Friday, October 25, 2019

Ohh, Goody!!

Turks are now openly talking about it. 
It was expected, but still comes as a surprise of sorts.What is it there also besides this?  Was Erdogan made aware, was given a hint,  during his latest few visits to Russia about what Turkey may get if she plays in concert with Russia? Obviously, Syria deal is not too bad for Turks who overwhelmingly view Kurdish groups as clear and present danger to Turkey, but it is more than that. S-400? Of course, it is a huge deal and the United States is beginning to look desperate on this front:
But 36 SU-35s with all weaponry which goes with them is a huge-huge deal. It is reformatting Turkish Air Force away from old two-engine F-4 Phantom IIs into the immensely powerful Generation 4++ fighter squadrons (36/3= 3 squadrons per Russian TOE). It is also reformatting Turkish aerospace and, in general, defense industry which will be fully engaged in participation of production of arguably the best air superiority fighter in the world today. And, in perspective, of SU-57s which will be only logical continuation of what emerges as a strategic realignment in the region. Now, the question--if S-400 deal was bad for NATO "unity", how this whole situation is going to look like for NATO? Just FYI, the first gas will flow into the TurkStream in a few weeks. Now ask yourself a question what S-400 and S1s are doing in Serbia at Slavic Shield exercises and a sharper picture begins to emerge. If true (Su-35s contract), I will repeat a question--what else was Erdogan made aware of by Putin? Sure, money (capital) talks, markets matter, energy is our everything, but it is security, I think, and perspective umbrella over Turkey (yes, cutting edge mil-tech) which make Erdogan move that fast. It is access to the tools which allow Erdogan and his people realize even if in part some Neo-Ottoman visions. 

In all, there is, frankly, so much shit going on as of lately that one literally has to check news every hour or so--it just piles up. And we all may only guess, in Frank Herbert Dune's tradition, what are those plans, within plans, within plans. The spice must flow. And how can this be? For he is the Kwisatz Khaderach(c).

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