Sunday, December 31, 2023

Happy? New Year.

I want to say happy, but it is not quite. Yet, what it surely is--another step in the right direction towards new world order. This time it has a much more positive connotation. In Russia:

Around a dozen Russian cities have canceled public New Year’s celebrations in the wake of a massive Ukrainian attack on the border city of Belgorod, their mayors announced on Sunday. Kiev launched a barrage of rockets targeting the city center of Belgorod on Saturday, in a strike that claimed the lives of 24 people, including four children, and left 108 injured. Holding festivities at this time would be “inappropriate,” Yury Grishin, the mayor of the Far-Eastern Russian city of Magadan, said in a Telegram post as he announced the cancelation of public celebrations. He also called on residents to refrain from setting off fireworks. The mayor of the Far-Eastern city of Blagoveshchensk, which borders China, issued a similar statement. “We’ve decided to cancel the holiday fireworks show planned for the evening,” Oleg Imameev said on Sunday, explaining that it would have been “out of place.” He added that there will be time to celebrate in the future, and called on people to spend New Year’s with their relatives and loved ones.

Targeting children is a fine tradition of regime in Kiev and its curators from Washington and London. Desperate PR tricks substitute military incompetence of Pentagon and "intel" which is nothing more than fairy tales. I should be making the video on that tomorrow--the incompetence is worse than we think. US education related to strategy and military art in any field is a fraud. As the United States State Department stated that "We have made it clear that we do not encourage or enable such attacks." (in Russian), nobody believes this BS anymore. Enough to take a look on Gaza. US establishment now drowns in own BS and lies and it is clear what it portends for the future of the US. 

But, it is a New Year.

And we should be hopeful and cautiously optimistic. All the best to you all in 2024. Use as open thread.

Saturday, December 30, 2023

Generally Speaking...

 ... it is a well know fact. 

The US and Britain have helped Ukraine carry out the deadly strikes on the Russian border city of Belgorod, Russian envoy to the UN Vassily Nebenzia told the Security Council on Saturday. Russia requested the urgent Security Council meeting after Ukrainian forces shelled Belgorod earlier that day, killing at least 21 people and injuring more than 110. In his speech, Nebenzia described the shelling as “a premeditated act of terrorism against civilians,” arguing that Kiev’s Western supporters share the responsibility for deaths. “The West is complicit in the crimes committed by the gang [in power] in Kiev,” the diplomat said. “We know that British and American consultants were directly involved in the organization of this terrorist act.” He warned that “the organizers and perpetrators” of the strikes will “be punished.” 

It is also a well known fact of the US and British ISR assets providing targeting and surveilling electromagnetic "field" around Russia in order to attack targets. If those are civilian targets--for them it is even better, because the only "victories" those "consultants" ever had have been over defenseless people and even animals, such as an unfortunate Skripal cat who fell victim to brave dudes from UK armed forces and MI6. 

Meanwhile, somebody has to explain to people with their hand up the ass of this puppet that what he thinks is wrong:

In a statement on Friday, Biden condemned Russia’s latest missile barrage on the neighboring country, calling it a “brutal attack” and claiming that Moscow wants to “obliterate Ukraine and subjugate its people.” The Russian Defense Ministry had earlier said its forces conducted 50 “group” strikes and a single “massive” barrage in recent days, successfully hitting military infrastructure and troop positions. Against this backdrop, the US president said that “the stakes of this fight extend far beyond Ukraine” and affect the security of both NATO and Europe. “When dictators and autocrats are allowed to run roughshod in Europe, the risk rises that the United States gets pulled in directly. And the consequences reverberate around the world,” he added. Reiterating that the US “cannot let Ukraine down,” he urged Congress to approve his supplemental funding request, which includes more than $60 billion for the embattled country.

No amount of money can help 404. It can help only to launder more money for DNC cabal and to pay some salaries of 404 government employers and maybe some pensions. Maybe to mobilize another hundred thousand of Ukie cannon fodder. It will only prolong agony. The names of those who targeted civilians in Belgorod, including British and American consultants will be known if not already. They may start looking for new identities.  

Open Thread.

 Go at it.

Friday, December 29, 2023

Hey, Canada...

... you voted for it. Enjoy. You will vote for it again. Do not forget to wear swastikas, though, it is so hip!  


What a lovely "woman. So kind... Is "her" name Oger or Ogre, is there a typo?

We Need A Relief...

 ... although there are so very few reasons to celebrate. But the New Year Is Coming and we still will celebrate. Let's rock...

But then there is Lucy... 

And Procol Harum.

About Russia As An Arc...

I wrote for years about it. Russia IS Western Civilization, because she transplanted the best of it to her soil, but still remains her own civilization. Yet, Germans, Dutch, Italians, Americans, Aussies suddenly find this call, recognizing that it is their civilization and they move. They will continue to move to Russia. Third Rome, turned out to be not a joke at all. But, then you have Japanese, especially ballet dancers. You do not have to be Bolshoi Prima. You can dance for excellent companies in Voronezh, Novosibirsk or Perm with her superb dancing school. 

Here is another adorable Japanese ballet dancer, Marishka)) It is in Russian but Marishka tours Russia and goes to... grocery stores, LOL)) 

I know, ballet dancers need to maintain diet but, boy, so many temptations, in this case in some average store in Kazan, LOL))) 

Remember, I once posted it--incomparable Komaki Kurihara in Moscow, My Love 1974 flick. 

A Hiroshima girl goes to dance for Bolshoi. Not a single dry eye in movie theaters in USSR... But, here we are in 2023.

2024 Is Coming.

And here is my latest. See how corporate media in the West spread BS and manipulate public opinion. 

Thankfully, many are waking up to this and keep the score: 

No comments are necessary here.

Ah, The Butt-Hurt.

CNN begins to suspect something. Or rather the imbecile Tim Lister who has to face now his own ignorance. And he butt-hurts in a major way. 

There you go--Russian Way of War against "tactical and technological edge" of VSU. That just shows you that an average Anglo-American corporate "journo" is a cretin. But don't relax yet, here comes Bundeswehr, no less than general Christian Freuding (in Russian) explains that while... and here comes same shtick of "huge Russian losses", says that NATO underestimated Russian potential

Look at him. A real general, the problem with this moron is that he forgot to ask his relatives how they "underestimated" Soviet Union in 1941. But then again--what they teach in NATO military academies is how to beat third rate militaries, and even that they don't know how to do. Now they all crawl out of their holes to form a new narrative, because these generals wouldn't know how to fight their way out of wet paper bag  and the only thing they know how to do is PR. Now that they have been shown what real war is--they suffer from an acute case of professional jealousy and they cannot deal with it. So, they confabulate. It is sort of understandable, especially against the background of Russian Armed Forces, which as we all know ran out of missiles, are sending seasons greetings to Kiev regime. Many targets have been hit by those non-existing missiles.

Thursday, December 28, 2023

Many People May Have Missed...

 ... an important emphasis which many Russian top officials and industries' captains started to use in the last weeks. And I am not talking about Dmitri Medvedev. Sergei Chemezov went on record a few days ago that all technological "advantage" of the West over Russia is a myth. Many people start to talk now openly about a complete implosion of West's political, technological and economic mythology. It is one thing when I do this for years, totally another when it becomes a choir of very high positioned voices in Russia. The thing which comes to mind is this photo, now a meme, of Elvira Nabiullina looking at Christine Lagarde with barely hidden irony, if not sarcasm. 

These are two different weight categories both professionally and intellectually portrayed in this photo. Or rather a real professional and an amateur who Lagarde is. Nabiullina is a professional economist with degree from Moscow State University, Lagarde is a lawyer. 

Today, RT published the interview with Elvira:

— Politico magazine called you the “disruptor of the year” – among other things – for helping Russia adapt to the sanctions. Do you agree with this? And in your opinion, have we overcome all challenges? Are there any new shocks ahead?

— It's hard for me to answer the first part of the question. I believe that the central bank has long pursued a policy aimed at protecting incomes from devaluation as a result of high inflation, and we will continue doing so. [We have also worked on] ensuring the stability of the financial sector, which would allow people and businesses to preserve their savings and provide financial resources for economic restructuring. We see that economic restructuring is happening quite quickly. This is primarily due to the market-based nature of our economy and the business [sector], which has adapted very quickly. Of course, we may be tempted to think that we did so well in 2022, and now, as they say, we have weathered the storm. But we must be prepared for increased sanctions and pressure. We were able to respond to the main challenges, particularly in the financial sector, but even in that sector, there are still unresolved problems, including cross-border payments. Yes, [payment] chains are being constructed, and they are constantly changing, but [cross-border payments] remain a problem for many businesses. However, according to our surveys, this problem has become slightly less severe.

She is definitely a woman of very serious abilities. And she was instrumental in ensuring Russian economy withstood unprecedented economic war unleashed on it by the West, and here we are today--Russian manufacturing sector grows by 5.5%, Russia is awash in cash and all this while Russia conducts SMO but outproduces NATO in all critical military materiel by insane margin. But that is how Kremlin operates--nobody cares if you are liberal or communist, if you are a serious professional you will be able to thrive. Boy, I can only imagine how she is hated in the White House and Brussels. Ah yes, her, now legendary, brooches. 

In related news--what a maroon:

The Netherlands should urgently get ready to face a security challenge posed by an “increasingly assertive” Russia, the nation’s Land Forces commander, Lieutenant General Martin Wijnen, said on Thursday. Amsterdam should strengthen the military and help the society adapt to the potential hardships of war, he added. Moscow supposedly has designs on the Baltic States – the former Soviet Republics, which have since joined NATO and the EU – after it is done with Ukraine, the general claimed. “The Netherlands should not think that [its] safety is guaranteed just because we are 1,500 kilometers away,” Wijnen warned, adding that “Russia is getting stronger.” Wijnen told De Telegraaf newspaper on Thursday that the Netherlands “must work on [its] operational readiness, ensure that we have enough deterrence to deprive any adversary of the courage to [attack] us.”He also claimed that “there is only one language that Russia understands,” and that is the one “of robust Armed Forces.” 

Yeah, yeah, I know, he needs money, but spewing BS will not help, because Europe is beginning to feel first results of "alliance" with the US. Hey, US needs to eat too, you know. And yes, Russians look at Europe now in the same way Nabiullina looks at Lagarde--with contempt.

We Are Doomed...

I have no words. But that is what we have to choose from today--a walking corpse and a narcissist. 

Donald Trump has rejected a claim by movie director Chris Columbus that he “bullied” his way into his brief appearance in the 1992 hit movie ‘Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.’ He argued that the scene with him helped to make the iconic Christmas film a success. Writing on his Truth Social platform on Wednesday, Trump insisted that the sequel producers at the time were “begging me to make a cameo appearance.” In the film, a sequel to the 1990 classic ‘Home Alone,’ Trump is briefly seen speaking to central character Kevin McAllister in a scene, who was played by the then-eleven-year-old Macaulay Culkin. “They rented the Plaza hotel in New York, which I owned at the time,” Trump wrote. “I was very busy, and didn’t want to do it. They were very nice, but above all, persistent.” But once an agreement was struck, “that little cameo took off like a rocket and the movie was a big success,” he stated.

Not only Trump was the first man in space and the inventor of a diesel engine, not to mention his contribution to finding cure for cancer, he also played a crucial role in developing American cinematography. Recall another Trump-driven success of Back to the Future. Latest study of Trump's life revealed that he also was the producer of Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon, but due to his natural humbleness decided to give credit to his aid Alan Parsons. What a man!

Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Remember This?

If you don't, I'll remind you...

They also deployed the whole 5 to 10 tanks apiece for the whole three "panzer divisions". Yet, evidently this is not what is being taught to the cadets of the USMA at West Point or officers of US Army War College (including the Patton At Bay historic narrative), because this "great" general failed to fight through even these Wehrmacht troops, of sorts. But now, guess what, this is not a joke--I checked--this is what VSU "accepts" as its troops:

There you go. Can you imagine what is happening now in Russian internet after getting acquainted with these requirements (Pentagon will never wash itself off this--they played a crucial role in killing hundreds of thousand VSU personnel)? But then again, when one studies warfare through Hollywood and sycophants, what do you expect? Man, blind midgets with two feet and fingers missing with brain abscess--I am sure Russian General Staff is trembling with horror. No, they do--those people are top notch professionals with morality and honor running in families for generations, they cannot accept lowlifes war criminals as equal military professionals. You do not eat from the dumpster, when you can buy food from the grocery store, do you? This is why Ukraine War Crimes Tribunal is getting readied.  

Why I Cannot Do Fridays Anymore...

 ... I cannot celebrate anything. At least Donbass children have mighty Russian Army behind them. These kids have nothing... 

And, of course, all main platforms try to avoid what is being done to kids there in videos--those who have VK accounts will understand.

Rostec Gives Some Shocking Numbers...

 ... and I mean shocking... for NATO. 

For those who still discuss Novocherkassk--ask the question why there have been only one killed and 4 wounded, two of them released immediately. I guess, there have been no crew on the ship. The crew of such ships is around 98. Hm... 

My Conversation With Levan Gudadze...

 ... today. 


The Spike In "Concerned Citizens".

As you already have noticed--a new wave of "concerned citizens" ran over discussion boards. These are primitive FUD bots who use beaten to death primitive instructions whose only purpose is to create an impression of some 404 "successes" which there are none. The fall of Mariinka and catastrophic losses of VSU are covered by one single trick invented by "warriors" in London and Washington. Yes, same "warriors" who wouldn't be able to fight their way out of a wet paper bag. Remember recent "three SU-34" shot down by VSU? Never happened. Not even a single one as the rumor had it initially. Now, Novocherkassk landing ship which soon will be 40 years old and was parked at Feodosia port for repairs. It was damaged. 

So, here we go again. For those who do not understand I repeat--NATO, namely US (less British) ISR assets know location of most Russian targets in SMO zone, including Crimea. The targeting in this case is an easy task. US provides geo-spatial data (in case of landing ship--exact geographic coordinates) and that's it. For those hysterical people who still call on shooting down US P-8 Poseidons, Global Hawks and satellites--get back on your meds and write to Pentagon asking them to stop being sissies and stop hiding behind mountains of corpses of VSU soldiers. Wait for what they will respond with, but I can tell you what they will REALLY think while writing BS response--US has neither resources nor capability to fight modern war, period. So, they hide behind 404 corpses. In conclusion, we don't know the extend of the damage to the ship, but it looks like it is afloat and MoD will report later on its status. In other words--a regular day with a lot of NATO PR, who lost the war. I'll be making video about that today.

Monday, December 25, 2023

Totally Natural.

I can even name systems which are extremely "popular". 

Western countries are attempting to steal Moscow’s military technology and are targeting industry experts, Russian Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov said on Monday. During an interview with news agency RIA Novosti, Manturov was asked if there were instances of industrial espionage by “unfriendly countries” while Russia is ramping up defense production. “This has been the case at all times. It is occurring today and will occur tomorrow,” the minister said. “There is an active hunt not only for promising research, the data and parameters of our weapons, but also for our specialists who are especially valuable.” “It is not only the issue of espionage. I believe you’ve seen media reports that the FSB had prevented an attempt on the life of one of top managers of a defense company,” the minister said.

It is totally expected and they salivate at anything hypersonic, S-350, 400, 300V4 line of AD complexes, and a variety of munitions, not least for new generation of Krasnopol which is now in serial production and is already being used on the front-lines. And this is just a very short list, with standoff weaponry being another hot commodity. Per engineers? Too late, most of them are deeply rooted in Russia, make a very good living and, naturally, are both protected and tracked by FSB. The West, however, is more than welcome to take economists, political scientists and "experts" with degrees from most "prestigious" schools in Russia. I would start from VShE. While at it, there are also many "free thinkers" of other caliber and because most of them can hardly qualify for sweeping the streets of Russian cities, they will fit perfectly with Western academe. 

But seriously, the hunt for Russian military (and not only) technologies will not only continue, it will increase dramatically because in terms of military and some dual use technologies Russia is way ahead of the combined West and the gap grows. War does it to you--most of the time you leapfrog in combat technologies and many civilian applications which follow. In related news--attack on port Feodosia. All kinds of Ukie and Western outlets report that they "destroyed" a landing ship Novocherkassk. Could be true, but as was the case with THREE (in reality--zero) Su-34, let's wait and see what will Russian side say. Novocherkassk is an old pr. 775 landing ship built in Poland in 1987 and if it was there in repairs, possible that she sustained the damage. We'll see. As you may expect, the response will follow. Ukies are mourning the loss of Mariinka and, as is traditional now, needed some PR action to raise spirits. Wrong way to do it. Especially when two IRIS-M complexes have been taken out in the last 48 hours. 

They Do Grow Them Stupid...

 ... in economic circles in the US. 

The dollar’s standing as a reserve currency would be jeopardized if the West confiscates frozen Russian assets to aid Ukraine, Nobel Prize-winning economist and Yale University professor Robert Shiller said in an interview with Italian news outlet La Repubblica published on Sunday. According Shiller, seizing the assets would give the global community, especially countries which, like Russia, “convert their savings into dollars and thus entrust them in the reliable hands of Uncle Sam,” grounds to doubt the US currency. “If America does this to Russia today… then tomorrow it can do this to anyone. This will destroy the halo of security that surrounds the dollar and will be the first step towards de-dollarization, which many are increasingly confidently leaning toward, from China to developing countries, not to mention Russia itself,” the economist warned. “I can’t convince myself that this [confiscation of Russian assets] is the right way,” he explained. “In addition to the fact that this will be confirmation for the Russian leader that what is happening in Ukraine is a proxy war, it could paradoxically turn against America and the entire West,” Shiller explained, adding that the situation would likely turn into “a cataclysm for the current dollar-dominated economic system.”

What rock did he sleep under? Now he just woke up, good God. Well, I have news for this guy--it is already over for US Dollar and if he doesn't know this, then he should find himself some actual job like a janitor in his very own Yale or nursing home administrator. Just one example out of very many from three days ago:

МОСКВА, 22 декабря. /ТАСС/. Россия изменила условия предоставления государственных кредитов зарубежным странам. Постановление, корректирующее правила выдачи таких займов, утверждено правительством РФ. Так, теперь Россия сможет кредитовать другие страны вне зависимости от их кредитного рейтинга по версии международных рейтинговых агентств. Ранее для того, чтобы получить у Москвы заем, зарубежные страны не должны были относиться к шестой и ниже группам кредитного риска по версии Организации экономического сотрудничества и развития. Также кредит не могли взять государства с рейтингом долгосрочной кредитоспособности ниже уровня "В-" по классификации Fitch, Standard & Poor's или ниже уровня "В3" по оценке Moody's.К получению займов у РФ не допускались и страны, по которым средняя за предыдущие три месяца стоимость суверенных кредитных дефолтных свопов в долларах США на срок 10 лет превышает 800 базисных пунктов (по данным информационной системы Bloomberg при наличии соответствующих котировок). Теперь эти пункты правил признаны утратившими силу.Кроме того, в дальнейшем Москва не будет руководствоваться рекомендациями международных финансовых институтов при выдаче госкредитов.

Translation: Russia will be able to lend to other countries regardless of their credit rating according to international rating agencies MOSCOW, December 22. /TASS/. Russia has changed the conditions for providing government loans to foreign countries. A resolution correcting the rules for issuing such loans was approved by the Government of the Russian Federation. Thus, now Russia will be able to lend to other countries regardless of their credit rating according to international rating agencies. Previously, in order to receive a loan from Moscow, foreign countries did not have to belong to the sixth or lower credit risk group according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Also, countries with a long-term credit rating below the level of "B-" according to the classification of Fitch, Standard & Poor's or below the level of "B3" according to Moody's could not take out a loan. Countries for which the average for the previous three months were not allowed to receive loans from the Russian Federation the cost of sovereign credit default swaps in US dollars for a period of 10 years exceeds 800 basis points (according to the Bloomberg information system when relevant quotes are available). Now these points of the rules have been declared invalid. In addition, in the future Moscow will not be guided by the recommendations of international financial institutions when issuing government loans. 

Most Western "economists", with the exception of such titans of economics like Michael Hudson, have no clue what real economy is and why what Russia does in SMO collapses US Dollar. Right, because US Dollar is based on the mythology of American military power which allegedly can enforce the use of the said Dollar. US cannot enforce the use of the US Dollar when it comes to Russia, because Russia in her turn can enforce the use of Ruble in the US. And so, those fake "Nobel" prize in economics (there is NO Nobel Prize in economics--it is a misnomer) winners begin to deal with reality of US (and Western) financial system, based primarily on coercion and legerdemain, being dismantled. 

This is what real military power and massive industrial economy give you--independence. As "rumor" has it, China also reorienting her economy away from the US and EU and now it seems these two markets stopped being critical for China. Asia is by far more important. Meanwhile Russia raises flags today on three ships and one of those ships is Admiral Golovko frigate--the carrier of those nasty 3M22 Zircons. Well, you already heard also how Russia simply kicked Western insurance companies to the curb, she insures things herself now and thus stopped economic espionage by all those Western insurance and audit companies. It hurts, I know, but that is what real economy and military superpowerdom gives you--you can tell anyone to go and pound sand. And this is exactly what Russia does. This is Mr. Volodin--Speaker of the Duma.

The US has lost its economic dominance, Russian State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin wrote on his Telegram channel on Sunday. Attempts to regain it by unleashing “military conflicts, sanctions and trade wars, organizing terrorist attacks and destroying the European economy” have not brought Washington the desired results, according to Volodin. Russia’s top lawmaker called the dollar the only remaining instrument of US influence. However, other countries are increasingly abandoning it because Washington is using the greenback as a weapon in a “political battle.” He added that US President Joe Biden was depriving his own country of its “last advantage,” since such threats do not build confidence in either the country itself or its currency. The global trend towards using national currencies in trade instead of the dollar began to gain momentum last year, after Ukraine-related sanctions cut off Russia from the Western financial system and froze its foreign reserves.

Hey, Biden wants to run again. Can you imagine how many wonderful things he can do to this country in his second term? Boy, that will be the show to behold. 

Sunday, December 24, 2023

Why They Are No Good.

I am talking about US military. Thanks to one of the commenters to my video--he pointed out to this piece of "strategic and operational wisdom"--we can now understand why the US cannot win a war. Behold:

Matthew Schmidt, Ph.D. Ph.D., Government, Georgetown University, 2011 M.A., Russian/East European Studies, University of Kansas, 2001 B.A., Government and Literature, Claremont McKenna College, 1998

Look at his "impressive" C.V., LOL)))

An expert on strategic analysis in foreign affairs, U.S. politics, security, and military matters, University of New Haven Associate Professor of National Security and Political Science Matthew Schmidt, Ph.D., has taught strategic and operational planning at the Army’s Command and General Staff College, consulted on doctored maps of a downed Russian jet with the Senate Arms Services Committee, been a representative to Ukraine’s post-revolution presidential election, and visiting professor of stability operations at the Army War College. Dr. Schmidt was also named #22 on Fast Company’s list of the 100 most creative people in America for his work bringing design techniques from architecture into military planning. An expert on defense and intelligence, Russia, Ukraine, Vladimir Putin, Europe, and U.S. foreign policy in North Korea and elsewhere, he also was part of the core team on the Project on National Security Reform, an initiative sponsored by Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, which recommended major reforms to the U.S. intelligence and national security community after 9/11. His work has given him deep insight into the political dynamics of these issues. He is the co-host of Impolitic, a podcast that examines current issues in politics, national security and international affairs. 

The architecture bit is hilarious--yes, we all know that the guy wouldn't have any idea what resolution of uncertainties or topology of combat networks are, not to mention how to command a platoon, let alone company or battalion size unit, but here we are--they teaches at the US Army Command and General Staff College? No wonder US Army cannot win shit and is good only at beating third rate militaries. Can you imagine this clown with humanities background teaching "strategic and operational planning" in Russian Academy of General Staff? I cannot, but I am sure that with his B.A. in Government and... Literature (What the fuck is this degree--an auto-mechanic-gynecologist?) he will be able to teach the use of Markov Chains in strategic planning or how required force is calculated for operations the scale of SMO. 

And so, here is this guy's latest "strategic wisdom" for CNN with a telling title: Ukraine’s path to victory runs through the streets of Moscow. It is an excruciating reading for anyone with serious military background.  

Immediate note--the guy is military-technologically illiterate--not surprising for a product of American fraudulent "education" in all things military through humanities and "government" degree mills. The guy, evidently, has no grasp of technological and OPERATIONAL mismatch between the US and Russia, a point I make now non-stop for years--the United States lost the arms race. This applies not just to nuclear weapons, in conventional field--the latest and "bestest" of the USAF, as an example, is not designed to fight modern air war with peer air force, let alone aided by peerless Air Defense. US Army IS not designed to fight a maneuver warfare under what it never experienced in its history--relentless strikes to operational depth by standoff weapons under the conditions of a severe disruptions due to ECM and ECCM by the enemy. Generally, there is NOTHING, short of nuclear weapons, United States can provide 404 which can change the outcome. Nothing! 

Lastly, the guy has no clue what modern Russia is. But, sure, for this "expert" going through bargaining stage of Kubler-Ross could be really painful, so, in order to make my life miserable he wrote this pathetic pretentious piece of garbage which I had to read and make you also miserable to only demonstrate--with professors like this, the US will never win anything. But hey, what do I know? Maybe this "professor" can get a clue here:

And while at it, he can write something on the issue of a missile exchange within evolved Salvo Model? No? Well, I do not hold my breath, neither should you, but as the saying goes with "teachers" like that who needs enemies?

Merry Christmas, My Friends!

Let us hope for a better world and peace. 

Be well, prosperous but aware. We must be aware, even when celebrating. 

Saturday, December 23, 2023

This Is What Happens Right Now...

... and many people begin to wake up to this. They wanted to make show out of warfare--they got their wish granted. 

And now they cannot take it. Yes, late Oliver Reed's snippet is the moment of realization and vindication... This was one of the last movies when Hollywood was truly great (so was Ridley Scott, before he fucked it all up with Prometheus franchise), granted that it is essentially a British movie with British greats, Australian... great (Russel Crow is a genius), Danish great (stunning Connie Nielsen) ... and, well, Joaquin Phoenix--a sick artistic genius. 

But strangely, it all fits with today's reality and the music so great that one cannot escape its magic with Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerard...

Grasp those glimpses before the new world unfolds... Remember, I said Russia is an arc...she is. Now we are free... truly free. Use as the open thread...
OK, let me iterate... Draw parallels, they are irresistible...
This is our world today: from one side are perverts and low lives... from the other... people who are...

 Those things are beyond comprehension of Ivy League creeps.

Mr. Gerasimov Wishes All...

 ... a reflective Christmas. 


Friday, December 22, 2023

Again, And Again, And Again.

Never ending story--first some TG Channels by losers and military amateurs, many of who are also open or shadow SBU (GUR) assets, spin the story: Patriots shot down 3 Su-34s. OK. The news spreads and people, naturally and it is not their fault, begin to ask me if I heard something. I didn't, and guess what, after that I immediately go to SitReps by Russian MoD for today and find nothing. Here I REITERATE--the ONLY TG channels one can trust are TG of Russian MoD and a couple more owned by real professionals about who I know--one of such channels is often quoted on discussion boards, the rest is trash. 

Now, to illustrate--I show you example: my friend Colonel Vladimir Trukhan talks to Scott and at 4 minutes on explains the reality of VSU "devastating strike" on airfield around Rostov, whose actual impact was order of magnitude smaller than the BS Fighterbomber TG spread.

Now, you have to understand who Fighterbomber is--he is a coward who shits his pants at the possibility of disclosing his actual personality, he is also a dirty dealer in military porn and even has his own store. Evidently, what is known about him is that his name is Tumanov, he used to be captain and now he is manufacturing one lie after another. Including recent one about assassination of some Russian pilot by... SBU in Voronezh when, as it turned out, not only nobody was "assassinated" in Voronezh as the Government of Voronezh Oblast debunked the rumor, but such pilot... never existed in real life. 

And then again, watch how the Colonel of The Central Apparatus of Ministry of Defense simply wipes the floor with Fighterbomber BS. Again, until Russian MoD confirmed--nothing happened. If it really happened--they will tell.

Ahh, No Shit.

In related news--water is wet, fire is hot and Taylor Swift is an idiot. 

Evidently, Ukraine cannot exist at all, in whatever form--this much is clear from statements by Vladimir Putin, among others. The consensus in Kremlin has been finally reached by the looks of it, and Western 404 is being given back to its rightful owners bar some Russian enclaves with Russia deciding which ones--the rest is to be divided between Poland, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia. 

In related news, Sergei Lavrov didn't mince words. 

Well, Germans voted for that. There are always consequences. Always. If someone thought that it is not true--I have a very bad news for them.

Thursday, December 21, 2023

Pepe In The Main Cathedral...

... of Russian Armed Forces. I've been there--it is a powerful spiritual experience. So, here is Pepe.  

Is The United States A Supernova?

NASA gives next definition of Supernova: 

After that they elaborate, which is critical for further discussion in this blog. 

One type of supernova is caused by the “last hurrah” of a dying massive star. This happens when a star at least five times the mass of our sun goes out with a fantastic bang! Massive stars burn huge amounts of nuclear fuel at their cores, or centers. This produces tons of energy, so the center gets very hot. Heat generates pressure, and the pressure created by a star’s nuclear burning also keeps that star from collapsing. A star is in balance between two opposite forces. The star’s gravity tries to squeeze the star into the smallest, tightest ball possible. But the nuclear fuel burning in the star’s core creates strong outward pressure. This outward push resists the inward squeeze of gravity. When a massive star runs out of fuel, it cools off. This causes the pressure to drop. Gravity wins out, and the star suddenly collapses. Imagine something one million times the mass of Earth collapsing in 15 seconds! The collapse happens so quickly that it creates enormous shock waves that cause the outer part of the star to explode! Usually a very dense core is left behind, along with an expanding cloud of hot gas called a nebula. A supernova of a star more than about 10 times the size of our sun may leave behind the densest objects in the universe—black holes.

Important fact of supernovae is their age--usually they are massive stars and do not live long--unlike stars like our Sun--their lifespan is counted in tens millions of years, which is in universe's time is merely a minute. So, can this astrophysics be an analogy to the United States? 

I think it is a perfect analogy and here I have to quote late George F. Kennan who wrote in his remarkable At The Century's Ending in 1996: 

Not all that went by the name of communism in Russia was bad; nor were all of those who believed in it...

Today, the rephrasing is not only warranted, it is irresistible: Not all that went by the name of democracy in the United States was bad; nor were all of those who believed in it...  I surely did. And here is a "supernova" moment. Despite the violence of the process which the young star undergoes before going supernova and during this enormous explosion which wipes out anything in the radius of many light years, these are the supernovae which are literally responsible, for once, for life on Earth. Those explosions produce an insane amount of critical heavy elements which allow the formation of such things as iron. Our molecules, the ones which constitute us are literally--a stardust after supernova. 

And here we need to go back to Kennan's rephrasing--not everything that the United States produced was bad, nor were people who were producing it. We always need to look at the larger picture. Examples abound, no matter how one tries to argue to the contrary--it was the United States who, however irritating and obnoxious, was the country (not Great Britain and her Magna Carta) that embedded the idea of democratic process and constitutionalism in the times when France was executing its aristocracy and simpletons in industrial numbers and guillotines operated non-stop. It was at this time that legendary Captain (Rear-Admiral in Russian Navy) John Paul Jones presented Catherine the Great the copy of American Constitution. Some audacity in the age of absolutism. 

Obviously, today when the so called American "democracy" is a butt of jokes around the world and is mocked everywhere getting ready to go supernova, we cannot deny this fact of American influence on the Western Civilization and today everyone understands that people MUST have a choice and their voice MUST be heard. This was this "heavy element" disseminated around the world, same as Bill of Rights which is a towering achievement, despite American political and ideological dysfunction. In the end, American economic expansion and technological drive she provided for the whole world for the last century and a half simply cannot be denied. It is the American technological and industrial genius which allows me to do what I do now--sitting in a front of my monitors and typing this for your consideration. This is also this crucial heavy element which cannot be denied. When America was behind plow, instead of machine gun--she shone bright, sometimes blindingly bright. 

Even American culture, from early to late 1990s Hollywood, to jazz, to rock music, to vibrant literature and even some element of pop-culture--were good. Remember: not everything was bad, nor were people who believed in that. But is America really nearing a supernova? Let's reiterate:

When a massive star runs out of fuel, it cools off. This causes the pressure to drop. Gravity wins out, and the star suddenly collapses. Imagine something one million times the mass of Earth collapsing in 15 seconds! The collapse happens so quickly that it creates enormous shock waves that cause the outer part of the star to explode!

But not all supernova end up with being a black hole. Often what's left is a neutron star or even a white dwarf when the star doesn't have enough mass to go full blown supernova and instead expands and then contracts, as should happen to our Sun in about 4-5 billion years. So, is the United States a supernova, which threatens all life around or is it merely in its contraction phase after which a long process of decay from the hot white dwarf to a cool, reddish black dwarf starts. You decide. But whatever might be the case, we certainly cannot deny the fact of a large star shining very brightly for a fairly short time in human history not to mention universe's time scale and it may take a fairly long time to sift through piles of facts to put everything into proper perspective.

Do They Work For IKEA...

 ... in their spare time, or attend IKEA university's stupid names department?  I explain Pentagon's obsession, and what the US Navy does--despite ridiculous name, operation itself is important and to a large degree justified. It also shows the vulnerability of choke points due to even inexpensive technology. 

Excellent Talk...

...between Nima and Dmitry.  


Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Somebody Must Tell This Guy...

... to fucking fade into the posterity and stop embarrassing already embarrassed  US forces and country. 

The Ukrainian government needs to look at what Germany did in WWII to stand a chance against Russia, according to Ben Hodges, former commander of US Army forces stationed in Europe. Hodges, who retired as a lieutenant-general in 2017, has long been an outspoken supporter of Ukraine. In an interview with the Australian YouTuber Perun, published over the weekend, he repeatedly cited examples from the Second World War to argue that Kiev can defeat Moscow on the battlefield. “They are gonna have to increase production of ammunition and weapons in Ukraine,” Hodges said. “Some of these things are already happening, but it is possible when you are at war to increase production, even with Russian missiles raining down on your cities.” “I mean, think about what Germany did in 1944. Aircraft production for the Luftwaffe peaked in 1944. That's after more than two years of steady bombing by the Royal Air Force and the US Army Air Corps bombing the hell out of German cities. But yet German aircraft production increased. So I think Ukraine can do that with some improving efficiency. Some Western companies are already there helping,” he concluded.

You see, here is a classic example of a person (I spoke about him in one of my last videos) who drank the Kool Aid of military history as it is taught in the USMA at West Point and US Army War College, much of which, as we all know, is built around Wehrmacht's fairy tales and a-historical BS by Russian dissidents. Akin to a "million Red Army soldiers executed at the front"--a BS made up and promoted by Victor Astafiev at the end of his career because he wanted to get Nobel Prize for literature. Akin to the same idea of 2.5 million raped by the Red Army German women. For people who graduated Sandhurst, such as Anthony Beavor, where they don't teach mathematics above middle school level. That is why Beavor became a main perpetuator of this BS inveneted by a couple of German feminists who started this propaganda--difficult to explain the statistical impossibility to a person of the same intellectual level as Ben Hodges. Whatever remaining reputation of the US military which existed before has been completely destroyed by US generals who paraded themselves ignorant, uncultured and uneducated hacks.

Nima And I Talk.

Enjoy if you will. 

Meanwhile, RT publishes yet another BS from the guy with journalism" degree. I'll quote just one phrase:

Sergey Poletaev, obviously, has no idea what trench warfare is. I guess military history for this Moscow State University graduate journo turned "military analyst" is not his forte. Especially when one considers the number of fire cauldrons the remnants of VSU have been lured in by Russian forces. Ah yes, even when you are attacking and reach your objective, the first thing you do after that--you, and you may gave guessed it, dig in. You trench around. And Russians have been advancing steadily along the whole front, with the exception of Kherson. Like today--strong advance at Bogdanovka, 1 kilometer advance in Novomikhailovka. Especially when you have kill ratio roughly 1 to 10 in your favor. Some trench warfare, I say.

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Excellent Piece of Naval Analysis From Larry.

The issue is covered really well. 

It looks like the United States, along with 9 allies — Great Britain, Italy, Bahrain, Canada, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Seychelles and Spain — are on the verge of entangling itself in a new Middle East quagmire as an international armada assembles in the international waters around Yemen. The mission? Stop Yemen from threatening cargo and oil tankers headed to Israel. Tiny Yemen has surprised the West with its tenacity and ferocity in attacking ships trying to ferry containers and fuel to Israel. Yes, this is a violation of international law and the West is fully justified in trying to thwart Yemen. On paper it would appear that Yemen is outnumbered and seriously outgunned. A sure loser? Not so fast. The U.S. Navy, which constitutes the majority of the fleet sailing against Yemen, has some real vulnerabilities that will limit its actions.Before explaining the risks, you must understand that the U.S. Navy is configured currently as a “Forward-Based Navy” and is not an “Expeditionary Navy.”

The logic of Salvo Model and the issue of a leaker are well known to Houthis. I am sure Iranians did their due diligence in educating them that in the real missile exchange it is not that difficult to reach saturation threshold for enemy's air defense. You saturate it with cheap drones and low-cost subsonic missiles and you count. Same way as Dirty Harry Callahan did counting rounds. Or, if Houthis feel lucky and get the series of coordinated salvos, then they can hit opponents' ship even without those ships running out of SM-6s. So, there you go. Recall late brilliant great Captain Wayne Hughes:

Read the full title of the book and keep in mind--all of it has been predicted and these are just Houthies.

How I Wish I Could See Lavrov's Face...

... when these two illiterate clowns from Council on Foreign Relations were trying to sell Lavrov, who would eat these two for breakfast, chew them and spit them out, a dead rat as a thoroughbred stallion. The sheer scale of stupid audacity is mind-boggling, yet they still try. 

A Very Powerful Video...

... the echelon and the battalion size (evidently) unit of former military professionals, now volunteers, is, and you have guessed it, called Stalingrad. 

Keep in mind, that the memorial complex on Mamayev Kurgan is stunning, with hundreds of thousands of names of heroes who died defending Stalingrad inscribed at memorial plaques. Washington establishment doesn't comprehend, they do not have reference points, what they woke up in Russia. Not surprisingly, they are in panic mode now and go to the limits of sheer stupidity, such as Haas and Kupchan in their recent meeting with Lavrov. Lavrov was in awe of these two's stupidity and desperation. But then again, Russia has Stalingrad and many more, the US doesn't.

Monday, December 18, 2023


 ... Christian Zionists or SBU trolls pop up and start questioning the insanity which Zionist "scholarship" is. Get a load of this:

LOL, "Some attaining the heights of Moscow culture during Soviet times". Well, I have news--dragging Christian Zionist to any of Russian Cathedrals is like spraying the holy water on devil. There are many Muslims who visit Christian Cathedrals, not these guys. 

Those are not normal people, but then again, how much of Christianity is left in the US? Yeah, I know, bat shit crazy morons who are uncultured but that is what modern Western "Christianity" is. The US today is basically an extension of Israel. The meaning of Katekhon is beyond the grasp of most of US "scholars". America is over. 
I know, it hurts me to say this...