatively modern and numerous Air Force, such as this of 404, ceases to exist as a force very fast and is reduced, both by strikes at the air fields and through anti-air operations, to a collection of random "survivors" whose sortie rate goes down precipitously and their chances of accomplishing anything and return to the base are approaching zero. And all this, against the background of what I describe for years as the best Troop (Voyskovaya) Air Defense  in the world

Some "average" Russian motor-rifle brigade, let alone division boasts organic air defense capability which is simply unmatched by anything in the West, not to mention, of course, separate Troop Air Defense formations which already today are capable of some serious anti-ballistic and hyper-sonic "heavy-lifting" and this was fully demonstrated in Ukraine, if anyone had any doubts about some deliberately limited capability demonstrated in Syria. The capabilities of something like S-300V4 are mouth-watering, and those are not marketing gimmick or sales pitch. So, generally speaking, the problem for NATO (and the US, of course) is that its foundational principle of "high success rate--low losses" turns itself upside down and becomes "high losses--low success rate". This is not the paradigm NATO is capable of handling and it blows out of the water the whole concept of the US SEAD operations, because it breaks down completely. 

Good ol' ideas of throwing hundreds of TLAMs of mid to late 2000s production run against air defenses of the 1960s and then "polishing" what's left with HARM's and laser guided munitions are long gone. For starters, any salvo will be met with much more devastating response. And if theoretically E-3 Sentry (those which will be allowed to fly) can detect track and develop the "vector" against slow 3M14 and X-101, against Iskander, P-800 Onyx let alone Kinzhal it wouldn't matter. I omit here 3M22 Zircon, which is a whole other story altogether. What good is Early Warning when you do not have a counter. Suddenly it works only for one single maneuver--running for one's life. So, the problem for NATO is fully vertical, it is tactical, it is operational, it is strategic and it is technological. You cannot fight with F-22 against modern (well, let's say it--cutting edge) air defense of such a "peer" as Russia. It is difficult to fight 21st century technology and battle-space management concept by such relics of the Cold War of 1980s as F-22 or, for that matter, with a dubious and equally expensive weapon system such as F-35. 

That is what Russians were saying for almost two decades but it was dismissed in the US as Russian rah-rah and sour grapes. And that brings us to the most important point: Russians, wrongly, until very recently--5 years give and take--thought that opponent with rational thinking and good awareness would understand what is being said to it and what is being shown. A lot of it was based on the assumption (wrong) that the US understands military implications and ramifications of what I called Real Revolution in Military Affair. No, not "revolution" which was being prematurely announced in the wake of an easy and one-sided beating of utterly incompetent, outgunned and outmaneuvered Saddam's army in 1991, but revolution which provides a radical departure from older concepts of the modern war and manifests itself not in some nauseating self-praise of a 20-year bully who just beat a 5-year old in the sand box into bloody pulp, but by tracking force correlation against equal, let alone better, opponent. 

So, here we are--already in the fifth week of Russian operation in Ukraine we can see shapes of the warfare to come in terms of technological edge and that is why combat use of Kinzhal created real shock and awe in NATO, not to mention the fact that we are yet to see full data on Russia's AD operations in 404 and that, believe me, will be a wowser. In related and welcoming news, Vladimir Putin signed yesterday an extremely important document

The order removes from the Scientific Council of Russia's Security Council some really uber-Atlanticists such as Sergei Rogov, Alexander Panov, the grandson of Andrei Gromyko and other peacenik who didn't like that Russia decided to finish off 404 and wrote a letter for peaceful resolution. Well, one of those signatories is Mr. Kortunov who is a darling of RT. The common thread here is that these people are all directly connected to MGIMO and despite their impressive humanities credentials are utterly ignorant on military-political realities of the moment and, as is true for majority of the political "scientists", cannot wrap their brains around military dimension of what they love to talk about--national security. Here is the "letter" I mentioned above (ha, site of Yabloko--surprise, surprise). As is expected, it is for everything good, against everything bad. 

Совместное заявление участников экспертного Диалога по сокращению рисков военной конфронтации между Россией и НАТО в Европе. 

You can use Google translate to read this hollow BS, it is the list of signatories which is very remarkable. I had a blast reading it, it also explains the scale of "purges" (nothing in common with Stalin ones) of all kinds of discredited talking heads most of who I wouldn't allow to mow my lawn due to their incompetence, but then again, most of these "experts" were in the process of being removed from real levers of power for some time now, it is good that now they and their "expertise" is removed from the intellectual environment around Russia's decision making centers. This is as huge of a news, as is the performance of Russian weapons and lack thereof of the American ones.

Few Items. Tuesday.

1. General Shamanov, now the Chair of the State Duma's Defense Committee reports (in Russian) that ukie Nazis Sergei Velichko (handle Chili) and Konstantin Nemichev, who tortured Russian POWs, have been taken by Russian special forces and now float in their snot begging for forgiveness during interrogations by FSB. 

I am sure they will experience a lot of "good" attitude when they are sent to serious Russian prison but, against the background of Russia's increasing desire to return the death penalty, nobody in Russia will shed any tear if these two lowlifes are executed. In fact, it is a highly desirable outcome. 

2. There is a huge misunderstanding, fueled (surprise, surprise) by Western MSM and some uber-patriotic Russian outlets that Russian-Ukrainian talk in Turkey somehow "stopped" Russian operations. Nothing could be further from the truth.

a) Head of Russian delegation Vladimir Medinsky merely articulated Ukrainian side's proposals, but NOT Russian position. He also stated that Moscow will review them and will give the answer sometime later (in Russian);

b) Reduction of the activity at Kiev-Chernigov Axis by Russian forces and I quote Medinsky "does not mean a cease fire". Russian troops still remain around Kiev and do what they were doing for the last three weeks--tying up remaining Ukie forces in and around capital of 404. 

c) Russia does not want to take Kiev, which will mean a serious damage to an ancient city and even more civilian casualties. At least not now.

d) Operations elsewhere proceed as planned and Nikolaev begins to feel the upcoming (and incoming) storm.

So, I don't understand what this fuss is all about.

3. Why "like amateurs"? 

I understand that Rep. Mike Gallagher graduated all kinds of "intel" universities and schools, such as National Intelligence University, but it has to be admitted that US foreign policy is run by amateurs and  I, personally, never hid my awe by the catastrophic failure of the so called US "strategic intelligence", the failure continues and the United States in general, and Mike Gallaher in particular do not know shit about Russia, let alone correlation of forces and what real warfare is. I guess US military record of the last 75 years is a great testament to that. Recall this?

Mr. Gallaher, read by syllables: the myopia of American strategic planning.  I also understand how difficult it is to explain to Mr. Gallaher that he is an amateur when it comes to real deterrents and modern conventional peer-to-peer warfare. So, the qualifier "look like" should be omitted in favor of "we are amateurs". Getting amateur results is what proves it all. Just take a look at POTUS. 

One cannot stop pretty much anyone in the US, let alone POTUS, from saying stupid things. Saying stupid things has become, sadly, America's pastime in the last 30 years and it is all due do a precipitous decline of the American elites across the board: from politics, to military, to media to what have you. 

4. Now to real professionals. Larry Johnson rebukes US media BS about 404. 

I don't know at what point, but many Americans do seek out the alternative POV and the number of those Americans grows, I know this for sure. So, these are few items for Tuesday.

Monday, March 28, 2022

No Comments Are Needed Here.

Well, as I said, Ramzan cannot sit idle, he has to be in the middle of all that)) Pushilin and Kadyrov shake on that, and when Ramzan says "we will sit together all of us", I can only imagine what food and drinks will be served in Grozny and Donetsk after all that. 

In related news, this Dagestani guy explains why he just couldn't do it any other way, he saved lives of his buddies by pushing them away when he saw that they were in the line of fire on BTR. As he says, man lives once. 

This dude probably will get his Hero of Russia and... a new jaw. Neocons have no idea what they woke up. But then again, they never learned real history, they don't teach it in Ivy League.  
UPDATE: Here are Chechen fighters save civilians, carrying out children in Mariupol.
There are no words to say...

I Never Liked Tsoi Or Kino.

But this is one of those cases when you begin to appreciate music of 1980s--The Calm Night (Good Night) by Kino. 

It is Mariupol yesterday. 

Russian Air Force...

... which by now should have been all "annihilated" several times over (that is what US Ivy League political "scientists" and journos tell us, based on ukie "intel") continues to deliver humanitarian aid and provide escort for columns of Russian rear services, which, if to believe all those well "educated" BSers from US MSM, should now be hungry, frost-bitten and ready to surrender. Right. 

Most of US "generals" who comment on the real situation in the Western MSM, wouldn't be allowed to command any serious squad or platoon in real armies. I guess it is now around 48 hours before Russian Army collapses. Our friend Chris Chuba keeps the score.

The End Of "Azov".

I want to reiterate, Azov is NOT a battalion--it is merely called such. In reality it was a Nazi formation numbering in many thousands (more like a reinforced brigade militarily wise) and served as a core of a 20,000 strong Mariupol grouping, which also included VSU formations. Azov "commissars" served as a deterrent in many VSU units making sure they do not want to surrender. Well, here is Azov's base and barracks taken by Russian forces:

The remnants of Azov and VSU (by different estimates between 2 and 3 thousands) are now all concentrated at the Azov Steel Plant and that is where they will all be annihilated with Russian-LDNR infantry merely blocking exits from this vast industrial site making sure no Nazi escapes. It is now Russian Air Force and thermobaric weapons shooting range and they will have a lot of fun. Especially after uncovering more and more evidence of mass-scale crimes against humanity by "darlings" of Western media and elites. Have you listened to Patrushev lately? Boy, some explosive shit is coming up soon. Like experiments on people. War Crimes Tribunal will be a wowser.

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Sadly, Only In Russian.

Finally, after the weeks of all kinds of "ANALysts" such as Podoloyaka, Rozhin (Cassad), what have you, real professionals are getting the tribune. Here is Konstantin Borisovich Pulikovsky, a real product of Russian Academy of General Staff and with huge experience of leading armies. 

This is a competent and comprehensive view on geopolitical, strategic and operational, and even tactical issues in 404 from a man who knows his facts. Can not recommend enough for those who still listen to all kinds of all-knowing "analysts."

About Treating Russian POWs...

.... by Ukie Nazis. Bestiality and sadism are usually associated with two major things: desperation from losing and visceral hatred, characteristic of fanatical movements which, in 404, is Neo-Nazism. Here is this video of torturing and barbaric execution of several Russian POWs. These are people in 404 who are supported by Western media and many in US military and "intelligence" community. Same as a slaughter of innocent children in Beslan or taking hostages by Chechen and international terrorists have been lauded by US media and fault was placed squarely on Russia and Putin personally. 

I am on record that media in general, but especially Western media are not normal humans in terms of basic human morality and behavior. So, they have the reckoning coming with their exposure as war criminals. These videos are just a tiny part of atrocities Ukie Neo-Nazis continue to commit in 404 against civilians (forget POWs, they are too few) by killing, torturing and using them as human shield. New Nuremberg is coming and there, be it in Donetsk, Moscow or Crimea, the names, including Western politicians, intel operatives and media will be stated next to the pictures of war crime on a mass scale and the charges will be leveled, including media types from the US and Europe. 

Per those in the video who execute Russian POWs, I am sure they are already identified and they better run, they will not be taken POWs. Per Mariupol, here are Kadyrov and LDNR guys clearing remaining pockets of the resistance:

As you may have guessed it already, now many Russian forces are "freed" to get involved on other operational directions (axes). In related news, the head of LNR Leonid Pasechnik already stated that LDNR (both) are ready for referendum to join Russia. Totally expected, it also opens clearly budget means for restoration and final integration of LDNR economies to Russia. Now we begin to look at  Nikolaev and Odessa. Finally, a massive use of methadone and  hard drugs by remnants of Azov is confirmed. They know what expects them.

Jason Beardsley As A Symptom.

You all remember my "review" of one of America's "experts" in Russiagate and KGB, Malcolm Nance. If not for this bullshitter being a malicious fraud, he would have been an excellent clown. Now, get the load of other "expert" on Fox.

Here are his "credentials".
Special Forces, Master Sergeant, US Army Washington DC US Army Special Operations Command and Joint Special Operations 1995 - 2013 · 18 yrs

Not surprisingly, the guy graduated Cleveland State University with degree... and you have guessed it--"communications", meaning NO real applicable education and no number of "courses" with fluffy titles containing such words as "operations", "special forces", "planning", "hostile environments" etc. can obscure the fact that the guy is still a master sergeant and, speaking of Putin, has zero understanding of what Russia's General Staff does and what GOU (Main Operational Directorate) is headed by, pay attention, General Sergei Rudskoi, who has under his command hundreds of senior officers most of who have post-graduate degrees in both military science (emphasis on C4ISR) and military-related engineering. They, headed by the Chief General Staff Valery Gerasimov (Mr. Beardsley better look him up), not Putin do the strategic and operational planning and do it 24/7. The fact this master sergeant, evidently, doesn't know. Yet, he is an "expert". I have news for him, he understands modern warfare even less than Putin.

I find it increasingly difficult to explain the abyss which separates intellectually and experience wise graduates of Russia's higher military learning officer academies and "experts" such as this Beardsely dude. I understand he did some tours as NCO in some foreign lands fighting third rate militaries. Many did this, I also was in hot spots in my life. But to be that ignorant on modern warfare, even for an NCO level, which in the US military is a shaky proposition operational level wise, unless those NCOs do auxiliary tasks in the staffs of regimental, brigade and up levels, such as doing inventory, preparing facilities etc. NO NCO ever planned anything on the level of serious tactical and operational-tactical formation because one needs a hell of a military-academic background and experience (and even this is not the guarantee from failure) to do so. With "experts" like this Berdsley guy, it is no wonder the US loses all its wars. 

Here is Larry Johnson, a former professional CIA and State Department analyst, a real deal, who has experience in such operational and strategic matters and this is how he comments on this whole 404 thing:

Read the whole thing. This is how you do it--you deal with facts and you assess the validity (or reliability) of information before you turn it into assessment and provide input. Evidently Beardsley for all his "intelligence" background, most of it of a glorified grunt, never heard about it and that is why it is painful to listen to his sophomoric BS about "multi-axis" and Putin's "understanding of the warfare". I have some news for Mr. Beardsly, knowing how to use comm. equipment and shoot, doesn't make one a serious operations' officer, let alone a good level strategist capable of passing a sound judgement on any matter of modern warfare. Especially the way Russia does it--of that, Beardsly has zero understanding. But then again, if not for Tucker, it is a huge question if Douglas Macgregor would have ever appeared on Fox, they just don't like real professionals there.

Saturday, March 26, 2022

It May Seem Premature, But...

... I think some  summary is in order regarding Russian Armed Forces hardware. It is absolutely on-time, when considering this:

The immediate thought in all that view of a rather spectacular burning of ARAMCO facilities is the fact that they are guarded by, and you have guessed it by now, US Patriot and the collection of other European air-defense/anti-missile systems. This is not the first time those systems can do nothing about cottage industry Houthi drones with explosives and ancient Soviet/Iranian SCUDs and their local derivatives such as Burkan. These are fairly slow (max M=4) ballistic missiles which should be an easy prey for advanced air defense. As should be all kinds of drones, but, evidently, they are not. And this is not the first time Houthies score spectacular hits on Saudi oil targets. 

Comparison is in order, and we will start with a serious, I would say even dramatic, death of the reputation of Turkey's grossly oversold Bayraktar drones, which faced once a really angry Syrian Air Defense near Idlib and the acquaintance didn't go as planned for Bayraktars. Enter Russian operation in 404 and consider the fact that Russian troops (voiskovaya) and PVO air/missile defense faced with a force much better equipped than some Syrian ISIS and other groups, and here some context is in order. VSU, unlike ISIS or other Islamic terror groups, DID have an actual air force and a vast arsenal of tactical and tactical-operational ballistic missiles. You can take a look at Ukie Air Force here, not forgetting to factor in a constant flow of Turkish Bayraktars to Kiev regime as late as two days ago.

You can also take a gander at what Ukie did to good ol' Tochka U and consider the fact that this OTR-21 is a hypersonic, however barely, M=5.3 missile and that Ukraine had 90+ launchers for it and we may only guess how many of those missiles VSU had. And here is the deal, with the exception of the criminal lashing out at Donetsk civilians with cassette warhead (and even that missile was hit by Russian AD), overwhelming majority of the  Ukrainian Tochka-Us aimed at the Russian and LDNR troops and objects have been intercepted, while Bayraktars performed well only in video games and fake news propagated by Kiev and its supporters in Western media. Reality, of course, is that AD of battlefield by Russia performed a stunning feat of defending own forces against a huge variety of enemy weapons ranging from combat aircraft to missiles. Now look up and take a look at ARAMCO facilities. Comparison is not only warranted but is irresistible.

And here comes this second part about which I write books and speak into the camera for many years. NATO (and US) simply has nothing to defend against previous generation of Russia's stand off weapons, especially of such variety as Iskander of P-800 capable to strike to operational depth (500-700 kilometers) and it will not have anything for many years to come to deal with hyper-sonic weapons, which saw 2000-kilometer range Kinzhal doing its thing to the deep underground facility, which used to be a storage of the Soviet tactical nukes near Ivano-Frankovsk, and then repeating the performance in other places with a devastating result for VSU. 

Generally speaking the butt-hurt of all kinds of fanboys and military porn purveyors, who pass here for "military analysts" is understandable. One has to change the narrative on the fly and, of course, it has been changed in a sense that Russians are so short on weapons that they are using state-of-the art weapon systems which West doesn't have and is not going to have for some time. My guess will be, that when the USAF uses state-of-the-art $2 billion a pop B-2 Spirit bomber against some third world shithole, it does it because it is poor and has shortage of ammo, right? That's the logic, or, rather, lack of it, but as I say all the time--desperate times, desperate measures. So, know now, if you see me driving around in your neighborhood in a brand new Ferrari 296 GTB for $320, 000 and fully paid off (or bought for cash):

Know then, I do it because I am fvcking broke and receive food-stumps in the nearest DSHS office, because my multi-million dollar mansion (also paid off) which everyone wants to buy, makes me poor. Together with my cheap, paid-off, multi-million 52 meter long Westport yacht:

You see, I do it all because I am running out of money and is desperate. That is the "logic" of fraudsters in Western media, including alleged "military professionals", who need to wake up to the reality, that in case of real war with Russia NATO's C4ISR will be collapsed within first 24-48 hours and Russians may reconsider their humanitarian instincts, like trying to limit civilian casualties. If NATO attacks Russia all bets are off, it is simple like that and somebody has huge issues reconciling oneself to this reality of which I warned in 2017 and 2018. 

And these are just first impressions, I guarantee you those to be correct ones, of the performance of Russia's AD and stand-off weaponry and it did produce shock and awe, suddenly bunkers in London, Brussels or D.C. do not feel so safe. It is really an old truism, when your sparring partners are 7-year old kids from the sand-box you are bound to lose qualifications and skills. When it is aggravated by the blind and illiterate geopolitical planning and doctrine-mongering--it becomes a recipe for the loss of situational awareness and a disaster. The United States may not have produced world-class strategists with the exception of Mahan, but operationally, come on--everyone uses Boyd's OODA Loop, Net- Centric Warfare is a routine today in Russian Armed Forces, so why such a catastrophic failure to learn from themselves, forget about learning it from those who defeated time after time best fighting forces in history? 

The answer is clear as a day: Wehrmacht couldn't conceive that Slavic subhumans can produce T-34 and excellent fighter-planes, not to speak of a superb artillery. They also miscalculated with the level of education and adaptability of the Red Army, and in terms of Soviet industry. The US repeats here Nazi Germany's path--US "elites" are afflicted by the genocidal, racial hatred towards Russians and they cannot conceive, especially through the "labor" of Soviet and Russian dissidents who sold BS about USSR and Russia for decades, that the US simply doesn't know or understand Russia. That what it "knows" about her and her people is a complete bunk conceived in the dark recesses of ideological imperatives of the Cold War 1.0. 

Stalin was once asked who he is by nationality, his response is well-documented: "I am Russian of Georgian origin", was his response. One of the Omsk MMA groups(Storm)  made a video yesterday and posted it today: 

Vladimir Putin is saying: I am Laketz, I am Chechen, I am Ingush, I am Jew, I am Tatar, I am Russian, I am Mordvin, I am Ossetian. The guys in the club start with: I am German and I am Russian, I am Dagestanets and I am Russian, I am Armenian and I am Russian, I am Kazakh and I am Russian, I am Azerbaijani and I am Russian, I am Russian, we are Russians, we are one people. 

More than 7 years ago I warned about this, I will remind it again:

The forces the United States unleashed in 2014 it doesn't understand nor can it handle them because of the factors I describe for 8 years in this blog and in my books and interviews. Those in charge should merely recall this line in the song which is sacred in Russia and in many places of the former Soviet Union:

         Пусть ярость благородная вскипает как волна

         Идёт война народная, священная война

          Let noble wrath
          Boil over like a wave!
          This is the people's war,
          a Sacred war!

 They don't teach that in Ivy League. Too bad for them.

Ah, No...

POTUS made a declaration in Warsaw in his speech, he stated that Russian economy will shrink two fold (hm, what it reminds me about, I wonder, wink, wink) due to sanctions and then stated something altogether strange--he stated that Ruble to US Dollar going rate is: 200 to 1 (in Russian). Well... Here is March 26 (I mean today) and here is the reality:

It is the same ol' story about "15,000 KIAs", this time about economy--it is all desperation that makes them lie non-stop top-bottom. They all lie, because they feel the end coming. Pay also attention to the news (in the picture) mentioning Daily Mail, while NY Post also runs this headline:

Well, color me surprised... not. As I state non-stop, one has to even lie professionally, by "professionally" meaning making lies believable--they cannot do that in the West due to incompetents dominating corridors of power and influence from Brussels to Washington D.C. Plus, it is my assertion for a long time that most of them in those corridors do not even understand what real economy is and why, even if it would come this, you know 200 Rubles to 1 USD, it would make little difference because Russians want Rubles, not Dollars and Ruble today, unlike it was in the Soviet Union, buys you anything you want, because Russia IS NOT the country of deficit as Soviet Union was. 

So, basically POTUS lying openly to everyone merely proves the level of desperation in D.C. regarding this whole 404 business, after all, the US wanted to see Russia getting her nose bloodied there, but it turned out quite differently. Again, I reiterate, those who "planned" Iraq and Afghanistan, it goes logically, would have huge difficulties understanding and assessing what goes on in Ukraine today. I just have one advice--hire more lawyers and PR people, they will show you how to plan and assess military campaigns properly, or how to govern (wink, wink). 

Here are VSU soldiers surrendering (Nazis--are a different thing, they will be annihilated or taken prisoners and persecuted):

They will be taken care of (medical, food, bathing, rest) and after filtration will be either sent back home or given an option to form police forces in newly freed regions of Ukraine serving for new Military-Civilian Administrations. Per the amphibious ship Saratov, it is a loss and being a very old ship she will be struck down. The ammo compartment exploded due to hit by cassette warhead and it started a massive fire. The fire was dealt with, but this old ships is a goner.  

Mariupol: a drastic drop in intensity of Neo-Nazi response by heavy weapons is reported (they simply are running out of ammo) and the city sees law and order returning. As War Gonzo reports: the actual size of fanatical Nazi force in Mariupol was around 20,000, most of it is annihilated and two pockets which are left and shrinking both contain roughly of 3,000 each. This was yesterday. Judging by reports of very many Nazis trying to escape Mariupol even dressing in women's clothing Mariupol's operation is at its end and most what is left is smoking out a remainder of what was considered the best fighting force in 404, and de-mining the city. 

Here are some specimen taken POW by Kadyrov people. I think they might be Azov but I am not 100% sure.      

The first thing which is checked for belonging to Nazi groups are their tattoos and then indicators of carrying and using small arms. Then FSB and LDNR Security people take it from there. In Russia, meanwhile, the idea of return to death penalty is now being circulated on the level of State Duma. I think it is about time. Macron meanwhile talks about introduction of coupons for the right to buy groceries in France (Oh, boy, USSR of late 1980s comes to mind) and after watching yesterday people in one of the French grocery stores fighting for vegetable oil, yep, seems like this is coming. Don't tell me that I didn't warn about it. Here is you primer for the weekend. 

Friday, March 25, 2022

Thanks To Bernhard Or About Losses, Again...

Bernhard of MoA did a great service by providing a link to the article from yesterday which, in this particular case, does provide words from Pentagon man, that is not just some BSer from Reuters or CNN, or  WSJ who make numbers up and then lie that those numbers are from their "sources".  But even this "15,000 Russian troops killed" dude had to cool it on the Ukie BS being used by US media:

The US and NATO disagree over an estimate of 40,000 Russian casualties in Ukraine. "We continue to have low confidence in those estimates" 

But as I stated, even Pentagon's "figure" (7,000-15,000 KIAs), if it was delivered by someone "in the know" shows the absolute lack of even fleeting grasp of what is going on on the ground in Ukraine. I agree with Bernhard's title of his article and its content:

Propaganda Does Not Change The War - The Ukraine Is Still Losing - Updated

That is why I constantly cringe when, yet another, "analyst" begins to weep about Russia "losing the information war". Russia couldn't have "won" such a war abroad, because it is the only field in which US excels--creation of virtual reality by means of non-stop lies in every single field US media cover, be it elections, health, war (especially war), science, education, you name it. They lie, that's what they do.  Part of this lie serves political agenda of non-stop elections shell game, which passes for "democracy", a euphemism of substituting one incompetent amoral ignoramus for another. The other part is a genuine ignorance, no more so than in the field of warfare. For every truth Russia delivers, there are 10 respective insane lies. 

Just to demonstrate what kind of fraud this "journalism" is, we may go to Columbia University Journo "Program" and partake in the most difficult (in involves some calculations) part of this pseudo-profession and it is Data Journalism. As the title implies, the future "journo" will be taught how to handle data. Just get the load of this from curriculum:

Data Journalism students begin their program in the fall taking foundational computational and data courses as well as courses on the fundamentals of reporting. In the second semester, they continue honing their journalistic skills with Writing with Data and the Data, Computation, Innovation workshop, where they will explore cutting-edge storytelling using data and computation, and take a 15‐week seminar and production course with the Master of Science students. In the final semester, students work on the Master’s Project, a substantive piece of data-driven journalism. They also join the Master of Science students in taking a suite of courses called Journalism Essentials, which covers the business, historical, legal and ethical issues of the field. They also take Storytelling with Data and Data, Computation, Innovation II. 

So, in other words, they teach those "students" some Python, maybe some statistics and "data handling" with application to exactly what? A-ha, here is the issue, assuming, of course, with a very high probability of those students trying to get their M.S. (yes, Master of fvcking Science) in this "field" having no serious math and physics fundamental education crucial for any field of the modern technology-infused world, and that is why no matter what grade they get in this Hodgepodge collection of intro level programming, multi-media and some basic data-handling, they will remain as ignorant on the realities of engineering and design practices, real physical economy or science. But they also will not get even in the most basic form real warfare, ranging from tactics and operational art to more complex issues of sensors, weapon systems integration and combat control--it is a completely different world which is fully obscured by fanboys on YouTube who wouldn't know the difference between math.expectation and probability of hitting the target, and, incidentally, is precisely completely obfuscated by these very "journalism" and "communications" graduates who do not know shit from shinola and have zero background in warfare.

I don't need to really expose here such "wonderful" examples of military "journalism" such as David Axe or Michael Peck, among many others who grace the pages of innumerable US publications on war and military porn, but they are not there to "report". They are there to spin. I do appreciate and I know there are real American (and Russian) military reporters out there who have seen some shit and they try to report honestly (including by risking their lives) on war issues, but that is still--reporting. It gives some touch to the reality on the ground, but the essential thing which runs modern war: strategic and operational planning, combat command and control--these are very different animals and anyone wouldn't even get close to those without graduating serious military higher learning institution and having serious tactical let alone operational planning experience at least at the level of regiment and its staff. Brigade and division staff level is still preferred. And it is this level at which one begins to learn to handle immense arrays of data of which fanboys who discuss how one or another tank looks like or why F-16 is sexier than MiG-29 (which, actually, is true) have no clue about, as are the graduates of this Data Journalism courses. 

That is why such a BS about 15,000 Russian KIAs makes it to Western media, spun, of course, for the sake of the agenda of powers that be and really, any claims by American or European journos about "freedom of press" are met today in Russia and elsewhere with a Homeric laughter. But even factoring all those PR-"professionals" and propaganda pushers one still doesn't get the problem resolved. Professionals, especially serious professionals, and my blog allows many of them to speak here, such as Larry Johnson, or, by references such as Colonel Vladimir Trukhan, or Scott Ritter or Colonel Macgregor, no matter how one tries to convey a complexity of a modern C2 (Command and Control) on the modern and very complex battlefield, Hollywood will always win, as will those "unnamed" Pentagon officials who would be "leaking" a complete BS and non-sense to ignoramuses from media, who exist only for sensation and not for honest reporting. Some of them, as you all know, are downright war criminals. 

It is not that Western journos spread lies, it is the fact that with each passing day their BS becomes so outlandish that one has to ask the question: do they even know what basic arithmetic is? I begin to doubt it. I can try to explain to some moron from NYT or WSJ (not that they will be interested in it) how the combat tasks are set and how planning develops from there, how to approximately calculate the force size for a company, even battalion to accomplish the task, where the reserves will come and how, but I cannot help in cases when their parents and schools didn't teach them basic adding and subtraction, not to speak of multiplication and division (ooh, boy those stochastic coefficients, you have to multiply there). So, that is why General Patton is America's main WW II "hero", because BS sells and no matter how one may hate (and they deserve it fully) Erick Von Manstein, Heinz Guderian or Walter Model, should these people be alive today, as would have been Zhukov, Tolbukhin or Rokossovsky, they all would have come to an agreement that the US learned all the wrong lessons from WW II and that explains why the US lost all of its wars which followed. Goebbels would have loved to have Anglo-American MSM journos in his org in Hell. They would fit right in. 

In related news. New anecdote from Russia, Madeleine Albright gets to the Charon the ferryman at the river Styx and offers him a coin (one sixth of a Drachma) for crossing the river. Charon shakes his head in disagreement and replies to her: "I accept only Rubles".

Short Note On Russian (LDNR Too) Losses.

Russian MoD announced the number of losses by combined Russian-LDNR forces.  KIAs: 1,351, Sanitary (Wounded etc.): 3,825 (in Russian). As you can see yourself a classic ratio of roughly 1 KIA to 3 Sanitary is almost exact. This is exactly what I wrote about two days ago. This shows, as is known now, that Anglo-American MSM are staffed with one-cell creatures who know nothing, as is true for their curators from "intel" who drip all kinds of BS for them, about real war and basic correlates, which do not require special education. How do I assess losses? Under existing conditions and considering a massive scale of operation--they are light. 

Meanwhile VSU continues to annihilate Russian aviation, now the third time over, and is being victorious to the left and to the right. PJW has a video to prove it;)

I guess CIA and Pentagon should really continue to rely on VSU as their sources of information. Same as US Treasury should rely on economic data from IMF, or State Department base its conclusions on opinions of Michael McFaul, Masha Gessen and Julia Ioffe. 

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Larry Posted Some Good Stuff About...

... Russian Army being on the brink of collapse. You know, any minute now.  

Look up this story using the link above. Watch videos (I wish I could translate the rap in LDNR video), they are worth it. It seems Russia stopped caring about VSU losses, if they cannot rise against Nazis in their midst--they will die. But the numbers of surrendering VSU did increase. 

But because Friday is coming, I want to point your attention to this video which now literally became Russia's (and Donbass) second anthem. It is called Behind Us Is Donbass. 

In the Western "elites" they do not have enough culture and intellect to even grasp what is shown in this video. References to Great Patriotic War are all there, my maternal grandfather Prigozhin Nikolai Grigorievich was killed there in 1941 in Donbass.  Girls also sang it in Luzhniki six days ago.

When Russians begin to invoke God, Cross, Not Kneeling  and Price in their songs... run, run for your life. You cannot explain this to low-lives from MSM, they have no faculties to grasp it. Because they know the price of everything (themselves included) and value of nothing.