Monday, November 30, 2020

They Deserve Each-Other.

Russians do not know how to make a good Western, period. Attempts to emulate Hollywood or even Sergio Leone's spaghetti Westerns, which, nonetheless delivered some of the most remarkable Americana shot not in the US (in Spain, actually), still never got Soviets/Russian beyond Lubok. One needs to be authentic to do Americana. With the exception of cinematographic masterpiece which actually got it, Soviet adaptation of O. Henry's short stories, known in Russia as Business People (or Strictly Business), all other attempts to recreate Wild West really failed. Russians, certainly, managed arguably the best Sherlock Holmes series, with the best pair of Holmes and Doctor Watson ever produced, which made Queen Elizabeth II recognize this contribution to British Culture by Russians. But for Russians that was much easier to do, unlike with Americana, because European commonalities played their decisive role. American dramaturgy, however, was widely (still is) accepted in USSR/Russia and plays by Tennessee Williams or Steinbeck remain a regular theater cuisine even today. Russians, certainly, gobbled classic American literature as there is no tomorrow, from Dreiser, to London (which had a lovely TV mini-series Smoke Bellew, but then again--Gold Rush, Yukon--topics close to Russians), to US sci-fi. And I noticed throughout all this that Russian never uttered any word, never passed any opinion on the issue of who among those important literary figures was a REAL American. Russians just knew them as American writers. Same as H.G.Wells, Arthur Conan Doyle or Shakespeare were English. Just like that, no questions asked.

Well, this is not the case with the modern American so called "intelligentsia", whose only difference from an average Joe on the street is that American "intelligentsia" has humanities degrees and can justify excuses for own psychoses and behavioral dysfunctionality in a more elaborate and sophisticated form, than the same could be done by some farmer from Iowa. As Russians have a saying: street janitor Vasily didn't know he was experiencing a cognitive dissonance, because he had only middle school education and didn't know such words, because of that he simply was going into the mindfuckery. This distinction is important, because, as I say non-stop, with some very minor exceptions, all of the Western "intelligentsia" (or whatever passes for it) is extremely shallow. That means it lacks serious intellectual depth and, because being totally self-centered, due to lack of serious education and training, has next to zero capacity to distinguish right from wrong. That applies even more to the American "intelligentsia" (or whatever passes for it in the US) whose shallowness and lack of any principles now has finally became legendary. Now this question: when was the last time you watched Hollywood movie about Russia? Right. Starting from a disaster of Hollywood adaptation of War and Peace through sheer cretinism of beaten to death cliches and propaganda caricatures, Hollywood, as well as American writers who wrote or write, be that fiction or allegedly academic papers, on Russian topics, one cannot shake off the surrealism of those writings (forget visual images) and many in Russia, in fact very many, ask the question--are they completely that stupid there? My answer is Yes. Moreover, they are weak, unsure, hence, psychotic and that is why they need Lubok. American Lubok on Russia.

Here is the reminder--American "intelligentsia" is not very well educated because if it were it would have never produced The End of History, The Clash of Civilizations or The Grand Chessboard, among many other things. It would also have questioned openly and energetically what I always characterize for many years as "Solzhenitsified" version of USSR/Russia because it was so out of whack. Today nobody will. In fact, they will continue to perpetuate an open madness because they do not know right from wrong. Here is another one of such representatives of American "intelligentsia" who doesn't know right from wrong. He writes in TAC.

Solzhenitsyn spent his exile in America, but he was always Russian, and never Soviet.

This statement alone requires some elaboration and is in many important respects a good demonstration of the ignorance and shallowness of American "thinkers" trying to write about Russia. And here is the hint--Solzhenitsyn was more than just anti-Soviet, he was radically anti-Russian because he denied Russian people the right for the continuation of their national history. To understand this, the author of this, yet another BS piece on Solzhenitsyn, needs to learn Russia's history, he will not. Here are his "qualifications": Richard M. Reinsch II is editor of Law & Liberty, host of the podcast Liberty Law Talk, and coauthor with Peter Augustine Lawler of A Constitution in Full (Kansas Press, 2019). So, do not expect serious study in Russia's military (warfare) history, the nature of Russia's involvement into the Russo-Japanese War, First Russian Revolution of 1905-1907 and well into the WW I. The level of the study of history of the XX century in the US is appalling and is "solzhenitsified" to the point of utter grotesque because:

1. Serious study of history requires skills well beyond some "historical method" and reading Arnold Toynbee or Annales, but serious background in military science and, highly desirable, serious foreign language background;

2. Ability to operate with complex clusters of facts which require serious mathematical, statistical knowledge and high level of technological expertise. None of it are traits of the American "intelligentsia";

3. Ability to endure and accept cognitive dissonances, which imply both human and academic integrity, which allows to address, in case of American intelligentsia both inherent psychosis and contempt to others. 

Pp.3 is especially important, because reviewing modern American Russian "Studies" field what one can see is a barren land of ignorance, crude ideological constructs, mediocre, at best "scholarship" and barely hidden American exceptionalism.  

So, for Mr. Reinsch II it would be instructive to learn that Solzhenitsyn is not really a Russian writer--he is an American one. I omit here Solzhentsyn's mediocrity as a writer, much of which neither the author of piece being discussed nor Rod Dreher, who unleashed on unsuspecting American Christians yet another doctrine-mongering book under the title of Solzhenitsyn's address (another one) to Russia--"Live Not By Lie"--can grasp because they cannot relate to any event of modern, XX century Russian history, and I doubt either of them even visited Russia other than in a tourist capacity. Neither of them knows Russia's history or have a grasp of the scale of the events in Russia in the XX century--this is simply beyond comprehension of American (and I don't mean Soviet Jewish and other dissidents with clear agenda, who pass for Americans) intelligentsia because they cannot understand why they like Solzhenitsyn. But I know why. 

1. First, Solzhenitsyn is barely readable in Russian. Most of his writing from GULAG Archipelago, to One Day of Ivan Denisovich to his feeble attempts at geopolitics and pontification about Russian history is a chaotic combination of random historic facts, hearsay, open stealing from others (such as Varlam Shalamov) to open lies. All that is delivered in a style which discloses a self-centered person who comes across as condescending, if not contemptuous towards his own Russian people. How about Matrena's House? Did our "authors" read it in original? I doubt it. But then again, looking at modern US "literature" and cultural milieu--hey, Bob Dylan got Nobel Prize for literature and rap is considered a viable art--one should not be surprised with anything, least of all level of cultural nourishment. But then again, have you seen Hollywood's War and Peace? Just for a warmup.

2. Solzhenitsyn, when in high school, well-documented numerous facts by his classmates and people who knew him later, was a very nervous (in fact, neurotic) boy, who would faint even at the slightest criticism of his actions by class-mates. Hm, I wonder, if this is significant in the world of American intelligentsia. Is it a red flag for this intelligentsia. Nah, not really. As long as Solzhenitsyn's scribbles serve their purpose, his lies, often openly unhinged behavior and, as already stated, manifestos most of which American "intelligentsia" can not simply grasp in relation to Russia, and how false they are, he will be praised by what in the US passes for "conservative" intelligentsia, which proved time after time that human integrity and truth are irrelevant and relative. After all, American intelligentsia is a euphemism for systemic liars--they lie so much, including to themselves, that they lose ability to know right from wrong. Look at the modern United States; 

3. But why Solzhenitsyn, apart from being a mediocre writer and a liar who has been caught on lies time after time, remains so dear to American intelligentsia, which is so ignorant on Russian culture and history that cannot even grasp that Solzhenitsyn, his every allegedly original thought, every insight which is worth something is first, if not second derivative, or stolen goods from truly great Russian thinkers who make Solzhenitsyn a midget. The answer is simple:

American intelligentsia today is a product of American modern Manichean culture whose shackles this intelligentsia simply cannot break because it doesn't want to, or simply doesn't even recognize those shackles due to its intellectual feebleness and seeing Russia, her history, her culture with its global appeal, be that initially through pacifying Europe  in XIX century, or by defeating it, yet again, in the XX--as the only nation which will never accept America's self-proclaimed hegemony. As such, America is not at war with USSR (Communism), not at all--American is at war with historic Russia and Russians as race and as a nation, as culture and as civilization. As such Russia is vilified, Russians are dehumanized and hated no matter what form Russia's continuous history provides her with--socialism, Stalinism, Monarchy or Anarchy--Russia is the enemy and as any enemy Russians must be bad, the Russian nation must consist of scoundrels, criminals, traitors, corrupted people all over. Here is where Solzhenitsyn comes in--this is a type of environment of human degeneracy he likes. He is a sublimation of subconscious fears, now being realized by American intelligentsia, and hatred towards Russia, his mediocrity and CIA involvement in his promotion be damned--Russian sins, Russian Mordor, is what Solzhenitsyn's writing is all about, no matter that most of it is openly ahistoric lie. No relative of American intelligentsia ever fought and died in defense of America. None of them has any concept of the scale of violence combined West brought to Russia--no, it was not just Nazi Germany, it was a unified Europe. The scale of West's crime against Russian and other people of Russia is such that everything else in history pales in comparison. 

Solzhenitsyn is an American intelligentsia's (again, this term is used with contempt) psychiatric defensive reaction--anything, any lie, as long as Soviet sacrifice and victory, which saved Western Civilization, could be compared and equated to European National-Socialism in its evil is accepted, even when not just some lie but a grotesque even Goebbels would envy. If it takes a mediocre writer, a neurotic and always false Russian dissident and de facto deserter by design on the eve of the Battle for Konigsberg (of course, none of them read his biography and its details)--so be it. But, of course, where else the author of this piece, or Dreher, can read the real Solzhenitsyn's biography, especially his admiration to Nazi collaborator general Vlasov and Solzhenitsyn's insane claims about Great Patriotic War. Doesn't matter, as long as an anti-depressant like Solzhenitsyn exists to address America's intelligentsia feeble-mindedness, lack of talent and pathos-ridden ignorance with reinforcement of the only thing they want to feel--freedom from fear that they are full of shit and as long as they can say to themselves that "we are better than them" lies will be accepted as truth. This is the only reason why they continue to promote a traitor, universally hated in Russia, scoundrel and mediocre scribbler as "real" Russian without even having a good grasp of his real motivations and intents. But then again, I wrote about how shallow they are already. 

But pathos they have enough. As Reinsch writes:       

Solzhenitsyn had written “Rebuilding Russia” in 1990 for the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda for precisely this moment. In it, he recovered the Russian traditions of small and local democratic government, the art of representation, and indirect election methods that Publius would certainly understand. Solzhenitsyn underscored the habits of citizenship and drew from the rich tradition of western political thought to do so, but he stated that the Russian experience would need to be woven into these western ideas about liberty. He observed that the breakup of Greater Russia with the loss of Ukraine and Byelorussia was done in an arbitrary way, but Solzhenitsyn thought they had a right to leave. The real focus was on Russia resuming and building on its betrayed tradition.

For starters this opus was published simultaneously in KP and Literaturnaya Gazeta, but it doesn't matter--the reaction on the streets was simple: what kind of BS this creep tries to sell us, again. They also cannot grasp why Solzhenitsyn rotates in his grave every May 9th when millions of Russians and other people march over Russia in Immortal Regiment procession manifesting everything Solzhenitsyn hated with all his guts all his life--a refusal to condemn their own uninterrupted history in which Soviet period is both tragic, but also magnificent period which saw achievements of historic scale. That is why names of Alexander Nevsky, Stalin, Peter the Great and Pushkin still dominate Russian psyche and sense of millennium-old Russian civilization which Russians refused to condemn and that is why Solzhenitsyn's funeral had so few, scandalously few, Russian people attending it. Solzhenitsyn is an American writer who not only never knew Russian history, he falsified it so much that lost any touch with it, but missed in exile on a whole new generation of Russians who fully recognized who Solzhenitsyn was and, rightfully, rejected his pontification on the fate of Russia and her people which Solzhenitsyn never knew or loved.

But I am sure this will not stop American intelligentsia from addressing their own psychoses and ignorance by creating their own idols and false long as they can say that "we are better than them".  Russians have a proverb--don't spit into the past, it will respond with a salvo from cannons. Solzhenitsyn tried. Now his few monuments are 24/7 under video surveillance since Russians constantly try to express their "love" for him by all kinds of means--most popular being painting a word "Judas". Even liberal Levada Center (officially registered Foreign Agent on Russia's territory) could not hide Russian attitudes towards their greatest Russians and non-Russians. Among men of letters I see Tolstoy, Lermontov, of course Pushkin,  Yesenin. I don't see Solzhenitsyn with his "truth" among them, and that's all for the better for Russians. As for American intelligentsia--I doubt any of them ever read and grasped War and Peace, nor, for that matter, any of them ever saw, let alone read, a book or saw The DawnsHere Are Quiet. They will not get it anyway. Just look at modern day America--its present state to a large degree is a manifestation of the failure of American intelligentsia of whatever ideological spectrum to come to terms to the reality--a skill not provided by reading Solzhenitsyn's books. In this respect, Solzhenitsyn and American intelligentsia deserve each-other, because their meaning of truth as merely own passions and opinions coincide perfectly. That is why Solzhenitsyn is not really a Russian writer, but an American one. 

Sunday, November 29, 2020

I Got A Hint From Our Friend Mr. WHAT;))

He posted this thing in three other threads, so I created a separate post for this. This is the Military Approved (in reality Military Acceptance)--an immensely popular show for military buffs and intelligence people around the world--about Russia's Armed Forces. TV Zvezda is nothing like ever timid and secretive Служу Советскому Союзу (Serve To Soviet Union) which was, frankly boring and instead of showing off Soviet Union's best achievements in war-fighting capability, was focusing primarily on political organs-sanctioned routine about every-day activities in the armed forces from the point of view of party-political work. It was so limited in scope that we often shouted into the damn TV screen that Soviet Armed Forces had things other than proverbial missile-boats of project 205 and MiG-21 fighters. People didn't see the project 941 Akula (Typhoon in NATO specs) SSBN until Gorbachev visited Northern Fleet in either 1987 or 1988 and the Calendar with this hi-tech monster started to appear in the press retail kiosks. In other words, Soviet Union's military "soft power" sucked. Well, times have changed. 

This is Military Approved insight into the new, primarily troops Air Defense (VKS anti air/missile is also presented), including latest in Buk line, Buk-M3. It is in Russian, but for serious buff the language is not an obstacle, because it shows some things for which, should such level of insight have been disclosed in Soviet times, one could expect a court martial. Not anymore. This whole thing basically explains why no drone or swarms of drones, or missiles, ever penetrated air-defense of Russian bases at Khmeimim and Tartus in Syria. Yes, there were attacks with variants of MLRS--all rockets have been intercepted. It also shows (partially) the level of net-centiricty and flexibility of Russia's air defense which simply... well, has nothing even in the same vicinity in the world. Nothing, zilch, nada. Russia's anti-air and anti-missile defense, both of Russian air space and troops is a fully integrated, many levels of redundancy, unified system capable to repel pretty much anything by creating an immensely hostile kinetic and EW environment for any present and perspective target, from drones to aircraft, to ballistic missiles, in any diapason of velocities and elevations and ECM. Nothing like this exists in the world, not even close. So, here it is, enjoy.

Friday, November 27, 2020

Zircon Flies Again.

3M22 launched again couple of days ago by Admiral Gorshkov, Russia's MoD provided video today. Reached M=8+, hit the floating target at 450+ kilometers range.  

Pay attention to how carefully cloudy weather is chosen for launches. In related news Kazan launched 3M14 couple of days ago at the target at 1000+ kilometers, now she is getting ready for the launch of Zircon. Generally, one can see from the videos of two Zircon launches which were provided by Russia's MoD the insane acceleration which is achieved by the missile upon the exit from VLS (3C14).

72 Hours, No Less.

Incoming (pun is intended) Biden Admin, same as Germans, has a knack for appointing unqualified people (the fact that they are women is secondary here) to most important government posts. Enter Michele Flournoy a new Sec.Def. Let's open the biography of this "remarkable" woman. We start with "education":

As you can see yourself--Flournoy has an educational background which forms, always, professional outlook in any person with IQ higher than room temperature, from the git go, in humanities. Flournoy's "foundation" is that in the literature, or, speaking broadly, degree in glorified English. In this case, how the Harvard's JFK's School of Government can help run a DoD remains a complete mystery to me, because studying "government" and "researching" it is really easy for anyone with a half-brain in the their heads, especially the way it is being done in the US, while, as an example, studying Theory of Operations or principles of weapons' design and integration is hard. Really really hard, because to even approach these studies one needs to be really good in math, physics and other natural sciences in mid to high school, then carry this "goodness" over to educational institution which trains one in STEM expansion to the robust university level and only then, one may start talking about even approaching the level of "foundation" which is imperative for understanding military, any military, but especially one on the level of the US military. 

Recall Russia's Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin's truism. 

Mind you, Mishustin graduated Russia's (much deeper and much harder programs than Western Bachelor of Science) famous STANKIN and completed his post-graduate studies there with specialization in Systems Engineering. So, the guy knows what he is talking about. And this is what precisely applies to Flournoy whose accomplishments under Clinton and Obama, when she was involved, include:

1. While serving under the Clinton administration as a deputy assistant secretary of defense, Flournoy assisted in drafting the 1997 Quadrennial Defense Review, which argued that "determined U.S. forces must be capable of fighting and winning two major theater wars nearly simultaneously." I know, I know, keep your smirks to yourself, I do;

2. While serving in the Obama administration, Flournoy crafted the administration's policy of counter-insurgency in Afghanistan. She supported the surge of troops in Afghanistan and helped to design the administration's policy in that regard. In 2009, as Undersecretary of Defense for Policy, she also supported a US "civilian surge" in Afghanistan, coupling increased economic aid with at least 400 new counter-insurgency experts, and doubling the US military presence to 68,000 troops by the end of the year.

As you can see, Flournoy's list of "accomplishments" (LOL) includes some really fascinating things which Arkady Averchenko long ago described in his immortal "The Specialist In Military Affairs". I elaborate on the "quality" or, rather lack thereof, of America's "elites" who are utterly uneducated and unqualified to run the country in depth in all my books. Those who read them know how many examples I present in them--many, very many. Flournoy fits the bill of America's military incompetence really well. So, Flournoy's recent stratagem is a fucking wowser!

Let me be very clear here, before I comment on this absolute fucking stupidity which can only be used as an Exhibit A of human arrogance and lack of any culture--the United States Navy is much better than PLAN. Even if to consider the US Navy's rough shape today. It is better not only because the US Navy has submarine forces which make China's submarines look like a bunch of obsolete jalopies, or because the US Navy has more aircraft carriers. No, within First Island Chain even this advantage drops precipitously because the US Navy simply has no viable weapon systems which are adequate to deal with modern Air Defense which China has, ranging from Chinese "versions" of S-300s to Russian-made S-400. No, the US Navy's advantage is in its operational history and still (for how long, I don't know, probably another 10-15 years) very high level of professionalism of the officer corps and still very impressive esprit de corps' which rests on the foundation of a magnificent history in the Pacific Theater in WW II. China simply has nothing comparable and, in the open ocean, such as Indian Ocean SLOCs, the US Navy would tear a new one to PLAN, especially if it deploy there couple-three CBGs if, God forbids, shit hits the fan in biblical amounts. 

But South China Sea? Did Flournoy even bother to look at the map? Does she even have a concept of how naval forces deploy, how they interact with heterogeneous forces such as Air Force, Air Defense forces, how targeting is developed, what is required.... But wait a minute, even these guys understand some, hm, "minor" issue with South China Sea, because the Island of Hainan is located so strategically into the South China Sea that:

Two data points, including a Notice to Airmen that cordoned off a patch of airspace southeast of Hainan Island and a maritime exclusion zone announced recently by the Hainan Maritime Safety Administration, paint a picture of a ballistic missile test. (See this helpful map from Henri Kenhmann at East Pendulum.)...In fact, Sunday’s ASBM test may have inaugurated the PLARF’s new base on Hainan Island, which is China’s southernmost province, adjacent to the South China sea. As analysts noted last year, a new PLARF base has been established some 10 kilometers west of Danzhou city on Hainan. The base’s location makes it an excellent candidate site for a possible ASBM launch that would have flown through the NOTAM zone and splashed down in the maritime exclusion zone. The range from the Danzhou PLARF base to the maritime exclusion zone suggests that missile in question may have been the 1,500 kilometer-range DF-21D.

I understand, they do not teach those things in Literature programs in universities or in JFK School of Government, but if they would, they would have provided a serious review of China's military capabilities in this precise area and how China's system out-ranges anything the United States has in its arsenal to attack China's naval assets there. Flournoy, obviously, doesn't understand the concept of a salvo(s) and deployment of forces for launching it(them). She obviously doesn't understand how criteria of effectiveness (usually P(s)--probability of success, predicated on the probabilities P(k) of hitting and killing targets) are calculated not how required forces are calculated also. I am sure she read some books on war while writing her Literature thesis--you know Lord of the Rings or Star Wars books--but evidently this lady has about the same grasp of the modern war as I have of the Chinese choreography. She really should look at the map, for a warmup, and using compass try to draw circumferences which stand for the ranges of Chinese (and Russian-made) missiles and combat aircraft of PLAAF which could be brought to bear in the South China Sea if the United States decides to commit a suicide by "sinking in 72 hours" whatever the PLAN has there. Good luck doing this, especially once Chinese Air Force (PLAAF) deploys there part of its fairly impressive combat aviation--a thing US carrier aviation never encountered in ages, in fact since the Vietnam War. Add here Russians providing real time situational awareness and targeting to Chinese... so, you get the idea. If ever new Russian 3M54 appear there, the survival rate of the US Navy surface assets will drop precipitously, but then again, who knows what Chinese already have from Russia. I know redeployment of Chinese SU-35s and SU-30s alone to the theater may pretty much close the issue of US CBGs in the area, not that they are not going to be fat prestigious targets. 

I can go on, and on, and on on this issue but... behold, this is America's (most likely) new Sec.Def--a person with degree in arts and in how to "run" the US, which is ungovernable at this stage in principle. Scary, eh? Well, welcome to the brand new world where your gender, or skin color, are the main criteria for being hired. This is not to speak of womanisation of the Western governance in general, when women with at best questionable backgrounds are being assigned top positions only because they are women, not because they are competent--there are many competent women out there, who are no political appointees but top notch professionals. They will never make the list. So, and you though Trump's national "security" team was bad. LOL. Get the load of that--that could be fun. Boy, you should read a biography of incoming Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines, I don't know how Russia's professionals are going to communicate with her--excusing themselves to leave the room to go out and laugh hysterically, before returning back to the negotiating table. The farce of the American governance can not be hidden anymore, what is transpiring has only one name--full disintegration of institutions of power and that is already having very serious ramifications but don't try to explain it to incoming Administration--they will not be able to even grasp it, they are that unqualified across the board. I am sure they will be hard at work planning defeat of Russia and entering Kremlin in five days after the start of the war. Hey, and why not? I am sure Michele Flournoy can even write a book on that, after all--she has a graduate degree in literature. I am sure she can write this book in 72 hours, or 12 parsecs, or whatever...

Wednesday, November 25, 2020


As it has been observed not for once, European "elites", especially when it comes to defense and foreign relations are not good, like in "they suck". Russians also have a saying: once every century Europeans gather their forces and go to Russia to get the shit beaten out of them.(c) As their American counterparts in the foreign policy establishment, Europeans also prefer degrees in law to be a background for bloviating on geopolitical matters. Germany is especially interesting in this respect since apart from having Heiko Maas as Germany's Foreign Minister, Germans also love women to be in charge of Germany's "defense". Enough to recall Ursula von der Leyen's tenure in charge of defense of Germany, which saw basically an emaciation of already badly mauled Bundeswehr--now Ursula applies her educational background as a children's doctor as a biggest honcho in EU--now a new (relatively) lady with degree in law gets to run Germany's defense. 

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer is your typical party worm careerist with zero understanding of global politics (not a strong trait of modern German "elites" as a whole), let alone global military balance. This, however, does not prevent her from being a globalist shill  and she demonstrated it yesterday when made statements such as reported by TASS:

"Мы должны усилить нашу позицию, - заявила министр, призвав вести переговоры с Россией по таким вопросам, как разоружение, "с позиции силы". Эта всегда была хорошая позиция германской внешней политики, и так должно остаться в будущем."

Translation: We must reinforce our position--said Minister--calling on conducting negotiations with Russia on such issues as disarmament "from the position of strength". It was always a good position of German politics and it should remain such into the future. 

It might be pure coincidence but Annegret's father, as her bio states, was a special education teacher. Just saying, but one cannot shake the impression off that much of current German "elite" are people who came out of the special education (or alternatively gifted) programs. I am not being facetious--they are that stupid and unaware. They also have a very short memory. Last time Germany, with the help of the rest of Europe, tried to speak to Russia "from the position of strength" we all know how it all ended. Germany is a military midget compared to Russia, and Russia is also not impressed with the US posturing, which is implied in Kramp-Karrenbauer's statements, because in case of Russia being attacked by the US, first things after Washington which will go up in flames will be a number of strategic locations in Germany. Germany alone is no threat to Russia and, generally, Annegret doesn't have any instruments to even grasp complexities of the "position of strength". Yet, in the midst of this delirium and chest thumping, one factor can not be ignored. Here it is:

PARIS/BERLIN (Reuters) - The German defence minister's warning against the "illusions" of pursuing European defence autonomy rattled French President Emmanuel Macron so much that her comments became a topic of discussion at a cabinet meeting this month in Paris. "We found it regrettable, but we noted it was only an isolated position and not (Chancellor Angela) Merkel's line," an official present in the room at the Elysee palace told Reuters, putting a brave face on the divergence of views.   

I have some news for Germany's Defense Minister who, if she studied "law and politics", should know that, as I stated few days ago:

No, really, ha-ha, Macron doesn't seek "leadership", what he seeks is an age old arrangement in case Germans really get all pissed off with continuous national suicide and France, as usual, will be in the way, this is when Russia comes in.

It is not a secret. In fact, it is a European truism that France's security has a very strong Russian "flavor." Recall with what pomp Maurice Paleologue was received in St.Petersburg (shortly to be renamed Petrograd) on the eve of WW I. And this teeny-weeny historic fact, as well as Stalin making sure that France is included into the cohort of WW II Victors should give some hint to how deep down France looks at Germany, even despite all those strides made in a direction of European "unity" since the end of the WW II, as a potential threat. After all, France is a nuclear power. But here is a question to ponder--what if German, at some point of time, decide to become one too? Of course, they lost a lot of expertise and being the America' door mat I am not seeing it happening any time soon. But, as practice of international relations has shown, the pseudo-intellectual crap of the "End of History" was just that, an ejaculate of a prolonged "intellectual" masturbation, which resulted in a corruption of a realist (as much as it is possible today in the increasingly totalitarian West) view of the world. 

World is still run by nation-states and passions of the past cannot be ignored, history tends to vow itself into the national DNA and nothing could be done about it, no matter how "scientific" next big ideology tries to present itself. They all are crap. Passions will erupt because contradictions will accumulate--it is inevitable. And since Russia owes nothing to anyone, my calls for erection of the Iron Curtain between Europe and Russia will continue. Judging by nervous (to put it mildly) Paris' reaction to a geopolitical stupidity of Germany's Defense Minister one can clearly see those teeny-weeny cracks which begin to appear in the European "unity" because Europe is too small to be accommodating for several regional super-powers. Even slaves often had some scores to settle. For Russia both France and Germany are local powers and markets, especially Germany. But if Germany will continue to produce people of such intellectual ability as Maas or Kramp-Karrenbauer, there will be no talks at all, from any position, strength or otherwise for Germany. Russia and China may have different views on the world, but China desperately needs Russia's energy and she will gladly take whatever will be freed from European consumption. The infrastructure for that is being built as I type this. 

Now in terms of position of strength, Russia can do this not only to Germany but to the combined West, not least because of things like that. Judging by the intense test launches, technologies like that are fully operational and either are deployed or are about to. This is few days ago.

Russia can talk from the position of strength to Germany, especially being now totally independent in terms of ships' propulsion (MTU, bye, bye), the opposite is not only not true it is impossible in principle. The sooner Germany's Defense Minister learns this simple fact of life, the better it will be for Germany, and Europe as a whole. But then again, she is a party functionary with "politics" degree, I am not even sure she can comprehend what she sees in these videos, unless it is explained to her. They don't teach material science and sensor fusion at those departments. And it shows. Iron Curtain between Russia and EU is needed.

2020 For You. Now, Maradona.

I never liked him after the Hand of God, I just couldn't bring myself to it, but for all his shenanigans there was no denial that he was a genius. Paradoxically, it wasn't his and Argentina's triumph at World Cup in Mexico in 1986, which made me call him then a genius. In 1986 Argentina had a wonderful team. It came later, in 1990 World Cup when he, Maradona, with the help of incredible, incomparable Sergio Goycochea in the frame and ever versatile and experienced Burruchaga took shitty, boring, uninspiring mediocre team Argentina could assemble for that World Cup to the freaking finals. It was a mind-numbingly mediocre team, which took the third place in the qualification group losing to Cameroon, tying Romania and winning USSR. Argentina met mighty Brazil in the knock out stage. Everyone thought Argentina was finished. Well, without Maradona it would have been. But Argentina had him and, as usual, he created a goal out of nothing leaving Caniggia with an easy task of putting a ball into the Brazilian net.

You look at this an can only say--Son of a Bitch, how does he do this. Yet, Maradona surely missed his penalty kick against Yugoslavia in a penalty shootout after the game in which Yugoslavs dominated, but then again, Argentina had Sergio Goycochea. Then were the hosts, Italy, ever dangerous Italy. Maradona again, made a goal and he didn't miss his penalty kick which took Argentina to finals. 

They lost there to Germany, on penalty kick by Brehme. I hated that Argentina team but I saw already then how massive a player Maradona was. The fact that this crap of a team made it to finals thanks to Maradona and Sergio--I never saw anything like this in my life. I remember my beloved Italy of 1982--but that was a Team, a dream-team, really, which resurrected themselves after the scandals to overcome greatest challenges of a time: Argentina, Brazil and West Germany. But here, it was one guy who literally pushed a POS of a team into finals. This was a true greatness. I surrendered and I said to myself that he is a SOB, but, God, how good is he. Don't give me this Messi crap, the guy is a midget on international arena where it only matters and where reputations are made. Maradona since 1986 WAS a team and he was busting his ass for the team. Maradona's titles list with a national teams is something Messi can only dream about

Yes, he was a drug junkie and he was eccentric, but so was George Best, an alcoholic. I guess this comes with a territory for geniuses. Maradona was a genius of the game, every fvcking single fan of football in the world will tell you this. Go to Naples, ask them what Maradona did and means for S.S.C. Napoli. Read about Maradona Era in Napoli where he is still revered as deity. He was only 60. Was Maradona better than Pele? Probably, Pele didn't play the game which was being played since mid-1970s with tightening defense and increasingly skillful and hard defenders--I am not sure that Pele would do well against the likes of Franko Baresi or Collovati. Maradona tried, he didn't like it. What can I say, what a fvcking year--it takes the best. RIP, SOB, you were the best. I am sad, really sad.

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

How You Name The Ship...

I didn't want to do it, but here it is. Since I didn't serve around Vladivostok so I do not know for sure configuration of Russia's territorial waters there, I just know that in accordance to 1984 document, and that is what US, or whoever runs it today (is there anybody out there?), refers to, stating that Zaliv Petra Velikogo (The Peter-the-Great Gulf) is not exactly Russian waters. Here is what the US Navy had to say:

The U.S. 7th Fleet issued a statement that said the McCain had operated in accordance with international law, and that Russia had in 1984 illegally claimed the area as "internal waters." The boundary claimed by Russia is "inconsistent with the rules of international law as reflected in the Law of the Sea Convention to enclose the waters of a bay," according to the U.S. statement. International maritime boundaries are typically recognized a certain distance offshore. During the Cold War, the Soviet Union claimed a large portion of the Peter the Great Gulf — which Americans refer to as a bay — beyond these traditional boundaries. The U.S. and its allies reject this claim. The 7th Fleet said that McCain’s operation was intended to demonstrate that these waters are not Russia’s territory.

I kinda put together what it may look like in terms of the Gulf, distance measure black lines very roughly following those basic lines, which Russia considers her territorial waters. If someone will have the time (I am simply lazy to go over it in detail) and finds the actual maps, feel free to post it in discussion. 

This is not the first time the US Navy tries to exercise "freedom of navigation" thingy. Before this one, the latest one was in 2018. 

US Warship Sails Near Disputed Waters to ‘Challenge Russia’s Excessive Maritime Claims’

Generally speaking, this whole thing has nothing to do with FONOP (Freedom of Navigation Operation) but with the United States being very interested in things around Bolshoy Kamen, where a mastodon Zvezda shipyard is located, and especially parts of it where all those Oscars (pr. 949A SSGNs) are refitting for who knows what kind of weapon systems, wink, wink. 

Photo above is the old one, today Zvezda looks like this:

An extremely busy (loaded to the hilt with orders for major ships) shipyard. So, why not get closer to it; this, plus good ol' signal collection, plus the main base of Russia's Pacific Fleet is there, so you get my drift. Come on, we all know that curiosity is a natural trait of humanity. This, plus showing off. Russians sent out Admiral Vinogradov to shadow the American ship.

But the problem with the American ship was the fact that its name is DDG-56  USS John McCain. You know, symbolism, especially when one (US side) declares that it sails and flies wherever it wants to (BS, of course, but for the sake of argument), US 7th Fleet should have known when dispatching DDG-56 to demonstrate anything to Russians that Russians know about late Senator, after whose admiral father DDG-56 was named, as much, if not more, than Americans and this particular American "hero" in Russia is a clownish, very comedic, figure and, as was expected, Russian web-sphere exploded with acerbic comments which I prefer not to post here. But as you might expect the most neutral was tongue in cheek "It is how you name your ship". So, let's put it this way--McCain's family is not taken seriously in Russia and the father, whose name DDG-56 bears, can thank his son for parading himself as mentally unstable and bile and revenge-driven person which gave this aura to the whole McCain seed. 

Naturally Admiral Vinogradov did what Russians traditionally do--promised to ram DDG-56 if she is not going to leave Russia's territorial waters. DDG-56 left the Gulf and the whole scene was reminiscent of Ilf and Petrov's comedic masterpiece 12 Chairs. Sorry for my non-native Russian speaking friends but I couldn't resist. LOL.

On a more serious note, at some point of time Russians may get tired of this BS and may "accidentally" find a way to pay back with the same coin. If simple Russian intelligence ship created a shitstorm in US media, while being well in the international waters, can you imagine what happens when completely modernized Admiral Nakhimov will undertake round-the-globe trip to check on its new rather lovely weapons and sensors suite and will sail near the United States. I guess we all are entering the time of great tribulations and the less everyone show-off the better it will be for everyone, but one may only hope. So, don't hold your breath.

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Recall This?

I will remind you what I wrote in March this year once the whole thing with COVID-19 unfolded. 

Now, I can be more specific. Before being more specific I need to remind you couple things: 

1. You all well know that I am no Sinophile--I am on record, constantly, that Russian-Chinese "alliance" is a situational one, and that it is predicated on political and economic stability of China. Russia is a thing in itself and is civilization on her own. But modern Russia IS NOT an Asiatic country.

2. China is a great civilization with rich culture and an extremely complex ethnic and cultural composition. It also has a mind-boggling variety of dialects, which precludes any person without highly focused effort to study China, to be called a Sinologist. I am no Sinologist, not even close and I fully understand this. I, as well as many others in my line of writing, thus are forced to rely on the opinions of real Sinologists. 

I have couple of sources I use for insights into China's economic and political reality, one of those sources being Nikolai Vavilov (no relation to other Vavilov, a geneticist of Stalin-times fame) who has an excellent grasp of Chinese political and economic elites. Here is  one of his books on China (The Uncrowned Kings of China) in Russian, New one came out recently and Nikolai has a serious claim on knowledge on China, not only he lived and worked in China for many years, including work for Chinese Xinhua news-agency. He is fluent in many Chinese dialects, so when he speaks, I listen. And now important stuff. 

1. China DOES NOT offer world the alternative to globalism. China IS a globalist power and for many people who for years have been misled by China's massive scale economic plans, the recent G-20 address by Xi should come as an unpleasant surprise. Here are some points, we start with this:  

This is, for now, merely a suggestion but the nature of this suggestion is that the world should follow China's already in place and in active use code system which does this (In Russian):

a) Each Chinese city has its own "platform" on Alipay or WeChat, where everyone is obliged to register with their own "code";

b) The system tracks everyone by their QR-code and assigns the color in which "green" means that you can go pretty much anywhere, and then limitations are imposed if the code is "orange", let alone "red" which forbids any movements. 

Well, my friends, if this de facto electronic concentration camp (or ghetto) hasn't been implemented yet in your neighborhood, let's open Comrade Xi's remarks on the BRICS summit five days ago and here is what he said:

Around the world, COVID-19 is posing a grave threat to people’s life and well-being. The global public health system is facing a severe test. Human society is going through the most serious pandemic in the past century. International trade and investment have shrunk considerably. The flow of goods and personnel has been impeded. Factors for uncertainty and instability are numerous. The world economy is witnessing the worst recession since the Great Depression in the 1930s. Unilateralism, protectionism and acts of bullying are becoming rampant, and the deficit in governance, trust, development and peace is widening instead of narrowing. Despite all this, we remain convinced that the theme of our times, peace and development, has not changed, and that the trend toward multipolarity and economic globalization cannot be turned around. We must keep people’s welfare close to heart and pursue the vision of a community with a shared future for mankind. Through concrete actions, we will contribute our share to making the world a better place for everyone.

Wait a minute! No, no, no, no--this is NOT how it works--it is precisely economic globalization and the orthodoxy of a Free Trade which are in the foundation of the global economic crisis, for which grossly inflated threat of COVID-19, serves as a good excuse. Including a strange correlation between Chinese so called Komsomol (Hu Yaobang's Trotskist and globalist heirs) leaders getting to power with American Democratic Party Presidents being elected. Correlation doesn't mean causality, do not misinterpret me, but what is not open for misinterpretation is the fact that:

1. China needs globalism because...

2. Chinese economy, for all its gigantic size, is not doing that well

3. US Democrats are truly neo-left globalist cabal who also seem to "influence" Comrade Xi at BRICS Summit. Like this, as he himself states:

Fifth, we need to pursue green and low-carbon development, and strive for harmony between man and nature.

How not well, you may ask, is China's economy? Simple: China STILL is dependent on these two markets:

1. The United States--a lot of statistics is being faked to show China "reducing" this dependency. Reality, however, is grim for China and the US--the level of mutual dependency remains very high.

2. Japan. And then South Korea.

Remove them and China's economy collapses. But then, of course, there is this:

In this report, we show how China’s production of coal-intensive products is accelerating. In October, steel production rose 13% year-on-year, aluminium  rose 11%, cement rose 10%, and electricity production rose 7%. China’s GDP data confirms that the industrial sector provided a higher proportion of its economic growth this summer than at any time since at least 2016. Consequently, China has produced almost 60% of the world’s steel, aluminium and cement so far this year. In addition, steel and aluminium exports have collapsed, meaning China itself is using more of these products. Meanwhile, China’s coal-fired electricity generation is unchanged from last year, because of high electricity demand outpacing clean electricity investment. Coal generation in the rest of the world, by comparison, is expected to fall by about 12% this year, meaning China’s share of global coal generation will rise to 53%.

Pay attention to highlighted and remember, 65% of China's electricity generation is based on coal, which increasingly becomes scarce and increasingly expensive to extract with many mines in China already going as deep as 1,000 meters (1 kilometer). And we all know what that means, right? Just to give you some idea on generation--in the United States coal amounts to 22.8% of generating sources, In Russia--it amounts to around 16%, so you get my drift, right? Well, this also is not the whole story, costs for China will continue to grow and the shift from coal to gas, nuclear and other sources is a daunting task for the export economy the size of China's and which is dramatically vulnerable to fluctuations on markets. Let's remember what was the foundation of Trump's economic platform which he was running on--right, decoupling from China. Recall also an abrupt limitation to education of Chinese students and researchers in the United States. Nasty, aggressive? Undeniably so, typical arrogance BUT...give Trump, for all his bluster and being full of shit, a credit, he found Chinese cojones and grabbed them. And now the main part:

1. China's attempt to focus on domestic consumption to support her economy has failed (in Russian);

2. "Second circulation" policy is now in place, another attempt at internal market. Enter Nikolai Vavilov (sadly in Russian only). 

Right, 12 years China was effectively printing money, they went, right, right, right, into the real estate. Guess, China was becoming the US 2.0 by producing debt. Guess what this second attempt will be? Right, inflation and debt and "export", again. But now even more, while many praise recent RCEP signed by China and East Asian nations, many forget that this same RCEP, which originally was a Japanese idea, reduces 90% of tariffs not only for China-made consumer goods, but for such things, among many, as Japanese cars and parts for them, same goes for Korean automakers. Bye, bye Chinese auto-industry. Now that you know these peculiar facts, ask yourself a question if at least some influential parts of Chinese elites were not interested in removing radically anti-Chinese Trump and getting a democrat in the office? There is another funny fact, the origin and spread of COVID-19 somehow was limited to the cities and provinces which are managed by those very same representatives of China's Komsomol who made fortunes at the American market. Coincidences, coincidences. How can you remove Trump? Right. 

But in general, especially after Xi's remarks at BRICS' summit it remains patently clear that the only way China can remain more or less (primarily less) healthy, for now at least, economically is to continue to export until the whole thing collapses, because globalism and Free Trade are collapsing. Yet, Xi praises these moribund practices as if nothing what is happening in the world today is related to the subjects he praised. I will omit here the sheer anti-scientific idiocy of CO2 emissions. Of course, Chinese didn't congratulate uncle Joe with becoming a President-elect (and he is still not), in fact, the statement of Chinese Foreign Ministry (a level below official protocol) was down-right humiliating to Biden, who insulted Xi and China not for once. But behind globalist totalitarian mafia of the Democratic Party we all can see the silhouettes of the Clintons and the Obamas and their vast network of political operatives who want to turn the United States, the remnants of the flawed Republic, into the playground of the most destructive, amoral, anti-human and criminal forces which will stop at nothing, including high treason to get to power. Remember this? 

I do. It is a good idea to refresh sometimes a decade old statements, they contain so much in them. Recall who was China's President then? Right, and read what Hu Jintao's one of the main foreign policy "accomplishments" was during his term.

This phrase opens a whole new can of worms which allows to understand why Russians are really nonchalant about CREP and why all this blatter about Russia being junior partner in Russian-Chinese duo is just that--pure BS. There are many things we don't see, as it is supposed to be in the real life, but there is a reason why I constantly point out to a simple fact of China still preferring Russia to lead in geopolitical arena. So, do I say that COVID-19 is a global operation of influence? No, what I say it that there is a viable motive. And again, correlation does not mean causality but only sober and factual assessment of real strength of participants in the game can give good insight into intentions of everyone. 

Saturday, November 21, 2020

A Bit For The Mood.

This is beyond good, it is magnificent:

David Lynch and his muse Chrysta Bell (Agent Tammy Preston in Twin peaks: The Return). Stunning.

And this too: 

Old School Beautiful.

No, not Victoria Kosoglyadenko of TV Zvezda who did this report (you don't need to know Russian to understand what is going on--regular inspection of submerged part of the hull). But the Oliver H. Perry-class FFG flag-ship Alexandria which is now in service with Egyptian Navy still shows off its nice lines. The group of Egyptian ships arrived to naval base Novorossisk to hold joint exercises with Russia's Black Sea Fleet. 

And you can still enjoy the naval architectural beauty of old but gold American design--the nose silhouette of Perrys is gorgeous. Just plain beautiful. Below is the video of Alexandria and Admiral Makarov leaving Novorossiisk for exercise. 

In other related news, Small Missile Ship Odintsovo of Karakurt-class has been commissioned to Russia's Baltic Fleet and as you can see, this one is with fully operational navalised Pantsir-M, which is now capable to intercept high supersonic targets at distances of up to 40 kilometers, which allows even a group of 2-3 Karakurts deploy a robust air-defense in the area. 

New, 4,500 kilometer range 3M14 land attack and 1500 kilometer range anti-shipping 3M54 missiles and coming soon 3M22 Zircon make these ships a nightmare for any theater of operations. Vladimir Putin speaking to G-20 today (in Russian) about the risks the world faces warned about steady unemployment with further growth of poverty as the main danger. As you all know, this type of depression, and it is depression, cannot be resolved by pure "peaceful" means. For this collapse of the financial capitalism to not go full global and nuclear one needs this proverbial gun at the temple of those, from governments to creeps like Soros and other self-proclaimed "elites", to ensure that no stupid movements are allowed. This is what Russia's rearmament program is all about--blocking all possible paths to military escalation, especially when one considers the ignorance and a complete moral decay of modern Western decision makers.

Friday, November 20, 2020

It Really Becomes Annoying As Hell.

I will not stop repeating it until I am dead--Russia owes nothing to anyone, period. Want something from Russia? Take a number and be nice at the window once your number is called. I also will repeat it ad nauseam--constant attempts to "analyze" anything in contemporary international relations from the position of some diplomatic chimeras of the days past should stop and as Doctor Lecter used to say Quid Pro Quo, Clarice. Or, rather, Emmanuel. This, plus overwhelming cutting edge military power--these are the only two things which matter today. No good will, no emotions, just Quid Pro Quo and recognition that behind this offer is a deadly big stick capable to ensure that if this Quo is not good enough negotiations are over and no new Quid is coming. Out of the cellar of geopolitical well-wishing come Macron's new ideas:

Russia and France have different objectives, yet both recognize the need to push back against Turkey’s expansionism, the intrusive influence of the US, and the zero-sum security architecture in Europe, which threatens stability. Emmanuel Macron has called on the European Union to reconsider policies towards Russia and improve relations. The French President's move deserves a favourable response as rapprochement is sadly now a politically bold move in the Euro-Atlantic community.France has also requested a role in establishing lasting peace in Nagorno-Karabakh. Paris approved of Turkey’s collaboration with radical militant groups in Syria, although now objects as Ankara exports the same fighters to Libya and the South Caucasus. Paris has traditionally depicted all anti-Russian Chechens as freedom fighters, albeit it now calls for greater anti-terrorism cooperation with Moscow.
The immediate question, granted there is some sort of Turkey's expansionism, is--and how does France see herself "pushing back" against everything bad for everything good in this geopolitical "combination"? Russia, as was pointed out not for once, is not going to "repatriate" those "anti-Russian Chechens", they are France's responsibility and let France deal with them. Moreover, what is France's real value in "pushing against intrusive influence of the US and zero-sum security architecture in Europe"? Can you make bees hate honey? No, really? The next stratagem, the "vision" is down right hilarious:
Macron seeks French leadership in a sovereign and strengthened EU, which does not entail including Russia in a shared European security architecture. Meanwhile, Russia has also abandoned former illusions about a Greater Europe and is now pursuing a strategic partnership with China to develop a Greater Eurasia. Keeping in mind these realities, a Russian-French partnership would be limited to mitigating and managing the dividing lines in Europe.    
No, really, ha-ha, Macron doesn't seek "leadership", what he seeks is an age old arrangement in case Germans really get all pissed off with continuous national suicide and France, as usual, will be in the way, this is when Russia comes in. Nope, this ship sailed. In fact, neither Germany nor, especially, modern France are the players of a scale which can REALLY interest Moscow in anything but markets and, in case of France, some sort of support in UNSC. "Sovereign EU" sounds like a meme, especially when having a leader such as Macron--this is down right hilarious. The next para is more than just hilarious, it is clinical, as in a psychiatric case clinical that is.
Macron is deeply critical of Russia, yet he cautioned that “pushing Russia away from Europe is a deep strategic error because we are pushing Russia either to isolation which increases the tensions, or to ally with other great powers like China”. Macron seemingly attempts to play the role of a new Kissinger that reaches out to Moscow to prevent Russia from cosying up to China.
Russians have a meme, it is really not in any way deliberately offensive, it is just a meme, about Estonians, like in being slow in recognizing a reality. Well, on the Estonian scale of being slow Macron and France, obviously, are off it and are finally discovering that not only Russia has been "pushed away" long time ago, but what is most remarkable--overwhelming majority of Russians view Europe as a hostile and creepy place and do not want to have anything in common with it. They are pretty happy with being "pushed away". I am not even talking about this BS comparison with Kissinger who not only was "sold" to the world by propaganda as a shrewd diplomat but in reality being, as is a tradition in US political life, nothing more than a second-rate thinker who was mostly in self-promotion and constructing of own myth. He was a first-rate media figure and a second-rate diplomat who is now observing some juicy fruits of American school of "diplomacy" biting whole US establishments in the ass. Basically, Kissinger is to diplomacy, what Patton is to armored warfare. If Macron sees himself as Kissinger, good luck, but geostrategic reality is such that France is not a subject in the process of shaping the global power balance. 
Both Paris and Berlin have been "politely" told by Moscow to go fuck themselves in regards to Nagorny Karabakh and this is the only way it is, and should be, from now on. You have power and you have goods? Make an offer, otherwise--bug off. And even in Russian-Chinese relations, as I am writing non-stop, not everything as it seems in the West. But I will touch upon it later. But there is  a reason Russia supports European conservative movements because Macron's Europe is doomed. The scale of West-Russia split is evidently still not grasped by very many in the West. They still think that it is all fun and games. It is not, and Russia's Asian vector is just the part of the puzzle--I am constantly on record: don't overestimate the role of China in Russia's geopolitical realignment. China is extremely important but she is not the only factor in Russia's geopolitical considerations. I usually agree with Patrick Armstrong on many of his conclusions but not with this one:
So is Moscow about to say it’s had enough? If so, it has somewhat of a problem. At the moment and for the foreseeable future, depending on how serious the civil disorder is after its election, the United States is the principal power in the world if for no other reason that it has far more destructive power than anyone else. Moscow must tread carefully here; cutting relations with Washington would cost more than it’s worth. London is probably lost to Moscow but Berlin, Paris and Rome are not necessarily lost. And, as they go, many other Europeans will follow. Therefore Moscow can hope that, in the reasonable near term, more normal relations with some of the principal European powers may be possible. Thus it would be a bad move to cut relations with them. 

For starters, Moscow is not impressed with American, grossly exaggerated to start with, destructive power, which is not that destructive in a conventional peer-to-peer conflict. Secondly, as I say above in this post, Russia is open for a decent offer. But, if Europe has anything to offer--let it take a number and wait for the number to be called. As for Russian-American relations, Vladimir Putin was explicit today when stating (in Russian) that: it is impossible to spoil Russian-American relations, because they are already spoiled. Can not get any clearer than that, I see no problem with "cutting relations" with Washington once one considers this simple fact that there is NOBODY to talk to at the highest political level in the United States. US is a dysfunctional state which is utterly non-agreement capable, plus, come on, let's face it--Russians know damn well both economic situation in the United States, Europe and China. Russia, of course, will maintain diplomatic and trade relations with Europeans on bilateral basis, but, honestly--the cultural shift of unprecedented historic scale in Russia have occurred. Opinions of some Moscow pseudo-intellectuals and doctrine-mongers trying to imitate intellectual activity in foreign policy field are mostly worthless, it is better to listen and watch what Putin, Lavrov, Mishustin, Belousov and Shoigu say and do in the last couple of months. 

H.G. Wells, in his book Russia in the Shadows, after visiting Russia and interviewing Lenin, described Lenin in 1920 as a "Dreamer in the Kremlin". In 1920 Russia was utterly destroyed by WW I and Civil War. By 1939 historic Russia was a premier industrial power in Europe. In 1945 Red Army hoisted the Red Banner over Reichstag. In 1957 USSR launched Sputnik, in 1961 Yuri Gagarin became the first man in space and the Soviet Union became the most educated nation in the world, especially after the devastation of WW II. For all his faults, Lenin turned out to be not just a dreamer. Macron is not in the same league, not even close, albeit I propose to apply to him the term Elysee Palace Dreamer as a term describing a person who is absolutely out of his depth and has no grasp of the reality. Memorize: Quid Pro Quo and hypersonic weapons, Quid Pro Quo and hypersonic weapons, Quid Pro Quo...