Thursday, June 11, 2020

Lavrov, Help!!!!

I am now so unoriginal, so stale, so predictable in mocking those cretins from Wall Street and their accompanying media that my only response to this:  
Out of "nowhere",  "nowhere", seriously? Is this:
I will remind what Lavrov says this moment: Imbeciles, Fuck. I can give you many reasons why it is NOT from "nowhere", from complete fraud that Wall Street and US financial system are, to a sheer, utter incompetence of US "elites" across the board. But, of course, this doesn't look good either, because it is a death knell for a US "energy" sector which was blown into bubble by cheap credit and financial and geopolitical manipulations.
 As per "second wave" of Covid-19, as I said it before--I do not buy any "statistics" originating from WHO or, for that matter, any American "org" because most of it will be fraud. I am still waiting for a reliable data in this seasonal flu with a clear distinction of causes of death and then, maybe, I will make up my own mind once I have data--for now it is primarily statistical masturbation. What is clear already today that Covid-19 is NOT what it was presented to be, plus, against the background of the US being flushed down the toilet, this whole "pandemic" cannot be taken as merely a public health event. US economy, meanwhile, follows in the wake of US Constitution--into oblivion. 

I stumbled today on Duran's discussion of the fate of the West in general and US in particular. Guys make some mistakes of geopolitical nature there but in general they are correct, especially when talking about rational thought--the most important brick in the foundation of Western culture.
Well, it is gone, it was gone for a long time, because Western "education" is a joke starting from school, that is why West is not agreement-capable and that is why its "elites" are mostly morons, even if they have doctorate degrees in some useless shit like political science or journalism. It is a complex problem and it is not solvable through some "tweaking"--it is generational, it is cultural. It is profound. I wrote about this for years. So, this "nowhere" thing has a set of very particular addresses and most of them are in the open. It is just that this crop of Western "elites" is incapable of seeing it--they do not have vision.

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