Wednesday, October 30, 2019

About This Vindman Dude.

I am really happy that Colonel Lang expressed his feeling on this staffer, because I am not in the position, considering my background and experiences, to pass judgements on this Lt.Colonel before American officers do. Now they spoke:
The US Army sends too many officers to graduate schools to study Political Science and International Relations.  These are not only pseudo sciences based on the 19th Century yearnings of European scholars for a paradigm change in human affairs that would relieve them of their minority status, but these disciplines also create a mentality in the officer students that gives them the idea that they are members of a kind of fraternity that does dominate or should dominate the American foreign policy establishment, what I call The Borg.  The Army lent Vindman to the NSC staff, much as the marines lent Oliver North to the White House staff long ago.   In an NSC staff led by the arch neocon John Bolton he must have felt quite at home.  Last Summer he was given the task of listening (with several others) to Trump's conversation with Zelensky.  This is a routine precaution taken to avoid misunderstandings as to what is said. Vindman says that the president expressed views inconsistent "with the consensus views of the interagency." (the Borg)  LTC Vindman has evidently been seduced by the idea that the president of the US is obligated in any way to accept the consensus of The Borg or even to tell them the truth about his intentions as he directs US foreign policy.  They are ALL just staff, not partners. Vindman has evidently been returned today to the Army to do with him what the institution decides.  As a serving Army officer he can only be ejected from the officer corps for legal cause.  IMO it is likely that the Army will be deeply offended by his rejection of his assigned role as a staff officer to the president and his preferred loyalty to The Borg and will find a comfortable place for him in a basement or on a distant island.  (not Hawaii) I should say that there is nothing wrong with the Army sending officers for study of useful subject but poly sci/ IR are not among them.
Colonel nails it where it really matters, see highlighted in yellow. This is, from purely service POV, a heavy misconduct. You don't like what you see? Submit a request to be transferred to other position or retire if you can. The other, very important part, why this Vindman dude advised Ukraine on how to deal with White House and Rudi Guliani is a subject for the agency which is supposed to actually defend national security, not undermine it as it is the case so far. You know what alphabet (hint: FBI) agency I am talking about. 

All this, including insane Articles of Impeachment written by openly treasonous Adam Schiff and his cabal of democrats, is nothing more than yet another attempt, after RussiaGate hoax going south, at anti-Constitutional coup and it is being played out in a front of our very own eyes. Democratic party has to be eradicated as a political entity because it becomes obvious that it is a party of national treason. Same goes to American mass media, with some exceptions, which are one of the main culprits for a severe political crisis threatening to grow into actual hot civil war. If those people think that they will hide in Europe when things get hot--they better think twice. As per Vindman, someone MUST ask him questions re: his strange relations to Ukrainian side and how those relations correspond to his highly classified access to, however bad, the kitchen in which US foreign policy is cooked. Fascinating. 

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