Thursday, June 18, 2020

I Love This, LOL.

The moment I said that "progressive" districts should be completely denied any police protection, poetic justice comes, LOL. 
Oh, poor stupid bitch, she now calls it a domestic terrorism. Oh no, it is no "terrorism" it is just a normal Modus Operandi of US Democratic Party. You want a police protection? Well, I am sorry--you do not qualify. You are a Democrat, so, please, contact your local Black Lives Matter and inquire about protection. Oh, they are gonna rob you and may Murder-Death-Kill you? I am sorry, you do not deserve protection, your MDK Protection score is low--please apply to CHAZ/CHOP defended area, they will review your applications in due time.  Sorry, no police protection, those cops do not want to be accused of MDK while trying to protect you, stupid bitch, and your family. Don't like it? Find the nearest gun store and ask the white guy there (or maybe a white gal, or even black dude who cares) about how firearms operate. If they are kind enough, they may sell you some smaller caliber guns. Other than that--my suggestion stays--move with your family to CHAZ/CHOP. While moving there, take this pathetic cuckold governor Inslee with you there. They will explain to him really fast what his useless "education" in law is worth. A hint: it is worth shit.

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