Wednesday, June 17, 2020

France, Karma Is A Bitch.

Recall those wonderful French warriors for the rights of poor Chechens against brutal Russians who wanted, for some reason, wipe out the nest of Wahhabi terrorism in Chechnya? Of course, as long as Russians and other ethnicities in Caucasus, primarily civilians, were slaughtered and taken slaves, enlightened France wasn't bothered. Even after the terrorist acts of Chechen "freedom-fighters" (ISIS are also "freedom-fighters" in the West) at Dubrovka at Nord-Ost Theatre and after satanic slaughetr of innocent children in Beslan, French felt a need to give shelter to those refugees from Chechnya, despite FSB warnings about large percentage of those "refugees" being either potential or established war criminals. 

Americans once ignored Russia's warnings (numerous ones) to FBI, CIA or Power-ball Lottery organization, and two Chechen boys (obviously out of a deep love for the United States) created a mayhem in Boston, including killing and maiming innocent bystanders. Now France gets a load of her Chechen diaspora which decided, while dealing with another ethnic mafia, Arab one, to show who is real ruler of France, or soon will be. Dijon looks so peaceful, so laid back nowadays. 
France wanted it, she's got it. Even Le Figaro came out with this headline:  
You know, a punitive expedition of Chechens. I have a recipe, though, for France on how to handle this situation--in a typical French manner--the whole France must kneel. I am sure Chechens will deal with North-African gangs which really run now whole parts of France much better than cowardly French police and whatever passes there for government. Here is more from Dijon. 
I don't think French have much time left to exist as a nation anyway, and so my suggestion will be to remove whatever was not declared haram there yet (some Louvre collections, Napoleon's remains etc.) to a more secure locations primarily in Eastern Europe, closer to Russia, which has a massive experience of saving world's cultural treasures, including whole cities, such as Krakow, destined for destruction. In general, Fifth Republic is a joke and it just proves my point that Russia should erect an Iron Curtain with Europe and allow in only those who demonstrate normal human values. In the end, popular in Russia clarification in ads for rent or real estate sale "for Slavs only", maybe extended to "for Gauls only". France, enjoy and do not forget to kneel--it is precisely the pose in which beheadings are done. Enjoy your "freedom-fighters". Karma is a bitch, isn't it?   

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