Thursday, September 28, 2023


The presidential candidate I can vote for. Terry is incomparable in this role, from one of the greatest movies of the century. 

Come to think of it, the President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho knew what his country needed to be saved. He recognized the guy who could save the country--a no small feat. This is more than current POTUS, or rather puppeteers who have their guiding hand up his ass, plus a bunch of morons who voted for him, can do. And so he is back with awesome program. He knows how to fix shit now(c) and this is the powerful message in the times when the country either fixes her shit now or it will be gone. In the end, I miss COSTCO's famous greeting at the entrance: "Welcome to COSTCO, I love you." Vote Camacho!

A Reminder About Economy.

Real economy, and why Lavrov stated about decision on battlefield. 


A Few Importnat Points From My Friends.

First, Larry makes an astute observation. It is a classic intel analyst observation. 

Western analysts continue to be blinded by their deep-seated belief that Russia is a crumbling gas station and attributes the shortage to:

Is Larry correct? He may well be, and even if this hypothesis will not actualize, it is one of those cases that the hypothesis was valid and professional. Will know soon enough.
That brings us to my other friend, Marat Khairullin, here is what Marat states:
На этой неделе стало окончательно ясно, что ВСУ уже даже не на пороге поражения, а прочно, обоими ногами перешло эту грань. И, выражаясь образно, дверь за этим порогом с треском захлопнулась, отступать уже некуда. Как сказал намедни Лавров — на поле боя, значит на поле боя. Адекватные люди, следящие за нашей официальной дипломатией, прекрасно знают, что глава нашей дипломатии отвечает за каждое свое слово. В данном случае, если он выразился так категорично, это значит, что наша сторона уверена, что лягушка уже сварилась, топор упал, кровавый рассвет украинский армии наступил, кирдык уже приземлился укропам на голову и т.д. — одним словом тенденция взяла свое.  
Translation: This week it became completely clear that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are no longer even on the verge of defeat, but have firmly crossed this line with both feet. And, figuratively speaking, the door behind this threshold slammed shut with a bang, there was nowhere to retreat. As Lavrov said the other day, on the battlefield means on the battlefield. Adequate people who follow our official diplomacy know very well that the head of our diplomacy is responsible for every word he says. In this case, if he expressed himself so categorically, this means that our side is sure that the frog has already been boiled, the ax has fallen, the bloody dawn of the Ukrainian army has arrived, the kirdyk has already landed on the dill’s head, etc. - in a word, the trend has taken its toll.  
If anyone wonders what "kirdyk" is--here is explanation. Obviously the synonym to kirdyk is good ol' Russian pizdets, but Marat cannot use it, of course;) But Marat makes this necessary accent on Lavrov's statement which was:

Russia’s Lavrov rubbishes Ukraine peace plan and warns conflict will be resolved on battlefield

For those who do not understand, let me translate--Lavrov didn't talk about 404 and the remnants of its army. No, Lavrov was talking about combined forces of NATO. Read Marat's piece in full, he also gives a very good insight into Lavrov's statement. It always was about NATO and now ALL Russian political top speaks about it openly--either the remnants of 404, which is a euphemism for NATO, follow Russian conditions or 404 ceases to exist, together with NATO whose military defeat, should it decide to commit a suicide, is not in doubt. It takes Lavrov and his nonchalant attitude to deliver the message.

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Nobody Gives A...

 ... shit who they are in Canada's Parliament. The fact that one gal had a (half)courage to call it, aw, please. 

Canadian Parliament knew what they have been doing. Most of them are political whores, they will sell anything for reelection. Yes, most of Trudeau's party support SS and Nazis, as long as they kill Russians. So do many US Democrats and many Republicans. Canadians voted for Trudeau's party, Americans voted for Biden. Biden, or rather Obama's clan, support Nazis as long as they kill Russians. Of course, sanctimonious recriminations are all good, but West's political elites, for the most part, are genocidal maniacs, they just let their guard down for a second.

Caitlin Nails It...

In rock'n'roll style. 

Antibiotics and other disinfectants now should be a standard issue for those who are interviewed by people from Politico, WaPo, NYT, WSJ, CNN, PBS, especially by Christian Amanpour, and other heralds of "democracy". Who knows what other diseases they carry.

P.S. Ringo wrote, actually, some awesome music. Yes, I mean Octopus's Garden and Devil Woman (not Cliff Richard's one) among others.

Scott's Excellent Talk...

 ... at Judge's. 

Plus, for those who continue to doubt numbers. Here is today's RT headline:

I reiterate, we still do NOT know the number of KIAs in the rear of 404. This number is huge due to relentless Russia's salvos of stand-off weapons at locations, assembly areas of VSU and 404's military-industrial infrastructure. We are easily looking at least at half-a-million KIAs for VSU... so far. More is coming. Shoigu's estimate of SMO continuing through 2025 is a good estimate, once one considers that 404 is NOT even the main target, NATO is. Or, broadly speaking, as follows from Patrushev's program article--Pax Americana, a euphemism for "rules-based order". It is unsustainable, especially when sheer incompetence of Western "elites" and military-industrial weakness have been exposed dramatically.