Friday, October 19, 2018

First Order Of Business.

Putin, yesterday, while speaking to Valdai conference, explained what is correct nationalism in his view. You can read it (in Russian) here. But one phrase stood out and not for a good reason. Responding to one of the journalists Putin stated:
Это наша культура, наша история. Сохранение народа, о котором вы сказали, вспомнив Солженицына, – это не только физическое сохранение, хотя, наверное, прежде всего и это имел в виду Солженицын, но и нашу идентичность как народа, иначе мы будем размыты, перестанем существовать.
This is our culture, our history. Preservation of people (nation) about which you spoke mentioning Solzhenitsyn--this is not just physical preservation, albeit Solzhenitsyn most likely meant just that, but also preservation of our identity as a nation, otherwise we will dissolve and cease to exist. 
I generally agree with Putin's definition of real Russian nationalism, but here is some info for a dumbass who mentioned Solzhenitsyn in the question to Putin--Solzhenitsyn has nothing, zero to do with the concept of preservation of Russian people. To his credit, however, in one of his faux-historic fantasies about Russia he does refer to some, other than him, Russian historic personality offering just that--preservation of people. Solzhenitsyn stole many things, such as massive parts of his GULAG Archipelago being a direct steal from Varlam Shalamov's diaries, which Shalamov categorically forbade to be exposed to Solzhenitsyn--he knew already then what "Genius of the First Spit" would do. But the truth is, before a humanistic and noble idea of preservation of Russian people was, as always wrongly, attributed to Solzhenitsyn, just couple hundred years before him a true Russian genius Mikhailo Vasilievich Lomonosov wrote his famous treatise On Preservation and Procreation Of Russian People.

So, can we stop finally crediting a shallow mediocrity and plagiarizer as a writer and an ambitious falsifier of Russian history Solzhenitsyn with things which were simply beyond the grasp of his feeble mind? If the trend continues, who knows, somebody will credit him, in the end, with invention of the wheel and writing War and Peace.  

Have you heard of Israeli attacks on Syria lately? Neither have I. Here is a bombshell explanation: Russia delivered three battalions (diviZions) of the S-300PM2 of full Russian version, with all netcentricity and modern signal processing. Take a seat not to fall to the floor--these are mid-2010 AD complexes with reliable range of intercept (shoot down) of targets of 250 kilometers. Any comments needed? Welcome to the no-fly zone over Syria (and, eventually, Lebanon), courtesy of the latest (hot, hot, hot) versions of S-300 which are vastly superior to what Iran received from Russia. For reference point: One diviZion (battalion) is somewhere between 8 and 12 launchers. If to take minimum of 8, then we have 8 x 4 =32 missiles per battalion. 32 x 3 = 96 missiles altogether. Per 12 launchers battalion size it grows to 144 missiles for 3 battalions.

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