Friday, July 23, 2021

Friday: The Shaggs Were Huge Influence...

On Kurt Cobain. I kid you not. So, you know now where this whole grunge thing came from:

The Shaggs were definitely pioneers in making independence from talent a very cool thing and gaining a cult status, which, I think, translates well into the affordability of hot dogs in COSTCO. Of course only the Legendary Stardust Cowboy could compete with Shaggs' musical profundity (I am screwing with you) and his drummer sounds very much like me in my school 9th grade band named Sour Cream (why, it is a separate story) and it is an amazing piece of music. 
Yet, I think that the greatest music of them all in its raw enjoyment of own inability to play and hold the time and pitch is still this:
The best praise to this amazing performance is the comment which says that:
Does anyone know how to contact this band? I want to book them for my ex-girlfiend's wedding.
I am absolutely not surprised with the fact that Frank Zappa got interested in Shaggs. Poor Frank, should he be alive today, boy, what kind of music would he be writing, one can only dream about. Yet, as it turned out, Dave was the real deal from Nirvana and, as my hypothesis goes, the better you become as a musician the more you go back to real roots of great pop and rock music. Foo Fighters, certainly, outgrew the cheekiness of grunge and are doing what I never thought I would ever see--playing great pop-music. But Dee Gees is a thing we all needed. 
The thing Dave and Foos do is live-affirming and is absolutely amazing, because the guys know what good music is and I praise them for that. 

They Just Can't Get A Break.

Syria's Air Defense is just doing its job. 

All four missiles fired by Israeli warplanes at Syria’s Homs province early on Thursday were shot down by the Syrian Army using Russian-made ‘Buk’ air defense systems, the Russian military has revealed. Two Israeli F-16 jets fired the guided missiles from Lebanese airspace, around 01:11 local time on Thursday.“All four missiles were destroyed by on-duty Syrian air defense units, using Russian-made Buk-M2E systems,” the Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria said in a statement.

Syrians are getting really good at it.  It is easier to do when you have Buk-M2E, which is a fairly new (mid-2000s) technology. By now, Buks saw so much combat use, that they merely add to the already high demand for Russian air-defense systems on the international market.

Thursday, July 22, 2021

On The Run. I Got Beaten To It.

For years I wrote about the so called American "conservatism" in a sense that it is nothing more than a simulacrum, a hologram to be presented to generally decent but grossly mis-educated segment of America which votes for GOP thinking that it is a "conservative" party. Two years ago I wrote:

...until nation, as in American nation, recognizes itself as a nation, as people who have common history, culture and mission, thus, inevitably producing this aforementioned healthy social and cultural norming--no amount of wishful thinking or social-economic doctrine-mongering will help. There is no United States without European-keen, white Christian, heterosexual folk, both with acutely developed sense of both masculinity and femininity, period. But this is precisely the state of the affairs which American "progressives" are fighting against; this is the state of the affairs which they must destroy be that by imposition of suffocating political correctness, the insanity of multi-gender and LGBT totalitarianism, or by criminal opening of the borders to anyone, who, in the end, will vote for the Democratic Party. You cannot negotiate with such people. In the end, WHO is going to negotiate? A cowardly, utterly corrupt, current GOPers and geriatric remnants of Holy Reaganites? Really? Ask how many of them are Mossad assets and are in the pockets of rich Israeli-firsters and Gulfies? 

Even earlier, more than six years ago I identified the problem:

Since then, I write about a caricature, which American "conservatism" is, non-stop. I acquainted myself with a large body, mostly contrived and of low intellectual value, of modern American conservative "thought" and I could not find there anything conservative because most of this "thought" is anything BUT conservative. It is a classical neo-liberal BS whose ONLY purpose is to protect economic status quo of American corporatism (a euphemism for oligarchy) and most GOPers will shit their pants when asked to define what core of the American nation is, how it is formed and what is to be done to preserve, to conserve that is, this nation which, in the end, comes down to preservation of people as bearers of the culture. Average American "conservative" scholar's idea of preservation of culture is reduced to fighting "big government" and "taxes" of "working Americans", who, strangely, are doing just fine under the present ones. Obviously, the other MUST for the US conservative is Christian (that is, pseudo Christian) Zionism and militant neo-conservatism, which defines primarily insane foreign policy views of US "conservatives" and has become an imperative for any GOPer in order to advance inside convoluted American political establishment. 

Somebody begins to notice that, such as Michael Warren Davies, who beat me to writing a book on US "conservatism" and posted this in TAC yesterday: 

Ah, yes, this is warmer. Hey, at least he admits there never was a movement--that's a good start. I have a news for him--there are very few conservatives too. Because to have a conservative movement you need to define nation, which GOP cannot (too many cowards dependent on re-elections), neither can its "academe" which will never state that remove American primarily white (European roots) working class, which GOP loves to betray, and you have no country. Of course, there many African-Americans  and Hispanic people who share large portions of classic Christian creed and want to be associated with cultural and economic heritage of the Western Civilization and accept European pillar of the modern America's founding. Many do understand that, sadly--many don't. Democrats attack precisely this point and succeed immensely, doing so. What the so called American "conservatives" do?  Davies notes:

Ahhh, finally! Catharsis! For starters, counting fundamentalist Zionist and demagogue Ben Shapiro for American "conservative" is risible, his first concern is Israel and Judaism. But then again, only in American "conservative" circles can a guy who dedicated his life to promoting gay-marriage and posting ads for unprotected sex with HIV-positive men, could be considered "conservative". I am talking about Andrew Sullivan, of course, who, as most modern Western political "thinkers" from "humanities" universe, know many people who invented a lot of nonsensical philosophical and political theories and quote them, but who wouldn't know the difference between metrology and meteorology, or, for that matter, between shit and shinola. 

But at least Davies gets this, finally, and I will interpret it for everyone: America is a post-Christian country, period! Stop, God damn, getting around quoting Bible to people who long ago think in a completely different framework and do not give a shit about, nor know intricacies of geopolitics, real economy, foreign relations, culture, religions and war. They are the products of an utterly failed humanities "education" field in the West taught by radical and ignorant Ph.D. demagogues who still try to relive the 1960s in the breaks between taking Cialis and smoking pot, and who know for sure one large thing in a Hedgehog tradition: we will sooner see actual Alien contact than Second Coming of Christ. Sadly, they are not wrong on this one. It is difficult to take evangelical biblical invocations seriously in times of space travel, nuclear energy, internet and the discovery of Higgs boson and black holes three billion light years away from Solar System. And guess what, those intellectual freeloaders have a good time demolishing this whole American "conservative" mini-universe, together with morality and normality which is defined not by Bible but a sociocentric human instinct uploaded to us by tens thousand years of human civilization in an effort to provide for the survival of the species. Go, try to preach this to any "conservative" evangelical church in the US. See what happens. And then, of course, there is economy and production of wealth.

How do you deal with this? Right, Wall Street--this is what American "conservatives" love. They love their stock options and thoughts of getting to heaven because they attend services every Sunday morning to affirm own self-righteousness. Obviously, epiphanies, such as the one which Marco Rubio experienced recently (I write extensively about it in my latest book) when discovered that most Americans don't share his exceptionalist view of America and, frankly, needed actual jobs which GOP played active role in shipping abroad, are rare. Any culture war which "conservatives" lose non-stop is meaningless when you are the one who sold your country to a highest, or, rather lowest, bidder. Now, go out and try to convince those people, those "deplorables", that you have their best interests in your mind. How do you start to prove it to them? By continuing shipping jobs overseas, by fighting wars for Israel or Gulfie satrapies, or by regime changing all over the globe while your people stand for hours in lines to food banks? You will lose it, again, as always and the reason for that is because you don't fight. That is American "conservatism", and it cannot be anything else, because it is a viable instrument in preserving the iron grip of American oligarchy on America's throat.

These are American GOPers and "conservatives" who are responsible for a strategic loss to the insane forces of America's liberal radicalism which are finishing country off as I type it, and these "conservatives" will never turn to actual problems of conservatism, because they are themselves nothing more than impediment to a conservatism which is based on fundamental principle once expressed by Russian genius, Mikhail Lomonosov--preservation of people. American so called conservatives cannot do that, because they are original liberals, they are representatives of ideology which, as brilliant Barnett, stated:

 … swift decline in British vigor at home and the failure to exploit the empire were not owing to some inevitable senescent process of history....That cause was a political doctrine.... The doctrine was liberalism, which criticized and finally demolished the traditional conception of the nation-state as a collective organism, a community, and asserted instead the primacy of individual. According to liberal thinking a nation was no more than so many human atoms who happened to live under the same set of laws.... It was Adam Smith who formulated the doctrine of Free Trade, the keystone of liberalism, which was to exercise a long-live and baneful effect on British power.... Adam Smith attacked the traditional “mercantilist” belief that a nation should be generally self-supporting. 

Expecting from American "conservatives" any real attempts, let alone sacrifices, to save the country is akin to putting the fox in charge of the security of a chicken coop in the evening expecting the morning number of chickens to be the same. You just cannot change the nature of the beast. Some thoughts on the run after reading the piece in TAC. Can you imagine Mitch McConnel with a sign "stop robbing the nation" in a front of the Wall Street. Of course you can't, neither can I. 

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

State Capitalism In Action.

Baltic States hate Russia. Together with Ukraine and Poland they are main drivers of  radically anti-Russian agenda and rhetoric in EU. Russians say, OK, fine.  No more cargo for ya. Here is the law we pass, and Russia's Constitution stays clearly--Russian Laws trump anything international unless Russia willingly joins those conventions. Duma Speaker's (Volodin) reference to corrupt Russian MP's who obey their "puppet masters" is really nice. 

Indeed, why should Russian businesses support the economies of Russophobic regimes. Do not forget to turn on the caption.

A Very Touching Gesture From Austria.

Austrian 10 year old kid Matthäus Brandstetter wrote a letter to Vladimir Putin in which he asked Russia not to give up on Europe. Here is Russia's Foreign Ministry summary of this letter at their Facebook page:

Ten-year-old Austrian Matthew Brandstetter has written a letter to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, which he sent through the ambassador of Russia to Austria. 🔹 We thank Matthew for this great and very interesting letter. Russia remains open to dialogue with anyone interested in working together for health, wealth and progress. 🔹 At the request of Matthew, we sent him a photo of the President of Russia including autograph, as well as some books about Moscow and Russia, which will definitely help him expand his knowledge of our country and deepen his knowledge of Russian. ✉️ 10-year-old Austrian Matthias Brandstetter wrote a letter to the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin, which he transmitted through the Ambassador of Russia to Austria. 💬 ′′ Dear Mr. President, I am very interested in Russia and started learning Russian ", the letter says. ′′ European countries and Russia are close neighbors who are economically connected to each other. I think that Russia and Europe should interact much stronger ". ′′ In Europe There are many people who are kind to Russia and would like a closer partnership with it ", writes the boy. But perhaps the main message of the appeal is ′′ Please do not lose faith in Europe ". 🔹 Thanks to the author for an interesting and very remarkable letter. Russia is still open for dialogue with all who are mutual interest in working together for general health, wellbeing and progress. 🔹 At the request of Matthias, a photo of the President of Russia was sent to him with a personal autograph. As well as several books about Russia and Moscow, which will also help him expand his knowledge about our country and improve the Russian language. 

It is a very touching gesture from a young Austrian kid, very reminiscent of a civil courage and humanity of another child, American Samantha Smith, whose letter to Yuri Andropov created a huge international resonance, made Russians fall in love with her, and her untimely death is still viewed by many as a "CIA hit-job". This time, however, the most touching aspect of Matthäus' letter is the request to "have faith in Europe". It is difficult to do today. Really difficult. Russians are aware of some segments of Europeans who are not Russia's enemies, some are close friends and partners, but sadly, Russophobia is modern Europe's MO and the only thing Putin and Russia's Foreign Ministry could say is, indeed, Russia's openness for any constructive dialogue. Constructive, being a key word and that is easier said than done, especially with people who are at the helm of EU bureaucracy.  

Those Good Ol' Systems.

Some people are in distress over yet another, how to put it politely, less than satisfactory performance by Israeli weapon systems. 

MOSCOW (AP) — Syria's air defense forces shot down seven out of eight missiles launched by Israeli warplanes during a raid that targeted the Syrian province of Aleppo, the Russian military said Tuesday. Rear Adm. Vadim Kulit, the head of the Russian military's Reconciliation Center in Syria, said that four Israeli F-16 fighter jets targeted facilities southeast of Aleppo in Monday's strike. Kulit said seven of eight missiles launched by the Israeli fighter jets were downed by Syrian air defense units that used Russia-supplied air defense systems Pantsyr-S and Buk-M2. One missile damaged the building of a scientific research center in Safira, he said. A Syrian military official previously said in remarks carried by the state news agency SANA that Israel carried out an aerial attack in the Aleppo province late Monday. He said that Syrian air defenses shot down most of the missiles in the attack that occurred just before midnight.

By now it became a routine, really. Israel gets its combat aircraft into the international air space and launches missiles at allegedly Iranian assets in Syria. Syrians, most likely, get early warning from Russians and then shoot down most of the missiles by S1s and Buks. Give Syrians Air Defense a due credit--they are getting really good at it. Obviously such numbers are very disturbing for the Israeli and the United States Air Forces which get a bit of a taste of what even fairly straight-forward and not newest, to say the least, Air Defense can do. Now, even when linearly extrapolated on Russian Air Defense, one gets a very good feel about "leakage" rates and survivability of attacking aircraft in case of real shooting war. A very low probability of such a survival. 

While the whole world discusses new Russian fighter whose first flight is scheduled in 2023 (in Russian), and, as it turned out, what is being shown to public IS NOT a static mock up but an actual aircraft which will take to the skies in 2023. I can hear cries from pain (you know, butt-hurt) from many quarters and I can hear Almaz-Antey laughing all the way to the bank. Now, about this 7.5 ton payload--rumor has it that this number is ONLY for the internal bays. If true (will know soon)--it is an amazing aircraft. Kyle Mizokami, being an ignorant journo that he is, tries, however, to put a good face on:

Could Checkmate indeed, uh, checkmate the F-35? It’s way too early to tell. But if UAC can keep costs down and stick to its development schedule, it could hurt the F-35 in the foreign sales market. The F-35 is the equivalent of a Mercedes Benz, but there are plenty of countries that would be perfectly happy to have a Hyundai.

For Myzokami:

The US Air Force Quietly Admits the F-35 Is a Failure

To call this barely flying POS a "high end" and compare it to Mercedes is an insult to good engineering and combat experience. On the other hand, Mercedes, together with most German cars, consistently takes the lead as one of the least reliable and monstrously expensive vehicles to fix. Alleged Mercedes' advantages over "competitors" (Toyota laughs at such statements), it's dick enlargement factor and "luxury" to feed the ego of wealthy has zero real value, and since Mizokami mentioned Hyundai I saw a new Sonata two days ago on the parking lot of our local Safeway--it is a gorgeous car for a fraction of price and has it all. At least Mercedes, when it drives, can drive fast, "high end" F-35 cannot even fucking fly supersonic:

The F-35 Has a Problem With Going Supersonic, But the DoD Does Not Want to Fix it

Let alone have super-maneuverability and super-cruise, which new Sukhoi "Checkmate" has. But sure...  

To understand the level of butt-hurt, stupidity and delusion of these people, enough to listen to America's foremost "patriot" and "expert" John Bolton, who with a straight face delivered this few days ago. 

Yes, of course, if F-35 is a "high end" and a Mercedes of the combat aircraft, then who can forget a brilliant "victory" in Vietnam and surely "not being defeated" in Afghanistan.The level of a butt-hurt is off the scale.

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

It Does Look Great...

And while Slyusar speaks about few particulars which were already more or less known or anticipated (in Russian).  

The most important part, apart from a killer price and impressive performance, is this, captured in this photo, feature of ease of maintenance in severe (a euphemism) environment. That is huge and Soviet/Russian combat aircraft were never known to be "hangar queens".
This "checkmate" or, if you wish, Su-75 is not a hangar queen and is designed for battle and, in the end, it is Su-57 Lite and a platform (I stress it--platform) which gives birth to very many other variants of this aircraft. Do not also forget, that Su-57 will also be offered for export. 
UPDATE: full presentation and yes, it has it all: supercruise, super-maneuverability, AESA, AI elements, full netcentricity, drones' control, etc. (in Russian). All included. 
 And in English (thank you Miguelouuu). 

This is an awesome machine. Here is full Rostec (UAC) video (in Russian). 
They also answer questions.

Monday, July 19, 2021

Two Things To Remember Before...

...arguably the most important event in combat aerospace this year. I am talking, of course, about the unveiling of this Russia's "mysterious" single-engine fighter which is few hours away. Since this (or parallel) question popped up on this blog, when I was reacting to the article in Drive, I need to make some clarification.    

1. Whatever the aircraft will be unveiled tomorrow (for some--today) at MAKS-2021, this aircraft will be primarily the result of a very long discussion in Russia re: single-engine fighter. Russians always admired USAF F-16 which is still in service, albeit is nearing obsolescence. Russia's last single-engine fighter was MiG-23 Flogger which got a bad rap in the West but was loved by Soviet pilots. "Checkmate" moniker refers primarily to F-35 and not to some "future" aircraft from South Korea, China or Turkey. South Korean and Turkish aircraft cannot be "responded to" because they do not exists as viable aircraft yet. China has a single-engine aircraft but it is not a "fifth generation" fighter. The new Russian aircraft will be eventually driven by brand-new Item (Izdelie) 30 engine which will increase its performance and the Checkmate in this case is addressed to the USAF F-35 namely in combat performance. Especially, since rumor has it, it is a platform which has a lot in common with SU-57 and thus is easier manufactured in large numbers. 

2. Russia seldom creates something special purely for export, those are always degraded (aka monkey models) variants of Russia's technology for domestic use, but better performance (almost guaranteed) by this fighter, with dramatically lower price (100% so) and no strings attached (146%) when compared with F-35, definitely creates a new reality for F-35 as an export item. So, that means that the aircraft we may see tomorrow will be primarily for Russia's VKS, with its "simplified" version for export. 

There WILL BE a copious amount of butt-hurt tomorrow, but that is expected. It is something like John Kirby's response to the issue of Russia's yet another successful test of 3M22 Zircon yesterday. As Kirby stated at Pentagon's briefing, it is a threat because Russians can stick a nuclear warhead on Zircon, while the United States doesn't develop such systems. There is a lot to be said about it, but, hey, that's your media (a euphemism for BS) battlefront today. Admiral Gorshkov however, successfully launched one and couple-three minutes later it struck the target 350+ kilometers away, averaging M=7 during the flight. 

State test (which are final acceptance tests) for 3M22 are planned for August. So, tick-tock, tick-tock.... 

Sunday, July 18, 2021

It Is Thrust-vectored. The Military (And not only) Porn Post.

UAC continues its striptease with a new combat aircraft and now posted extended version of what is its brand-new single-engine fighter. 

Judging by the look of the nozzle, it is thrust-vectored and the thing will be super-maneuverable, which is the feature of all Russian dedicated fighters. Also some explanation. This is an exhibition mock-up:

This is the actual aircraft capable of performing and, probably, one of the test prototypes. 

It is not an overstatement: global aircraft community, not to speak of all kinds of fanboys and technophiles, are salivating in anticipation for the moment when the cover will be removed and we all learn about this new machine.  I am sure it will be very revealing on several levels of sensors, weapons and suitability for services of Russian Armed Forces and export. This is a military porn at its best. Now to a real one. LOL.
Self-proclaimed “conservative pornstar” Brandi Love was kicked out of Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit this weekend, after her attendance led to protests by some Republicans. Love, a 48-year-old actress who refers to herself on Twitter as a “conservative pornstar” and contributor to the right-wing website the Federalist, claimed to have been thrown out of the conference on Saturday following complaints by other conservatives.The star took pictures at the conference wearing a VIP pass before she was emailed by Turning Point USA to say her invitation had been revoked. Love protested Turning Point USA’s decision in a series of posts on Twitter, which she published in between explicit photos of her naked body.

I did my due diligence and "researched", in order for you all not to get yourself in trouble (wink, wink), Brandi Love's contribution to the arts and letters and I'd say, compared to modern perverted porn with tattooed, pierced and looking unwashed "actresses" (evidently looking like a freak today is considered "sexy") who are favorite with the younger generation, she certainly looks "conservative", alright. But that is the issue with American "conservatism", which another "actress" expressed so well:

Exactly, libertarians ARE NOT conservatives, in fact, as I said it many times, America's "conservatives" are not real conservatives since they will shit their pants trying to defend the core interests of America's main builders, who happened to be primarily, not exclusively, WASP, Italians, and people of mostly European descend. Well, now we have "conservative porn stars". I do admit, though, Brandi Love (for a gang-bang--I believe they pay per diem, I mean per cock) looks decidedly better than notorious Stormy Daniels, despite being older and I attribute this to the fact of Brandi Love's "conservative" lifestyle. After all, one has to keep oneself in form being subjected to so much thrust-vectoring by so many "actors", if you know what I mean. 

Instead of Friday.

Rick Beato is fighting a losing battle here. Albeit I support his fight wholeheartedly. Sadly, Rick never saw the Soviet movie Kin-Dza-Dza which foresaw a complete degeneration of culture and arts. This was 20 years before Mike Judge's genius portrayal of Western society in his Idiocracy. Here is how the future "art", namely super hi-end music sounded in Kinz-Dza-Dza. The song is a primitive urban folklore of early 20th century, aggravated deliberately in Kin-Dza-Dza by horrendously amateur fiddle and brutal vocalizing (read about the movie) and visit YouTube to see this clip. 

Now, Rick in a 30-minutes video explains that the modern pop-music is not even a music, which it is not, but a collection of few notes, and is primitive in the Kin-Dza-Dza style, which is a sign of a complete imbecilization of the society, especially its youth, which is subjected to relentless dumbing down every day. Here is Rick, I suggest you watch the whole video. 

All this is not accidental, the final goal IS Idiocracy and, eventually, movies with bare ass being shown to public for two hours getting Oscar, while "music" consisting of two notes, or maybe one, dominates all media. It is a degenerate art and modern music is an Exhibit A of a complete loss of mental functions by modern youth, which is incapable of processing more or less complex information, be that music, words, images, let alone mathematical or physics concepts. This is Meat Generation, which has no future but virtual and actual slavery and slaves do not need cultural nourishment, their fate is to be consumers and toilers, and live as Robert Duvall did in THX1138.  

How did we get here? Simple, profit and cutting costs. Two primitive notes are easier to produce than 100 talented ones--just bottom line. It was already confirmed by Spanish researches that modern pop-music is devolving primarily in noise. Now people are trying to raise their voices on that. Let's start from the start--for mob, talent is not an issue, that is why most modern-day large pop-stars are talentless hacks. Real music survives elsewhere, not on the streets of modern West. It used to be different. Do you remember, then this was pop-music. It was music, and a great one at that, first, pop-second. And it touched billions and still does.

Today we still can travel to sanctuaries of a truly great music and musicianship which stuns, like this Russian fusion outlet of virtuosos led by insanely incredible Valery Stepanov. Enjoy, while you still can. Cultural Khmer Rouge are coming and they love their two note songs.
I just had to post this.

Saturday, July 17, 2021

I Kid You Not.

The surrealism of everything happening on the strategic axis US-Ukraine is sometimes so much off the scale, that I am forced to simply shake my head in disbelief. Get this, one of the "greatest" military leaders of our generation and, certainly, the greatest eater of the men's ties, former Georgia's President, Mikhail Saakashvili just disclosed some wowser of a news. And believe me, I almost had hernia from laughing when reading Georgia's Defense Ministry account of the Russian-Georgian War of 080808, and the Ministry was headed then by this guy. So, Saakashvili speaking to a funny Ukrainian TV channel Ukraina 24, disclosed:

Как утверждает политик, экс-директор ЦРУ и экс-глава Центрального командования США Дэвид Петреус призывал киевские власти наступать на Донецк и даже подготовил план по взятию города. При этом Саакашвили не уточнил, когда именно Вашингтон планировал воплотить эту идею в жизнь. "Я помню, был момент, когда они могли взять Донецк. Я не от себя это говорю — мне генерал Петреус <…> направил тогда длинную СМС, я был на севере штата Нью-Йорк, на каком-то празднике. Он говорит: "А, Б, В, Г, Д" — по пунктам расписано, почему сейчас хороший момент заходить в Донецк", — сказал Саакашвили. По его словам, Петреус настаивал на необходимости захватить Донецк, обосновывая это тем, что силовики могли справиться своими силами. 

Translation: According to the politician, ex-CIA director and ex-head of the US Central Command David Petraeus called on the Kiev authorities to attack Donetsk and even prepared a plan to take the city. At the same time, Saakashvili did not specify exactly when Washington planned to implement this idea. “I remember there was a moment when they could take Donetsk. I’m not saying this on my own behalf - General Petraeus <...> sent me a long SMS then, I was in the north of New York, on some kind of holiday. He says:" A, B, C, D, D "- it is written down the points why now is a good time to go to Donetsk," Saakashvili said. According to him, Petraeus insisted on the need to seize Donetsk, justifying this by the fact that the security forces could cope on their own.

Saakashvili then insists that he has shown this "plan" (LOL!!) to Poroshenko but Poroshenko didn't express any enthusiasm. For you to understand why I am so shell-shocked with this news,  I'll explain. 

1. David Petraeus:

David Howell Petraeus is a retired United States Army general and public official. He served as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency from September 6, 2011,] until his resignation on November 9, 2012. Prior to his assuming the directorship of the CIA, Petraeus served 37 years in the United States Army. His last assignments in the Army were as commander of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) and commander, U.S. Forces – Afghanistan (USFOR-A) from July 4, 2010, to July 18, 2011. His other four-star assignments include serving as the 10th commander, U.S. Central Command (USCENTCOM) from October 13, 2008, to June 30, 2010, and as commanding general, Multi-National Force – Iraq (MNF-I) from February 10, 2007, to September 16, 2008. As commander of MNF-I, Petraeus oversaw all coalition forces in Iraq.

Alright, so, here is the guy who graduated every single top military school in the United States, was the top of the top, creme de la creme of military brass and, if that hasn't been enough--he ran CIA. You know, THAT allegedly "intelligence" organization which is always on top of the events. Nah, I am screwing with you. So, here is the guy who should understand the issue of combined arms operations and allegedly should have a good insight by 2014 into the capabilities of Ukrainian Armed Forces, military forces of emerging LDNR and, since he ran CIA, should have some insight in Russia's military capabilities. Right? Well...

2. Donetsk. The size of population of Donetsk-proper is 930,000+, metropolitan area--2,000,000.  In general, it is a large city, mostly concrete. 

Read on why this city was called Yuzovka in the past. It is as much Russian as it was a Welsh city. Yes, like in Wales, UK. So, here is Donetsk's geographic location. 

You may ask why I measured the distance (of 160 kilometers) from Donetsk to Russia's very own Rostov-on-Don? Well, Petraeus, being former big army honcho and CIA Director, should have known and saw how Russian Army dealt with Georgian one (including its Navy) in a matter of less than 5 days. Then he should have seen an absolute masterpiece of operation in securing Crimea. Now, looking at the map, one definitely should have asked the question--any junior officer would: where the location of the HQ of Russian Armed Forces Southern Military District is. As you may have already guessed it, it is in Rostov-on-Don and it is in a very-very short distance from Donetsk. But that is a strategic factor. The tactical and operational one is the fact that Donetsk is the type of the city the United States Army has zero experience in dealing with. Not only it is large, albeit Baghdad was still larger, but apart from rather serious anti-Maidan sentiment, that city was packed with very many people who served in the Soviet Army and that is a completely different paradigm than fighting some third world Arab army. 

This factor alone should have prompted Petraeus not to plan anything, against the background of Ukrainian Army being totally corrupt, underfunded and extremely badly trained, with many higher-ups in it already lacking in terms of modern war-fighting being stuck with the Soviet Army's combat manuals and TOE of the late 1970s-early 1980s. So, if Petraeus thought that this force is capable of capturing a huge city without the air force, which was immediately "grounded" (well, look at the map) and, as time has shown, was no match to Russia's C4ISR which was providing LDNR's armed forces in real time, how could this guy (again, CIA Director) not know what he was dealing with? Was (is) he that incompetent? Was he so oblivious to the fact that any serious attempt by Ukraine to "take" Donetsk would have resulted in a horrendous bloodshed and a complete annihilation of the Ukrainian Forces by Russia? Was he THAT ignorant, we are taking about the former head of CENTCOM and CIA?    

But above all, isn't it strange that he was SMSing his, obviously risible "plan", to a known psychopath who was thrown out of his own country? What was he expecting? Remarkably, Poroshenko most likely already knew then that the Ukrainian Armed Forces were already in dire straits. Ilovaisk and Debaltsevo have shown that Ukrainian Armed Forces were in no shape tactically, operationally and strategically to undertake any serious operations and were no match to a much more determined and skillful forces of LDNR. A bunch of neocon think-tanks continues today to "study" that war based on Ukrainian narratives, myths and urban legends, not to speak of "opinions" of pseudo-experts, some of who also predicted that in 2008 Georgian Army will "roll over" Russians, because Georgians were partially equipped by Israel and NATO, and were trained by US instructors. Boy, you all know how that thing went. But Russia and her Armed Forces of 2014 were very different form those forces which in 2008 wiped the floor with Saakashvili's Army. They were much more advanced. If David Petraeus didn't know that, it only confirms my worst suspicions about the way US military-political top thinks. Because, let's not beat around the bush here, fighting Russians, even when they are merely "militias" of Donetsk is a completely different game than whatever the United States ever encountered in its military history. George S. Patton's ignorant bravado about Russians notwithstanding. They just don't learn.

Friday, July 16, 2021

I Used to Like JetBlue.

WTF, man, WTF!! I never gave a shit that some male flight attendants serving with JetBlue are obviously gay. I don't give a shit about what they do behind closed doors. But, no! The second biggest American export, after inflation and instability, the virtue signalling just now went to 11. 

Apparently passengers are pissed off, and between this and the BLM nonsense at JFK, pilots are ready for a job action.

The destruction of the society and its moral norms proceeds apace in the United States. Propaganda of deviancy of any kind hits overdrive, how can you explain THAT to a child of a tender age flying JetBlue. That it is "normal" for a man to be a weirdo?  

This is what I wrote in a conclusion to my last book:

If not, the America as we knew it, even 15 years ago, is over, and its fate will be sealed. The nightmarish playground for every human sin, perversion and anomaly will be opened up until it inevitably disintegrates, through violence and bloodshed, into a barren land of proto-state entities held together by well-organized militias whose legitimacy will be ensured by the paramilitary organizations and, yet again, violence.  

Some people might say that there is supposed to a plan for that, the method to this absolute madness, but I think the situation is much-much worse--we have on our hand an emerging dictatorship of "true believers" most of who are not just radicals, they are down right insane and act on their "free will". This is not going to end well one way or another.  In related news: 

I used to like Lufthansa too. The combined West is lost and it is not coming back in any normal way--its decline is irreversible and only accelerates. As Paul Craig Roberts notes:

Institutionalizing pedophilia is next. Do not expect American "conservatives" to fight this--their "conservatism" manifests itself only in fighting taxes on rich and promoting laissez-faire dystopia for their own benefit. In general, there is no coherent and smart genuine conservative force out there which can identify main reasons for them being increasingly marginalized. I read their "intellectuals"--most of it is a pseudo-scholastic BS. As I stated not for once--the best test to know if you have a real conservative in a front of you is to ask the question: what is the foundation of the American nation. See for yourself how they will avoid the answer by spiting boilerplate BS about "liberty" and Jesus Christ. When you have primarily, not exclusively, neocons representing America's "right"--expect to end up dead politically. 

In UNrealted news: It is a single engine aircraft, and that means mass-production for both domestic and export needs. 

UAC's CEO Yuri Slyusar', speaking to Vladimir Putin yesterday, confirmed (in Russian) that SU-57 and its numerous iterations (Ha!!!) will be ordered in hundreds and the process is ongoing. Initial contract for SU-57 is 76 aircraft and SU-57 is already in serial production. Will we see STOVL variant? Something tells me we will. Do not forget, Russian Navy Day is coming and who knows what will be announced as a present to the Russian Navy during the celebration.

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

One of the Stranger Titles.

I was answering to one of this blog's readers and I mentioned the event of the Soviet fishermen saving the crew of the US Alfa-Foxtrot 586 P-3 Orion when it went down in October of 1978 off the coast of Kamchatka. Soviet fishermen saved the lives of the crew of the American plane and they spent few days in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky hospital not far from my school before being sent back to the United States. But the title of the article is a question by an American plane's co-pilot Edward Caylor to the Russian fishing vessel captain Alexander Arbuzov:

-What was your first question to Alexander?

-I asked him, ”Alexander, why during difficult times between Brezhnev and Carter and our countries, why would you search for and save U.S. military spies?” He said: “Because we are both men of the sea and I must come for you.” Can you say it any better than that?

This answer says it all, I cannot imagine American sailors not coming to help. You can also read Reader's Digest account of those events here.

As Kursk tragedy demonstrated, these were US and Royal Navies which offered assistance immediately once it became clear that Kursk was in distress. Then, in 2005 the help WAS accepted and the US Navy sent urgently its equipment to save Russian mini-sub in distress. 

The U.S. Navy is sending unmanned vehicles to aid attempts to rescue seven crew members of a Russian mini-submarine trapped under the Pacific Ocean. The sub went down in 625 feet of water after snagging its propeller.
The operation was a resounding success and the crew was saved. I don't want to go here all sappy and sentimental but, short of a real war, I cannot see how can one deny help to those in mortal danger. Especially when you can help them. That is why the title of the article is so strange--but even in war, you save those who survived. Albeit there was one occasion, which was described in detail in Igor Kurdin, Alan White and Peter Hutchausen's bestseller Hostile Waters, when this covenant almost got disregarded. But in general, it is a human thing above all--help those in distress, even when they are your enemies. In general, to understand what I am talking about, watch a superb TV movie with San Neil in it--Submerged. Especially listen to a conversation when main protagonist (Sam Neil) recalls what expression he could see on the face of one deceased young sailor from the sunk submarine and what happened to his fingers when he tried to open a locked hatch. The movie is entirely based on real events. It is 20 years old, the time when real heroes, such as  Vice-Admiral (Lieutenant Commander in the movie) Charles Momsen were  still praised in Hollywood.

P.S. I always felt dumbfounded why two distinguished Captains (in Russian--Captains First Rank) with stellar naval careers, one, Igor Kurdin, a CO of several Russia's Strategic Missile Submarine, including final command of the most advanced at that time SSBN of the Delta IV-class (pr. 667 BDRM), another, Peter Hutchausen, US Navy's combat officer, intelligence professional and, finally, US Senior Naval Attache to Moscow, had to go to a literary agent who never served a day in his life and was writing wet dreams BS for the consumption of fanboys, to run a book about K-219 tragedy by him. I, of course, am talking about late Tom Clancy. I never made a secret about it and communicated this to Igor Kurdin. He said I can also join submariners club, but I declined))) We, SWOs are free-spirited. I kid, I kid.   

Monday, July 12, 2021

A Mystery Aircraft.

Russia's tech giant Rostec decided to spice up and add the intrigue to the upcoming MAKS-2021 and announced (in Russian) that UAC (United Aircraft Corporation) will present at this salon an absolutely new combat aircraft. They even started the countdown to this presentation and stated that the 30-second video gives some clues about this mysterious aircraft. Judging by the name of the web-site by UAC--and it is titled Checkmate--it is designed not only for Russia's VKS but for export too. From a shadow of this aircraft on the water one can conclude that it is something of MiG-35--SU-57 variety, but I also saw two booms in the back of this shadow. Could it be 21st century STOVL related heir to Yak-141? Possible. Russia never denied that she works on such an aircraft. 

Here is MAKS-2021 official promo but it doesn't disclose anything re: this brand new aircraft. 

Are we into some stunning aerospace revelation? Possible. Only 7 days and 2 hours 40 minutes left to wait. Exactly three years ago Borisov announced that Russia works on a brand new STOVL aircraft (in Russian) and that such aircraft can start flying in 7-10 years. Well, it is Russia, alright. Russians love to confuse enemies. Can this explain a "sudden" increase in displacement of the brand new Russian LHDs of project 23900 from 25 to 40,000 tons? I am speculating but I always liked the concept of USS America (LHA-6) which is a sensible compromise between mastodon CVNs and LHDs. The golden middle, if you ask me, but only when one has a good STOVL aircraft. F-35B is NOT a good STOVL aircraft. UAC suggests that 30-second video also gives a hint on this new mysterious aircraft's capabilities. Symptomatically, the shadow of this machine is revealed over the ocean. OK, I am officially into insomnia and counting days, hours and minutes before I can see if this is what I was writing about for so many years--that for aircraft carrier to survive as a viable system it should "shrink" and go for a STOVL air wing with aircarft which will give any CATOBAR carrier combat aircraft a run for their money. Will see...
UPDATE: those who have difficulties with the UAC site, here is YouTube, same video. 

Russia Needs to Feel the Pain.

We all know who Mike Pompeo is (was) and the fact that he is one of the more remarkably clueless operatives Trump staffed his admin with should not obfuscate the fact that the dude was CIA Director, even if for brief 16 months. Who Mike Pompeo is as a professional and as a human is well summarized in this short note in WiKi. 

So, as you can see he fits extremely well into the Beltway mold where principles and integrity are only good for proclamations in a front of TV cameras. Of course, Pompeo's tenure as the Secretary of the State was an unmitigated disaster and the guy led the concentrated effort on part of Trump Administration to ruin Russian-American relations. He surely succeeded, and now, being out of a job, he continues to preach pseudo-religious BS about Rupture and, in general, continues to parade himself as Washington's political creature who lost, despite heading two of the most important foreign policy organizations in the United States, any touch with the realty. They just don't learn there. 

Now this "intellectual", using Beltway's lingo calls on the US to make Russia and Russian people "feel the pain". On FOX, of course. 

Remarkably, when asked about HOW to inflict the pain for CIA's and NSA'...oops, sorry, Russian cyber attacks on the US, Pompeo for two minutes spoke in platitudes about "capabilities", "strategery", and other buzzwords and catchphrases but never disclosed even minute details about any substantive measures which could be implemented by the US to punish those nasty Russkies. So, here is the deal.

Neither Pompeo nor whoever interviews him within the United States have any clue what real pain is. As I already stated many times, no American military of state person ever directly defended the United States in any serious capacity nor ever saw a real suffering and pain in the United States since 1940. I am not sure what they taught Pompeo in the West Point, but for a conflict of such a scale, plus, of course, the United States were having a blast while the rest of the world, and especially Europe, were being utterly destroyed, the losses were more than acceptable But even 1990s in Russia make anything what the United States ever experienced, including ever debated Civil War, which pales in its scale and scope compared to Russian Civil War, look simply insignificant in terms of what 1990s brought to Russia. I was there first half of a decade, so I know what I am talking about. Here are some news for Pompeo. 

The numbers of Russians who perished, as a direct result of IMF-driven "reforms", in 1990s from hunger, alcoholism, drugs, suicides, slave trade, de facto "warm" civil war and criminal, both organized and random, activity is counted in millions. As major Russian outlet KP gives number from respectable demography professional Vladimir Timakov:

В итоге цена либеральных реформ для России: 12 миллионов неродившихся детей и 7 миллионов сверхсмертность. Каждый день наше население сокращалось больше, чем на 2 тысячи человек. Это целый поселок или городок. Если сравнивать все страны бывшего СССР, то тяжелее чем в России ситуация была только на Украине.

- Казалось бы, такие гигантские потери возможны только во время войны.

Translation: As a result the price of the liberal reforms for Russia: 12 million children which have not been born and 7 million dead people due to excessive mortality. Each day our population was shrinking by more than 2,000 people. This is a whole village or a small town. If to compare all countries of former USSR, only Ukraine had situation (demographic) worse than Russia. 

--It seems that such losses are possible only during the war. 

Read the title (Google Translate) of the article in KP. So, when some pompous windbag from D.C. wants to scare Russians with pain, let him (or her) experience one tenth what Russians experienced and recovered from and then one can talk about if he even has (he doesn't, most Americans don't) the grasp of the scale of what Russia survived time after time in the 20th century. America has no even remote parallels to those historic experiences. But the main question still remains--HOW is Mike Pompeo going to make Russians feel the pain. Indeed, how? Maybe like this: American diplomat Parker Wilson (in Russian)...breaks and then... steals a railroad sign near Ostahkovo Rail-road Station in Tver Region. It wasn't FSB which caught him in the act, it was regular video monitoring by Tver's Police Department which caught the act and then identified who did it, endangering lives of railroad passengers. Russian Foreign Ministry already issued a statement and US Embassy, evidently, already sent the guy back to the US. 

Is that what Pompeo had in mind? WTF is going on with these people, are they even sane? Can you imagine Russian diplomat stealing a rail road sign around Boston or NYC? But then again, judging by Pompeo's views and opinions, one really must start questioning not only reasoning, however ridiculous, behind those statements, but simple human psychological normality of these people. It is a downright bizarre behavior which is a testament to a complete impotence of American elites not only in running their own country but in conducting foreign policy based on reality, not some childish fantasies that the US can make Russia "feel the pain". Something tells me that this is exactly the other way around and this time those are not words, but actions.

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Forza Azzurri.

I didn't like your kneeling, but as always--you delivered when it mattered. I simply always loved Italian football. Nothing I can do about it. Bonucci, you son of a bitch, you were barely 19 in 2006 when magnificent Italy returned with a vengeance against legendary Zidane and France which was worthy of admiration and praise. Now you have done it!! Again. There is something about Italian spirit which endears Italian football to so many. You seem to always overcome when it matters.

Congratulations, European Champions. Hey, England. 

I guess Karma is a bitch. You were still better than Danes, but then Sterling decided to dive to make it easy.

P.S. Give it up for Cameron Diaz, she was an absolute knockout before she damaged her face.

Saturday, July 10, 2021

To France.

And no, I am not talking about one of the most beautiful songs ever by Michael Oldfield. Remember? 

I wrote on France "issue" many times in this blog. I know many French people (REAL French people) read my blog and I know it may hurt them to read that today the France we all used to know is no more and it is understood through more than one cultural manifestations. I vividly recall when Russia's VKS were writing on their bombs dropped against ISIS in Syria not only "for our peoples" but also "for Paris", avenging both the terrorist act in Egypt against Russian commercial airplane A-321 carrying tourists (224 people dead) but also a series of terrorist acts on November 13 and 14 of 2015 in Paris, where 130 innocent people perished. 

Six years passed since then and French political and intellectual establishment, as was  the case for centuries, proved yet again that for them Russia and Russians are enemies or, at best, allies of the convenience. France's convenience. Since then, the break with the combined West, part of which France is, and Russia has been formalized and even human and touching argument that many French people are not Russophobes, which is true, cannot change much. Overwhelming majority of Russian bid adieu to West in general, and France in particular, because values-wise modern Europe and Russia are antagonists and might as well be considered as two different civilizations. Militarily France, as part of NATO, is Russia's enemy and France's role as economic partner of Russia is minuscule. Obviously, Airbus,  Renault and Total have some bearing on Russian market but that's about it. 

Human contacts will continue, undeniably, and for my generation which grew with Fantomas, Mylene Demongeout, REAL and only Les Trois Mousquetaires, Alain Delon, Mirelle Mathieu, Michel Platini and memory of De Gaulle, and of fighter regiment Normandy-Niemen--this France is no more and we understand that. Russian youth, I don't think they care that much about France and Paris one way or another and most of their awareness of France today comes by the way of Les Bleus who became World Champions in 2018 in Russia. Other than that--it is just another EU location to be avoided. That's about it. I know some Russians who traveled to France (including Paris) recently--they were not impressed, to put it politely. Forget about Marseilles, Russians would rather go to a friendlier locations. Many prefer Malta or Italy. Many go to Crimea, those who are wealthy--go to Sochi. 

It is anti-climatic, almost mundane, how Russia parted with France and what it represented for Russia for the last century and a half. France simply doesn't matter that much anymore to Russians, except for the thieves (a euphemism for oligarchs and their cabal) from 1990s and early 2000s who managed to buy expensive real estate in Nice and condos at ski resort at Courchevel.  This is life and even once stunningly beautiful Alizee looks today as an unwashed tattooed former porn-star still clinging to her former glory. Maybe a sad but fitting, nonetheless, end to a career of once promising pop-star or, if to draw parallels, once superpower. I will not say that I am not sad because of that, I am. But I am not 14 anymore and I lost more than my "personal" France in my life.

Gaps and Preventive Wars of Desperation.

More than four years ago I wrote my first piece for Unz Review and in it I advanced the thesis that extremely tense situation around Russia could be viewed as an approach to a preventive war of sorts.

for Washington, whose political discourse is based on American exceptionalism and foreign policy now is defined completely in terms of military power, emergence of a “peer” military power is absolutely unacceptable. While China is an economic giant and is now arguably the largest economy in the world, she still has a long way to go until she becomes a true “peer” to the United States militarily. This is not the case with Russia. It becomes also true when one begins to look at doctrinal and technological developments both in the US and Russia. The contrast is startling, even if one considers a very dubious US intelligence on Russia.

Many things have changed since then but the thesis of a preventive war against Russia by the combined West, led by the United States, not only didn’t lose much of its relevance but, in fact, increasingly accentuates the only framework the United States, as a formal leader of a combined West, uses when dealing with Russia and, increasingly, China. Preventive war, in all of its known  manifestations ranging from sabotage and  propaganda to various levels of military violence, is the only method of conducting foreign relations the United States knows precisely because the United States doesn’t know what real war is, nor is it abreast of a profound technological and operational change which is taking place in the warfare of the 21st century.

The obverse side of this de facto loss of the arms race by the United States is astonishing in its volume, in the last thirty years, stream of military and geopolitical concepts, doctrines, theories and ideas most of which never panned out and, in fact, played a baneful role in preventing the United States from facing a global reality described not in US establishment and academe platitudes but in tangibles. But, of course, you already know all that because that is what I do—I try to describe the world in tangibles. But here is the thing—the indicator of any loss or, otherwise, victory is always a gap. This is how we describe the state of play, in gaps—how large they are and what are the dynamics of these gaps. Recall how gaps factor in all that:

You see the gap, you see gap's dynamics and you pretty much know who the winner of this particular race is. Easy. But that's sports, where the means of objective control are the deciders of the outcome. While one can debate the validity of one or another referee call, such as shameless dive by Raheem Sterling against Denmark two days ago (not to mention two balls simultaneously of the field), which got England to Euro-2020 finals, in games, in races--it is more difficult. 
In the end, time and finish strip are irrefutable proofs of a victory. But that is not the case with international relations, geopolitics and military power. Especially military power. For starters they are infinitely more complex than any sports competition, hence their "rules books" are not books per se, but a gigantic variety of those and require years and years of a professional study. A layman can, and does, understand soccer or ice-hockey rules and tactics, a layman will have a really hard time understanding basic principles of Search Theory, as an example, and why the probability of detection (PD) of the target in search is: 
                                    PD=1- exp (-z(t))
Where z(t) is: 
Which is, actually, pretty straight-forward with U being the speed of the search object (e.g. submarine), p(rho) is a search area coverage rate (search productivity) and tau is a delay time (time late). Mathematically it is extremely simple but it is a physical essence of this whole "Search" thingy which requires many years of study and experience to grasp it and start thinking in images and concepts which describe all that. This applies to anything military be it basic use of ballistic tables for artillery to ships' maneuvers on a tactical level to thinking in probabilities, required forces and combat effectiveness on the operational and strategic levels. How it is all related to the subject of this post, preventive war that is, you may ask. Here is a straight answer after this fairly long introduction. 
Ask yourself a question how the blob in D.C. thinks. I can tell you how: Washington never denounced the preemptive nuclear strike option and I don't mean doctrinal statements about using nukes when there is a danger to the existence of the state, such as Russia's military doctrine explicitly states, same as it is written in many US Nuclear Posture Reviews throughout the last 10 years. I am talking about loosening criteria for a preventive nuclear strike including obfuscated by the military lingo simple military expediency in killing the enemy just because it could be killed with a minimal own costs. Just recall a simple fact that the US is the only country which actually used nuclear weapons. Then recall such things as this in 2008:

The west must be ready to resort to a pre-emptive nuclear attack to try to halt the "imminent" spread of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction, according to a radical manifesto for a new NATO by five of the west's most senior military officers and strategists. Calling for root-and-branch reform of NATO and a new pact drawing the US, Nato and the European Union together in a "grand strategy" to tackle the challenges of an increasingly brutal world, the former armed forces chiefs from the US, Britain, Germany, France and the Netherlands insist that a "first strike" nuclear option remains an "indispensable instrument" since there is "simply no realistic prospect of a nuclear-free world". The manifesto has been written following discussions with active commanders and policymakers, many of whom are unable or unwilling to publicly air their views. It has been presented to the Pentagon in Washington and to NATO's secretary general, Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, over the past 10 days.  

Or, let's recall immediate post-WWII plans for nuking USSR which were prevented not by non-existent then Soviet nuclear deterrent but by dubious effectiveness of American nuclear weapons in case of a large scale war in Europe with the Soviet Union. But the United States was always a nuclear-biased nation and even 2018 (Trump's) Nuclear Posture Review included some bizarre things:

Really? We’re Gonna Nuke Russia for a Cyberattack? The Trump administration’s new nuclear strategy includes a provision that is truly bonkers.

In general, Russians were always aware of the US nuclear views and knew that any situation in which USSR/Russia would fall below a certain second (response) strike in nuclear capabilities had a serious probability of initiation of a decapitating American nuclear strike which would, in theory, settle the issue of the American economic and military hegemony once and for all, by means of destroying USSR/Russia. This is not an insane scenario, these things are constantly on the mind of a large portion of the American military-political elite and this is how it views the world. Russians know this and Russia was developing a second strike capability (response-headon, or otvetno-vstrechnyi udar) like there was no tomorrow. Well, Russians succeeded immensely in this field and, in fact, doing so redefined not only the rules for nuclear deterrent but for any type of the war as a whole. 

Let me explain. Just a few days ago the news about S-500 passing combat missile launches and of A-235 Nudol, evidently, being developed also in mobile variant, went largely in a matter-of-factly mode but there are some things which need to be understood in their ramifications. S-500 has a range of around 600 kilometers for aerial targets. That, as I already stated before, means that any NATO combat aircraft flying around Berlin, or more generally, over East Germany will be shot down. Same goes for any aerial target over Romania once S-500 are deployed in Crimea. Once one considers the fact that Russians are talking now about "one missile--one target", it becomes clear that targeting for S-500 could be obtained from any source which allows higher uncertainties in targeting of aircraft and that means targeting from such radar complexes as Container, which can see the commercial and combat planes on runway in Netherlands. 

This capability alone has strategic ramifications because the only viable instrument in NATO's war plans against Russia was its air-power which was considered "sophisticated" and numerous enough to fight Russia including delivering nuclear weapons. If S-400 wasn't bad enough, S-500 effectively denies NATO air forces any crucial command and control function because any aircraft carrying this mission out will be shot down even before it will be able to detect anything and vector fighter aircraft towards any threat. Obviously, the fact that S-500 is designed to shoot down any hypersonic and ballistic targets with the speed of up to 7 kilometers per second, and low orbit satellites and is integrated with the rest of Russia's AD is a strategic factor in itself which dramatically reduces probabilities of delivering a nuclear, not to speak of conventional, strike against Russia. With S-500 and A-235 Nudol coming on-line and both performing well in tests, Russia continues to develop not only always impressive air defense but the air defense of an immense power, including full blown anti-missile capability, including ICBMs.  

This is a gap and the dynamic of this gap is very simple--it is not static, it is widening. In fact, the speed of this widening only increases. At this stage, Russia has an overwhelming edge over the United States both in quality, quantity and combat experience with her air-defense systems and this has become a strategic problem for the United States. American conventional logic of SEAD (Suppression of Enemy Air Defense) operations of throwing a bunch of TLAMs and turning on ECM against some outdated and not realistically integrated third world AD doesn't apply here. In fact, Russia can do her own ECM suppressing and, as RAND's big air operations honcho David Ochmanek admitted in 2019: 

“We lose a lot of people. We lose a lot of equipment. We usually fail to achieve our objective of preventing aggression by the adversary. In our games, when we fight Russia and China, blue gets its ass handed to it.”

This was two years ago, since then any mentioning of F-35 "being unmatched in the skies" can cause a hysterical laughter among air-defense and serious Air Forces professionals and even flag-waiving ignorant fanboys such as David Axe have to report that:

The U.S. Air Force Just Admitted The F-35 Stealth Fighter Has Failed

So, how do you fight Russia in the skies? Well, you cannot do that around Russia and in Eastern Europe without losing most of your air force. I omit here extensively discussed reasons for Biden Administration sudden urge to seek summit with Putin. But I have to advance the thesis here that Russia's military edge over the US (and NATO) is much larger than most in the West would admit. There are gaps everywhere and they continue to widen. What are those gaps?

1. We already briefly discussed Air Defense capabilities--Russia's technological lead here is gigantic;

2. Combined Arms capabilities, especially Russia's mobilization and deployment capability, are significantly greater than those of NATO;

3. Missile gap is real and the United States is nowhere near Russia in terms of missile technology. It is not even fair to compare. In fact, it is down right ridiculous. US lag here is counted in generations, not years.

4. Surface fleets--this is the whole other story;

5. Lastly, nuclear weapons and their delivery systems. Avangard, Sarmat, Poseidon, Burevestnik... do I need to say more? 

So, if you are in D.C. today and you are one of the representatives of a powerful school of thought that Russia delenda est by any means and anything, including preventive nuclear strike, must be considered to achieve this objective, and you see the dynamics of the so called "arms race" which is being lost and not by slight margin but by "50 lengths", ask yourself a question what military options do you have? Right, only a massive nuclear preventive strike which will be three decades late and, in fact, the more time passes by, even this strike may fail to achieve objective of physical elimination of Russia other than triggering a second strike response which will destroy the United States.  

Am I overstating my case? Not necessarily, we can only guess the stakes in the power struggle in D.C. As the events of the last few years demonstrated, Washington is packed with insane people ready to go to any length in their lust for power and quenching their thirst for exceptionalism kool-aid in their delusional state. This insanity may metastasize into the very military-political top who in their desperation from recognizing America's weakness may try to unleash unthinkable, especially knowing that the time is running out and that they will never be able to narrow, let alone close, any gap before America's nuclear strategic arsenal begins to dramatically lose its deterrent effect and Russia will transition into the new military-technological reality as she did last decade with what can only be described as the REAL revolution in military affairs. The Pax Americana is already dead and these are Russia's highly advanced weapons which for now keep relative peace on the globe. They are the guarantee against the preventive war. But will they be enough to prevent a desperation war which may originate inside increasingly chaotic, delusional and irrational American military-political establishment? These are the chaotic thoughts which visited me in the last couple of days.