Wednesday, July 24, 2024

America Doesn't Do Real War...

 ... period. The reason it doesn't do real war is because she doesn't know what it is. Because she doesn't know what real defense is, apart from tropes of "national interests", "we need to fight them there, to not fight them here", "democracy" and other bullshit to cover up expeditionary and imperialistic nature of the US military.  So, Gregory Daddis asks a reasonable question and raises a proper issue:

While much of the book is heavy with dense, analytical prose, “How Much Is Enough?” still asks useful questions that remain relevant for us today. How well are DoD budget practices aligned to U.S. foreign policy objectives? Are spending ceilings logical or “arbitrary”? Are some military services “entitled” to a certain percentage of the defense budget, and, if so, why? What is the relationship between spending on social programs versus national security? Perhaps most importantly, Enthoven and Smith argued for a “central plan” to drive resource requests and avoid duplication of effort. Once more, they encouraged spending criteria that supported the “national interest.” In evaluating forces structures and strategic mobility, weapons systems and nuclear stockpiles, analysts always had to keep in mind a central question: “for what purpose?”

Well, the issue, of course, is WHAT IS American nation and how its "national interests" are formulated? I agree--US "defense budget" is nothing but a jobs program and defrauding of the US economy. Moreover, I agree, that for all this spending the US continues to fall behind technologically and is incapable of REAL, as in large scale combined arms operations. Condescending references to "peer" or "near peer" warfare is an absolute BS. What is not a BS--it is inability, especially at the political level to grasp what COFM is. 

Senator Roger Wicker--a lawyer and a journo who was JAG, who penned this somnambulic BS in NYT in May...

America’s Military Is Not Prepared for War — or Peace

... has about zero grasp on how wars are planned and executed. JAGs, especially with "degree" in journalism are not educated on the virtues of Combat Effectiveness, Combat Stability and Force Designs. But these are crucial in order for him to understand why the United States lost the arms race and why the "rebuilding of the US Armed Forces" as he puts it this way will be mostly about "more cowbell"--same BS about replicating the TOE from 1990-s, the attempt to repeat the halcyon days of beating the crap from people who cannot shoot straight. And Daddies concludes the piece with seemingly common sense: 

In 1971, Enthoven and Smith were asking similarly hard questions because they believed it served the nation’s best interests. Undoubtedly, Senator Wicker feels similarly. But it’s worth voters engaging in this moment when the wars in Eastern Europe and the Middle East seemingly demand more, more, more. Of course, we shouldn’t underestimate the threats we face. But surely now is the time to ask both our presidential candidates, “how much is enough?”

What can I say, the whole US military thinking is not about real wars, it is about who gets what domestically. It is a gravy train, for now. But changes are coming. In fact, they are already here.

My Latest...

 ... Le Monde didn't do its homework. They never do. 


Larry Wilkerson...

 ... is spot on. Which also buttresses my constant point--the US as it exists today is not governable, and is not living in reality, including neocons who dominate Biden Admin and all of who, without exception, are military and foreign policy amateurs and dangerous ideologues.


There Goes All The Command...

 ... of the 63rd motor-rifle brigade of VSU.  I also have to correct myself from yesterday--Iskander carries 700 kg, not 500 kg warhead. 

Keep in mind also that Iskander's warhead can penetrate deep underground. So, most of the action is undeground. Keep also in mind that Iskander could be upgraded through some minor additions to fly way-way above its present range of 500 km. We are talking couple of thousands. Well, my new video should come up soon...

Mayor Of Moscow...

 ... decided to stop the charade and...

Мэр Москвы Сергей Собянин подписал постановление о переименовании площади Европы, расположенной вдоль Бережковской набережной неподалеку от Киевского вокзала. Новое название площади Европы – площадь Евразии, следует из документа, передает ТАСС. Площадь Европы открылась в 2002 году как символ единения континента, это был общий проект России и Бельгии, передает РБК.

Translation: Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin signed a decree renaming Europe Square, located along Berezhkovskaya embankment near the Kievsky railway station. The new name of Europe Square is Eurasia Square, follows from the document, TASS reports. Europe Square opened in 2002 as a symbol of the unity of the continent; it was a common project between Russia and Belgium, RBC reports.

Europe is an existential enemy of Russia and Russian people. It is akin to naming some square in Moscow after Goebbels. Of course, I do not mean that ALL Europeans are Russia-haters, but significant majority are. West's "elites" in general still view Russians as subhumans and have a visceral hatred of Russia on a genetic level. But here is another reason for renaming--Europe is fast becoming the peninsula of an incomparably larger Eurasia and it is not just geographic in nature--economically the fate of Europe is decided and you can see it here, again:

That pretty much sums it up and this trend cannot be reversed for Europe, because without real industries and machine-building complex, which EU sheds like crazy, there is no future. As some astute commenters suggested--there are plenty of dead-ends in Moscow, why not name one dead-end after Europe. Indeed, sounds fantastic--Europe's dead-end.

In related news: ah, yes, DEI hires... 

Secret Service director Kimberly Cheatle has resigned from her post after the attempted assassination of Donald Trump. Cheatle stepped down one day after she testified to a congressional committee about law enforcement failures during Trump’s campaign rally in Pennsylvania on July 13. She has faced widespread calls for her resignation in the aftermath of the attack, where one rally attendee was killed and at least two other people were critically injured. A joint letter from both Democratic and Republican leaders on the House oversight committee called for her to step down after Monday’s hearing, where lawmakers were repeatedly frustrated by her inability to provide detailed answers about the Secret Service’s actions that day, with one Republican lawmaker telling her she is “full of s***”. In her testimony, Cheatle said the shooting was “the most significant operational failure at the Secret Service in decades”.

No shit, pardon my French. The whole world laughs at this "most significant operational failure" and it was a sheer luck that former and, highly likely future, POTUS hasn't been killed. While at it--check the background of the US Navy's CNO Lisa Franchetti--it is a wowser. My condolences to the US Navy.

Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Garland, Scott and Yours Truly...

 ... today. Soon. 


For some reason blogspot cannot find the video on UTube. Strange. 

Totally Expected...

... Mr. Iskander decided to visit an interesting site and voila'... nice catch. 

Here is the video. 

Then, rumor has it, some Spanish Colonel (Ret.) informed that there have been visits to US, British, French and Spanish "advisers" near Odessa, but we have to wait for Russian MoD confirmation. 

Meanwhile, British military continues to parade itself as a joke and: 

Yes, sure! I wonder which battalion will UK send to fight Russia or China. That will be hilarious. But here is what British General Staff is:

Although Russia was embroiled in the war in Ukraine, and on current trends its forces would, Walker said, take “five years to grind their way through” to capturing the eastern Donbas, at a cost of 1.5 million casualties, the country’s history had shown it could bounce back.

A bunch of illiterate clowns, but take a load of this:  

He took the one year-long "advanced" course here, which is a euphemism for British military to get some sort of military credentials enough to "fight" people who cannot shoot back. Real war? I doubt anyone in this "Advanced" Command and Staff Course has any idea what modern command is on real battlefield, but, hey, leave it to British to bestow a shitload of meaningless awards and titles to nincompoops, who would fail the first year in any serious military higher education Russian officer college, not to speak of Services War Colleges let alone the Academy of General Staff, but sure--the guy was in Iraq, that must count for something, right? With his background in agriculture and Masters of Arts degree, I am positive he is precisely the material UK military needs to lead it into a complete irrelevance. They are almost there, as is United Kingdom as a country.