Monday, October 1, 2018

Well, Marine, Sadly You Are Wrong Here.

Translation: We do not even find words to express our indignation. France certainly does not deserve that. It is unforgivable! MLP

Well, Marine, for all my deep respect for you and your struggle, I have to disagree with you here: this is precisely what France deserves. People deserve government they choose and all this "democracy" BS, which is nothing more than spreading responsibility way too thin, that is provide responsibility-free existense for those who really run the show, never lasts. France didn't elect you, Marine--probably, a last chance for France to avoid a suicide--French went for this superficial boy-toy Macron and the nation has to pay for its choice. And it is paying, and as I said many times before--this is just a warmup. The power of militant Islam, "multicultural" gangsters and thugs is what in the future for France, with steady dying out of what used to be a pleasant stereotype of being French. French people made their choice and they have to live with the consequences. Simple as that. In this sense Macron is quintessentially French and this photo is a perfect meme for this. Western values do not involve meaning of honor, self-respect and simple shame.    

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