Wednesday, March 2, 2022

One Of My Patrons Sent Me This.

I am now officially on record--many in the US military establishment have a severe case of a professional envy and a butt-hurt. It is ONE OF the major reasons for streams of pseudo-expert military BS emanating from Pentagon. But get this:

I am on record that the West lost the arms race to Russia. But this is something else altogether, when you have Infantry magazine dealing with these issues. It is not just woke "equality" BS, it is the issue of combat cohesion and performance of the unit. But sure, now that the "rifle person" is pregnant--what a joyous occasion which should improve company or battalion's self-esteem. It also should get it high marks for tolerance and equality. I find this article to be sooo... well, tolerant and combat-oriented that I simply do not want to comment on it.

In related news, I love what Joey does. Absolutely spot on:

Are you wondering about how this all is viewed from Russia? I am not.

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