Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Dialogue Is Fine!

Mr. Ambassador Huntsman. The problem is who to conduct this dialogue WITH
MOSCOW (Reuters) - Days after ending his term in Moscow, former United States ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman has urged Washington to review its sanctions-dominated approach to Russia, questioning its efficiency and calling for dialogue. The U.S. has placed multiple layers of sanctions on Russia, its senior officials and largest companies, as well as businessmen it views as connected to the Kremlin, the bulk of them linked to Moscow's role in the Ukrainian crisis which began in 2014 and has yet to be resolved. In a column https://www.wsj.com/articles/america-needs-dialogue-with-moscow-11570488054 for the Wall Street Journal published on Monday, Huntsman argued that "sanctions have become our go-to foreign policy tool to admonish misbehavior" but not all of them are having the desired effect.
First, Huntsman has to specify this "desired effect" of sanction for who? Sanctions worked, actually, a miracle for Russia who, while having increasingly fewer meaningful economic ties to the United States grows her real economy sector quite well. Secondly, does Mr. Ambassador understand that the United States is an ungovernable entity in the state of slow collapse of its governing institutions due to an insidious coup of the Democratic Party and so called (lack of) Intelligence Community against legitimately elected POTUS (no matter how bad or good he is). Does Mr. Ambassador know who this lovely woman is?
Inga Yumasheva is a Member of Parliament (Duma) of Russia from Republic of Bashkortostan and just few days ago she was, well read yourself:
As Inga herself stated today (in Russian) it was a very unpleasant situation. Yes, especially if one considers the fact that after an hour of interrogation she was offered by FBI agent an informal meeting in some cafe. Yes, she is damn attractive woman, very feminine.  She, however, added today, that we need to separate American people and US government. Or, I may add, rather lack there of, since, evidently FBI runs its own constitution, CIA does something else, House Democrats continue to lead a coup against legitimate President, while State Department lives in its own world with its own rules and acts as it thinks fit, POTUS and White House be damned:
So, can Mr. Huntsman, please, point out some people in Washington D.C. who are actually competent enough and have enough clout to hold their end of the bargain in case any dialogue between Russia and the US proceeds? Talking just for the sake of talking and maintaining contacts, of course, is fine but, as has been stated not for once--the United States is not an agreement-capable side, anymore, and that is a defining fact behind the mess which US foreign and domestic policies are. In the end, who knows, US Department of Agriculture may decide to arrest Sergei Lavrov next time he visits the United States, and why not?   

Meanwhile, Russia and Turkey signed the agreement to use national currencies in mutual trade (in Russian). I wonder what pitch level will Russophobia hit in D.C. and its lap dog media. 

UPDATE: here is Inga in her own words (do not forget to turn on CC).

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