Friday, September 29, 2017

Something Really Pleasant For Friday.....

Racist Imbecile.

No, no, not the First Lady Melania Trump. One may not like POTUS Donald Trump or may disagree with his policies but there is absolutely no reason to suspect the First Lady being anything but generally projection of elegance and class. Well, some think otherwise and also accuse Dr.Seuss in... racism. 

Librarian Rejects Melania Trump's Gift Of Dr. Seuss Books

Below is the response of a librarian (imbecile) Phipps Soeiro in her open letter: 

″[My] school doesn’t have a NEED for these books,” Phipps Soeiro wrote. She argued that Trump’s access to Dr. Carla Hayden, the current Librarian of Congress, should have resulted in a less “tired and worn” selection of titles. Seuss books, she said, are also “steeped in racist propaganda, caricatures, and harmful stereotypes.”

Madness continues. They already tried to forbid studying globally beloved Mark Twain in US schools. Then there was a turn of the Gone With The Wind movie classic, then there was a concerted, well-organized attack on Confederate monuments. How about we start forbidding... blues. Hey, after all, it originated in the Deep South, you know those racists areas where slavery was wide-spread. So, naturally, Blues is a testimony to exploitation of black folks. No? So, while these folks are fighting "racist stereotypes" in Mark Twain's literature or in Dr. Seuss, did they try to fight them in Chicago or Baltimore hoods where level of crime, including homicide, is through the roof as of lately? I know for a fact no rayciss whiteys are living in those areas or do I perpetuate "harmful stereotype" pointing this out? De-europeanisation, and that means predominantly white European culture, of the United States continues apace. Unless something is done to stop this complete madness very dangerous times lie ahead. Unlike all those American "academics" who write their Ph.Ds theses on "cultural", that is politically correct, topics and other humanities professors from all kinds useless academic sinecures who push for this insanity, I know first hand what happens when the nation breaks apart from the inside. They are not going to like it, if they are alive, of course, by that time. I re-post here an absolute genius piece by Robert Weissberg on one of the ways of how to deal with the root of the problem: 

                  Let the Mafia Fix Higher Education 

American universities are a mess, everything from embracing merit-killing diversity, enrolling guaranteed –to fail dummies, hiring parasitic Deans of Inclusion to permitting thugs to stifle free speech. And this list hardly ends the tale of woe. All are shakedown and no matter how stupid or costly, the campus apparatchiki surrender at the first sign of trouble.
Even more depressing, defenders of academic integrity are bewildered. At best they offer platitudes on the importance of open debate or similar empty gestures. Ironically, the entire mess could be solved almost overnight: expel rowdy social justice warriors, end all mandatory sensitivity training, toughen up admission standards and refuse to allow Left-dominated academic departments to hire and promote ideologues. Within a year or two, sanity will be restored.
This will not, however, happen for the simple reason that virtually every college and university administrator is a coward. You can smell the fear and since career-minded bureaucrats are paying the Danegelt with other people’s money, why invite trouble by saying “no”? What college president wants to be remembered as the idiot who permitted the monthly rally to hire more faculty of color to spiral out of control into a riot requiring the state police to clear the quad with tear gas? Safer to maintain the mendacious façade and preemptively capitulate.
Now, given the futility of making sheep into lions let alone governors or even trustees overruling these well-paid wimps, what is to be done? Let me suggest the universities hire Mafioso and let them deal with BLM brutes and oversee the fallout when the diversity gravy train stops. Mafia hoods enjoy a well-deserved reputations for protecting newly acquired turf and hard to imagine a wise-guy enforcer intimidated by the Transgendered Alliance for Social Justice. They’ve encountered far worse and, happily, thanks to movies like The Godfather everybody is familiar with their brutal tactics. The President of Yale is an absolute pussy compared to an entry-level capo from Brooklyn.
Not as difficult as you might imagine, though of course the word “Mafia” is unspeakable. Consider the hypothetical letter from the President of Farber College announcing this new policy.

Office of the President
Farber College
September 1, 2017
To: all members of the Diversity, Inclusion, and Multicultural Communities:
From: President Martin
As we all know, Farber College has long honored its commitment to diversity, inclusion, tolerance, multiculturalism and making everyone, regardless of race, gender, disability, sexual preference and intellectual disadvantage feel welcomed. We have spent millions to purge the campus of racism, sexism, homophobia, lookism, able-ism and all other prejudices so deeply rooted in American history. Our record speaks for itself.
Nevertheless, we now live in challenging financial times and, to be blunt, our university is on the verge of bankruptcy and painful choices are required. It is thus with great sadness that I must inform everyone that all these social justice initiatives must be ended. The upcoming Spring semester will, sad to say, be the last one for these programs. Yes, I agree that this draconian option will impose hardships on all those who have for so long struggled to achieve fairness and equality, but refusing to face this harsh financial reality would mean the end of Farber.
But, I have some good news to report—despite the downsizing, our commitment to the safety of students regardless of backgrounds, appearances or sexual inclination will be as strong as ever but we can now fulfill this mission at a cost that will allow Farber to continue serving all the diverse communities. We will shortly create the Office of Campus Safety and Inclusion to be administered by the Italian-American Brotherhood (IAB), a long established organization meeting the needs of under-served communities.
So, beginning the Fall of 2017, the Farber community will be overseen by a Vice-President of Tolerance and Acceptance, Vincent “The Chin” Gigante to be assisted by the Associate Dean of Campus Harmony, Victorio “Little Vic” Amuso. Make no mistake, the welfare of previously discriminated, marginalized and stigmatized groups will never be compromised, and to this end, each Farber community can count on a dedicated administrator to champion their interest. For example, I will assign Assistant Dean Carmine Persico to be the liaison to the Black Students Association, and rest assured, I cannot think of a more stalwart champion of the people of color community.
For those administrators, faculty and others who will no longer be part of the Farber family, I genuinely feel your pain. I have therefore established a transition committee that will help you find new employment opportunities elsewhere, and I am optimistic given how today’s society is so deeply infused with hate and bigotry. This special committee will be chaired by Anthony “Tony Bagels” Cavezza who will be assisted by Frank “Meatball” Bellantoni and Vincenzo “Vinny Carwash” Frogiero.
I hope you understand this transition and the many challenges it poses but, to repeat, Farber College will continue to be a world leader in diversity and inclusion.
Dean Martin
President, Farber College

Obviously all comic fantasy (though the Mafia names are real) but the point is obvious: ending everything would be done almost overnight and, finally, it will be the social justice snowflakes who will be terrified, not the college president. Can you picture Vincent “The Chin” Gigante knuckling under after a visit from the transgendered alliance demanding that Farber College eliminate all pictographic signs for bathroom since they imply arbitrary gender-related differences in appearance? More likely, “the Chin” will explain that Farber is a wonderful little college and it would be a shame if they were unable to enjoy it due to a crippling accident. Understand?
Let me suggest that the best way of proceeding is to hire, especially at the very top, candidates who have displayed a modicum of a stiff spine. To be absolutely unPC, we need more masculine administrators and since gender, as we all know, is socially constructed, this job requirement cannot be sexist (think Margaret Thatcher). And rest assured, once it is known that physical toughness is the fast track to a cushy administrative job since so few applicants can boast of this trait, hundreds of wimps will convert, re-make their persona and even pack some heat to demonstrate their mettle. As Niccolo Machiavelli said, it is better to be feared than to be loved, if you cannot have both. The social justice warriors need an offer they cannot refuse.


Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Excellent Piece By Publius On NFL!

I think there are some symbols in this world which must be preserved and respected. And while, realistically, no American veteran ever died for American freedoms or "democracy"--it is the matter of actual history--there is no denial of a despicable attitude of those dumb spoiled NFL black millionaires who decided to "confront" the flag and the anthem of the very nation which made them into over-payed,  over-hyped, spoiled brats living in the lap of luxury just because they can throw a ball. Pathetic. Publius Tacitus posted an excellent piece at Colonel Lang's blog and I reproduce parts of it here, it is worth reading it, so here is the link. 

Here is the excerpt:

The chattering class of the Washington, New York and Hollywood elite are beside themselves over Trump outrageous denunciation. They are savaging him and are in the throes of the delusion that most of America agrees with them. But that is not the case. The NFL is in trouble. Let me give you some of the warning indicators:
  • Ratings for Sunday Night Football are down significantly. Last night saw a 10% decline compared to the previous week.
  • Two of my buddies in Tampa, Florida (one of them retired military) returned their season tickets today and will not renew for next year.
  • Another friend called up DirectTV and canceled his NFL Season Pass. The kid handling the cancellation for DirectTV told my friend that he was the 150th call terminating the NFL subscription that day.
  • The formerly San Diego Charger, now in Los Angeles, cannot even fill the tiny 35,000 seat stadium that currently houses them (note, the average NFL stadium will hold at least 75,000 fans).
  • YouTube is being flooded with clips of former fans burning their NFL jerseys and hats.

I agree, this has become a circus.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

I Don't Know How To Live Anymore, LOL!!

About a year ago I had a spirited discussion with some liberal urbanites who were trying to convince me that their deity, also known in this sinful world as fraudster Elon Musk, was about to unleash on the world a new, super-pooper, affordable and long-range capable Tesla which, in their mind, will immediately change the world for the better. He "unleashed" it alright. Now he ununleashes it back, leaving us with only one "affordable" vehicle, that is $75,000 base price for 7D whatever model. 

Do I have an acute case of schadenfreude? You bet I do. Each time I observe all those tech gurus (most of them are professional suckers of government's financial teat) such as late (another deity) Steve Jobs or, already mentioned by me Musk, who continue to BS the world of mostly baby boomers and students of liberal arts colleges in coastal cities into paying for all kind of shiny crap, I always ask the question--do you really need all this, supposedly hi-tech, junk? It is a not very easy question to answer for those who never worked productively a day in their life and who treasure style over substance 90% of the time.  But here is one thing which I want to share: fast receding American civil liberties, which for some time were the envy of the world, were based on two quintessential American things: good highways and a car, which could take one, say, from Seattle to L.A. or from Phoenix to Houston, if one wished, with no problem at all. In the end, I myself took very long drives, well in excess of 1,000 miles, not for once. It was always an adventure.  Now, for any normal person the very notion that you can get in the car and just go is this very notion which is in the foundation of one of those liberties. Try to get from Seattle to Phoenix in one full day, as I did several times (being exhausted, of course by the end) on any Tesla model--good luck with that. 

Remember this?

During an interview with Danish media, Elon Musk revealed that he estimates Tesla will be able to offer a model with a 600-plus-mile electric range by 2017. Tesla’s CEO was attending the opening of Tesla’s first factory in Europe when he disclosed that, within a year or two, the EV automaker should have the right battery and powertrain technology to equip models for 1,000 kilometers or 620 miles per charge. Now before you call it “game over” for the internal combustion engine, it’s worth noting that Musk’s 600-plus range claim was based on the fact that a Tesla Model S P85D just managed to travel 452 miles on a single charge by hovering at 24.2 miles per hour for its entire journey. Real-world range will be substantially less, but the point is this: range anxiety will slowly be less of an issue for electric vehicle consumers and prospects.
So, you know now how fraud sounds. In America where civil liberties, once being a given, are being infringed upon every day, who wants to join some company which has a very good track record of exaggeration and, well, under-performing and lose yet another essential American liberty--to drive as far as one wants when one wants. Yes, yes, I am readying myself for the flight to Mars on Musk's reusable rocket, you know the one he promised will cut costs 50%... oops, it never did actually, not even close. As for rich progressive snobs--let them spend their money any way they want, as long as they don't try to convince me that a piece of crap is a viable alternative. 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Slowly but Surely.

Poland's Defense Minister Antoni Macierewicz is slowly but surely hitting the bottom. In his latest statement he went for jugular, he accused USSR in... Holocaust.   

USSR is Responsible for Holocaust (in Polish)

I witnessed many things in my life which left me either speechless or scratching my head, but this guy he is not just certifiably insane, he also sings from the old script written not in Poland. In the end, this diagram may explain why: 

Truth be damned (and it largely has been already in the combined "West") but in view of many the history of WWII MUST be rewritten and this desire does not originate in Poland, it is just that current Polish "elites" are true believers and as such are a very good instrument, for now. "Those who control the past control the future", Orwell got that right. Attempts to rewrite the history of WWII will continue, financed both from the US, for obvious reasons, and through other NGOs. In Poland this problem is exacerbated by the sense of closing window for cheap credit, investments and, in general, EU welfare against some pretty grim economic and geopolitical trends unfolding in a front of the West. So, Poland, apart from demanding reparations from Germany (good luck with that), now decided to up the ante with Russia. Obviously, Russians, who liberated concentration camps during WWII may have a very different opinion of who really perpetuated or helped perpetuate the Holocaust. After all, unlike Macierewicz' statement that Polish Army handled Wehrmacht just fine, that is until USSR "stabbed Poland in the back", so far Poland performed great only in one type of warfare--demolishing monuments and now, finally, Soviet military cemeteries. I wonder why attacks on monuments on Confederacy were so fanatical? As one neocon noted recently:

I have some news for this Ph.D--it is about rewriting the history and always was. Hopefully, by 2019 Russians will have fewer and fewer relations with Poland and it is probably for the better--the voice for returning the remains of hundreds of thousands Soviet soldiers who lost their lives liberating Poland in WWII are becoming louder and louder in Russia. After all, the time when it will be an American GI, not Soviet Ivan, who liberated Auschwitz are not that far away. As diagram above shows just another small push and Winston Smith's idea that "2+2=4, everything follows from here" will be, finally, gone. 

Friday, September 1, 2017

Needles And Pins.

Of course, the debate who did it best will continue forever but, while The Searchers' version of Jack Nitzsche and Sony Bono's pop-masterpiece is wonderful:

These were Smokie who gave this hit a monstrous sound wall substance. Choose your own version but because my first kisses and dances with actual girls (not pillows) fell to the mid to late 1970s and this was shown on Soviet TV often, I have to go with Smokie's version with their incredible vocals and Chris Norman's immediately recognizable voice:

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend....