Friday, October 4, 2019

I Am Not Surprised At All.

I already tuned myself to more damning things coming out of Boeing. I do not work at Boeing, so I am not in the position to judge company's current atmosphere and mood, but this caught my eye.  
And then they explain WHY Boeing's CEO Dennis Muilenburg must be replaced. Here is explanation:
"While reducing costs and being competitive is laudable, it can, and has, gone too far at Boeing," Arvai wrote. "Safety appears to be the victim of rushing and cost reduction pressures, guided by a corporate culture that starts at the top." Muilenburg's strategy appears aimed at maximizing the Boeing Company's share price and his executives rather than investing more in new products to better rival Airbus, Arvai argued. The result is Boeing’s market share is falling and the jet maker's failures have caused the company to lose its long-standing reputation for quality and safety, Arvai said.
Ah, isn't it "wonderful" when "financialization" hits the fan and bottom line becomes the only guiding principle behind what is tantamount today to killing Boeing's long time accumulated reputation for quality. I sure as hell recall really well when magnificent B-777 took to the air and it was barely 20 years ago. Today, saying (as it is printed on Boeing's mugs and other merchandising) If It is not Boeing I am Not Going (If ain't Boeing, I am not going) seems like a bad joke. But I wouldn't go as far as this:
"We’ve been looking for good news about Boeing, but simply can’t find any. The 737 Max will end up years from now as a Harvard Business School case study in mismanagement, and the buck stops with the CEO," Arvai wrote. 
And what is so significant in Harvard or any other Business School in America, most of which preach a complete monetarist voodoo BS as an "economy study", when Boeing is just a private case of a much larger complete dysfunction of American political system, much of which is infested with the products of Harvard and other Ivy League degree mills in nothing practical or scientific. Boeing and its current worrisome fate (and I always liked Boeing's aircraft) is just a manifestation of the profound crisis of American statehood. Take a look at Democratic Party--those guys are a complete mental basket case and, as Paul Craig Roberts (correctly I may add) states:
If you are such an insouciant, dumbshit, totally stupid American that you cannot see that there is in front of your eyes, assuming you have any eyes open, an attempt based entirely in the constant repeat of lies by the presstitute media to destroy the political stability of the United States, you should be lined up against the wall and shot for your unimaginable stupidity. That is the message I am getting from many readers. The reason is that it now turns out that the “whistleblower,” an orchestration, first spoke to the piece of dog excrement “Shifty Schiff,” who helped him to write his false complaint before leaking it. The totally false story hyped by the whores who comprise the US media was contradicted in whole by the released unredacted official transcript of the alleged impeachable telephone call.
So, what is the Boeing's case against the background of slow, insidious coup and high treason being committed by primarily democratic establishment against the country? Both are related to what I repeat ad nauseam--they, the so called "elites", do not give a rat's ass about what remains of the nation. Money and power rule, in Boeing's case it is greed of the fat cats, in case of DNC--it is all consuming hunger for power based on delusional and dangerous ideologies. The loss of competence is beginning to reach catastrophic proportions. They simply resorted to making shit up--be it safety of aircraft or basic functions of the state. Does Putin (and Xi) know something we don't? Yes they do. We are left, however, with only one thing--to make sense of the pattern and, if need be, buckle up.

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