Monday, June 15, 2020

It Was Easy To Predict.

Almost two years ago I wrote: 
I do not want to go into the political theory of Fascism and what it stands for but in an ironic twist, American so called ANTIFA is precisely a fascist group (mob) under the control of some higher positioned so called liberal nutjobs. First, I hope that the issue of threats to Carlson's family and him will be addressed by law enforcement but here is a real issue--most in those so called "anti-fascist" and "anti-hate" (LOL) groups in the US are, with some minor exceptions, a collection of young delinquents who think that they can start a revolution. And here is the problem, they don't understand that people who really care about preserving what's left of the US at this point can also easily learn where those ANTIFA activists live. What is most important, among those people, very many are people with actual military, intelligence and law enforcement experience and that brings forth purely tactical and operational issues--not political ones.
The problem with that is the fact that US government is stuffed to the hilt with cowards. Donald Trump at this stage is irrelevant because... well, he is--he is a real estate shyster and reality TV personality. US Congress is completely insane, such as Democratic Party part of it, and cowardly across the board. Republicans are cowards and as I state for years the only difference between them and democrats is the speed with which they will sell you out. Let's be clear--people naturally afraid not so much for their lives but for their loved ones--wives, children, parents. Albeit American real manhood was on the downturn for decades--hence an obsessive love for Football, a rather very slow version of Rugby, but which by the virtue of those players looking like XX-XXI century "gladiators" allows to sublimate sexual fantasies of the American beta-males or, for that matter, horny unsatisfied females. In the culture where this is considered pretty normal:
One has to really ask a question, who are those "men" who fantasize seeing their own wife being fucked by a stranger. I know, I know, in a healthy society those are called losers and at best are looked at with pity, at worst... well, enter beta-males. American manhood was dissipated through a huge growth of urban office plankton, bizarre cultural practices, humanities departments which teach nothing and are staffed with former hippies, and a cowardice--a defining trait American political class, together with incompetence, exhibits on a daily basis for the last couple of weeks in its cuckolding of a barely alive America of normal people to Black Lives Matter. So, my point is that those "men" are more afraid for themselves than, probably their... whoever they live with. Wussification of urban American man is nothing new, very similar processes take place in every developed country with large portions of its urban population--people who do not really participate in a real productive labor, they wither away. It is a liberalism problem. 
It has to be pointed out that stolen valor incidents are not unique only to the North America, Russia, as an example, has it, but it is the scale of Stolen Valor fraud which is very telling. I know the overall number is large, just take a look at a generous Canadian list of BSers. I couldn't (yet) find FBI statistics on this issue in the US but I know a dynamics:
Mind you, those 600 are merely people who got benefits, those who claim to be "military" while being fraud--probably in thousands. It was noted after Osama Bin laden was killed in SEAL Team Six' raid in Pakistan that the number of those Navy Seals claiming to be the ones who pulled trigger on Osama grew considerably larger than around 1300 authorized military personnel of the whole damn unit.

Up to 20 queries a day!!! We can only assume numbers of creeps for the whole of the United States. I am not writing here about, however disgusting the whole fraud is, of the Stolen Valor, this is a symptom of a larger issue of a loss of masculinity in America, when a large number of "men" resort to outright lying trying to compensate for the lack of courage and being a real man. Enter US "elites", welcome to the new America which is burning and is turning into the land where the Constitutions means nothing, especially for cowards in D.C. Tucker today went on a rant (good one): 
But what is it all worth when you have people who are cuckolds "running" the country. None of them have any courage, none. Because they are beta-males. Remember this? 
Or this, aw poor John, he had to work when he was young. 
Or this one:
Those emotional men, they are so into their families who happened to live in the country which is collapsing into the lawlessness and, effectively, stopping being any kind of "democracy", however fraudulent. Purges are coming, my friends, and the anti-Constitutional coup is in a full swing with real American men, for now, on the sidelines. Cuckolds from GOP, insane treasonous democrats and their storm-troopers of Black Lives Matter are deciding how to partition the country, while orange man in the White House tweets. Let's get emotional together and let's not forget that we all are Navy SEAL Team Six. All of us, from sea to shining sea.  

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