Thursday, October 31, 2019

Zircon Will Be Deployed.

It is this phrase by Putin at 1:15 in Rossiya report from the newest Project 20385 Corvette which made a a splash in Russia and not only, I would say.

So, will Gremyaschiy be the first corvette with 3M22 Zircon? I stress it--corvette, not frigate. We know Project 22350 Frigates of Gorshkov-class will have Zircons as a main (together with 3M14 SLAMs)  strike weapon. But this is a revelation of sorts and it is not about 3C14 UKSK (VLS) common for both frigates and corvettes, it is the fact that 3M22 is coming into IOC pretty soon. Indeed, Kazan is planned for underwater launch of Zircon sometime early next year, which is literally, beyond the corner. As per how this M=8+ missile is going to change naval warfare I wrote not for once.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

I Couldn't Miss This.

As a father of two, as a long time tutor-teacher to many wonderful kids in the United States and on whose life, I know, I had a positive influence--I know, I have them writing and thanking me for what I did for them--it was impossible to miss. My blood boils, when I see and read this. 
We now find ourselves amidst an epidemic of perversion as disturbing content is shared far and wide by today’s major media. One of the most distressing subjects is the sexualization of children. From gaming websites to news organizations, children are now props in a war on decency. Just last December, Desmond, an 11-year-old boy who has been described by Good Morning America as “trailblazing,” twirled around on stage in female attire as men whooped and hollered and threw money his way. That isn’t a one-off instance. Throughout the past couple of years, other similar incidents have begun to stack up. A 10-year-old drag queen named Lactatia released a photo earlier this year that showed him smiling as he stood next to a naked 27-year-old man. Another photo from the same shoot shows the young boy spreading his legs wide on a couch wearing a black dress and fishnet stockings.
This either stops or it will end really bad. Destroying childhood with lowest of the low perversion, pushing for normalization of pedophilia--this is what contemporary West has become. Once sexual deviance has become a norm it was inevitable that the West is on its way to oblivion. 

Just few days ago, West's "favorite" Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovsky died. In an ironic twist he died being already in the rank of pedophile who had thousands of pornographic images of children on his computer. He, of course, blamed Russia's intelligence for "uploading" them on his PC. Yet, he always did fit the type. It was almost a non-event when those images were found on his PC. It is not surprising really that many of the Soviet/Russian "dissidents" had (or have) some form of perversion oozing through them. No wonder many wanted to immigrate to the West--they knew. Today, we are facing an attack on a fundamental value of civilization--taboo on harming children sexually. As author of the piece at RT concludes:
At the risk of sounding hyperbolic, Western values and societal norms are being tarnished from within. Behaviors once rightfully looked down and spat upon are becoming increasingly common; a feat accomplished due to a media accomplice that praises such actions as progressive. But what they highlight as liberation from gender stereotypes and norms has turned into nothing more than a grotesque parody of what we were always warned would occur. In the ‘90s, a common argument in opposition to gay marriage was that it was a slippery slope. The logic went that if men could marry men, and women marry women, it’d lead to polyamory, bestiality, pedophilia, and every other ill the human mind can devise. As an LGBT individual myself, I heavily disagreed. I still do. Although, these days it’s become an increasingly unstable platform to support. 
At least it is good that this "instability" is being acknowledged--it is a slippery slope into something that leads to hell. After all, it is so cute to marry one's own horse. At least it is not a bicycle, yet. I don't know should we "celebrate" this? The West either rises against this crime against innocents, while it still has a chance, or it is done completely and it is a lost cause and we can say confidently: good riddance.

About This Vindman Dude.

I am really happy that Colonel Lang expressed his feeling on this staffer, because I am not in the position, considering my background and experiences, to pass judgements on this Lt.Colonel before American officers do. Now they spoke:
The US Army sends too many officers to graduate schools to study Political Science and International Relations.  These are not only pseudo sciences based on the 19th Century yearnings of European scholars for a paradigm change in human affairs that would relieve them of their minority status, but these disciplines also create a mentality in the officer students that gives them the idea that they are members of a kind of fraternity that does dominate or should dominate the American foreign policy establishment, what I call The Borg.  The Army lent Vindman to the NSC staff, much as the marines lent Oliver North to the White House staff long ago.   In an NSC staff led by the arch neocon John Bolton he must have felt quite at home.  Last Summer he was given the task of listening (with several others) to Trump's conversation with Zelensky.  This is a routine precaution taken to avoid misunderstandings as to what is said. Vindman says that the president expressed views inconsistent "with the consensus views of the interagency." (the Borg)  LTC Vindman has evidently been seduced by the idea that the president of the US is obligated in any way to accept the consensus of The Borg or even to tell them the truth about his intentions as he directs US foreign policy.  They are ALL just staff, not partners. Vindman has evidently been returned today to the Army to do with him what the institution decides.  As a serving Army officer he can only be ejected from the officer corps for legal cause.  IMO it is likely that the Army will be deeply offended by his rejection of his assigned role as a staff officer to the president and his preferred loyalty to The Borg and will find a comfortable place for him in a basement or on a distant island.  (not Hawaii) I should say that there is nothing wrong with the Army sending officers for study of useful subject but poly sci/ IR are not among them.
Colonel nails it where it really matters, see highlighted in yellow. This is, from purely service POV, a heavy misconduct. You don't like what you see? Submit a request to be transferred to other position or retire if you can. The other, very important part, why this Vindman dude advised Ukraine on how to deal with White House and Rudi Guliani is a subject for the agency which is supposed to actually defend national security, not undermine it as it is the case so far. You know what alphabet (hint: FBI) agency I am talking about. 

All this, including insane Articles of Impeachment written by openly treasonous Adam Schiff and his cabal of democrats, is nothing more than yet another attempt, after RussiaGate hoax going south, at anti-Constitutional coup and it is being played out in a front of our very own eyes. Democratic party has to be eradicated as a political entity because it becomes obvious that it is a party of national treason. Same goes to American mass media, with some exceptions, which are one of the main culprits for a severe political crisis threatening to grow into actual hot civil war. If those people think that they will hide in Europe when things get hot--they better think twice. As per Vindman, someone MUST ask him questions re: his strange relations to Ukrainian side and how those relations correspond to his highly classified access to, however bad, the kitchen in which US foreign policy is cooked. Fascinating. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

This Is A Real Wowser.

The United States is, obviously, run by the Ukrainian diaspora. The name of one of the "concerned officials" has become known and he is:
In his testimony in the House impeachment inquiry Tuesday, Lt. Col. Alexander S. Vindman, the top Ukraine expert on the National Security Council, is expected to describe his concerns with how the Trump administration handled Ukraine policy and with a July call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy. "In the Spring of 2019, I became aware of outside influencers promoting a false narrative of Ukraine inconsistent with the consensus views of the interagency," he says in his prepared opening remarks, which were obtained by NPR. "This narrative was harmful to U.S. government policy. While my interagency colleagues and I were becoming increasingly optimistic on Ukraine's prospects, this alternative narrative undermined U.S. government efforts to expand cooperation with Ukraine."
And who this Lt.Colonel Vindman really is? Get a load of this! I cannot emphasize strongly enough what a madhouse this whole situation is. I will omit here any speculations or, for that matter, legitimate assumptions I know will be true, but I will just say this: this explains a lot, I mean a lot, in the madness which is called US foreign policy. If Canada's foreign policy is openly subverted by Canada's Ukrainian diaspora with a very heavy Banderista element present in it, hence rabid Russophobia and ignoring of Neo-nazism. Now, the United States has a whole family working deep in the US National Security apparatus who decided, unsurprisingly, in favor of any policy which sabotages any Russian-American contacts and improvement of relations. 

Hm, what does this remind me of? Ah, Polish, Romanian and other Eastern European diasporas in the US which played a crucial role in NATO expansion, thus ensuring that West will not have normal relations with Russia. 

Ukraine, destabilized by the Obama's admin and now turned into a hammer against Russia, granted poor and mentally unstable, is just another step in both American and Ukrainian Russophobia. Now, once this Ukrainian (most likely Jewish) family with the US citizenship is exposed as being deep inside US National Security establishment and close to POTUS the scenario becomes evident. As this Vindman himself states:
          The Geopolitical Importance of Ukraine
Since 2008, Russia has manifested an overtly aggressive foreign policy, leveraging military power and employing hybrid warfare to achieve its objectives of regional hegemony and global influence. Absent a deterrent to dissuade Russia from such aggression, there is an increased risk of further confrontations with the West. In this situation, a strong and independent Ukraine is critical to U.S. national security interests because Ukraine is a frontline state and a bulwark against Russian aggression. In spite of being under assault from Russia for more than five years, Ukraine has taken major steps towards integrating with the West. The U.S. government policy community's view is that the election of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and the promise of reforms to eliminate corruption will lock in Ukraine's Western-leaning trajectory, and allow Ukraine to realize its dream of a vibrant democracy and economic prosperity.
I hope you understand now, that the United States is ungovernable entity entirely corrupted by the external ethnic, from predominantly Jewish AIPAC neo-cons, to Gulfies to Ukraine, influences--all in some form are present through lobbies to direct positions (Victoria Nuland, anyone?) in government. They are also people detached from reality, as testimony of this "American" officer demonstrates. Here is a conclusion of this "strategist".
The United States and Ukraine are and must remain strategic partners, working together to realize the shared vision of a stable, prosperous, and democratic Ukraine that is integrated into the Euro-Atlantic community. Our partnership is rooted in the idea that free citizens should be able to exercise their democratic rights, choose their own destiny, and live in peace. It has been a great honor to serve the American people and a privilege to work in the White House and on the National Security Council. I hope to continue to serve and advance America's national security interests.
I guess, at this stage the United States deserves everything what comes to it. Having people who drive the US towards direct conflict with Russia in US "national security" is a first sign of mental degeneration of US political, military and intelligence institutions. Did I mention that Mr. Vindman... ah, read it yourself:
When I joined the White House's National Security Council ("NSC"), I reported to Dr. Fiona Hill, who in turn reported to John Bolton, the National Security Advisor.
That doesn't require any additional elaborations. At this stage, after this "revelations" about who and how shapes US foreign so called policy, it becomes clear that the United States caught rabid disease of insanity from Ukraine, but I think it is all for the better for the rest of the world, especially Eurasia, which will be protected from the Empire which is imploding as I type this. The United States has no credibility left no matter what administration, the patients are now fully in charge of the asylum. But then again, there are no other people out there, just the ones who we can observe openly and that is a real wowser.  

UPDATE. Ah, Arctic Fox gave me link to NYT on Mr. Vindman, but it was behind pay-wall and I am not paying a dime of my money to this NY rag, but then I heard Laura Ingram commenting on this issue a lo and behold: buried in NYT piece on this American "hero" is the information that this dude advised Ukrainians on how best deal with Rudi Guliani. WTF? This is the guy who serves in NSC staffer position, two steps in command away from National Security Advisor. Wow! I am not 100% sure about espionage charge but isn't there a real conflict of interests for a person who has the highest security clearance allowed in the land? At least that should be a red flag, but since we are getting fuller and fuller, and curioser and curioser, picture of RussiaGate which transformed into the UkraineGate, I wonder when the wrap up will start? Somebody must go behind bars, it is clear now.

Friday, October 25, 2019

Ohh, Goody!!

Turks are now openly talking about it. 
It was expected, but still comes as a surprise of sorts.What is it there also besides this?  Was Erdogan made aware, was given a hint,  during his latest few visits to Russia about what Turkey may get if she plays in concert with Russia? Obviously, Syria deal is not too bad for Turks who overwhelmingly view Kurdish groups as clear and present danger to Turkey, but it is more than that. S-400? Of course, it is a huge deal and the United States is beginning to look desperate on this front:
But 36 SU-35s with all weaponry which goes with them is a huge-huge deal. It is reformatting Turkish Air Force away from old two-engine F-4 Phantom IIs into the immensely powerful Generation 4++ fighter squadrons (36/3= 3 squadrons per Russian TOE). It is also reformatting Turkish aerospace and, in general, defense industry which will be fully engaged in participation of production of arguably the best air superiority fighter in the world today. And, in perspective, of SU-57s which will be only logical continuation of what emerges as a strategic realignment in the region. Now, the question--if S-400 deal was bad for NATO "unity", how this whole situation is going to look like for NATO? Just FYI, the first gas will flow into the TurkStream in a few weeks. Now ask yourself a question what S-400 and S1s are doing in Serbia at Slavic Shield exercises and a sharper picture begins to emerge. If true (Su-35s contract), I will repeat a question--what else was Erdogan made aware of by Putin? Sure, money (capital) talks, markets matter, energy is our everything, but it is security, I think, and perspective umbrella over Turkey (yes, cutting edge mil-tech) which make Erdogan move that fast. It is access to the tools which allow Erdogan and his people realize even if in part some Neo-Ottoman visions. 

In all, there is, frankly, so much shit going on as of lately that one literally has to check news every hour or so--it just piles up. And we all may only guess, in Frank Herbert Dune's tradition, what are those plans, within plans, within plans. The spice must flow. And how can this be? For he is the Kwisatz Khaderach(c).

First Down "Ivan Papanin", More To Go.

You may recall few years ago I wrote about them: Icebreakers With Strategic Reach.Today, Russia launched first of them (this will be series) Ivan Papanin (after famous Soviet Polar explorer). Here is how 8,500 tons of displacement looked today. She (rather He) is a beauty (my hat off to guys from Airbase forum, via Admiralty Wharfs).

Ivan Papanin
Yet another step in Russia weaponizing ice-breakers (wink, wink). The so called Arctic Patrol Ship will carry helicopter, artillery complex, manpads and will be able to take on containers for notorious Kalibr missiles. A rather mighty package for escort, monitoring, rescue and, of course, strike functions. These ships are capable of breaking through 1.5 meters thick ice, which is very impressive.  Two of them are under construction but rumor has it that the number will be significantly larger. First two are a test run for a concept as a whole. Follow-on ships may have some parameters tweaked as experience and data begins to flow in. Here is how they will look upon completion:

I guess this answers the question where Russia's attention is focused upon. After all, brand new Resonance (Rezonans-NE), over-the-horizon radar, was launched today at Novaya Zemlya (in Russian). This thing tracks and develops targeting against anything, including hypersonic weapons (up to M=20), I will omit here jokes about "stealth". My main question in this situation is this: what is the pay for officers who serve there, not to mention service ratio: is it one year as two plus insane pay rate? To the best of my knowledge there are no good bars or shopping malls there, but sure as hell there is a former nuclear testing ground. So, not exactly family-friendly place this Rogachevo is, especially when polar bears get a party going, but it is totally conceivable that eventually even there one will be able to buy a bottle of Jack without flying out to Arkhangelsk. Just a thought.   

Thursday, October 24, 2019

A Peculiar History.

A sort of Russia's atonement, I guess, for betraying Serbs in 1999.  I recall vividly when in a huge crowd of Serbs who went to greet Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Alexy II in Belgrade in 1999, visible were the banners with such message: Don't give us Patriarch, Give Us S-300s. That was my sentiment too. But Russia of 1999, led, if one may say so, by alcoholic low life and his cabal of "reformers" many of who were openly anti-Russian, was speedily shown her place by the US and she... obliged. Things changed since then, as did Russia, who was forced to change after NATO aggression against Serbia. 
MOSCOW/BELGRADE (Reuters) - Russia said on Thursday a division of its S-400 missile defense system would take part in a military drill in Serbia, underlining Moscow's wish to keep a traditional ally on side even as Belgrade pursues links with NATO and the European Union. It will be the first time that the sophisticated S-400s, together with a Pantsir missile battery, will be participating in military exercises abroad, Moscow's Defence Ministry said in a statement. For its part, Serbia's Defence Ministry said the exercises - dubbed Slavic Shield 2019, aimed to simulate the "use of a joint (combat) defending... against enemy reconnaissance and offensive actions". "Apart from anti-aircraft missile systems in use in the Serbian army, missile systems that are in use by the Russian Air Force will also be used" in the live-fire exercise set to run until Oct. 29, it said in a statement. The exercises began on Wednesday but were not made public until Thursday.
Anyone is 100% positive that all of those systems will get back to Russia? After all, this kind of statements DO mean something important:
The two countries have also boosted intelligence cooperation. On Wednesday, Sergey Naryshkin, head of Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), told Serbian state-run RTS TV that the two countries were performing "complex mutual operations" to protect their external interests. Serbia has relied on Russia for support in its continued refusal to recognize the independence of its former southern province of Kosovo, which seceded in 2008 after a bloody guerrilla uprising. NATO peacekeepers remain in Kosovo. Serbia also depends on Russia for natural gas supplies and the largest local oil company, Naftna Industrija Srbije, is majority-owned by Russia’s Gazprom.
The West was behind gang-rape of Serbia based on a completely cooked "intelligence" which ignored completely the fate of Serbs, who were ethnically cleansed and are being ethnically cleansed in the illegal statelet of Kosovo. Obviously NATO had no inhibitions in supporting Kosovar organized crime and Islamism--a feature of the contemporary West from the times of Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979. We know the results, don't we? 

I am in no position to write on Serbia's internal dynamics--to be sure Serbia is filled with all kinds of Western "assets" and other "democracy"-activists--but there is very little doubt that many, very many, Serbs DO view Russia as their only chance at restoration of territorial integrity and, in the end, economic growth. S-400s and other systems can help ensure Serbia's safety from aggression. This was 9 months ago in Belgrade. No comments are necessary here. 

It is now up to Serbs themselves, Russia, it seems, will do her part. History is a peculiar thing, some things in it you just can't break.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

How "Isolated" One Should Be To...

... produce something of the scale of Russia-Africa (as in whole continent, almost) Summit. Yes, just like that.
SOCHI/MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia landed two nuclear-capable bombers in South Africa on a training mission on Wednesday, a flight apparently timed to coincide with President Vladimir Putin's opening of a flagship Russia-Africa summit designed to increase Russian influence. The two Tupolev Tu-160 strategic bombers touched down at Waterkloof air force base in Tshwane on Wednesday, the South African National Defence Force said. Russia's Ministry of Defence has said the mission is designed to nurture military ties with South Africa. Speaking before dozens of African heads of state at a two-day summit in the southern Russian city of Sochi, Putin called for trade with African countries to double over the next four to five years and said Moscow had written off African debts to the tune of over $20 billion.
Sochi is a spectacular city (with spectacular real estate prices),

but to get "dozens of African heads of state" at once into what increasingly becomes second state capital of Russia (with St.Petersburg being second one culturally) after Moscow--that is some statement. Obviously Russia is trying to get her influence in Africa "back" to where it was during Soviet times but not quite. USSR did many things in Africa which today wouldn't make much economic sense. This time is different--no support for revolutionary, pseudo-socialist, movements and political parties: nothing personal, just business. Business and capital, money and main capital funds that is, love stability and hate volatility. Russia also loves stability, and so do African countries and interests. Russia's main export product today is stability, which comes in many forms. Such as this, among many:

The rest follows, especially energy in forms ranging from hydroelectric to extremely sophisticated nuclear one, and to field exploration, and then machinery, and then chemical and then... did I mention weapons? Rosoboronexport African portfolio today is $15 billion, but that is just for the start. China, of course, is already well-positioned in Africa, but Russia has a lot to offer to African Continent which will require a very serious industrialization in order to lift itself from poverty. 

But the proof is in the pudding, as they say, out of 55 countries of African Union, 43 (forty three) are represented by heads of state, and 11 sent in government ministers or ambassadors. Isn't Russia's isolation wonderful? Well, not in Western media make-believe universe, in which Russia is "isolated" (from the West), but that is all echoes of merciless Kubler-Ross Model, which is known to lay people as an acute butt-hurt by Western, mostly stupid and badly educated, elites and media class. As recent events in Syria showed with Russian-Turkish driven plan giving everyone who needed it  a chance at saving face while developing an actually workable arrangement. What's next? Who knows, I, as I already stated not for once, expect continuation of the "revelation mode" in terms of global security--it is now official that new versions of 3M14 will have a range of 4, 500 kilometers, make your own conclusion of how far Russian cruise missiles can actually fly--and in terms of Russia's economic development, I mean actual economic growth, as in producing more and better, not cooking books. I learned one funny thing, though, about GDP--evidently effective public transportation drags GDP down because fewer cars are produced and bought. Hm. Hypersonic anti-shipping missiles with ranges of 1000 kilometers, then, make one's navy less powerful because they impede production of aircraft carriers. In general, let's face it--modern economic "science" is mostly a trash. Live and learn.  

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

What It Means To Be A Military Professional.

Do you know what this is? 
 This is the thing, which together with this thing:

And this thing: 
Would have prevented this thing:
Should those things have been used by properly trained officers with serious background in navigation, maneuvering and ability to develop reliable information (tactical and situational awareness) autonomously just with the tools at hand--such as the navigational complex of the ship, maneuvering board, visual and radio (radar) means of navigation, instead of relying on GPS--a lot of sorrow could have been avoided. But it was not and results are what they are. 

Now, suddenly Belgian armed forces wake up and recognize the fact that they may not have GPS at their disposal at all if shit hits the fan and war starts between NATO and those nasty Russkies who just sleep and dream about how to invade this damn Europe, which is so great (not really). So the Brussels' very own  DeMorgen informs: 
Translation: Belgian soldiers must again fully train with map and compass. Not out of nostalgia, but out of necessity: the army command is concerned about the vulnerability of GPS devices. Russia has proven that the signals are easy to disrupt.

No shit, pardon my French (or Flemish, if you will). How about we recall one peculiar US general, Van Riper is his name, who not only was a renown whistle-blower against all kinds of so called "augmented" military exercises in which the outcome was always rigged in favor of...., well, you can fill in the blank yourself. It is this very same general who kicked the ass of the so called "transformational" force during Millennium Challenge 2002 military exercises. He handed ass to "transformational force" back on a platter by means of employing all those good ol' war tools such as maintaining radio-silence, relying on good ol' topography, maps, compasses and so on. He was also an early critic of prematurely announced Revolution in Military Affairs--I write in depth on that in my last book. 

So, will Russians during this hypothetical war shut down GPS? Absolutely, they will shut down huge chunks of NATO's communications networks also, most likely, and will wreck havoc with many NATO's sensors. This will prevent NATO from exercising any advantages Net-Centric Warfare would otherwise provide, such as when "fighting" people who still use Enfield rifles and pigeon and smoke communication networks, but not in the peer-to-peer scenario where peer will reduce the value of the networks dramatically and suddenly everything will be thrown back into the platform-centric scenarios where own positioning, developing of the awareness, conduct of reconnaissance, developing firing solutions and other military skills will be based not only on the platforms' own computers and sensors, but will depend greatly on the classic military skills of the second half of the XX century which required extremely strong mathematics (especially geometry and trigonometry) and physics background, ability to maneuver (on land, on sea and in the air) and to develop position and maneuvering elements of the opponent. Boy, this sounds complicated and so not hip. Do you get my drift now on why Russians love themselves radar systems with serious beyond-the-horizon capabilities? 

But realistically, it is down right creepy to even consider to what level of arrogance and lack of awareness Western militaries "groomed" themselves when thought that their military toys will be judged on the merit of their paint and looks, and how they perform when meeting no serious opposition. Fundamental military skills required of modern officer or lower rank, same as it was 20 or 50 years ago, still require an extensive training in fundamental STEM subjects and classic military skills which start with compass, map, nautical chart, maneuvering board and ballistic tables, among other things; without those, without understanding how the real war is fought--there is no real military professional. Nobody needs GPS receiver's display readers. People who know how to use weapon systems--well, they are a precious commodity. But even diamonds start as the pieces of coal or carbon, for purists. Here is an example of how ships will calculate position in times of real war

Monday, October 21, 2019

A Review Of My Book (First) By French Revue Defense Nationale.

An interesting approach by French defense publication to my first book, except that they are critical of my "ad nauseam" reference to Great Patriotic War and losses USSR sustained in this war and, for some reason, think that while speaking about NATO's inability to defeat Russia in her geographic vicinity I am "boasting". 
Of course, there is no boasting here at all--mostly a warning to those in Western circles who still believe, due to their military illiteracy, in NATO's (that is US) military omnipotence, that their beliefs are false. After all, if RAND and Mr. Ochmanek are on the record that:
I wouldn't call it boasting, but a realistic assessment of military potential. After all, many American military professionals share my point of view of modern warfare in peer-to-peer scenario. But, in the same time, it is good that the book makes some circles on the water and that it may help a transition to a much more focused second one, which is about modern warfare. So, all in all, good that some form of discussion is developing beyond the confines of am English-speaking world. For that I am really grateful to Revue Defense Nationale. In the end, my Google Translated impression is that the revue is generally positive. And, yes, I often do talk in broadsides--in fact, under present conditions, it seems the only way to address the most important issue of war and peace. 

Here is the link, just in case. 

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Isn't It Symptomatic?

That the person with courage and integrity in American politics came from the... US Armed Forces. I am not a hopeless idealist, US Armed Forces have a shitload of problems with morale, political generals (and admirals) and suicidal personnel policies, BUT it goes without saying that in the environment where words of duty are not always an empty sound, it is not surprising that Tulsi Gabbard started shooting straight and saying what other creeps from Dem.Party wouldn't even think of saying. 
So, Tulsi, you do deserve a highest praise for calling out your party's corruption in general and of Clinton clan (by default) in particular. Maybe there is still a hope for this country. I salute you, Tulsi. As George Orwell said: In a time of universal deceit — telling the truth is a revolutionary act.(c)

In other, seemingly unrelated, but very symptomatic, news, Russian Orthodox Church comes out with a statement (yesterday) which should give all kinds of whiteboard pseudo "economists" a pause and will explain, what I wrote recently (ha, funny--how coincidental) how overwhelming majority of Russians (Orthodox, Muslim, Jewish, you name it) sees Russia:
Translation: Liberalism has no use for Russians, be it in conservative or social wrap. Caste model of society and possibility of some people surviving at the expense of others do not correspond to what is written in Bible. We need value-based traditionalism, which corresponds to our identity.  

Oh, boy, Russians are back at it, I mean at "communism", As famous character of immortal 12 Chairs Ippolit Matveevich was asking the priest Father Fyodor, while kicking his legs trying to wrest a chair (allegedly with diamonds in it) from him: 
--Holy Father, maybe you are a member of the Party?
--Maybe I am. 

But then again, Correlli Barnett could also be accused in being a "communist" when wrote: 
… swift decline in British vigor at home and the failure to exploit the empire were not owing to some inevitable senescent process of history....That cause was a political doctrine.... The doctrine was liberalism, which criticized and finally demolished the traditional conception of the nation-state as a collective organism, a community, and asserted instead the primacy of individual. According to liberal thinking a nation was no more than so many human atoms who happened to live under the same set of laws.... It was Adam Smith who formulated the doctrine of Free Trade, the keystone of liberalism, which was to exercise a long-live and baneful effect on British power.... Adam Smith attacked the traditional “mercantilist” belief that a nation should be generally self-supporting. 
You see, how everything comes together? Of course, Russian Orthodox Church are not "communists", but this statement made from the highest podium of World Russian People's Sobor (Gathering, Council) in the foundation of which is the idea of "preservation of people" (no, it is not Solzhenitsyn's, it was stolen by him from Lomonosov's, concept). Liberalism left after itself in the last 30 years a non-stop economic crisis, unending wars, annihilation of the middle and working classes and imposed "morals" and "culture" which make Sodom and Gomorrah a concentration of virtue. 

Yet, for all seemingly unrelated nature of Tulsi' courageous statement and Russian Orthodox Church's statement on "preservation of people" there is a real connection, which is symptomatic--so called "liberal" societies have no future, because they lack everything which made humanity to endure through millennia--ability to form and live in community and do it peacefully. It is either a common sense or the world is going to be finished. The choice is ours.

Friday, October 18, 2019

Really? Ah, Kids.

Yeah, I took a quiz today (and it is Friday). I only paused at Roger McGuinn, because Byrds never were my favorite band, in fact I always associated orange carpets and fake oak walls in American homes built during Brady Bunch era with them. Still, this was aced in under few minutes (give and take for cable speed).
But while Byrds were feeding egos of pot smoking, cocaine sniffing current US (and European) "elites", there were people who actually were getting to playing a real rock music.  Oh no, I did it, again, ...

We didn't do Fridays in a long time.

Pepe Escobar's Superb Summary.

Andrei Raevsky (The Saker) posted Pepe Escobar's brilliant summary of the events in Syria. I strongly recommend this piece by Pepe. 
A superb summary.

I Wonder If Hillary Clinton Experiences Constipation?

Once in a while. She should. After all, Metamucil was invented primarily for people of a fairly advanced age, one of the defining features of which is slowing down of digestive processes which make it difficult to go potty. Hillary is in this age category, which is a primary user of this fiber supplement. Metamucil introduces fiber which helps to, you know, go. The point here, however, is not chronic or occasional constipation we all experienced in our lives, but the fact that if this constipation could be blamed on Russia and Putin. The reason this digestive issue is important, the same as Russian hand in Hillary Clinton's losing last presidential elections, because Russian interference into Hillary's world, ranging from, most likely, instigating Hillary's constipation to helping to out her hubby's closest pedophile buddy, now suicided Mr. Epstein, opens a wide range of applications. If phenomena ranging from constipation to losing in Vegas' casino could be explained by Russian interference, then anything could be explained by this. Remember Hurricane Katrina and devastation it brought? Russians. Remember Hitler? He was Russian, in fact, Putin is Hitler 2.0. Remember hubby Bill's not resisting a blow job in Oval Office? Was arranged by Russians. Maybe even personally by Putin. And Hillary, apart from inventing this method of tracing a causality, surely, uses this method of explanation in full. 

We all just learned that:
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton asserted that the Russians are attempting to undermine the 2020 election by backing Representative Tulsi Gabbard (D., Hawaii) as a third-party candidate, stating “she’s the favorite of the Russians.” Appearing on Obama campaign manager David Plouffe’s podcast, Clinton made a number of claims regarding Russian meddling in U.S. elections, including that Gabbard’s substantial social-media support relies on Russian bots. Gabbard was the most-searched candidate after the first and second Democratic debates. “I think they’ve got their eye on someone who’s currently in the Democratic primary and are grooming her to be the third-party candidate,” Clinton said on the podcast. “She’s the favorite of the Russians. They have a bunch of sites and bots and other ways of supporting her so far.”
You see, Russians and Putin are omnipotent. They literally can run US politics and undermine American democracy on a whim. Obviously Tulsi Gabbard--the only Democratic candidate with a brain--seems like a totally reasonable point of application of Russian interference.  But, I think, Hillary Clinton underestimated the power of Russian interference in American democracy. I think this interference is much older and much more insidious and profound than Russians getting behind Tulsi Gabbard in next elections, or Russian controlling current POTUS. I think this Russian evil plan goes back to much earlier times, in fact to Hillary very own hubby's tenure in the White House. It was namely then that Russian launched their macabre plan of turning US political elites into a collection of sociopaths afflicted with mental constipation for which no Metamucil for mind has been invented yet. This, inevitably, led to the United States becoming ungovernable and non-agreement capable. This also brought about the ongoing implosion of many American institutions, some of which were loved globally, like Hollywood, when it was making actual movies, not second-rate Public Service Announcements,  as it does today, or like ever-extolled freedom of speech, which is being suppressed today by internet monopolies and those very same US media who are into constructing narratives, not reporting the real news. I will abstain from getting into the real US economy.

Unlike intestinal constipation which could allow a person to eventually enjoy a relieving bowel movement, a mental one cannot be purged by fiber supplements to a diet. Even excessive amount of fruits and vegetables is not going to have a desired effect. To relieve one's mind from mental constipation one has to work hard not only intellectually but emotionally too, trying to not only become an educated person with wide horizons and critical thinking, but also one with integrity, honesty and self-awareness. But that is precisely what those damn Russkies denied US Democratic Party and its top in a masterpiece of an operation of influence. Take it from Hillary, she knows what she is talking about--after all, she is Clinton. Moreover, I think she herself is a Russian operation and possibly an SVR sleeper-agent. Consider this: if Russians wanted to destroy the United States from the inside, how could they approach the implementation of this plan? No better tool for this job could ever exist than DNC, US main-stream media and decrepit US humanities "education". Hillary is a blood and flesh of this system, in fact--she could serve as a poster child for it. And she proved it beyond a reasonable doubt when, escaping enemy fire, she, as a Secretary of State promoted, together with her POTUS, a mediocre Chicago lawyer, a mindless aggressive foreign policy which resulted today in the United States being in a state of geopolitical impotence and retreat, if to politely describe a collapse of Pax Americana. In fact, Hillary is an author of this policy, which also helped to finally mobilize Russia. It played directly into Russian hands! Oh, boy! 

So, is Hillary, then, a Russian agent? Judging by the way Russian economy grows (in Russian) as a result of reaction to Hillary's foreign policy which is still in place, by the way Russian Armed Forces reacted to it by returning Crimea home, or playing a decisive role in liberation of Syria from Jihadists (supported by Hillary), or by redefining modern warfare as a result of Hillary's tireless activity as an instigator of all kinds of regime changes, like this: 
by overall reaction of Russians (and many Americans, actually) to seeing a US Presidential Candidate being nothing but a deranged sadistic sociopath--because of that, the United States, is in the greatly diminished position today and Hillary played a crucial role in this rather sad, for Beltway, state of the affairs. Thus, the conclusion is inevitable--she is a Russian asset, because no Russian spy or operation of influence could have dealt so much damage to the United States than Hillary and her...Russian handlers (wink, wink) did? I think Tulsi Gabbard should use this line, that DNC are Russian agents. In fact, I think CIA is a front for SVR and NSA is a subdivision of GRU. And why not? In the world of people with mental constipation anything is possible, and it is possible, when instead of brain one has a pile of stagnant shit. For everything else there is Metamucil (c).  

Thursday, October 17, 2019

It Is Down Right Funny.

Daniel Larison referenced Donald Trump's letter to Erdogan. It is amusing, to put it mildly, but that's Trump for ya. He is a former NYC real estate hustler and a man not gifted with complex thinking. Trump warns Erdogan: to not “be a tough guy! Don’t be a fool!
Yet, for all Trump's crude "diplomacy" or, rather, lack thereof, not to mention lack of any common state-level courtesy, no one in the US has any reason or justification for complains about "Turmp's failed foreign policy", as Daniel Larison complains, because US foreign policy as a whole is an exhibit A of a failure, miserable at that. In fact, while Trump's shenanigans are amusing, to say the least, it was Clinton, then W, and then, Obama's catastrophic (I stress it) failures in diplomacy, foreign policy that is, which, way before Trump even considered himself a candidate for POTUS position, provided enough impetus for world powers to start rearranging the world away from American vision. 

Let's face it, Trump is merely a culmination of the process of completed degradation of American state institutions among which so called diplomacy, intelligence and military institutions are the most affected. In general, a normally functional state would have disintegrated in shame should it have had such "top" diplomats as war criminal Madeleine Albright, psychotic Samantha Power, or clueless Nikki Haley, not to mention such down right stupid people as Michael McFaul, but not in the United States--this is a category of public which passes in the US under the moniker of "diplomats" and whose "expertise" still remains in demand. The problem with the US "diplomacy" is in a simple fact that as of today it is completely corrupted, doesn't have what in other nations goes under the title of national diplomatic schools, which formed over centuries, and have, as it is the case with MGIMO in Russia, special highly prestigious learning institutions which actually prepare diplomats. Some US Ivy League degree mill's "degrees" in International Relations are not worth the paper they are printed on--the list of US so called "diplomats" in the last 25+ years provides and overwhelming body of empirical evidence that those graduates are not quality diplomatic material, to put it mildly. If they were, we would have people of scale of James Baker or Jack Matlock present or emerging in the US top diplomatic (and national security) echelon--no one of this scale is there, zero. Revisionists they have aplenty, true top level diplomats and foreign policy experts--zero. 

But then again, this problem cannot be viewed in separation from overall dramatic decline, say of US humanities education, total rot and corruption of media and, in general, must be attributed to a completely formed and well pronounced demand for dishonest, corrupt and down right evil people for the US "elites".  People with honor integrity and real competence need not apply, only scoundrels are needed. The edifice of normality, virtue and public service is just that--an edifice and it is crumbling. One may say what this has anything to do, with say, such news as today Putin's proposition for Duma to revoke recognition of commission within framework of Geneva Convention (in Russian).  The explanation to this proposition clearly states that since 1991 (rings a bell?) this commission has abdicated its functions on establishments of facts of armed conflicts and, in fact, doesn't work, not to mention has not a single Russian representative. Of course, events in Yugoslavia, Libya, support for bearded children in Syria (you know--jihadists) and other terrorist groups testifies to an absolute uselessness of this organization. As many stated for a long time--the West in general, and US in particular, are not agreement-capable and the number of moral freaks and downright imbeciles in its "elites" grows exponentially. Relying on West's international institutions, such as this commission, is a waste of time and resources. 

No, really. Who in their own mind would negotiate in good faith anything with, now defunct, Bolton, still active Pompeo or Merkel? Or Macron, for that matter. These are people who value only power and nothing more. So, in this case, Trump is just a cruder, less sophisticated version of any top level Western bureaucrat. This is not to mention this teeny-weeny fact of American gerontocracy. Today the United States is run by people who are down right ancient. Apart from DJT, who is 73 years old, one of the darlings of the election mill, before he suffered a heart attack, Bernie Sanders is 78 years old, Elizabeth Warren is not exactly a spring chicken herself at 70, being merely a year younger than HRC, increasingly demented Joe Biden is 76 years old, while Nancy Pelosi, who increasingly reminds of a walking mummy (with the same mental abilities) will hit 80 next year. Anyone recalls this? The average age was 70 in 1982, when Brezhnev died at the age of 76. 
There is one crucial difference though between early 1980s Politburo and present American political class. For all their mistakes, shortcomings and inadequacies those Soviet old men remembered first hand and did all they could to avoid a war. Modern American political class has no grasp of a war. It also lacks any awareness of the outside world and this, combined with a steady decline of cognitive abilities, is what serves as an accelerator to current American decline due to systemic flaws and mutually-exclusive trends in its political life. In this case, Trump's crude and militant letter must not be viewed in separation from the US "diplomacy".  This class, bar some very few exceptions, completely lacks any awareness of the actual US dramatically diminished position in the world. So, pardon my cynicism, everything goes in accordance to "plan" and Trump's letter to Erdogan is just another evidence of increasingly impotent US foreign policy. Same goes for the internal one as well.  But, I guess, we all know now where Erdogan will "seek counsel".

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

As I Always Say, European (And American) "Left" Is Not Left.

All these liberal or so called "progressive" (in reality fanatics of "progressive" totalitarianism)  Do-gooders, such as all this so called "progressive intelligentsia", most of it from ultra-left wing and which, for the most part, is badly educated in any serious field (I do not consider degrees in journalism, political science or PR an education) and who thinks that pushing its "climate agenda", gender agenda, so called "antifa" agenda--you name all those so called progressive fetishes--is a cute game, they should think twice. It goes without saying that with the exception of few fanatics, such as Green Peace raiders and terrorists, facing REAL troubles is nothing like these liberal universities campuses' "trouble" they face, especially when are protected by law enforcement agencies in their pathetic petulance. Nor being smacked into head with stone or some object, or even getting a good size hematoma from police baton really counts. No, not that.  Real problems are not in their universities and safe zones' programs of growing strong and thoughtful people. I know how the tank brigade smells, sounds and looks when it deploys from the outskirts towards crucial infrastructure inside a major metropolis. I would love to see masked "antifa" or other "climate" progressive activists, or, more appropriately, terrorists, experience when T-64 (or Abrams) runs over you or they face people who actually have orders and have capability to use automatic small and large arms to cause real harm. I know how a person who just lost three distal and intermediate phalanges and has a fibula sticking out of the calf feel.

Well, from politically correct, but, evidently, really pissed off Holland, outraged farmers decided to show how they "appreciate" all this insane climate BS spread by mentally not-well people who, actually, never worked a day in the honest hard work which benefits people. You know, like growing food. Here are Dutch farmers today (courtesy of AFP, ANP and RT):

Mind you, these are just tractors driven by pissed off Dutch farmers who are not going to take shit anymore from anyone, especially European wussy left. You can read about this at RT's site. These are just Dutch farmers with tractors. I, in this case, have a question--how many Western "eco-activists" and antifa have real experience with combat weapons, say of DShK caliber, can use RPG-7 or know how to organize platoon in offensive or defensive? I would say extremely very few among the people, especially in Europe, who push for the so called "left" agenda. The next question, of course, what are they going to do when they will begin to lose limbs, experience really nasty concussions (with PTSD and degrading of cognitive faculties to follow) not from stun grenades, but from something like RGD-5 exploding 10 meters away with no protective barrier (fragments could be very nasty).  

When shit hits the fan--and judging by inspiring Dutch farmers' demonstration, things begin to boil up--nobody will need degrees in climatology, public relations or journalism. Nobody. Ability to execute a plan which may involve extreme violence against those who are trying to destroy what's left of civilization, that will be valued, together with ammo, food, antibiotics, serious pain killers and, importantly, manpower  (like in REAL men), most of all. Dutch farmers' demonstrations are a very good and healthy sign. It is also a reaction of honest hard-working people to a cabal of spoiled and illiterate morons constituting European political and media class who push suicidal economic and cultural policies. For now it is peaceful, relatively:
Wait till people who actually contribute to society will have enough. This also goes completely for US Democratic Party which became a party of treason and sedition, for all my revulsion towards GOP. But that is why these crooks from Democratic Party in House will not start impeachment procedure (just some BS non-legal "impeachment inquiry") against Donald Trump--because, in accordance to Colonel Wilkerson, 90% of firearms in the US are on hands of Trump supporters. There is an excellent moment in a cute "urbanites-against-heartland" comedy Did You Hear About The Morgans, where main characters talk in the small Wyoming town's diner. I'll let you discover this wonderfully relevant conversation on your own. But here is an excellent preview of an unbridgeable American divide:
Looking at these protests in Hague, one can not escape this premonition that something's gotta give and is about to give. It will. In fact, we are in the process of this giving and my bets in this are on those who know how to drive tan...I mean tractors, tend to land, grow food, shoot weapons and face real difficulties. In the movie, everyone reconciles but we do not live in the Hollywood movie and it may get really ugly because the powder keg is ready to go off--the signs are all around us. The tank brigade is already at the outskirts. 

A "Slow Warfare"...

Aka ASW (Anti-Submarine Warfare) and it seems that Sweden and her Navy just redefined it into an extremely slow and dubious warfare (ESDW). Svenska Dagbadet, which was extremely fast in 2014 to blame, who else, those damn Russians with their submarines trying to spy on Sweden, today had to comment on recent report on those elusive Russian subs in Baltic Sea:
Yeah, sure. Government is so secretive that it cannot disclose its sources--exactly the same way as Adam Schiff worries about his "sources" who provide for non-stop trash (aka "intelligence" in DNC's lingo) known as Russiagate, Ukrainegate, what have you, that, evidently, even Adam Schiff himself begins to doubt that such sources exist at all. At least Svenska Dagbladet had enough guts after so many years to admit today:
You know what usually follows after that, right?  
Hey, at least Swedish Navy got some moola over this "Russian anti-submarine warfare" episode. So, to hell with reputation, as long as a sweet gravy train runs for Swedish Royal Navy. But at least, as they say, better late than never and it took just a few years of "analyzing" this "data" to figure out that modern Russian subs and their systems  (including weapon ones) and C4ISR systems of modern Russian armed forces do not need any "violation" of Sweden's territorial waters if shit hits the fan. Last time I checked Russia's space based constellation and other means of surveillance provide sufficient enough information about whole Scandinavia thus removing any necessity (stupid as it is) to "violate" Swedish waters. Indeed, to do exactly what? To look into periscope as some gorgeous Swedish blondes (as Mattias Dalhstrom observed) drink vodka and go to sauna? I admit--tempting enough, but not to the point of inciting an international scandal. Russia has her own massive cluster of Ikeas and Volvo dealerships, which have to fight for their dear life against such monsters as Leroy Merlin and auto-giants such as Toyota, Hyundai and Renault. 

So, exactly, why would Russians need to violate not just Sweden's waters but simple common sense is beyond me. Truth is, at some point this anti-Russian hysteria will begin to consume its originators in earnest, as opposed to occasionally as of today, to the point of dismissal from public offices. No, not because Russia will have her long hands in it (and we know--Russia and Putin are omnipotent and omnipresent) but because one can BS oneself, and those who surround him (or her), only for so long before the whole things comes down crushing and IT IS already coming down crushing with grave consequences for what is known today as modern West. And if there will be no people who would have enough integrity and courage to say enough, then it merely meant to be and to hell with it. But Russians, of course, laughed at this whole Sweden affair since 2013 and it is as valid today as it was then.