Monday, May 16, 2022

How Long Before Kiev and CNN (BBC) Declare This A Victory?

And they will try. 

But then again, since we all know now that these were US and Great Britain who defeated Hitler, with some marginal help from those Rooskies, and that Russians lose daily the equivalent of motor-rifle division in 404 (that is what BBC and NBC think) and soon will try desperately to defend Moscow against Ukie juggernaut, we all should expect:

1. Declarations that this means absolutely nothing;

2. Declaration that Russians lost there no less than the whole Military District (army group) worth of personnel;

3. That in the end, Azov Nazis and VSU defeated Russians. 

I agree, I would also suggest to British to introduce to Sandhurst's programs this event as a way to defeat Russians. I am sure that will improve the educational level of UK's officer corps. Pentagon should also follow suit. After all, we all saw how triumphantly those "planners" conducted operations in Afghanistan. In the meantime, FSB is having its hands full "processing" homicidal criminals from Azov and their Western "colleagues". Prepare for some big stories. 

Charlatans From Economics.

Generally speaking, what passes in the West and, by default, many other places globally for "economic science" is almost a complete BS, a pseudo-science, a euphemism for fraud and snake oil peddling. Long ago economics in the West has become nothing more than just another political and ideological tool in the arsenal of means which serve only one end--the recycling of Western political "elites" at the top while selling an illusion of a democratic choice to plebes. But sometimes the reality breaks through seemingly impenetrable barriers of BS, demagoguery, gaslighting and beaten to death economic tropes (how about the US economy being "first in the world") and even fraudsters cannot continue to deny it. 

This is yet another one who did so and the list of EU "customers" opening those accounts is growing. Now even complete morons from European Commission, who helped to ruin European economy, cannot deny reality.

Truth is, ANY, I underscore it--ANY info and conclusions on Russian economy from Western rating agencies, economic forecast and accounting firms, international banks and orgs are absolutely worthless, because the framework within which this whole well oiled machine of selling economic BS to Wall Street operates is totally removed from the economic reality on the ground which is much more complex than just debit-credit ledger or reports (always wrong and under reporting) on inflation. 

Yet, this news is as important, if not more, than any events on the ground in Russian SMO in Ukraine, because it is this geopolitical and geoeconomic background against which the war progresses in 404. For dopamine-dependent armchair "strategists", gamers and military porn masturbators, who need their daily doze of destruction, death and combat observed from afar, this news, same as such as news as Kherson Oblast already confirming its intent to become Russia's region (in Russian), same goes for Zaporzhskaya Oblast and other regions of primarily Southern Ukraine and this time, in 2022, not least through a windfall of cash due to dramatic rise in prices of resources, even against the background of overall combined West's economic decline. In the end, one may live just fine without new (and overpriced) junk of iPhone or new, also overpriced, brand hand bag, one cannot live without heat, electricity and food, despite Western economists trying to convince other people that one can. But even they now surrendered to a grim reality of doing as Russia tells them to do and it really hurts the pitiful remains of their self-respect. 

Plus, of course, the beginning of the process of surrender of Nazis, mercenaries and VSU blocked before that for month at the Azov Steel (recall how many "analysts" were crying foul when Putin ordered to simply seal off this plant?) does not add to already grim mood in the West (not to mention the remnants of 404) and even regurgitating military fakes from 404 does nothing to improve it. As you all know, I am not really interested in all this "tactical" minutiae of SMO (I leave that and deriving BS conclusions from it to all those Podolyaka, Kotenok, Cassad and other benefactors of monetization of their militarily illiterate crap) but insights, especially through VSU foreign mercenaries and Nazi POWs, provide a glimpse into the kitchen of Ukie resistance. Here is one (in Russian) among many thousands of other POWs. 

He complains that Polish and American mercenaries treated VSU badly, ate and drunk much better than VSU regulars, never sharing really, and, in general, used VSU personnel as their maids. Ladi-fucking-da, and what did they expect? For NATO people VSU are subhumans given only enough equipment and training to kill Russians (civilians primarily). No wonder all those NATO "heroes" evaporate once they smell the start of the real battle, not the safari-type hunting on Rooskies. Indeed, those damn Rooskies have tanks, artillery and high precision weapons--not a TOE all those NATO people used to facing in war. 

While I radically disagree with Rostislav Ischenko that Russia didn't expect 404 resistance--this is not how military planning on a strategic and operational level works and how decision trees are acted upon--but even he, and he surely knows 404 orders of magnitude better than me, had to admit (in Russian) that disintegration of VSU has begun, and even the latest about the removal of Ukies' big honcho of Territorial Defense (battalions) which continue to sustain appalling losses on the front, is another indication of the ongoing implosion. Again, Austin didn't call Shoigu to talk pleasantries, he demanded the immediate "cease fire". I also radically disagree with Ischenko on his interpretation of the American aims in 404, but Ischenko is not a military man and he doesn't know the US that well. So, here is your primer for Monday and we need to be patient.

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Ukies Won Eurovison 2022.

Do you remember when Eurovison was a parade of a good music?

You know this unremarkable Swedish group, who would go and achieve nothing like those who follow them in 2000s and after. Ah, wait, I have a call waiting, right. Ah, they DID achieve something like global icons status? Ah, I see.  

Do you remember this charming Dutch band?

Yeah, this was Europe. Remember? Why don't FIFA award 404 World Cup in soccer win without playing and we should be all fine. 
P.S. Do you remember Conchitta Wurst? No surprise then that Olaf Scholz is not insulted by being called a liver sausage. They lost every last iota of honor, decency, talent and courage there. Sad end, I know... cucks.

My Talking Head...

... about deadly West's misconceptions about real war. It is not what they thought they fought in the last 30 years. 

Hence the fantastical "war planning" by Pentagon. And I thought the fantasy genre was finally on decline in Hollywood. UK media, oh, boy--a collection of human trash.

Yet Another One...

Allegedly the 115 Brigade of Territorial Defense of 404 who complain that they have nothing, know nothing and begin to suspect that they are a cannon fodder. 

It gives a good impression of the state of the morale in VSU and the quality of personnel it gets through all those numerous "mobilizations". Territorial "Battalions" were a good opportunity for thugs to get weapons and begin to terrorize local Ukrainian civilians, including robbing them under the pretext of a "defense of 404". Fighting a real war was never in their plans. Well, it is now. Make no mistake, everyone wants to live and so do they, but judging by the speed of the formation of the massive cauldron with the "entrance" on the axis Popasnaya-Belogorovka (remember, the one where VSU "defeated" two Russian armies... in Twitter and YouTube) and by reported intensity of fire on VSU positions, well... again, Lord Austin called Shoigu for a reason and demanded to "cease fire". Make you own conclusions.

Friday, May 13, 2022

Larry Johnson Asks Reasonable Questions.

Especially after Pentagon finally got its wish yesterday and Austin was able to raise Shoigu on the phone. So, Larry asks totally logical and reasonable questions:

If Russia was losing or completely stuck in Ukraine, one would expect that Sergei Shoigu would be the guy calling Austin and begging for mercy. Well, that is not what happened. It was Austin that placed the call, apparently unconcerned about his recent public call to weaken Russia. Why would Austin urge Shoigu to implement an “immediate ceasefire” if Russia was getting its ass kicked? Russia getting whipped by Ukraine is exactly what Austin has called for. Remember?

If Russia is on the ropes, why call off the beating? You call off the fight when its your guy getting pummeled. The Russian offensive in the Donbass has ramped up significantly in the last week and it is carving up entrenched Ukrainian units with no hope of being reinforced or rescued by a counter-offensive.

After that Larry goes on to demolish yet another pack of BS from 404 and her real masters in D.C. and US MSM. Great read and a very enjoyable one.

Does This National Leader Look Ill?

You know, Putin suffers from this and that--the favorite shtick of losers from the Western MSM. 

The guy, obviously, looks totally in control and is a classic Putin of the last 10-15 years, confident and even ad-libbing. Why shouldn't he be confident, Russia is making a killing with her exports and, as I said many times before, it is combined West which finances Russia's SMO. Even if Russia will HAVE to take most of 404 on her balance, current market allows Russia to draw on additional resources which West's stupidity provided for Russia. Per Finland's NATO bid, sure, Turks are ready to have their own opinion on the matter;). 

Ah yes, "Lord" Austin finally got Shoigu on the phone today, LOL. 

(CNN)US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin spoke with his Russian counterpart for the first time since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Pentagon announced on Friday.The call lasted approximately an hour and was at the request of Austin, who used the first call between the two in 84 days to urge Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu to implement an "immediate ceasefire," according to a brief readout of the call. The two last spoke on February 18, a week before Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine.

The call was initiated by Pentagon, and as you may have guessed already, Austin demanded the "immediate ceasefire" because, as we all know, Ukraine is winning so massively that Pentagon worries that Russia's loss may lead to the fall of Moscow and, as you all know, the welfare of Russian people is a matter of grave concern and care of the White House and Pentagon. They just hate to see Russian people unhappy. Nah, I am screwing with you, LOL. Pentagon sees how its own SOBs from Nazis and VSU get their asses handed to them and they are desperate to stop the annihilation of the VSU Donbas grouping. Simple as that. Russia, of course, will not stop and soon even a debacle of Afghanistan will be overshadowed.  What can I say, the answer was like this:

Sure, sure, Mr. Austin, we will cease fire like... any minute now, not.