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Garland Sent Me This.

The National Interest, of course. 

This is the most hilarious piece I read in a long time and the conviction with which these two shysters, who have zero understanding of modern warfare, try to apply the "new" term stasis is risible. Hey, with C.Vs. like that, I am sure they know it all:  

About the Authors

Alexander Motyl is a professor of political science at Rutgers University, Newark.

Dennis Soltys is a retired Canadian professor of comparative politics specializing in the former Soviet region.

In related news, I have a degree in smoking good vanilla cigars. I am a professor of that.

Of Course, It Is Not An Option.

Since Kuleba talks about it, it means it was proposed on many occasions. Not by Russia, of course, by NATO itself.

The idea that Ukraine could cede territories that it lost to Russia in exchange for NATO membership remains unacceptable, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba told journalists on the sidelines of a NATO meeting in Brussels on Wednesday. The idea has been floated by former senior NATO officials, including ex-Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen and ex-Supreme Allied Commander Europe James Stavridis. Kuleba blasted the proposal ahead of a NATO-Ukraine Council of foreign ministers. Supporters of the plan should tell other nations to make similar concessions, “and if they do so, then I am ready to listen to their arguments,” he said. The minister also dismissed the notion that there was “fatigue” with the conflict in Western nations, insisting that a shortage of arms deliveries was not related to it.

In regards to fatigue, as many already noticed and it was documented through videos--the number of  women from 404 killed at the front lines is rather large. If that hasn't been enough, here is a peculiar, very 404 document:

It is a medical certificate (affidavit)  issued to VSU guy that although he has above third of his calf amputated, he is just fine, he is still good for military service, albeit in limited capacity. Hey, not biggie! He still got hands, you know. 

In related news, very related (I should be making video about it tomorrow) I started rereading October 2022 US National Security Strategy and National Defense Strategy with Nuclear Posture Review. Apart from those documents obsessing with Russia, never in my life did I see national strategic security and defense documents becoming fully obsolete within less than one year. Absolutely mind-boggling. 

Meanwhile, here is Arkhangelsk submarine being rolled out (in Russian) yesterday. 

It is the fourth project 885M (Yasen-M) ship and the fifth in the Yasen-class line. Four others are being built. Moreover, the flag was raised yesterday in St.Petersburg on yet another SSK of pr. 636 Mozhaisk, this ship goes to Pacific Fleet. Arkhangelsk will join the Northern Fleet.

These two are additional 38 missile salvo added to the first strike of Russian Navy, those are P-800 Oniks, 3M22 Zircon and 3M14M with 4,500 kilometer range. Boy, those strategy documents got obsolete so fast.

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

You May Say He's A Dreamer...

... but he is not the only one. If you needed any proof of American corporate media being staffed with cretins with Ivy League degrees in "journalism", here it is:

So, there you go. In the same time, I don't understand what Daniel Larison is so wound about. Tom Cotton knows nothing about WW II (he also doesn't know what real war is) as do not most of US "military history" Ph.Ds, and NO American serviceman knows what continental warfare is, least of  them Tom Cotton. Larison writes:

I don't see what's the problem? The whole pantheon of recent America's "heroes" are one or another variety of war criminals such as late John McCain, or newly croaked good ol' Henry Kissinger.

Ominous Developments For The West...

... and 404. Once Russians began to form reinforced high power artillery brigades--that's the sign for those big red arrows. Also, man, looks like India screwed herself over with early exit from the fifth generation fighter program with Russia. 


Very Good Summary.

Alexander uses a good term--liberating. Spot on. 

This is exactly what Putin said today to the congress of young scientists. 

Translation:  “Our so-called – at least that’s what we called them – partners thought that they had hooked us on such a technological needle and we would never get off it. And thanks to the efforts of people like you, your colleagues, it turned out that this is possible. And not only is it possible, but it happens quite quickly.”

Difficult to add anything to it.  

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Send This Rambo To The Real War.

And then see how he will talk and sing once he experiences it, or is taken POW by Akhmat guys. But then again, Apti Alaudinov and his people are pure military class, they treat POWs humanely and it is in Russia's combat manuals. You cannot buy class, you are either brought up with it, or you are not--simple as that.

Jimmy is spot on, it is the case of Jerusalem Redneck. The whole thing is down right a grotesque caricature on serious military. Sadly, it is not a joke or put on.

It Is Official.

Iran got it. 

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Arrangements have been finalized for the delivery of Russian-made Sukhoi Su-35 fighter jets, Mil Mi-28 attack helicopters, and Yak-130 jet trainers to Iran, a deputy defense minister said. Speaking to Tasnim, Deputy Defense Minister Brigadier General Mahdi Farahi said plans have been finalized for Sukhoi Su-35 fighter jets, Mil Mi-28 attack helicopters, and Yak-130 jet trainers to join the combat units of the Iranian Armed Forces. He said those three advanced military aircraft will be definitely at Iran’s disposal and the processes are currently under way.

Israel is having a very bad day. It is one thing to fly against ancient Iranian F-14 Tomcats, totally another against SU-35s; and we may only guess what modification, especially in terms of radar and weapons, Iran will get. Could be, as was the case with China, a full blown domestic version. Per Yak-130s, some of them are already in Iran. 

In 404 news:

Sure, sure. In related news--I am George Washington's great, great, great grand son. But O'Brien continued:

O'Brien said the Biden administration was confident continued military aid for Ukraine had bipartisan support in the U.S. Congress, which is considering a request for more funding for Ukraine's defense alongside military aid to Israel and Taiwan. Asked about a report by Germany's Bild newspaper that the United States and Germany were quietly nudging Kyiv into negotiations with Moscow, O'Brien said Washington does not have such a policy. We've always said that this is a matter for Ukraine to decide," O'Brien said. At a press conference in Brussels on Monday, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said he expected alliance foreign ministers to "reaffirm NATO’s long-term support" for Ukraine.

As you can see, the US continues to simulate a military-political activity in 404, but, as I am on record for years--attrition is not the way the US can fight its wars. As one of the commenters to my last video posted yesterday:

Andrei is right about Svechin. If you have any interest in military theory, Svechin is definitely worth reading. I do take issue with Andrei saying there are no competent American strategists. We are there, but kept at the bottom levels of any organization (company or government agency) we work at because American organizations reward adherence to ideology, not competency. We are typically easy to spot from our resume because we will have two or more degrees from divergent fields that combine STEM and soft sciences, have excellent critical thinking, and practice the Yoga principle Satya (truthfulness). This means we are in constant trouble at any organization we work at and not promoted beyond the bottom levels because they do not want people who are ruthlessly, brutally, honest because it exposes just how utterly corrupt all organizations in America are today. The only reason we will even have a job at all is because they do occasionally need competent analysis.

Well, that might be true, but real top level military strategists in the US do not exist in the midst of the military-political top brass--the system itself is wound in such a way, that any departure from self-aggrandizing and mythologizing US military leads to a collapse of a system as a whole--the process we observe now. Suddenly, against the background of SMO and how it is being prosecuted by Russia, US military "accomplishments" began to look rather timid, to put it mildly. As per military hardware, this is not even funny. Just in air defense alone, the US is not even in the same league as Russia, and I would argue that in terms of netcentric operations in REAL combat conditions, the US is lagging behind. And you all know about combat aviation and missiles. Quoting General Cavoli--scale, scale, scale.

In conclusion, to cynics on these boards. Do not rush with your theories before the deed is done. This guy is in a heap of trouble. 

What an animal.

Monday, November 27, 2023

Europe Is Written Off.

 And how do we know this? Easy, today, at Primakov Readings:


Вопрос: Каковы перспективы российско-европейских торгово-экономических отношений? Учитывая, что Россия является поставщиком почти одной трети углеводородов в Европу, которая, видимо, будет искать альтернативу. Как Москва представляет себе развитие этих отношений?

С.В.Лавров: Даже не буду пытаться гадать, что Европа собирается делать. Думаю, она (кроме Канцлера ФРГ О.Шольца и вице-канцлера Р.Хабека) поняла, где оказалась.

Почитайте статистику, во сколько раз США обгоняют экономический рост Европы. Франция, судя по всему, будет в «нулях». Некогда «локомотивы» европейской экономики (Германия, Великобритания) будут «расти» вниз. После серии законов, принятых американцами для борьбы с инфляцией и по другим темам, цены на энергоносители в США в 4-5 раз ниже, чем в Европе, где происходит деиндустриализация.

Думающий о своем будущем бизнес переезжает в Соединенные Штаты. Убежден, что это не просто стечение обстоятельств, а осознанная политика Вашингтона. Потому что Европа – это тоже конкурент, который США не нужен. Им нужна группа «серых» людей, выполняющих то, что прикажут. Не хочу обижать европейцев, но нынешние политические элиты действуют именно так.

Смотрим статистику. Полезно понимать, что происходит. Но на данном этапе нам не надо думать о том, как восстановить отношения с Европой. Сейчас нужно думать, как не зависеть от «вывертов» в европейской политике (прежде всего в торговой, экономической, инвестиционной сферах), которые они делают под воздействием Вашингтона. Мы должны обезопасить себя во всех ключевых отраслях нашей экономики (безопасности и жизни в целом), от которых зависит будущее страны. Мы должны самостоятельно производить всё, что нам нужно для безопасности, развития экономики, обеспечения решений социальных вопросов, внедрения современных технологий (недавно прошло очередное мероприятие по искусственному интеллекту), чтобы не страдать от новых «капризов», когда и если они захотят накинуться на нас с санкциями.

Рестрикции никуда не исчезли. Запад хочет закончить всё «втихаря», по-хитрому. Заморозить, выиграть время (как было с Минскими соглашениями), опять вооружить нацистский режим в Киеве и продолжать свою гибридную (или не гибридную) агрессию против Российской Федерации. Но даже когда всё закончится, большинство санкций останутся.

Нам надо жить своим умом. Когда и если к ним придет «протрезвление», и нам будут что-то предлагать, мы десять раз подумаем, взвесим, отвечают ли все предложения нашим интересам и насколько европейские коллеги надежны. Они свою договороспособность и репутацию сильно подорвали. Может быть еще не окончательно.


Question: What are the prospects for Russian-European trade and economic relations? Considering that Russia supplies almost one third of hydrocarbons to Europe, which will apparently be looking for an alternative. How does Moscow imagine the development of these relations? 

Sergey Lavrov: I won’t even try to guess what Europe is going to do. I think she (except for German Chancellor O. Scholz and Vice-Chancellor R. Habeck) understood where she ended up. Read the statistics on how many times the US economic growth is faster than Europe. France, apparently, will be in the “zeros”. The once “locomotives” of the European economy (Germany, Great Britain) will “grow” downwards. After a series of laws adopted by the Americans to combat inflation and other topics, energy prices in the United States are 4-5 times lower than in Europe, where deindustrialization is taking place. Businesses thinking about their future move to the United States. I am convinced that this is not just a coincidence, but a deliberate policy of Washington. Because Europe is also a competitor that the United States does not need. They need a group of “gray” people who do what they order. I don’t want to offend Europeans, but this is exactly how the current political elites act. Let's look at the statistics. It's useful to understand what's going on.  

But at this stage we do not need to think about how to restore relations with Europe. Now we need to think about how not to depend on the “twists” in European politics (primarily in the trade, economic, and investment spheres) that they make under the influence of Washington. We must protect ourselves in all key sectors of our economy (security and life in general), on which the future of the country depends. We must independently produce everything we need for security, economic development, providing solutions to social issues, introducing modern technologies (another event on artificial intelligence was recently held), so as not to suffer from new “whims” when and if they want to attack us with sanctions. The restrictions have not disappeared anywhere. The West wants to finish everything “on the sly,” in a cunning way. Freeze, buy time (as was the case with the Minsk agreements), again arm the Nazi regime in Kyiv and continue their hybrid (or non-hybrid) aggression against the Russian Federation. But even when everything is over, most of the sanctions will remain. We need to live by our own mind. When and if they “sober up” and they offer us something, we will think ten times, weigh whether all the proposals meet our interests and how reliable our European colleagues are. They have greatly undermined their ability to negotiate and their reputation. It may not be final yet.

There, everything is answered. And yes, Russia will talk to Washington only and only when she sees that Washington is ready to talk. Well, this is what happens when the high-school basketball team tries to play with NBA squad. Everything has been calculated and forecasted.

No Shit, Genius! Stoltenberg Has A Epiphany.

It is difficult to explain to them: 

The whole academic and political system in the West is BUILT to underestimate Russia by means of non-stop self-aggrandizing which creates nausea among normal cultured people be them in Russia or in the West. The whole "elite" education system in the West is one non-stop perpetuator of delusion of grandeur and informational GIGO. Militarily, combined West is a reflection of its best army, which also happened to be the loser against Russians. This is Wehrmacht and different other Third Reich military security services who shaped modern West militarily. 

Larry and Judge speak today on misjudgement:

This misjudgement is of historic proportions, as is shaping to be a military defeat of the West. And they do panic in every capital in the West. Now Russian Foreign Ministry through Embassy in London demands explanations on BoJo's (as de facto US envoy) sabotage of negotiations in Istanbul in 2022. This is just the start of proceedings. The volume will grow, dramatically.

My Latest On (Real) Strategy.

Using watches comparison. 


And Again, Isn't It Too Late?

So, the news on Defense Policy Board meeting at December 5-6 2023. 

Agenda: On December 5, 2023, and December 6, 2023, the DPB will receive classified briefings regarding U.S. Defense Policy toward Russia through 2050. The DPB will receive briefings from the following: Lt Col Jesse Humpal, Designated Federal Officer (DFO) for the Defense Policy Board, will discuss the FACA requirements for the DPB and establish the closed meeting rules; The Honorable (Hon.) Sasha Baker, Acting USDP, will welcome the DPB; The Hon. Mara Karlin, Performing the Duties of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Policy (DUSDP), and The Hon. Celeste A. Wallander, Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs, will provide an update on how the Office of the USDP is approaching Russia; Mr. Nicholas R. Berliner, Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Russia and Central Asia, National Security Council, will provide an update from the Intelligence Community on how they are approaching Russia; General Charles Q. Brown, Chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff, will discuss how he is approaching Russia; General Christopher G. Cavoli, Commander U.S. European Command will provide an update on how the combatant command is approaching Russia; the DPB will provide its advice and recommendations to the Hon. Lloyd James Austin III, Secretary of Defense, and the Hon. Kathleen Hicks, Deputy Secretary of Defense; and the Hon. Mara Karlin, Performing the Duties of the DUSDP, and Mr. Elee Wakim, Military Experts Working Group, will provide their findings related to the War in Ukraine. The meeting will then conclude. 

Russian media also reported on this meeting, but here is immediately THE issue. Yes, we can assume that general Cavoli is a professional, but the rest. Kathleen Hicks is a classic diversity hire and a product of the US degree mills in "political science" and "national security studies"--a completely compromised fake courses based on America's military mythology and confabulated history. Same goes for Mara Karlin, same goes for Elee Wakim, not to speak of Lloyd Austin--an affirmative action general, in the words of Colonel Macgregor. 

These ARE NOT experts in strategy--US has NO experts in strategy serving in any US Administration since W. These are precisely the people behind a catastrophe in 404 and the only skill they have is in navigating deep recesses of DoD's bureaucracy. That's it. People who drove the United States into the concrete wall of Russia's military-economic might and who, like most America's top military and political brass, have zero background in Russia, cannot and will not be able to develop THE only strategy which is left for the US if it wants to preserve herself as a major power--to start talking to Russians without any preconditions. One of the reasons for that urgency being also the fact that the gap in military power between Russia and the US is widening with incredible speed. 

Here is Rand Paul talking to one of the State Department creatures two weeks ago:

This colorless bureaucrat cannot even advance the basic high school argument on Russia. He has no clue what's the difference between Russian economy, especially tightly controlled military-industrial complex, and that of the US. This IS the level, these ARE the people in Biden Admin who unleashed hell and completely lost control of it and now Russia decides what and how to do with the remnants of Pax Americana scaffolding. Send in Abrams tanks--Russians love Christmas and New year celebrations, and burning Abrams tanks has its solid monetary benefits. Ah, wait, they want Abrams back, they will send more Leopard IIs.

Finally, The Truth Is Out.

The true pyramid of control of the world has been revealed! Shocking)))

From bottom up:

1. Simple people;

2. Heads of states;

3. Economic elites;

4. The Order of Masons;

5. Reptiloids;

6. Aliens;

7. Putin. 

Now that the secret is out, we have to devise a strategy, before Putin's people get to us...

Sunday, November 26, 2023

Russian Infantry At Work.

And as always was in history for Russian soldier--merciless in battle, sympathetic, humane and magnanimous in victory. Couple of guys take VSU POWs and order the guy to get up and put hands up--otherwise they will kill him, especially if his other partner is somewhere down the trench and he will begin to shoot. They order guy to crawl for his buddy and then recognize that the dude is 300. What do they do? Taking POW turns into evacuation of the wounded and they tell him to endure the pain while they pull him to their position. They say, hold on if you want to live. This is how you treat the defeated enemy. As Russian Combat Manuals state: treat the enemy humanely. Here, they just saved guy's life.

I Don't Think It Was A Mistake.

Truth is, I am on record--once SMO is concluded and the numbers of losses of VSU will be revealed with any degree of certainty, the world will be stunned and there WILL BE questions to London and Washington. The Ukrainian TV Channel 1+1 accidentally did put out real numbers of KIAs and MIAs. Yes, recall that MIA category is a favorite one for VSU and Kiev regime--it is an artificial statistics for avoiding paying compensations and keeping whatever is left of population of 404 in the state of hypnosis. So, here it is:

1, 126,652 KIAs and MIAs for VSU. Somebody will have to answer for this atrocity and the main puppet masters sit in Washington and London and their names will be named at the Ukraine War Crimes Tribunal. Many will also be charged with crimes in absentia. In related news--this number is larger than US losses in all XIX, XX and XXI centuries wars combined. They are beyond comprehension of any US military, let alone, political figure. 

The office of a 404 "president" reacted immediately and forced 1+1 to retract the story, but it is too late. It is also a number which many of us here played with based on available data. 404 is done as a state and as a nation. Washington now shifts blame to UK for sabotage of negotiations in Istanbul. Of course, when one has a cretin such as BoJo it is not difficult to do, but Washington doesn't understand that real politics is done in real world, not in PR universe. Russia knows the names of puppet maters.  SMO continues and Avdeevka is being mopped up, including Russian forces capturing Yasinovataya-2 station--an abscess which existed since 2014 and was used by NATO forces to shell civilian areas of Donetsk. It was also the most fortified area of all 404 front. The meat-grinder in Avdeevka for VSU continues and probably another couple VSU brigades will perish in coming days. Adds to the score and record of US and British operational "brilliance". But then again, when one studies Zapp Brannigan's operational art and strategy what do you expect? 

As many noticed, they love to talk about "human waves" by the Red Army--a BS concocted by Wehrmacht which "taught" Anglo world how to "fight". Talk about projection.

Saturday, November 25, 2023

Open Thread.

 Go at it.

I Googled Mia Khalifa.

OK, I admit--I am not a big connoisseur of porn, alright? Like with Stormy Daniels I went to all kinds of seedy sites and "researched" Mia Khalifa's contribution to the field of fine arts. OK. Now, the question... while looking up Gaza videos I stumbled upon this:

Is it a good idea to have a "former" porn "actress" as an advocate for Gaza and Palestinians? I know we all live in a completely perverted world, but heroism of such women as Eva Bartlett who risked her life for reporting from Gaza shouldn't be degraded by the opinion of a a gal whose only risk was to be gang banged for a serious sums of money by a bunch of "actors", while risking the STD. 

I am not saying that one should prevent such people from having a epiphany and trying to correct their lives, after all Tolstoy's Resurrection (BTW, Nabokov, obviously, took it further)  and much of Dostoevsky's writing is about fallen women, but talking about Gaza tragedy and regional politics, even granted Khalifa's degree in history, cannot erase the past and the consequences she has to live with. In the end, no money from pornography, even very large sums, can buy class. What's next? Jenna Jameson geopolitical think tank?

My Latest.

Today. Expanding on MiG-35's necessity too. 


Friday, November 24, 2023

Larry Reacted.

To Robert English piece which I touched upon in my post yesterday. Here is what Larry especially focuses on:

The unanswered question implicit in English’s observations about Russia outproducing, not just the United States, but NATO as a whole is this — why are Western intelligence analysts so ignorant of Russia’s industrial capability? Early on in the Special Military Operation I was writing pieces about Russia’s rich supply of natural resources and minerals essential for producing bombs, drones, tanks, artillery and missiles. Russia, unlike the United States and Europe, was not dependent on imports to sustain its military industrial capability. It is self-sufficient and has trained workers who can do the job required to manufacture such items. Robert English fails to pinpoint the real weakness of the West — it has stripped itself of steel and manufacturing plants and shipped those overseas. The United States and Europe do not have the ability, at least in the mid-term, to ramp up production and match the Russians shell-for-shell and tank-for-tank. The United States is like an aging boxer who decided to fight a rejuvenated contender in a 15 round Heavyweight match, but only trained to last two rounds. That is why Russia is battering the hell out of Ukraine and, by proxy, the United States.

Larry basically gives a rundown of a whole piece, unlike me who went ballistic with WW II statistics primarily.  Read it in full--it is excellent. The significance of all that is the fact that it is a pronounced trend right now with more and more people turning to alternative media and Quincy Institute, naturally, tries to occupy such a niche with, often, same ol' exceptionalist corporate media and "history" crap from which people try to escape. 

Per Ireland--if you think that riots in Ireland are some kind of an exception, they, actually, are not. Right now, as I type this, you should see a dramatic tightening of the screws in Russia on labor migrants and I mean dramatic, it is also being made public. And even the success of Geert Wilders in Holland shouldn't be dismissed as just another European Zionist getting to power. This is THE issue--many people still cannot grasp, the issue I commented upon very often: Israeli lobby in Europe and especially in the US monopolized a legitimate serious issue of relations between West and Islam by inserting Israel into this problem as some kind West's "outpost" defending the West. Israel certainly does not do such a thing and uses this agenda to merely advance her interests. 

Until the separation and disassociation between Israel and her Zionist agenda and the West (not to be mistaken for many Jewish communities many of who are not Zionists) happens, this will continue to exist jointly in the West, unlike it is the case, as an example, in Russia. Law is the law, Moscow's Mufti may express concern about Russia deporting masses of Middle Asian migrants who commit crimes, but here is what Russian Patriarch tells him a month ago:

Москва. 25 октября. INTERFAX.RU - Патриарх Московский и всея Руси Кирилл выразил обеспокоенность долгосрочными последствиями привлечения в Россию дешевой рабочей силы из-за рубежа. "Такого рода люди не становятся нам близки ни по вере, ни по культуре. У них своя вера и своя культура. Образованный, интеллигентный русский человек должен с уважением относиться и к вере, и к культуре других людей, но если иная вера, иная культура будут так распространяться, что в какой-то момент они сравняются или, не дай Бог, станут доминировать, то мы потеряем страну, мы потеряем свою идентичность", - сказал патриарх на встрече со студентами МПГУ. Не входя в тонкости миграционной политики, он подчеркнул, что "стремление заполучить дешевую рабочую силу в городе Москве не должно привлекать огромное количество людей, принадлежащих к иной культуре, к иной вере, часто не знающих русский язык и не имеющих, простите, уважения к России и к ее народу".

Translation: Moscow. the 25th of October. INTERFAX.RU - Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Rus' expressed concern about the long-term consequences of attracting cheap labor to Russia from abroad. “This kind of people do not become close to us either in faith or in culture. They have their own faith and their own culture. An educated, intelligent Russian person must respect both the faith and the culture of other people, but if the faith is different, the culture is different will spread so much that at some point they become equal or, God forbid, begin to dominate, then we will lose the country, we will lose our identity,” the patriarch said at a meeting with MSGU students. Without going into the intricacies of migration policy, he emphasized that “the desire to get cheap labor in the city of Moscow should not attract a huge number of people belonging to a different culture, to a different faith, who often do not know the Russian language and who do not have, excuse me, respect for Russia and to her people."

The reaction from all kinds of lobbyists and migrant labor migrants was hysterical and boorish, but here is the issue--Russian Muslims DO differ dramatically from the stream of Middle Asia guest laborers and number of steps of dealing with this issue are already being undertaken. In the end, Patriarch is hugely important and powerful figure in Russia. When he speaks, people listen and we all know that Vladimir Putin, Medvedev, Mishustin, Patrushev and others are keenly aware of the problem and it is being solved. You come to Russia--you live by Russia's laws, period. If not--bye, bye, often through prison terms before final goodbye.

Why They Are Laughed At.

Soros-funded Quincy Institute for allegedly Responsible Statecraft continues to exhibit a complete lack of self-awareness and sheer illiteracy in military affairs. Hey, I get it that Colonel Macgregor had some conversation with some Russian "general" who told him about 40+ million losses of USSR in WW II, but here is another guy who has no clue but warns about not using "bad history". This is the type of people who run America and America's dazzling failure as serious continental power. 

And the moment the author makes this statement he does, guess what? Exactly, spews propaganda BS about Great Patriotic War. 

Soviet Marshal Zhukov absorbed 860,000 casualties to the Germans’ 200,000 at the Battle of Kursk in World War II. He also lost 1,500 tanks to the Germans’ 500, yet Kursk is remembered as a great triumph that crushed Hitler’s final hopes of victory. Can one imagine Germany celebrating its superior casualty ratio while being defeated by Stalin’s hordes? However shocking this tactic may be, it is a resource that Moscow has and Kyiv does not. Consider the battle for Bakhmut and the daily bulletins trumpeting Ukraine’s success in killing thousands of Russians, right up to the moment that Bakhmut fell to Wagner Group mercenaries — weirdly reminiscent of the Pentagon’s body-count bulletins in the Vietnam war. 

The historic "knowledge" of this former Pentagon "analyst" with the background in humanities ("politics" no less) evidently dictates him to avoid any serious WW II documents, because if he followed best Russian military historians, such as Krivosheev, a real general incidentally,  he would have known that TOTAL casualties for Kursk Strategic Defensive Operation (July 5-23, 1943) amounted to 177,847 with KIAs and MIAs count being: 70, 330. After that, Strategic Offensive Operation Kutuzov started (July 23-August 18, 1943), with TOTAL casualties resulting in 429,890, with KIAs and MIAs count being: 112, 529. So, in all, from July 5 to August 18 1943, Red Army sustained 177,847 + 429,890 = 607,737 casualties, with total of KIAs and MIAs equaling 70,330 + 112, 529= 182,859. Where the number of 860,000 came from only this guy knows, but I have a clue. 

But then again, US perception of war, especially of WW II was shaped by Wehrmacht which, in the end, had its ass handed to it by the Red Army. Obviously, most of Anglo-American historiography on Wehrmacht cannot be taken seriously, precisely because of known manipulation with data with a strong bias toward German figures. But even if to accept that Wehrmacht lost 203,000 at Kursk. One still has to consider the fact that West needs not "better historical analogies" but basic education in military history with serious revision of sources, it also needs serious military science education and good schooling in strategy. I omit here operational art because NATO needs to start from the clean slate. If you want to learn something, you better learn it from the best, NATO learned from losers who confabulated the whole history in order to save their wounded pride and war crimes. That is why they are in shock and awe at Pentagon. As is the author--Robert English. And don't tell me that I didn't warn--I did, last 9 years I did non-stop.

Thursday, November 23, 2023

Some Faith In Humanity Restored.

Good for New Yorkers and NYPD.   

Nuland should be next on the list.

It Was Expected...

... sort of. As Ria reports today: 

МОСКВА, 22 ноя - РИА Новости. Новейший российский истребитель МиГ-35 применяется в ходе СВО, заявил РИА Новости генконструктор Объединенной авиастроительной корпорации (ОАК) Сергей Коротков.Первый полет истребителя состоялся в 2016 году, презентация машины - в 2017-м. По данным из открытых источников, в настоящее время на вооружении ВКС РФ находится шесть предсерийных образцов МиГ-35. "Сегодня в связи с теми событиями, которые происходят, машина участвует уже во всех операциях, которые проводятся. Ещё предстоят дальнейшие испытательные полеты завершить, и тогда министерство обороны примет окончательное решение", - сказал он, отвечая на вопрос, принято ли решение о серийных закупках МиГ-35 для ВКС РФ. Коротков отметил, что характеристики МиГ-35 "устраивают инозаказчика", параллельно ведутся переговоры о поставках на экспорт.
Translation: MOSCOW, November 22 - RIA Novosti. The newest Russian MiG-35 fighter is used during the SMO, General Designer of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) Sergei Korotkov told RIA Novosti. The first flight of the fighter took place in 2016, the presentation of the aircraft took place in 2017. According to data from open sources, there are currently six pre-production MiG-35 models in service with the Russian Aerospace Forces. “Today, in connection with the events that are taking place, the vehicle is already participating in all operations that are being carried out. Further test flights still have to be completed, and then the Ministry of Defense will make a final decision,” he said, answering the question whether a decision has been made on serial production procurement of MiG-35 for the Russian Aerospace Forces. Korotkov noted that the characteristics of the MiG-35 “satisfy the foreign customer”; in parallel, negotiations are underway on export supplies.
But some combat aviation fans already made the video, wink, wink. 
The fact that MiG-35s fly in SMO is, certainly, indicative of Russian MoD and even Kremlin probably having doubts about retiring a legendary brand. What is the real need for MiG-35 I don't know, but this aircraft is created for fighting military conflicts of high intensity and if anything comes to mind as a remote NATO equivalent--it is French Rafale. Keep in mind that MiG-35 was taking part in famous Indian tender which was won (I mean bought, LOL)) by Rafale
Both are closely matched in performance, but MiG, naturally, carries weapon systems which France doesn't produce and, of course, it is a super-maneuverable fighter. Rafale is not. So, judge for yourself the veracity of all kinds of rumors around MiG-35, also keep in mind a lot of fake "technical data" from Western sources about it, especially against the background of Rafale costing India around $220 million a pop, LOL. Plus, MiG-35's part in SMO is also a crucial entry to its resume as a fighter which fought in real war, not some BS bombing with impunity some third world nation. Rafale doesn't have it, MiG-35 now does and that plays a huge role in future export contracts. Forestalling any questions about S-75 Checkmate and MiG-35--two totally different niches. And, naturally, MiG-35 is a fully netcentric aircraft. So, here it is. Happy Thanksgiving to those to whom applies;)

Wednesday, November 22, 2023

British Definitely Have...

... a wicked sense of humor, especially on Blind Tattoo Show. But, hey, if the 10 Downing Street and British General Staff still didn't get the message on the real situation in 404, it takes UK's tattoo enthusiasts to succinctly describe the state of the affairs there.   

Here it is--enjoy. 

If You Think...

... that there are now different people in Biden's national security team? Think twice--there are many genocidal maniacs like this human trash from Obama Admin. This is a classic American "diplomat".

A fucking coward Zionist.

Seldowitz is an outspoken advocate for Israel, and served as deputy director of the US State Department's Office of Israel and Palestinian Affairs from 1999 to 2003. During this time, the US-brokered Camp David Accords ended in failure, and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and Hamas – who viewed the summit as a trap – responded by launching the Second Intifada against Israel. Seldowitz then served as director of the National Security Council South Asia Directorate during President Barack Obama’s first term, before leaving government for work in the private sector. One of his employers, a lobbying firm called Gotham Government Relations, announced on Tuesday that it had severed all ties with Seldowitz. The firm’s founder, David Schwartz, said in a statement that he would offer free legal representation to the vendor, calling the former official’s words “vile” and “hateful.” Seldowitz told the New York Times that the man had expressed support for Hamas off camera, and that this made the former diplomat “rather upset.” However, a spokesman for an advocacy group representing New York street vendors told CNN that Seldowitz had been harassing the vendor for two weeks, with Seldowitz instigating every interaction between the two. In an additional twist to the story, Russia’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN, Dmitry Polyanskiy, claimed on Wednesday that Seldowitz has spent several months harassing Russian diplomatic personnel in the city, “especially women.” Seldowitz “stalked them,” Polyanskiy alleged, “shouting Russophobic insults” as “bypassers tried to stop him and bring to his senses.”

This is the face of the modern US diplomacy. In the same time--good for David Schwartz for offering this poor vendor a free legal defense. With human trash like Seldowitz you never know what their next step will be, these people have no limits to their meanness and treachery. Remember "Fuck the EU" Vikki Nuland--that's the type.

Why One Has To Be Constantly Alerted To...

... a load of BS which many YT "experts" spew. Here is an example: 

The authors should have stayed on the message of the video and not get into the larger framework of warfare, especially trying to compare what happens in Gaza and happened in Afghanistan during Soviet occupation there. The only commonality between the two are tunnels and Islamic fighters, period. The rest is not even in the same universe. Why? 

1. IDF fights a pure urban combat in the city size-vise somewhat similar to Grozny circa 1999-2000. Incidentally, Grozny also had (still has) a vast network of sewers which have been used extensively by both sides. But in Gaza, we are taking about the size of operational zone around 45-60 square miles, whole Gaza is about 145 square miles. In related news, Afghanistan occupies more than 250,000 square miles. So, if the authors of this "report" have issues with math and geography--Afghanistan is 250,000/145= 1,724 times larger.  Feel the difference, not to mention Afghanistan's extreme topography. 

2. Afghan mujaheddin have been equipped not just with classic small arms (RPGs, Stingers et al) but had on their side in the South and East of Afghanistan Pakistani Air Force which was shooting at Soviet Air Force from Pakistani air space (see Alexander Rutskoi). Moreover, mujaheddin in Afghanistan also had heavier weapons such as artillery ranging from 30-mm AAA to much heavier pieces. Even WiKi gives the list of things. E.g. 82-mm and 107-mm are very serious weapons and mujaheddin had plenty of those, among many other things. HAMAS weaponry consists primarily of some rockets and light arms, including modified RPG with tandem charge. 

3. Soviet 40th Army in Afghanistan never exceeded 100,000 personnel, while IDF already mobilized by different estimates around 200,000 troops. Talk about Operational Capacity (Volume) of the theater of operations. In Gaza case--where would you place those 200,000? Jam them into the streets? But then again, for those who have issues like the authors of this video--Afghanistan size is about the size of the Germany and Italy combined. The size of Gaza (all of it) is about 7 times smaller than the area of Moscow. 

And these are just three factors, there are many more, which completely remove any substantial similarity between IDF's Gaza atrocity and Soviet War in Afghanistan. Obviously, authors of this video never heard of Vietnamese using an immensely extensive underground tunnels system and this was 15 years before mujaheddin started to use it. I omit here altogether a dramatic difference between extended supply lines of the 40th Army and IDF,  how about more than 220 miles between Termez and Kabul over Salang Pass as the crow flies, in reality the distance is at least twice this long over treacherous mountain terrain. 

So, how long are exactly IDF's supply lines? 3 miles, 5? 

Finally, as one may have guessed it by now, even the tactics, let alone operations are completely different in cases of Gaza and Afghanistan. So are operations by IDF and the Soviet 40th Army. But, evidently, such videos are prevalent among those who root for HAMAS which by now, at least temporarily, disassociated itself from Gaza atrocity by Israel, but which also needs to think what price they were willing to pay for their actions. Horrifying numbers of killed civilians, especially children of Gaza raise a warranted question--was it worth it? I speak here as human, whose heart breaks from seeing Gaza children killed. As you noticed, I do not appeal to Netanyahu and Likudniks consciousness--they have none.

Looks Like A Terrorist Act.

At least all markers are there. 

We, of course, will need to wait and see how it all develops, but we surely can speculate that it may be related to atrocity which Israel commits in Gaza. But still, too early to jump to conclusions, but I wouldn't be surprised if that will be the case.

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

I Would Never Do This, LOL))

Because my wife would kill me, but this Dutch dude who married Russian woman, they did it--they took the Moscow-Vladivostok train. No, this is not the fact that they took this 7 day journey--me and my significant one dream about it, but in the fucking first class accommodations. But no, this dude from Holland and his wife they took PLATZCART. Since we begin to settle into Thanksgiving, enjoy lighter videos. This is their fourth day, but you can follow their amazing journey from the start. 

You can see who Russian Army recruits are, what Russian MREs for travel are and, also, catering service you can order in Russian cities and towns. But, man, platzcart, LOL. But he captured it so well--by the end of the journey everybody knows everybody and their lives' stories. 
P.S. The kid he talks to--he is at 19 a salt of the earth person. What is most important, everyone gets a real man already at this young age. 

Why Russia Cannot Be Defeated.

It is in Russian, but it must be seen. A Tatar Muslim woman, mother of two grown up sons, sells all her successful business and... enlists with Russian Armed Forces and asks to be sent to the frontline as a frontline nurse. She speaks about heroism of Russian frontline nurses in SMO and, of course, Great Patriotic War. They didn't call them Sisters for nothing. 

She tells her story, of how she arrived to this decision and how profoundly spiritual it was. As you may have expected, among overwhelmingly positive response in commentaries, TSIPSO losers started to do what they do best--sling shit at people of honor.

Something About Artillery.

My latest video. 


To Those Who Had Doubts.

I repeat--only victors create tribunals. 

Мирошник: Россия создаст трибунал для украинской власти. Посол МИД Мирошник: России предстоит провести масштабный процесс по осуждению преступлений Украины. 

Translation: Miroshnik: Russia will create a tribunal for the Ukrainian authorities. Ambassador of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Miroshnik: Russia to carry out a large-scale process to condemn the crimes of Ukraine.

Read the whole piece using Google Translate. The work is ongoing for preparation of this Tribunal and it will be a new Nuremberg, and the names will be named.  Believe me, there are very many nervous people in the West now.

Monday, November 20, 2023

Don't Fvck With Krasnoyarsk Rabbits

 ... especially when they distribute invitations to a newly opened bar. I'm telling you--those Siberian women;)

On a lighter note.

Garland's Excellent Analysis.

Beautifully put. 



I am not surprised, haven't been for a long while. I am talking about this:

"Директор Службы внешней разведки Российской Федерации Сергей Нарышкин заявил, что Запад требует от режима Зеленского, не считаясь с потерями, продемонстрировать мировому сообществу невозможность победы России в украинском конфликте", — говорится в релизе. По данным разведки, США и Великобритания рекомендуют руководству Украины снизить до 17 лет и повысить до 70 лет призывной возраст, а также проводить дополнительную мобилизацию женщин. В СВР отметили, что министр обороны страны Рустем Умеров предложил Верховной раде изучить возможность понижения минимального возраста для призыва в армию.

Translation: “The Director of the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation, Sergei Naryshkin, said that the West demands that the Zelensky regime, regardless of losses, demonstrate to the world community the impossibility of Russia’s victory in the Ukrainian conflict,” the release says. According to intelligence data, the United States and Great Britain recommend that the Ukrainian leadership reduce the draft age to 17 and raise it to 70, as well as carry out additional mobilization of women. The SVR noted that the country's Minister of Defense Rustem Umerov proposed to the Verkhovna Rada to study the possibility of lowering the minimum age for conscription into the army.

This is everything one needs to know about Pentagon and their colleagues from London. Basically, desperately hiding behind backs of women and 17 year old kids. Well, aging men too. So much for "reputation", right? Lord Austin is in 404 pledging (for public mostly) unending support for Nazis in Kiev, but it seems utter delusion is what drives Washington nowadays. 

Larry gives a good treatment to a couple of US geopolitical "heavyweights" (a euphemism for credentialed clowns). 

If you are looking for more evidence of the panic that has seized the Washington foreign policy elite then the latest offering by Richard Haas and Charles Kupchan is a slam dunk. Haas has been a foreign policy guru since the 1980s. Kupchan is just an academic with nice pedigree but no clout. ... Their piece in Foreign Affairs — Redefining Success in Ukraine: A New Strategy Must Balance Means and Ends -is just one more reminder that years of experience does not make you smart or right. Haas and Kupchan’s lack of critical thinking skills displayed in this article is downright shocking.

Larry talks about this piece in FA.  

Redefining Success in Ukraine. A New Strategy Must Balance Means and Ends

I have other suggestions, how about new title: Redefining US "elites" cultural and educational level to equivalent of high school. Plus, US can not do "strategy", it couldn't since WW II, because completely confabulated own military history. Simple as that.