Sunday, March 27, 2022

Jason Beardsley As A Symptom.

You all remember my "review" of one of America's "experts" in Russiagate and KGB, Malcolm Nance. If not for this bullshitter being a malicious fraud, he would have been an excellent clown. Now, get the load of other "expert" on Fox.

Here are his "credentials".
Special Forces, Master Sergeant, US Army Washington DC US Army Special Operations Command and Joint Special Operations 1995 - 2013 · 18 yrs

Not surprisingly, the guy graduated Cleveland State University with degree... and you have guessed it--"communications", meaning NO real applicable education and no number of "courses" with fluffy titles containing such words as "operations", "special forces", "planning", "hostile environments" etc. can obscure the fact that the guy is still a master sergeant and, speaking of Putin, has zero understanding of what Russia's General Staff does and what GOU (Main Operational Directorate) is headed by, pay attention, General Sergei Rudskoi, who has under his command hundreds of senior officers most of who have post-graduate degrees in both military science (emphasis on C4ISR) and military-related engineering. They, headed by the Chief General Staff Valery Gerasimov (Mr. Beardsley better look him up), not Putin do the strategic and operational planning and do it 24/7. The fact this master sergeant, evidently, doesn't know. Yet, he is an "expert". I have news for him, he understands modern warfare even less than Putin.

I find it increasingly difficult to explain the abyss which separates intellectually and experience wise graduates of Russia's higher military learning officer academies and "experts" such as this Beardsely dude. I understand he did some tours as NCO in some foreign lands fighting third rate militaries. Many did this, I also was in hot spots in my life. But to be that ignorant on modern warfare, even for an NCO level, which in the US military is a shaky proposition operational level wise, unless those NCOs do auxiliary tasks in the staffs of regimental, brigade and up levels, such as doing inventory, preparing facilities etc. NO NCO ever planned anything on the level of serious tactical and operational-tactical formation because one needs a hell of a military-academic background and experience (and even this is not the guarantee from failure) to do so. With "experts" like this Berdsley guy, it is no wonder the US loses all its wars. 

Here is Larry Johnson, a former professional CIA and State Department analyst, a real deal, who has experience in such operational and strategic matters and this is how he comments on this whole 404 thing:

Read the whole thing. This is how you do it--you deal with facts and you assess the validity (or reliability) of information before you turn it into assessment and provide input. Evidently Beardsley for all his "intelligence" background, most of it of a glorified grunt, never heard about it and that is why it is painful to listen to his sophomoric BS about "multi-axis" and Putin's "understanding of the warfare". I have some news for Mr. Beardsly, knowing how to use comm. equipment and shoot, doesn't make one a serious operations' officer, let alone a good level strategist capable of passing a sound judgement on any matter of modern warfare. Especially the way Russia does it--of that, Beardsly has zero understanding. But then again, if not for Tucker, it is a huge question if Douglas Macgregor would have ever appeared on Fox, they just don't like real professionals there.

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