Tuesday, June 30, 2020


A really telling response projected at the facade of US Embassy in Moscow on the eve of July 1 voting for amendments to what amounts effectively new Russia's Constitution. The text of the projection says, in addressing the US: 1993--it was yours (constitution), 2020--it is now our (constitution). I cannot emphasize enough the profundity of this seemingly simple projection and its message. 
The United States had a chance to have Russia as an ally and a friend, considering even today a definite and sincere concern of majority of Russians (it shines through so many forums and platforms) for the fate of real Americans. The US blew it through its arrogance, hubris, incompetence and ignorance. Too late now.

Monday, June 29, 2020

Bad S-400, Bad!

And when you thought that the world couldn't get any stranger, it does get stranger, way-way stranger. Frankly, I do not even know how to define this, it is so bizarre that I am lost:
WASHINGTON ― The U.S. would be able to buy Turkey’s Russian-made S-400 air defense system under legislation proposed in the Senate last week. The proposal is one powerful lawmaker’s attempt to alleviate the impasse between Washington and Ankara over the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. Senate Majority Whip John Thune, R-S.D., has proposed an amendment to the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act that would allow the purchase to be made using the U.S. Army’s missile procurement account. The move comes a year after the U.S. expelled NATO ally Turkey from the multinational F-35 program because it received the S-400 in a $2.5 billion deal. However, Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Jim Risch, R-Idaho, has introduced an amendment that would take a tougher stance, mandating the Trump administration implement CAATSA sanctions on Turkey within 30 days of passage of the NDAA. Risch has been critical of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and accused him of bad faith in dealings with the U.S. over the S-400.
It is so "out there" that one has to ask--do they think Russians are that stupid? But the arrogance is oozing from those guys:
The U.S. routinely buys foreign technology and could both exploit the S-400′s technology and test U.S. tactics, said Jim Townsend, a former Pentagon official for European and NATO policy. If Turkey doesn’t go for the idea, he said, the two countries are still stuck. “I think the US buying the S-400s from Turkey is a clever way of getting Erdogan out of the jam he put himself in,” Townsend said. “We just want to get the system out of Turkey ... and if it enables the Turks to take part in the F-35 then all the better.”
As I stated not for once, F-35 for S-400, or, for that matter, any recent modification of S-300+ or Buk, when integrated properly, is just another aerial target. All those statements originating both in Senate and from all kinds of "experts" are a direct testimony to a bankruptcy of the whole "Stealth" based air warfare doctrine. While at it, why don't those people ask Russia to sell them 3M22 Zircon, P-800 Oniks, A-100 AWACS, S-500 and Yasen-calss submarine. And why not--that will be a bonanza for US trying to close a gap in generation or two in those funky weapons. To be honest, though, Putin once did offer (as a joke) to sell Russian weapons to the United States. And I am sure Russians are writing a letter to Erdogan allowing him to sell Turkish S-400 to US this very moment as I type this. The permission should arrive any minute now. This whole thing is so surreal, that it is totally legitimate to convincingly state that they all completely went off the rails in D.C. And lost the touch with the reality. 

In conclusion: Russia offers today to clients way more than state-of-the-art weaponry. As I repeat ad nauseam, attached to this weaponry come those elements of political stability which the US simply cannot provide and, in fact, acts as highly destabilizing force on most occasions. As they say, who needs an enemy when one has an ally such as the US. In the end, US simply has nothing comparable, not even close, in terms of air-defense complexes, not to mention the fact that, remember, Erdogan wants his hands on toys US simply cannot offer. And if he behaves, in the end, he may get even juicer ones, such as S-500 at some point of time. That will be a wowser, granted NATO will still exist then. 

I Couldn't Miss That.

These are Russian girls who are military cadets from academies after their match on the Red Square at the Parade on the 24th of June. The video is extremely telling in terms of fundamental, increasing, difference in idiosyncrasies between what is known as West and Russians. Especially in relations between girls and guys. I think, that apart being easy on the eyes, it is a very representative sample of a huge cultural difference between West and Russia. This difference is what plays to Russia's strength. 
That is why US Embassy in Moscow flying the LGBT flag was received by overwhelming majority of Russians as a public self-humiliation by the US. In Russia, these girls and guys are real elite. 

We Saw It Coming...

I mean not the fact that mobs are supported and controlled by DNC operatives or that GOP is a collection of cowards. We knew that. What is remarkable about this....
Is not even the fact that this woman needs a crash course in basic gun handling, but in the fact that mobs are now  inside gated and extremely rich communities. The house of these two white St.Louis lawyers, despite being a hideous tasteless collection of kitsch inside, is a very expensive mansion. And that brings me to this major point which I made not for once. No gated community is safe in the US. Private security details for very rich, such as a bunch of limousine "liberals" who enable collapse of law and order in the US, are good only until real shit hits the fan--after that they will, at least most of them, be gone. Unless those enablers manage (many will) get into their private jets fast, no number of "security" mercenaries or extremely expensive security systems at their "exclusive" real estate will do anything to stop a mob. A mob armed with full automatic weapons, grenades and Molotov cocktails--easy-peasy to take any real estate within continental United States.

Now, as for this couple--good for them that they had balls to show a little bit of force. As I stated--it is up to citizens now to protect their lives and property and, eventually, form local militias in support of those police forces who still perform their duty. Here in the State of Washington both cowardly cuck governor Inslee and a mayor of what once used to be Seattle completely lost any capacity to govern--not that they had it to start with--and should be removed from the office. The implosion of the governance and massive manifestations of cowardice by American ruling class, especially GOP, I don't talk about democrats--they are a national security threat--continues. Eventually it will become racist to be white in America and the history will be rewritten. As for DNC media machine--until it is dismantled this shit will continue. But then again, it is difficult to explain to some journo that gated communities are no defense when shit hits the fan, after all even those who they support are still a mob and don't give a shit about some cuck who tries to manipulate them. After all, they are not protestors--they are the mob and that changes the game completely. Minneapolis will show the way.  

UPDATE: NYC and its mayor want to defund the police (cut $1 billion from NYPD budget). 
1. We need to understand that NYC is a hotbed of namely white limousine liberal "thought" which is behind BLM "movement", so, as much of a contempt I have for Trump, the BLM is driven primarily by white (DNC--we already discussed it many times) "operatives" to win 2020 elections. 

2. I will repeat it again--no Democratic Party, a party of treason, constituency, such as Seattle, deserve any police protection. "Elections", this ritual of BSing people into the illusion that they have a choice, is a euphemism for distributed responsibility, and people who voted for radical insane creeps should bear the responsibility and face consequences of their choices. 

I begin to suspect that in reality DNC is beginning to get a bit nervous since this whole BLM thing gets a little bit out of hand, and I don't think that those people who voted "democrat" will like to bear responsibility and face those consequences of their choices which may include, but are not limited to, armed robberies, rape, murder, damaging property, home invasions, taking hostages, dramatic loss of value of real estate etc. The list is vast and I think that NYC, Minneapolis, Seattle, San-Francisco among many other "democrat" cities should face the consequences. People change their perspective on life not by reading NYT but by experiencing first hand big events. It doesn't guarantee this change, however, because what is known in the US as "liberalism" is a type of a mental illness, but on some occasions being robbed or having a shit beaten out of oneself may allow a much faster return to the reality-based community. 

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Another One Hits The Fan.

I stated many times that the so called American "journalism" is a joke and US MSM are basically staffed with human compost who pretend that they do God's work. Enter another "leak" (of a diarrhea variety) from the US "intelligence" and, of course, NYT. 
Some gullible morons already started calling Russia's embassy with threats. What is remarkable in this whole piece is its sterility in terms of any substantive information or sources. Again, it is NYT--a tabloid at the service of globalists in DNC. As per US "intelligence"--they know they suck and they know that US lost the war in Afghanistan DESPITE support from Russia. Judging by "successes" of US "intelligence" in preventing 9/11, Tzarnaev brothers and, especially, still being busy trying to find Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction, and having this "intelligence" in cahoots with terrorists in Syria, as well as being initiators of Russiagate, it is no surprise then that it has found a new pile of BS it can throw at the fan, thus trying to damage Trump and whatever is left of Russian-American relations. 

This is a pattern of sore losers who cannot even come up with a decent enough false flag operation which is believable for people with IQ higher than room temperature. The spiraling of America out of control continues. Meanwhile, there could be some arrangement announced in Afghanistan and it will be Russia who will have to deal with a bloody mess US left there. WaPo, uncharacteristically for itself, called those, now famous, reports of the US war in Afghanistan At War With The Truth. This is exactly the case with NYT excrement. Another one is in progress as I type it. Why now? Explanation is simple: while some polls show that Uncle Joe Biden leads Trump, and we all know how reliable those polls are, it becomes increasingly clear that the "cultural revolution" unleashed by DNC, MSM and financial oligarchy, begins to slowly but spectacularly blow back. It also demonstrated the degree of degeneracy of American political system, which is weak and dysfunctional, and of its political class, headed by Democrats who, always being incompetent, proved themselves also to be utterly insane. 

They definitely feel the tug of a whirlpool of events, some may have arrived already to a conclusion that the US is done, and because of that they try desperately to switch public's attention away from serious economic and political issues, to some media circus run by people who do not even understand that for many of them it will not be a desired political outcome of Trump's defeat but of disintegration of the country with all what comes with this territory, including settling accounts. But then again, expecting any understanding of the consequences from US media or, for that matter, "intelligence" is a fool's errand. But I am on record with that for years. Intellectual collapse is almost complete and with it the collapse and disintegration of the country seems increasingly probable.  

Friday, June 26, 2020

There Goes... Liverpool.

My sincere and joyful congratulations to Reds finally ending their 30 year long journey. FC Liverpool--you are the Champions, finally!! Jurgen, you da man! 
I am happy that my EPL favs, FC Chelsea, helped by defeating moneybags from MC thus allowing Liverpool to claim its first title in 30 years. Congrats and cheers. Guys, you have to issue a medal to Stevie G. And yes, they will never walk alone!

I Wanted To Be A Superman...

You know like a real deal, with all those super-powers--you can fly both in the air and space, you can lift some things like railroad engines or Boeing-747 with no effort, you can see girls' boobs through clothes and other wonderful things you could do with your super-powers. But, by the tender age of 40 I finally figured out that Superman movies were actually all a Hollywood fantasy and I got depressed. It came about the same time I recognized that Santa Claus doesn't exist. My dreams of super-powers, together with dreams of Jeannie, when Barbara Eden was still drop-dead gorgeous  (my wife still doesn't know about that), were dealt a crushing blow and I had to reconcile myself to a reality, where I reside, with a different level of success, even today. 

But my dreams of super-powers, especially mental ones, couldn't have come more useful than today, when navigating an opaque Mississippi of pseudo-academic BS filling this mighty river through numerous tributaries streaming from the American political "science" universe and publications which sell this mental ejaculation as a valid scholarship. But, as I stated above, I long ago reconciled myself with the fact that I will never gain even a minute percentage of Superman's powers, which, as it turned out, is not the case with US geopolitical "thinkers" who are still active in casting their spells, which are as effective as those cast by infantile participants at numerous Comic Con conventions, where they go to exorcise any symptoms of unfolding maturity in order to remain children before going on the social security. Enter a couple of esteemed political "scientists" who, in no less than Council of Foreign Relations very own rag, Foreign Affairs, arrived to this conclusion:
My immediate quarrel with these two is not even this passage, however detached from reality it is (I will elaborate), but with the title of their piece itself: How Hegemony Ends. The Unraveling of American Power. My quarrel with it is the tense in which the title written because American "hegemony", much of it self-proclaimed, ended quite some time ago. So? the proper title should be How Hegemony Ended. It is difficult to precisely pin-point this moment but, and I wrote extensively on that, the first real manifestation was a double whammy first in Crimea and second--Syria. Signs of America's power unraveling were registered even earlier. Now back to quotation. I don't know what "global order" those scientists are talking about but the truth of the matter is extremely simple: the United States could have been in the position of some sort of a global game warden--I omit, for now, the issue of the United States not having resources for that from the inception--if it knew its limitations, and even Russia and China would probably be OK, more or less, if the US would have recognized that. But no. Instead of an order, the United States, due to lack of resources and largely faked own 20th century military history, created one hell of a mess. 

Moreover, it is one thing when when it is a mess outside, but the US cannot govern itself properly. The terms democracy and human rights when used by US side at any international platform create ironic smiles at best, a Homeric laughter--at worst. There is nothing more pathetic than Barbara Jean Trenton trying to relive her 16-mm large screen glory in the times of fast internet and CGI. The US is Barbara Jean Trenton, unsuccessfully, trying to attract young lovers with her wrinkled face and disfigured by arthritis fingers, even with some rings with large diamonds on them. But then again, where are those certificates of authenticity for those stones? Did they ever exist? Not everything that shines is gold or a diamond. To the credit of the authors, they find this proposition erroneous: 
Some analysts believe that the United States can still turn this around, by restoring the strategies by which it, from the end of World War II to the aftermath of the Cold War, built and sustained a successful international order. If a post-Trump United States could reclaim the responsibilities of global power, then this era—including the pandemic that will define it—could stand as a temporary aberration rather than a step on the way to permanent disarray. 
Good for them, but even in debunking these ridiculous a-historic parallels, they arrive to a rather timid retort:
Today, those same dynamics have turned against the United States: a vicious cycle that erodes U.S. power has replaced the virtuous cycles that once reinforced it. With the rise of great powers such as China and Russia, autocratic and illiberal projects rival the U.S.-led liberal international system. Developing countries—and even many developed ones—can seek alternative patrons rather than remain dependent on Western largess and support. And illiberal, often right-wing transnational networks are pressing against the norms and pieties of the liberal international order that once seemed so implacable. In short, U.S. global leadership is not simply in retreat; it is unraveling. And the decline is not cyclical but permanent.   
They, same as John Mearsheimer (my first chapter in the last book addresses his last treatise) do not understand not only a fundamental crisis of "liberalism", a euphemism for financial capitalism, and that "seeking of alternative patrons" came about precisely that instead of order and stability the United States provided for warfare, atrocities, violence, destruction and all that is endemic in the system which now begins to eat itself from the inside. I leave a "largess"  argument for others to ponder--we didn't even start to count how many trillions of dollars this "largess" cost to such countries as Iraq, Serbia, Ukraine, Syria, Libya or Afghanistan, to name a few, in lost lives, destroyed infrastructure, stolen national treasure to name a few effects of this "liberal" order. What they don't understand is that if not for the Soviet Union saving what commonly is addressed as West by defeating European Nazism and Fascism, no serious talk about "liberal order" would have been possible. That is why Russia holds every year Victory Day Parade--not only to honor her fallen, but to remind this very West who and how defeated its very own demons. That is why Putin, in an interview to...ahem...The National Interest stresses this. 
It was Russia who bore the brunt and that is why Russia builds state-of-the-art weapons and armed forces. Today, any talk about "democracy", "liberalism", and global "order", unless it is done by a completely brainwashed people--not an uncommon feature among Western "scholars"--cannot and will not hide anymore attempts by Western financial oligarchy, led by US "elites", who think themselves as heirs to Superman's powers, to put a whole world under their control. Including by means of rewriting a history or, on many occasions, just making it up.

Thus, claims as such:
China and Russia are not the only states seeking to make world politics more favorable to nondemocratic regimes and less amenable to U.S. hegemony. As early as 2007, lending by “rogue donors” such as then oil-rich Venezuela raised the possibility that such no-strings-attached assistance might undermine Western aid initiatives designed to encourage governments to embrace liberal reforms.
Are made by people who are either lying through their teeth or, which is equally probable, dumb as stumps. "Liberal reforms" is a euphemism for total deregulation and privatization of national treasures by Western oligarchy. Ukraine is having a blast with those "reforms". While authors continue to bloviate throughout a meandering piece about how US "patronage" collapsed and how international "networks" are being reconfigured, I will repeat myself. They could have spared the space in the magazine and the time for reading by simply stating two basic facts:

1. US lost, with a humiliating score, economic race to China;
2. US lost, with a humiliating score, arms race to Russia.  

These two facts alone explain why the US never was a "superman" and why most of its "superpowers" turned out, such as magic wands of Harry Potter cosplayers at Comic Con conventions, to be as effective as a treatment of the fourth stage cancer with a hydrocortisone topical cream. And here is what I wanted to repeat, considering an infinitesimally small probability that these two "professors" will ever read this: throw your degrees in political pseudo-science into trash bin and start learning real economy and real military balance. Only that may help to regain some connection to the reality and maybe dispose off delusions about super-powers, which were never there, other than of a big screen in movie theater or on TV, especially in the country which cannot defend its sacred symbols, such as monuments, and history against the crowds of radical thugs and their enablers at the very political top. But yes, I dreamed once of being a Superman...and about Barbara Eden when she was Jeannie.  

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

No Shit. I Don't Remember Which One.

So they begin to suspect, now. This is not to say that Bismark necessarily was wrong when stated that Russians do not take a dump without a plan, but somebody finally begins to suspect something. Something they can more or less put their finger on. My disclaimer: I am not specialist in oil extraction and processing technologies, nor am I an oil market specialist, but this looks down right funny.
So, now somebody turned on their strategic thinking and concluded that: 
In his relatively brief stint in power, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MbS) has managed to destroy the Saudi economy in record time while also sullying his own reputation and endangering Saudi Arabia’s geopolitical relations with the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Now, it appears that there is another calamity in the making for MbS. Russia is currently offering him all sorts of benefits in exchange for his consideration of a deal. The deal, though, is pure poison - for him, for his family, and for his country - and it involves Saudi Arabia switching its core alliance from the U.S. to Russia. In exchange, Russia says it will guarantee the future safety of Saudi Arabia, including from Iran-backed threats. A timely reminder of Saudi Arabia’s current vulnerability to the continued threat that Iran and its proxies pose it – one of the key threats that the deal with Russia would eliminate, the Kremlin has said – came in the form of the attack on Tuesday 23 June when the Saudi-led military coalition fighting in Yemen intercepted and destroyed eight booby-trapped unmanned aircraft that were targeting civilian objects and civilians in Saudi Arabia. 
Oh, that was so not self evident (wink, wink) that anyone with the IQ slightly higher than room temperature could have predicted it. In the matters of crude my IQ is slightly higher than room temperature, but the recent events, such as this, put forth a purely political issue which is even more important than any budget considerations for the Kingdom--a survival of its top (whatever they are in relation to each-other) and while the US doesn't have this most prized, hottest and most expensive commodity ever, Russia surely has it and she is ready to bargain--political stability under Russia's military umbrella is a very real deal. That is why there was so much hysteria in D.C, in 2015 when Russia deployed her forces to Syria--it was clear that this was a real deal. Bashar Assad is still around, isn't he? So is Maduro. So, the author of this piece arrives to a "no shit" conclusion that Russia joined OPEC+ to:
  • Saudi Arabia is in a very weak position both economically and militarily and has become increasingly reliant on Russia due to the OPEC+ deal.
  • The next step for Russia will be to reduce the U.S. military footprint in Saudi Arabia and attempt to offer further protection for Riyadh.
I always have a simple recipe for all those authors and award-winning journalists--study military balance. I know, I know--it is a very difficult task, because US media mostly supply propaganda and BS and learning things by yourself requires more than just degree in journalism or stock trading. Well, c'est la vie, as they say in Germany. Always look at the real military balance and a lot becomes obvious. I would say that Simon Watkins (the author) arrives (granted, too late) to a correct conclusion when states that:
  “Russia has highlighted to the Saudis that it is due to spend nearly US$500 billion on U.S. defense purchases in the next five years but that last time around – with just the Houthis – none of this was any use,” the source told OilPrice.com last week. “On the other hand, the Russian air defense system – currently the S-400 but soon to be the S500 for general roll-out – is regarded by many as the most effective in the world,” he said. In fact, provision for precisely this switchover was made in the 2017 visit to Moscow by King Salman. According to various sources, the state-owned Saudi Arabian Military Industries also signed a memorandum of understanding with Russian state-owned arms exporter Rosoboronexport to buy the S-400 air defense system, plus the Kornet-EM anti-tank guided missile system, and the TOS-1A multiple rocket launcher and thermobaric weapons system, among other major arms purchases. Crucially for Russia, the agreement not only covered the supply of all of these weapons systems to Saudi Arabia and the transfer of necessary adjunct technology but also the manufacturing of these systems in Saudi Arabia, overseen by relevant Russian engineering and technical personnel and Russian security forces to ensure the safety of the people, the plants, and the products, at key sites on the ground in Saudi.
Not only this product is much more affordable, it actually works, Russian base at Khmeimim in Syria demonstrates this constantly by shooting down.... drum roll... ALL hostile aerial targets around it and this includes swarms of hostile drones and rocket propelled projectiles. Plus, Russians do not do "color revolutions", unlike the US which not only destroyed number of countries by removing their "regimes" but is actually doing it to herself now. If you are a Saudi prince, will you trust these nutjobs? Even if you are not a Saudi prince, but some average Joe (or Ivan) you wouldn't take this seriously either. Plus, of course, this chronic malaise of the American "elites"--a total inability to deal with both cause and effect of events. And inability to forecast anything short term, forget mid to long term forecasts which in the combined West, for some reason, are as reliable as a regular bowel movement in a senior retirement home.  

In the end, let's face it--Russia has no benefits from negotiating pretty much anything with the United States. Zero, nada. So, why would Russia, who sells a very good chunk of her Urals crude to the US really care about what US oil industry does as long as it is removed from position of any control of the global oil market together with her Saudi lap dog. Once revenge is served cold, one may, after that, offer a helping hand. It is a typical Russian idiosyncrasy--not to beat those who are laying down. Maybe it should change. Meanwhile, enjoy, if you will, Victory Day Parade from Moscow. It should start shortly. 

Monday, June 22, 2020

One Has To Wonder...

Putin and Shoigu visited today Main Orthodox Cathedral of Russia's Armed Forces and met with Patriarch. Yes, the Cathedral is breathtaking
But looking at him and Shoigu one has to wonder if they even understand that it is primarily upon them today to try to stop the world from spinning uncontrollably into the global conflict. I think they do and that's what makes it even harder to carry this burden. And keeping the faith. Some say that this is history which makes a real leader, a man, sometimes it is the other way around--a man makes history.

June 22.

It is the Day of Remembrance and Sorrow in Russia today. It was on that day in 1941 that unified forces of Europe, led by Nazi Germany invaded Soviet Union. There is no necessity to remind what price USSR paid for ridding the world off Nazism. The debate still rages on on why Eastern Front became such a military and humanitarian horror in which two sides fought each-other with ferocity never recorded in history and why Nazis and their allies committed atrocities on an industrial scale. Russians and other Slavs were to be largely eliminated and those left alive were to be kept illiterate and serve as slaves to Third Reich. 

Remarkably Patric Armstrong posted today a very interesting piece on Europe and Russia. It is certainly worth reading and contemplating. 
I believe I already mentioned it before that it was EU Commissioner Barroso who coined the phrase (later rephrased by John McCain) that Russia is a civilization masquerading as a nation. Title of Patrick's article is telling--Russia is not European. I agree to a certain extent, but I think that the most important issue today is not that Russia is not European, but the fact that majority of Russians do not WANT to be European. I spoke on numerous occasions about what I never thought I would witness in my life time:
Thus, while sharing some important culturaltraits, including in relation to some critical behavioral matrices—and Russians in outlook are very Western—a fundamental, philosophical difference between Russia and West remains and will remain so, because Western project in general reached its natural limits with liberalism, which is in the foundation of modern West, being absolutely inapplicable to Russian historic, geographic and cultural realities. Russians, certainly, absorbed and adapted from the West what they liked, yes, including modernization which had much in common with the West, not least through Marxism—a strictly Western invention. And it seemed, ata time that historic Russia was simply West’s prodigal son (or daughter)—this was a wrong impression. The wind from the West blows and Russia goes as a separate civilization which increasingly is self-aware of own significance 
Overwhelming majority of Russians' condescending view of the West and now bewilderment with a cultural (and economic) suicide of the United States is a sign of not only West's obvious accelerating decline, if not to say implosion, but of Russians largely arriving to consensus in their self-perception and for Russians it is much superior in its outlook than that of the combined West. As Patrick posits:
Not inferior, not “Asiatic”, not uncivilised, not uncultured; different. A “civilisation state”. As is China.
One, looking today at the American and European cities turning into the Mogadishos can see clearly that modern West, that is to say combined Europe, cannot interest Russia at large other than market. The experiment with liberalism in Russia is over and it is combined West which will need to face and, maybe, I do not hold my breath, exorcise its demons. There are very many of those. 

In related news, my friend sent me this today, as he called it "America's premier university turning into Titanic". Here is new "diversity" officer for Harvard.
I am sure her "degree" in 'history" will help her to finish off Harvard as a reputable school. Read the whole thing--it is surreal and it is... so new normal.  

You see, Russians have had enough with the West and today's date is a good day for recollection of what West's real views on Russia and Russians are. That is why Russians develop state-of-the-art weapons and develop real economy as if there is no tomorrow. Or as they say--better safe than sorry. 

UPDATE: meanwhile in the nation of AmSoc and Air Strip-2 implosion continues:
NEW YORK (AP) — The American Museum of Natural History will remove a prominent statue of Theodore Roosevelt from its entrance after years of objections that it symbolizes colonial expansion and racial discrimination, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Sunday. The bronze statue that has stood at the museum's Central Park West entrance since 1940 depicts Roosevelt on horseback with a Native American man and an African man standing next to the horse. “The American Museum of Natural History has asked to remove the Theodore Roosevelt statue because it explicitly depicts Black and Indigenous people as subjugated and racially inferior," de Blasio said in a written statement. "The City supports the Museum’s request. It is the right decision and the right time to remove this problematic statue.”
I do not particularly care about Teddy Roosevelt, but sure--how about Washington Monument and Statue of Liberty? 

Sunday, June 21, 2020

It Is Really A Heartbreak...

USSR, 1987 Alliance band and Oleg Parastaev's Magnum Opus At the Dawn (Na Zare). Oleg died yesterday at 61. He simply collapsed in a front of his wife at his dacha in the morning. "At the dawn voices call me..." Oleg became a global meme of the guy who traveled from the 31st (or was it 34th?) Century back to 1987 USSR to play one of the most haunting songs in synth-pop.... He is back to 31st Century. RIP, cool 31st Century Man.....  Look at people's faces in studio--no-earthly civilization. 
I guess generation of true talent abandons us all. 

Friday, June 19, 2020

About American "Conservatism", Again.

The United States doesn't have a true conservative party. All this BS about Burke, let alone mediocrity such as Buckley is as related to conservatism as I am related to Chinese. Tucker now learns that Heritage Foundation, allegedly "conservative" org is not really conservative--of course it is not, all American so called "conservative" movement is shaped by the Cold War anti-Russian chimera and, as I said many times now, is represented by GOP which is nothing more than a collection of cowards who are:

1. Neo-liberal (globalist) economically in the extreme; 
2. Are tax-cutting machine for really rich people;
3. Neocon cock sucking bunch of "exceptionalists" and war-mongering political outlet of the Military-Industrial Complex.

These are anything but conservative values. The rest is pretty much pseudo-academic political doctrine-mongering. Good for Tucker that he speaks this openly:
I want to reiterate though, while GOP can create only revulsion, Democrats are clear and present danger not only to the existence of the United States, but given their insanity, they are increasingly looking as a party capable, once it overthrows however utterly corrupt political order, to unleash a global conflict. As many noted, a monkey with a nuclear red button. Can you imagine explaining to some douchebag from democrats who has a degree in law and got to position of power (any power) what real global conflict will look like? It is beyond their experiences, which, BTW, applies fully to GOP too--practically all of them are office plankton and people capable only for BSing others in their attempts to hold on to power. If they need to suck somebody's cock--they will. At least most of them. 

Now, we are only at the beginning of major political tribulations for the United States, which will be compounded by the economic catastrophe unfolding in a front of our eyes, and in this time the American statehood will be degraded even more. I looked at Seattle yesterday--I do not recognize once loved by me city, it is dead. I, certainly, recognize Trump's conundrum here, there is a method to his cowardice, in the end--let America see what those "lefties" want for it. If this doesn't wake it up, the case could be closed, Statue of Liberty removed (after all the lady has all facial features of a white woman) and original US Constitution flown out of a country. But there is still some time but even Trump's landslide victory, granted elections will be held at all, will change absolutely nothing, because there is nobody out there who is not a treasonous backstabber who would move a finger to deal with the situation. In the end, look at their faces. Moreover, Trump himself is not really a man who understands governing and leadership. But the world already saw enough to conclude, correctly, that the United States is a colossus on the legs of clay which is crumbling in a front of our eyes. But then again, you read this blog, you know how it started and with what conclusions almost 6 years ago. As per real conservatism, which is a euphemism for a variety forms of nationalism--I don't see anybody on the American "academe" horizon who even has a concept of real nationhood. It is simply beyond America's historic experience in the last 100 years or so.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

I Love This, LOL.

The moment I said that "progressive" districts should be completely denied any police protection, poetic justice comes, LOL. 
Oh, poor stupid bitch, she now calls it a domestic terrorism. Oh no, it is no "terrorism" it is just a normal Modus Operandi of US Democratic Party. You want a police protection? Well, I am sorry--you do not qualify. You are a Democrat, so, please, contact your local Black Lives Matter and inquire about protection. Oh, they are gonna rob you and may Murder-Death-Kill you? I am sorry, you do not deserve protection, your MDK Protection score is low--please apply to CHAZ/CHOP defended area, they will review your applications in due time.  Sorry, no police protection, those cops do not want to be accused of MDK while trying to protect you, stupid bitch, and your family. Don't like it? Find the nearest gun store and ask the white guy there (or maybe a white gal, or even black dude who cares) about how firearms operate. If they are kind enough, they may sell you some smaller caliber guns. Other than that--my suggestion stays--move with your family to CHAZ/CHOP. While moving there, take this pathetic cuckold governor Inslee with you there. They will explain to him really fast what his useless "education" in law is worth. A hint: it is worth shit.

An Interesting Coincidence.

I do not know who reads me, if anyone at all, out of The American Conservative contributors, but the coincidence is remarkable. Two days ago (in fact, it is my long standing position) I posited: 
And then, of course, there is this little teeny-weeny issue of American "conservatism" which allegedly exists somewhere out there but is somehow obscured and is not allowed to manifest itself by this Conservatism Incorporated (aka Conservatism Inc.). Can we stop this charade, what goes under the title of American Conservatism Inc. IS THE American conservatism. It is a USA, USA, USA Ra-rah, NASCAR, NFL, flag waiving "conservatism" which is as conservative as I am Chinese. There is nothing conservative in American "conservatism" because it is radically Neo-liberal economically and ignorant culturally. As GOP demonstrated in the last couple of weeks it is not a conservative party. It hasn't been in ages. Real conservatism to be a viable ideology requires a nation and here is the problem, the United States never really coalesced into one and if any trend on true nationhood existed at some point of time, it was destroyed completely in the XXI century. Now the destruction is being formalized 
And yesterday TAC publishes this piece: 
The problem with the authors' argument about the Federalist Party is that despite this observation: 
It was at the constitutional convention, as well, that the term “Federalist” came into use to refer to the nationalist party and its program. Up until this point, Americans had used the terms federal and confederal interchangeably to describe the cooperation of the thirteen independent states under the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union. However, as the constitutional convention opened in 1787, nationalists discovered that the word “national” was troubling in the eyes of some of the participants, precisely because it implied a single, unified nation rather than a coalition of independent states. The nationalists at the convention decided to concede on the semantics, while preserving the substantive achievement of a national government.
No condition exists today in the US for nationalist principles professed by Federalists--the world changed and so did the US, profoundly at that. One cannot even put in proper context this statement: 
But the Federalists were not supporters of a Jeffersonian policy of building a “wall of separation between church and state.” On the contrary, they hoped to cultivate a tolerant Protestant nationalism, which they believed would strengthen the constitutional republic they had created. 
I cannot even conceive how this statement applies to today's realities, both in terms of extreme forms of the so called "Protestantism", much, not all, of it being in the foundation of a disproportionate influence Israel exerts on American foreign and domestic policy, with a substantial number of Catholics adding to a complexity of the American society still. Modern American Protestantism is a militant proselytizing movement which to a large degree is responsible for growing "elites" who are complicit in the catastrophe which American foreign policy and military interventions has become in the XXI century. For a country which destroyed several countries, killed and maimed millions of people in the last 20 years term "tolerant" is inapplicable. Good intentions are only worth something when they translate into practical actions which support those intentions. 

American intentions in the last 80 years are those of ruthless proselytizing power drunk on the myth of own exceptionalism in which wisdoms of its founding have been long forgotten and do not work anymore in largely corrupted institutes of power. We can observe how corrupt they are in real time. Obviously there is NO American nation without its white Christian European core population, but this is not how American "elites" view the issue--they define it only in terms of political power, political creed and economic robbery model which are not only not helping but incredibly detrimental to emergence of the American nation, which, as US nemesis Russia, will have a core ethnicity which will embrace those ethnic minorities around it to become indeed an American nation. 

At this stage is this not even on the horizon, no matter how political process of founding was framed in 18th century. Remarkably, the chaos and open danger of Black Lives Matter and their handlers from Democratic Party and circles close to it may serve as a long awaited impetus for white majority to claim its status and rights as a stepping stone to formation of a real American nation. To do so America needs a national and real conservative party which will unify both white and minorities' voices which want to preserve the country and want to live in the modern state. GOP is NOT the party for this precisely because it is not a conservative party but a second fiddle to Democrats who are hell bent not only on destroying the US but due to their incompetence and insanity may even unleash a global war. Meanwhile, I think Atlanta Police, same as Seattle PD should simply stop reporting to work and allow "progressive" districts to get a load of their idealism by means of violence, robberies, rapes, drugs--you know Democrats' dear values and agenda.  

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

France, Karma Is A Bitch.

Recall those wonderful French warriors for the rights of poor Chechens against brutal Russians who wanted, for some reason, wipe out the nest of Wahhabi terrorism in Chechnya? Of course, as long as Russians and other ethnicities in Caucasus, primarily civilians, were slaughtered and taken slaves, enlightened France wasn't bothered. Even after the terrorist acts of Chechen "freedom-fighters" (ISIS are also "freedom-fighters" in the West) at Dubrovka at Nord-Ost Theatre and after satanic slaughetr of innocent children in Beslan, French felt a need to give shelter to those refugees from Chechnya, despite FSB warnings about large percentage of those "refugees" being either potential or established war criminals. 

Americans once ignored Russia's warnings (numerous ones) to FBI, CIA or Power-ball Lottery organization, and two Chechen boys (obviously out of a deep love for the United States) created a mayhem in Boston, including killing and maiming innocent bystanders. Now France gets a load of her Chechen diaspora which decided, while dealing with another ethnic mafia, Arab one, to show who is real ruler of France, or soon will be. Dijon looks so peaceful, so laid back nowadays. 
France wanted it, she's got it. Even Le Figaro came out with this headline:  
You know, a punitive expedition of Chechens. I have a recipe, though, for France on how to handle this situation--in a typical French manner--the whole France must kneel. I am sure Chechens will deal with North-African gangs which really run now whole parts of France much better than cowardly French police and whatever passes there for government. Here is more from Dijon. 
I don't think French have much time left to exist as a nation anyway, and so my suggestion will be to remove whatever was not declared haram there yet (some Louvre collections, Napoleon's remains etc.) to a more secure locations primarily in Eastern Europe, closer to Russia, which has a massive experience of saving world's cultural treasures, including whole cities, such as Krakow, destined for destruction. In general, Fifth Republic is a joke and it just proves my point that Russia should erect an Iron Curtain with Europe and allow in only those who demonstrate normal human values. In the end, popular in Russia clarification in ads for rent or real estate sale "for Slavs only", maybe extended to "for Gauls only". France, enjoy and do not forget to kneel--it is precisely the pose in which beheadings are done. Enjoy your "freedom-fighters". Karma is a bitch, isn't it?   

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

You Have Made Your Bed, Now Sleep In It.

I seldom refer to such media cloaca as WaPo, but here is where I break my own rule:
Tell me who your friends are and I will tell who you are. For those who don't remember: Donald Trump was very enthusiastic to have coward and cuck John Bolton as his National Security Adviser. I think Trump recognized in Bolton his very own other--aggressive chicken-hawk trying to hide his cowardice behind....Well, why don't I repeat myself from the last year:
It has to be understood very clearly that Bolton-Trump and Trump-Pompeo relations are symbiotic ones. If one recalls--Trump made his admiration for Bolton known even before Trump was considered a serious contender for the Oval Office. In the end, he DID hire Bolton. Both Trump and Bolton are frauds as statesmen: Bolton is a Beta-male and a coward who sublimates his complexes in aggressive rhetoric and behavior, this is not to speak of Bolton being an Israeli asset par-excellence.These are precisely the traits Trump recognizes in him because he is one himself. Recall his statement about his, Trump's, "military background" he received in a... boarding school for boys. Recall how Kevin Costner's character in undeservedly chastised The Postman, in the final battle with Will Patton's character, astutely notices how one fraud can recognize the other. This is exactly the situation. Trump is fool, but Bolton is merely an experienced bureaucrat, which testifies to the level of Trump's foolishness and incompetence. I doubt there is any Good Cop-Bad Cop dynamics there.  
Now Trump wants to stop Bolton's memoirs from being released on June 23. Oh, come on Donny, wait till Pompeo gets out (or is removed) of your admin--I am sure another "salvo" of "revelations" will follow to make NYT national best-seller list. Stalin was prescient when uttered his now sacramental: "Cadres decide everything". But then again, we are talking different "weight categories" in terms of intellect and life experiences, with Stalin winning even without getting in the ring for a fight. Trump's cadre "policies" or, rather, lack thereof, are astounding--the number of treasonous (both to him and the country) mediocrities (at best) which he at different times appointed or pushed through as his proteges (like this cuck Gorsuch) is very impressive. From Bolton, to Mattis, to Gorsuch, to Milley, to yet another coward Sessions--the list is telling. It is not only telling in terms of a very shallow pool of America's statesmanship "talent", I am not even sure any exists out there at all, and I am on record about extremely low quality of American "elites" and mechanism which "prepares" them, it is especially telling about Trump's lack of real leadership qualities which manifest themselves primarily in the ability to select both professionals and allies for a job. Trump got none.

Well, the way Trump is consistently absent from defending General Michael Flynn, speaks a lot. And then, of course, there is this little teeny-weeny issue of American "conservatism" which allegedly exists somewhere out there but is somehow obscured and is not allowed to manifest itself by this Conservatism Incorporated (aka Conservatism Inc.). Can we stop this charade, what goes under the title of American Conservatism Inc. IS THE American conservatism. It is a USA, USA, USA Ra-rah, NASCAR, NFL, flag waiving "conservatism" which is as conservative as I am Chinese. There is nothing conservative in American "conservatism" because it is radically Neo-liberal economically and ignorant culturally. As GOP demonstrated in the last couple of weeks it is not a conservative party. It hasn't been in ages. Real conservatism to be a viable ideology requires a nation and here is the problem, the United States never really coalesced into one and if any trend on true nationhood existed at some point of time, it was destroyed completely in the XXI century. Now the destruction is being formalized. And then, of course, there is this yet another teeny-weeny issue of "economy", with all that poison that financial capitalism is being a parasite on the host's body, in Michael Hudson's words, and American "conservatives" do not want to part with one. Fact is--they can't, they just do not know better. 

So, here we are, with Trump trying to stop another shyster's book from being released, and the issue is not just Ukrainegate, which whores from US media want to revive. At issue, I think, is a larger picture of Trump's betrayal of his promises (what's new for America) which were delivered through truly conservative theses written for Trump by his campaign speech-writers. All for naught. Not least through Trump's cowardice, weakness and inability to learn, which the very fact of Bolton's book being published is a powerful testimony to. After all, it is written by a guy:
I have to steal from James Kunstler: the nation where John Bolton or Lindsey Graham are considered "conservative", and the POTUS is paraded as a weakling not capable to surround himself with even remotely competent and dedicated people, and where the main tool of governing is Twitter account, such nation deserves fully a title of Clusterfuck nation. As for Trump, as they say: You Have Made Your Bed, Now Sleep In It

Monday, June 15, 2020

It Was Easy To Predict.

Almost two years ago I wrote: 
I do not want to go into the political theory of Fascism and what it stands for but in an ironic twist, American so called ANTIFA is precisely a fascist group (mob) under the control of some higher positioned so called liberal nutjobs. First, I hope that the issue of threats to Carlson's family and him will be addressed by law enforcement but here is a real issue--most in those so called "anti-fascist" and "anti-hate" (LOL) groups in the US are, with some minor exceptions, a collection of young delinquents who think that they can start a revolution. And here is the problem, they don't understand that people who really care about preserving what's left of the US at this point can also easily learn where those ANTIFA activists live. What is most important, among those people, very many are people with actual military, intelligence and law enforcement experience and that brings forth purely tactical and operational issues--not political ones.
The problem with that is the fact that US government is stuffed to the hilt with cowards. Donald Trump at this stage is irrelevant because... well, he is--he is a real estate shyster and reality TV personality. US Congress is completely insane, such as Democratic Party part of it, and cowardly across the board. Republicans are cowards and as I state for years the only difference between them and democrats is the speed with which they will sell you out. Let's be clear--people naturally afraid not so much for their lives but for their loved ones--wives, children, parents. Albeit American real manhood was on the downturn for decades--hence an obsessive love for Football, a rather very slow version of Rugby, but which by the virtue of those players looking like XX-XXI century "gladiators" allows to sublimate sexual fantasies of the American beta-males or, for that matter, horny unsatisfied females. In the culture where this is considered pretty normal:
One has to really ask a question, who are those "men" who fantasize seeing their own wife being fucked by a stranger. I know, I know, in a healthy society those are called losers and at best are looked at with pity, at worst... well, enter beta-males. American manhood was dissipated through a huge growth of urban office plankton, bizarre cultural practices, humanities departments which teach nothing and are staffed with former hippies, and a cowardice--a defining trait American political class, together with incompetence, exhibits on a daily basis for the last couple of weeks in its cuckolding of a barely alive America of normal people to Black Lives Matter. So, my point is that those "men" are more afraid for themselves than, probably their... whoever they live with. Wussification of urban American man is nothing new, very similar processes take place in every developed country with large portions of its urban population--people who do not really participate in a real productive labor, they wither away. It is a liberalism problem. 
It has to be pointed out that stolen valor incidents are not unique only to the North America, Russia, as an example, has it, but it is the scale of Stolen Valor fraud which is very telling. I know the overall number is large, just take a look at a generous Canadian list of BSers. I couldn't (yet) find FBI statistics on this issue in the US but I know a dynamics:
Mind you, those 600 are merely people who got benefits, those who claim to be "military" while being fraud--probably in thousands. It was noted after Osama Bin laden was killed in SEAL Team Six' raid in Pakistan that the number of those Navy Seals claiming to be the ones who pulled trigger on Osama grew considerably larger than around 1300 authorized military personnel of the whole damn unit.

Up to 20 queries a day!!! We can only assume numbers of creeps for the whole of the United States. I am not writing here about, however disgusting the whole fraud is, of the Stolen Valor, this is a symptom of a larger issue of a loss of masculinity in America, when a large number of "men" resort to outright lying trying to compensate for the lack of courage and being a real man. Enter US "elites", welcome to the new America which is burning and is turning into the land where the Constitutions means nothing, especially for cowards in D.C. Tucker today went on a rant (good one): 
But what is it all worth when you have people who are cuckolds "running" the country. None of them have any courage, none. Because they are beta-males. Remember this? 
Or this, aw poor John, he had to work when he was young. 
Or this one:
Those emotional men, they are so into their families who happened to live in the country which is collapsing into the lawlessness and, effectively, stopping being any kind of "democracy", however fraudulent. Purges are coming, my friends, and the anti-Constitutional coup is in a full swing with real American men, for now, on the sidelines. Cuckolds from GOP, insane treasonous democrats and their storm-troopers of Black Lives Matter are deciding how to partition the country, while orange man in the White House tweets. Let's get emotional together and let's not forget that we all are Navy SEAL Team Six. All of us, from sea to shining sea.  

Sunday, June 14, 2020

He (She) Is One Hell Of A Boomer.

Russian Navy got its newest boomer of Borey-class (pr. 955A) three days ago. Prince Vladimir (Knyaz Vladimir) looks absolutely slick and you can see how he (she) differs from its pr. 955 (without A) in appearance. 
In other news Russia consecrated its newest cathedral. But I deliberately use here Al-jazeera's "reporting" since it brings up Alexander Goltz as "military expert". 

Alexander Goltz is anything but "military expert". He is a journo and a hack, typical occupation for Russian (Russian???) liberda, which subsists primarily on grants from Western NGOs, and the man has zero (in fact, negative) expertise on any military issue other than some re-processed Western BS propaganda on matters of war and peace. His place, probably, is in some "think tank" which provides pseudo-academic platitudes for whatever purpose is financed in or from D.C. And having this hack being called a "military analyst" is an insult to military professionals everywhere. I think he could be good as a chief editor for adult magazine or anything not requiring real expertise, there are some children's magazines out there, are they? But that is the fate of modern Russian liberda--people without education and any applicable skills. Yet, the Cathedral is open now and it is a powerful reminder of a sacrifice Soviet people made at the altar of historic Russia's independence.