Tuesday, June 16, 2020

You Have Made Your Bed, Now Sleep In It.

I seldom refer to such media cloaca as WaPo, but here is where I break my own rule:
Tell me who your friends are and I will tell who you are. For those who don't remember: Donald Trump was very enthusiastic to have coward and cuck John Bolton as his National Security Adviser. I think Trump recognized in Bolton his very own other--aggressive chicken-hawk trying to hide his cowardice behind....Well, why don't I repeat myself from the last year:
It has to be understood very clearly that Bolton-Trump and Trump-Pompeo relations are symbiotic ones. If one recalls--Trump made his admiration for Bolton known even before Trump was considered a serious contender for the Oval Office. In the end, he DID hire Bolton. Both Trump and Bolton are frauds as statesmen: Bolton is a Beta-male and a coward who sublimates his complexes in aggressive rhetoric and behavior, this is not to speak of Bolton being an Israeli asset par-excellence.These are precisely the traits Trump recognizes in him because he is one himself. Recall his statement about his, Trump's, "military background" he received in a... boarding school for boys. Recall how Kevin Costner's character in undeservedly chastised The Postman, in the final battle with Will Patton's character, astutely notices how one fraud can recognize the other. This is exactly the situation. Trump is fool, but Bolton is merely an experienced bureaucrat, which testifies to the level of Trump's foolishness and incompetence. I doubt there is any Good Cop-Bad Cop dynamics there.  
Now Trump wants to stop Bolton's memoirs from being released on June 23. Oh, come on Donny, wait till Pompeo gets out (or is removed) of your admin--I am sure another "salvo" of "revelations" will follow to make NYT national best-seller list. Stalin was prescient when uttered his now sacramental: "Cadres decide everything". But then again, we are talking different "weight categories" in terms of intellect and life experiences, with Stalin winning even without getting in the ring for a fight. Trump's cadre "policies" or, rather, lack thereof, are astounding--the number of treasonous (both to him and the country) mediocrities (at best) which he at different times appointed or pushed through as his proteges (like this cuck Gorsuch) is very impressive. From Bolton, to Mattis, to Gorsuch, to Milley, to yet another coward Sessions--the list is telling. It is not only telling in terms of a very shallow pool of America's statesmanship "talent", I am not even sure any exists out there at all, and I am on record about extremely low quality of American "elites" and mechanism which "prepares" them, it is especially telling about Trump's lack of real leadership qualities which manifest themselves primarily in the ability to select both professionals and allies for a job. Trump got none.

Well, the way Trump is consistently absent from defending General Michael Flynn, speaks a lot. And then, of course, there is this little teeny-weeny issue of American "conservatism" which allegedly exists somewhere out there but is somehow obscured and is not allowed to manifest itself by this Conservatism Incorporated (aka Conservatism Inc.). Can we stop this charade, what goes under the title of American Conservatism Inc. IS THE American conservatism. It is a USA, USA, USA Ra-rah, NASCAR, NFL, flag waiving "conservatism" which is as conservative as I am Chinese. There is nothing conservative in American "conservatism" because it is radically Neo-liberal economically and ignorant culturally. As GOP demonstrated in the last couple of weeks it is not a conservative party. It hasn't been in ages. Real conservatism to be a viable ideology requires a nation and here is the problem, the United States never really coalesced into one and if any trend on true nationhood existed at some point of time, it was destroyed completely in the XXI century. Now the destruction is being formalized. And then, of course, there is this yet another teeny-weeny issue of "economy", with all that poison that financial capitalism is being a parasite on the host's body, in Michael Hudson's words, and American "conservatives" do not want to part with one. Fact is--they can't, they just do not know better. 

So, here we are, with Trump trying to stop another shyster's book from being released, and the issue is not just Ukrainegate, which whores from US media want to revive. At issue, I think, is a larger picture of Trump's betrayal of his promises (what's new for America) which were delivered through truly conservative theses written for Trump by his campaign speech-writers. All for naught. Not least through Trump's cowardice, weakness and inability to learn, which the very fact of Bolton's book being published is a powerful testimony to. After all, it is written by a guy:
I have to steal from James Kunstler: the nation where John Bolton or Lindsey Graham are considered "conservative", and the POTUS is paraded as a weakling not capable to surround himself with even remotely competent and dedicated people, and where the main tool of governing is Twitter account, such nation deserves fully a title of Clusterfuck nation. As for Trump, as they say: You Have Made Your Bed, Now Sleep In It

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