Friday, July 29, 2016

Mosquito Bite.

As I wrote some time ago about Russian Navy's newest Karakurt-class small missile ships, these ships will have a very potent air defense system, navalized Pantsyr, installed on them. This was confirmed today by Deputy Defense Minister of Russian Federation Yuri Borisov at the ceremony of laying down latest project 22800 (Karakurt) MRK "Shkval" (Squall) at Pella shipyard, not far from St. Petersburg.  Unlike other, now very famous, Byan-class (project 21631) MRKs, armed only with rudimentary Gibka air-defense complex, navalized Pantsyr gives 800-ton Karakurts  ability to not only effectively defend themselves against a variety of air threats but even perform AD functions while operating as escorts. 

It is too early to speculate on what this navalized Pantsyr will be, but it is clear that its naval version will retain both missiles and guns in complex. It is an extremely intelligent system and it brings a completely new capability to a small ships which already pack a tremendous punch both in anti-ship and land-strike configurations and are capable to operate up to 3,000 miles from the base.

It was a dream of Admiral Aube, known for his fanatical support of Jeune Ecole,  to see such a fleet operating on the high seas. Well, looks like his dreams, as well as validation of Jeune Ecole concepts, have finally been fulfilled....150 years later. Talk about maturity of technology. Mosquito fleet is coming out, missiles and guns blazing, to change naval warfare forever. We are, as incomparable Captain Wayne Hughes wrote, in missile age and there is no escaping it.  Complex networks of MRKs, SSKs, land based aviation, integrated vertically and horizontally, capable to absorb a blow and then strike back with immense force--we are at the cusp of a revolution in Sea Denial and A2/AD.


Wednesday, July 27, 2016


While the media world is overtaken by the series of horrible events such as terrorism or DNC and Hellary's nomination, Russia continues to slowly renew her submarine fleet. Hull number 6 (that is number 5 if to disregard Severodvinsk) of Graney M-class (project 885M) SSGN Perm', is going to be laid down on July 29, that is on the eve of the Russian Navy's Day.  Subs of this class carry P-800 Onyx (Oniks) and Kalibr missiles and are capable of striking just about anything on land and on and under the water. As the index "M" suggests, other five hulls after Severodvinsk are built to modernized specifications and are even more capable than the leading ship of the class. These are subs which most likely will carry hyper-sonic 3M22 Zircon missiles. This, together with signing of contracts on restart of production of completely modernized strategic bombers TU160M2 can tell us that Russia does take her security damn seriously and will retain and improve her ability to strike anywhere globally both in nuclear and conventional fashion. In addition, Graney-class subs are an embodiment of Sea Denial force which is a major threat to any navy. 
Severodvinsk under way.
TU-160, also under way.
All in all, a busy month for Russia's Armed Forces....

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

It Has Started.

Remember I recently stated that this is just the start? Well, sadly, events are developing too fast to even properly react. Forget "tolerant" Germany which is still reeling from self-inflicted death wound but now something totally new. From France, obviously. 

This is new to Europe. For Russia it is not. While fighting West-supported "freedom fighters" and "rebels", in reality jihad terrorist internationale, in Chechnya number of cases where Russian Orthodox priests and nuns were taken hostage and killed were observed. Such as Father Chistousov killed in Grozny in 1996. But for France this is most likely another "first" (I am not 100% positive) and French better get used to living with the idea that nothing, and I want to stress--nothing--will be beyond reach. Churches, schools, kindergartens--all is for terrorist grab. Neither France, nor Europe as a whole are ready to deal with it and the issue is not just treasonous political "elites" nor incompetence of the anti-terrorist organizations. No. The issue are French and Europeans themselves. They allowed this to be done to themselves and I don't accept any argument of well-meaning or people being lied to by main-stream media. We live in the world of  IT when it is possible for any person with even average IQ to put an effort in learning about the world. How much time is left until it becomes completely uncontrollable, and it will, I don't know. But I am sure that supporting LGBT, multiculturalism and watching Hollywood trash will help to deal with life-and-death problem.... In related news, Russia is offering lands in Siberia and Far East for free and Vladivostok and Khabarovsk are lovely in Spring. Irkutsk has some superb theaters. 


Friday, July 22, 2016

Debily Blyad'

Remember Lavrov's now famous "Fukking Morons" (Debily Blyad')(c) on press-conference with Saudis re: Syria in August last year? 

Well, guess what? Because they are fukking morons they tried it again, today.

This statement by Saudi Foreign Minister says it all:  

 “Assad’s days are numbered," he said, “so make a deal while you can.”

Diagnosis: Total delusion by main sponsor of Islamic terrorism in the world, thinking that Russia will "make deals" with them. But then again, them being morons prevents them from seeing the world for all it is. Especially with this Saudi shithole thinking that it can dictate anything to Russia. 

What can I say? Debily Blyad'. 


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

France's Finest.

France's Foreign Ministry seems to be in serious competition with US State Department for producing dumbest, most irresponsible and amoral hacks ever. Special mention is awarded to UK's Foreign Office.

I already wrote a truck load of stuff on total degeneration and imbecility of Western "elites" but each time I think we reached the bottom, someone knocks from beneath. This time it is France's Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault. As Le Figaro reports, the moron (I am sure France's finest) raised concerns about Assad Troops besieging the cities of Aleppo and Daraya trying to clear them from those wonderful moderate terrorists. Suddenly, France is really concerned with the fate of population of those cities. 

Google Translate will do a fine job. Well, obviously, Jean-Marc Ayrault somehow forgot France's absolutely crucial (together with US and UK) role in bringing about all those ISIS terrorists to life and playing a decisive role, through neocon midget Sarkozy, in first dismantling and turning Libya into hotbed of jihadism and then, through efforts of Hollande, devastating Syria with the help of same "moderate terrorists" who kill and maim people in France in a string of latest terrorist acts. This is not a hypocrisy--it is pass that now. We are talking about people who are insane in every possible human way. Yet, instead of being placed in the asylum or being tried as war criminals (Sarkozy and Hollande are war criminals), these imbeciles continue to run their own nations and the world into the ground. But then again, come to think about it, French deserved it--they elected these criminals and they have to live with them and decisions they make. Russia went through purgatory of 1990s to understand her own national failure and she learned her lessons. Will France do the same? Only time will tell if EU "human rights" virus finally finished the nation of De Gaulle. For now it seems it did and I am not sure if any immunity is left in the grey mass of politically correct, pretentious French electorate. I am not sure I can call France a nation anymore. I hope I am mistaken.    

Democratic US-supported "Rebels"... Do What They Usually Do.

They behead children, rape, pillage and, in general, impose all those proverbial "moderate" democratic values against this brutal "dictator" Assad. 

It seems that US is getting a kick out of supporting all kinds of Islamic jihadists starting from Soviet-Afghan War through present day. And here is a thing--when in 1941-42 Soviet Union started to inform the Anglo-American Allies about atrocities Nazis committed on Soviet territory those facts were...dismissed out of hand as propaganda. Well, we all know how that turned out to be. Today's reality is such that US has lost not just some but any high moral ground after providing a "stellar" record of supporting all types of scum from Kosovo criminals to Al Qaeda associated terrorists, so when it was stated that US-supported "moderate" so called rebels are nothing more than terrorists there was a lot of indignation on the part of State Department. Well, what does State Department think now? Not that they didn't know that they supported terrorists or maybe....drum roll...they didn't, since new US "elites" long ago lost any ability to recognize an ultimate evil.   

Moderate Rebels

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I Am Still Keeping A Pause

I am still keeping a pause in regards to Turkey's events. I just don't like to jump to conclusions, especially when events are so chaotic and so complex--Turkey is a very complex country. I am also waiting for tomorrow's Ankara's "announcement", which, as is being stated in media, will be sensational. Before I drop some of my thoughts BEFORE this announcement (whatever it may be) I want to point out to a yesterday's interview of Turkish Navy's Rear-Admiral (Ret.) Soner Pollat to Azerbaijan's news outlet Haqqin (Time). Admiral's interview to Zaur Rasulzade has a telling title: 

The interview is in Russian but Google will be able to do the job. I am not going to speculate who was behind the coup until all details emerge. But ramifications of coup's failure--and I am beginning to lean towards the version that the coup was not staged--are tectonic and global. The reason for that is simple: if Erdogan is not an idiot, and if he allowed the coup to play out it means that he is not, his political good fortune and fate, as well as Turkey's, are not in EU or NATO--they are to the East. Erdogan, as I type it now, is already doing a real hard "reset" with Russia both by stating his desire to work with Russia and Iran on Syria and by arresting pilots who shot Russia Su-24, "allegedly" by Gulen's "orders". OK, we know that it is all expedient political spectacle, but there is little doubt that Erdogan has emerged  from this coup empowered and with mandate and his obvious re-orientation towards Russia and, by default, with it to Eurasian Economic Union is unmistakable. The time of turbulence for Turkey is only starting but for Erdogan and his people it becomes obvious whom they should talk to and those are not people from D.C., let alone Brussels. That is much is clear now and the implications are colossal, especially when one considers that Erdogan started rapprochement with Russia BEFORE the coup and this fact speaks volumes. Let's wait till tomorrow....


And She Didn't Want To Die

There is something inherently human in naval ships--no matter what nation, what navy. SINKEX--Sinking Exercise of USS Thach (FFG 43) of venerable Oliver Hazard Perry class couple days ago somehow got me sad. Good ole' frigate just didn't want to die. 

There was something human in all that. I've seen it all before but each time my heart is not in the right place... call me sentimental if you wish, but naval ships are created to fight and defend you, to the best of their (and your) ability and that is how bond is created. It is strong and I can only imagine the feelings of USS Thach veterans. But she (in Russia naval ships are he) went with a bang...

Friday, July 15, 2016

Je Suis...Whatever.

I already made this point several times, here is one of these:

European "Elites".

Europe is not ready to really fight terrorism, neither is US. Even Nice tragedy is not going to change anything. Nice terrorist act is a bloody and brutal testament to a complete bankruptcy of EU's in general, and France's in particular, social and cultural ideas. It is also a testament to impotence of European "anti-terror" organizations and (and I write this with a very heavy heart) Nice tragedy is just another one in what is shaping to be a first and early iteration of the European civil war. More tragedies will follow. Make no mistake there will be again candle vigils, kumbaya singing, tears and invocations of some "spirit" and "values"--all of this is a complete Bullshit. This is war and the war is with Islam. Not just some Caliphate and ISIS--no, those are merely latest extreme jihadist iterations of Wahhabi scourge--but large European spaces, cities mostly, are not European anymore. Those are forbidden zones where only Shariah law is enforced and where no Europeans are allowed while hatred against the host nations is preached in local mosques. Europe did it to itself and while doing so she both grew own "domestic" terrorists and allowed even more in from the outside. Obviously, Sorbonne-"educated" lawyers are not acquainted with such term as pre-deployment of forces. If French think that their tough-talking midget Sarkozy will change anything--good luck with daydreaming. Current European "elites" will sell Europe to Islam's "cultural enrichment" while thinking that they will be able to endure in their gated communities. On the other hand--why "will", they already sold everything there ever was to sell.

It is very difficult to imagine some hipster from Paris even conceiving that he may need to learn how to shoot (both handguns and rifles), that he need to know how to fight with and without knife, how to defend his woman (wife, girlfriend etc.), how to provide first medical aid, how to orient oneself in urban and other environments. No, I can not see this. European culture was so emasculated that at this stage, I think, the number of European metrosexual wussies is larger than the number of European true men who still retain some balls and semblance of normal man's instincts. The enemy these remaining European men will be facing (or, rather, are facing already) will be on the order of magnitude more determined, often combat trained and this enemy will be indoctrinated with every ideological postulate which makes Islam aggressive and dangerous. In the end, Saudi and Qatar (among other Gulf shitholes) financed Islam is what Anwar Shaikh termed as "the instrument of Arab imperialism", which it is. Islam is more than religion--it is a complete worldview system which sees "peace" only after the whole humanity is converted to Islam and Sharia rules the world. So, good luck, gun-hating, LGBT-worshiping, Obama admiring, sneering at Christian values and faith, feminine Euro-wussies with facing the guys who are totally ready to kill, rape, pillage and, most importantly, die. I know on whom my bets will be. 


Make no mistake, my hearts bleeds and I weep for Europe and Europeans, but I do have an acute case of schadenfreude when imagining how this almost whole European political and media class, most of which is comprised of insane multi-culti feminazi liberals with no applicable life and professional skills is beginning to sense something coming.  Those treasonous low-lifes better start making arrangements in advance, because once Enoch Powell's "Rivers Of Blood" prescient warning becomes a reality (it is in the process as I type this), it will be them who will be done with first by either side of the emerging conflict. But that is my, so to speak, a somewhat emotional response to a tragedy in Nice. Now to more rational parts. 

Not all Muslims are terrorists but almost all terrorists are Muslims is more than just truism. It is, in some sense, operational concept. Islam and Christianity are not compatible--all this pseudo-"scholarly", fluffy talk about them being from the same source as Abrahamic religions is just that, empty words. World DOES have Islamic terrorism problem, it also DOES have an issue with Muslim communities in non-Muslim lands--those communities never, with some minor exceptions, integrated, do not integrate and never will integrate into the host nations. In Europe it is now reaching catastrophic proportions. To address this problem one MUST address the problem:

1. Domestically and this means serious "profiling" and "restriction". Any Wahhabi activity should be stopped and mass deportations started;
2. Internationally: ISIS, Al Qaeda and War in Syria come to mind immediately. 

Here is the catch, US IS NOT going to fight terrorism. It will continue to imitate the war but will continue to support "moderate" Islamic terrorism all the same. Kerry's visit to Moscow solves absolutely nothing--it is all about big power politics and has more to do with Russian-American power balance than with war on ISIS. It is also about perceptions and saving Obama's face. Europe, on the other hand, simply has no guts nor means to deal with terrorism in Syria on any serious level, in the end Europe thought of ISIS and AQ as good tools of ridding Syria off Assad, as their masters in D.C. told them to do. After several recent publications in Russia, the interview with Colonel Murahovsky, Chief Editor of Magazine "Fatherland's Arsenal", gave a very good insight into the whole Russia's military-strategic kitchen. In an interview properly titled Without Illusions And Exaggerations: About Difficulties Of Syria Campaign, Murahovsky is brutally honest when assessing fighting capabilities and operational acumen (or rather lack thereof) of SAA, especially when compared with....ISIS. But then again, Arab's inability to plan and fight modern combined arms war is legendary. Considering the fact that Russian advisers merely play training (and only when allowed) and mediating role in Syria, it is naive to expect both Syria's and Iranian forces to improve operationally more than they did already. Murahovsky's interview comes down to what I was writing about since the inception of Russia's campaign in Syria--a Damocles Sword of Russia's Fast Reaction Forces which can provide what many in Russia are calling for now--a ground operation. 

Murahovsky sees this 2-3 months long operation in concert with US Army. But then again, Murahovsky sees this operation as the means to an end of obliteration of ISIS and its infrastructure--United States can not accept it for a number of reasons, both domestic and international. There is very little doubt that Pskov and Ivanovo together with US 101st or 82nd  Divisions will do the job just fine in required time frame and clean Syria from ISIS but again--US doesn't want to do this, not least because it has its own SOBs there and Obama can not simply abandon his suicidal "Assad Must Go" meme. Obama, and US with him, were humiliated more than enough. This leaves...... yes, Russia's airborne divisions as possible first wave of troops there. But, but....will Putin listen this time to his General Staff as opposed to Ministry Of Foreign Affairs? Who knows. But Russian Armed Forces today are completely capable of finishing job in Syria on their own and in a fairly short time. This is a strategic factor and in my humble opinion one of the major points of Kerry's visit to Moscow was to tie Russia with procedural diplomatic BS for as long as possible and not to allow Russia to actually finish the job in Syria by means of deploying there a serious ground force. This event may completely exclude US from any decision on Syria and completely expose its role in supporting Al Qaeda affiliated "opposition" terrorist groups. And so, the waiting continues. Some say--through November, until US election cycle is over. This, I don't know. I think this election factor is greatly exaggerated, but we will see soon enough. These are my short, on the run, thoughts on the issue almost immediately after the tragedy in Nice. My heart goes out to French people and I think there are many of us around the world--aging farts who still remember how to shoot and command, who would consider strongly, if (or rather when) shit hits the fan in Europe, to come to aid. I just cannot conceive living the rest of my life with Notre Dame De Paris turned into mosque.


Thursday, July 14, 2016

It Is Kinda Too Late, Isn't It?

This should have been done 9 months ago and it could have been a very serious message to Islamic terrorism. Russia and US fighting jihadists together. But it wasn't meant to be, in fact--opposite, driven by US hubris and paranoia, was implemented. Now, Kerry brings to Russia some "plan" which IS NOT designed to fight ISIS.

The only reason for Kerry's top level meeting with Putin, and Lavrov, is to ensure that lame-duck Obama can get at least some face-saving something from the US-engineered "Assad-Must-Go" catastrophe in Syria. It is understandable entirely against the background of Obama Administration's utter disaster in foreign policy. We all may, of course, do the "what if" thing and imagine what if Obama was a competent and courageous national leader, what if US foreign policy establishment wasn't run by insane neocon war-mongering Russophobes, what if US media had at least some professional integrity--yes, then things would have been different. Far fewer people would have been dead and the only militarily sensible conclusion would have been made--that it is in US interest to cooperate in good faith with Russia in fighting such a scourge as ISIS, Al Qaeda and affiliates, not to support them. Now, obviously, no one in their own mind in Moscow (or in Russia) believes in US "good intentions" for the sake of defeating jihadists in Syria. 

I will expound on Kerry's visit and the "plan" later but for now--all attention on Putin and Lavrov, while Russia's Air-Space forces continue to do their job.


To be continued......


Sunday, July 10, 2016

Congrats To Portugal

My sincere congratulations to Portugal, guys with balls of steel, with their gritty win in European Cup 2016. You were really tough and really good mofos--true grit, true team. That is why we love this game. Portugal, rejoice!!!


Friday, July 8, 2016

The Contry Run By Imbeciles...

Well, boys and girls, these are your public "servants" who really, really, really do care about your jobs and prosperity. I am being facetious, of course. This quote from Rep. Sherman (D-Calif) gives some hint on why such a preposterous decision was made:"Iran Air's aircraft will undoubtedly be used in the future to continue to funnel lethal assistance to Assad, to Hezbollah, and to other terrorist entities."  Do you get my drift (wink, wink)? Loyalty to Israel is a big deal in US politics. 

Meanwhile Airbus and some Russian aerospace firms are gladly reading these news. And why not--$17.9 billion is a big chunk of money. At this stage one has to ask a question, apart from Congress and White House consistently not representing the real interests of the majority of American public, how stupid one has to be to lose such a massive financial opportunity which could have had a positive multiplicative effect on the economy? The answer, apart from being at the service of other than US interests, is--one has to be a complete imbecile, or, rather a collection of those.  

And He Went On The...Facebook.

Really!? No, really!? The President of the United States in a face of an unfolding calamity he directly is culpable in goes on the fukking Facebook to still promote points which really tear his (???) country apart. It is beyond belief. 

‘Their lives matter’: Obama issues lengthy statement on police shootings

Mr. President, how about dropping this BS: In the meantime, the president urged Americans to resist falling “into a predictable pattern of division and political posturing,” and instead try to “come together as a nation, and keep faith with one another, in order to ensure a future where all of our children know that their lives matter.” How about taking responsibility for stoking racial tensions in already bitterly divided nation (nation???) and admitting that these are mostly your "if I had a son" thugs who perpetuate the violence, mostly black-on-black, but also going beyond the "fences" of their welfare sucking, Obama-phone using, drugs and abuse promoting, "kill whitey" rap listening hoods which are a cancer of today's America. Mr. President--you are one of those who promotes this degenerate, violent thug culture under the guise of outdated and completely corrupted "civil rights" demagoguery. But why I even waste my time, I am sure this bimbo Beyonce will provide White House with all necessary "expertise" on race relations.... RIP to Dallas Police Officers (and bystanders), my heart goes out to their families. The descent into oblivion continues....  

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Back On Watch (conclusion).

In conclusion what has to be said from my personal impressions:

a) Russians seem to be quite content with West's sanctions and, in fact, many support them. Sure they do, once one considers that Russian made products--food and consumer goods, among many, most of a very good quality--begin to dominate the selves of the  stores. 

b) Against the background of events in Ukraine, which looks more and more like a vast mad house, Ukrainian restaurants and even libraries of Ukrainian literature stay open. One of them was located right next to our hotel. 

All this while Kiev regime destroys everything Russia-related in Ukraine. Needless to say, for some reason vast numbers of Ukrainians, especially from Western Ukraine flock to work for hated by them Moskals in Moscow, St.Petersburg and elsewhere. Why don't they stay in their highly "European" Lviv or Ternopil but try by all means to get into this "Asiatic" and highly "Non-European" Moscow is a question for Kiev's European and US curators who consider Ukraine to be a "democratic" country.  And here is the issue--is Russia a European country in a sense which normal people perceive Western Civilization? Absolutely! Russian spiritual and cultural root is in Byzantine Christendom and in this sense modern Russia is on the order of magnitude more European than degenerate Europe itself. At least Russians do not perceive European "values" to be that:

No Swimsuit Day: Madrid allows nude bathing in public pools to 'educate & transmit Western values'

This kind of "progressiveness", gladly embraced by European "elites" and by large swaths of European population, can create a very predictable reaction in Russia, most importantly among young people, and it will not be pretty for "transmitters" of such "Western values".  But then again, Russians are so "backward" but it is precisely this "backwardness" which sustains Russia. Indeed, it is inconceivable to view running around public with bare ass and genitalia, proclaiming this to be a value, in the nation which still remembers and treasures her heroes and sacred spirits from millennium ago through present. 
The Tomb Of Unknown Soldier
The Assumption Cathedral
If "traditional" European West is to survive as civilization, it is not going to develop the antibodies, which would fight an almost incurable decease, in Brussels or Paris (least of all Paris), the cure will come from the "East", granted, of course, that West will have enough strength (and courage) to call out for help. Will it do it? This is yet to be seen.  US? That is a separate game altogether and I will try to reflect on it soon.  


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Back On Watch (cont'd).

As I said I will give some account of my latest trip to Russia and here it is. What needs to be pointed out immediately is this:

1. Russians (and especially Muscovites) are generally well aware of the world outside. My sense is that they are aware of the world on several orders of magnitude more than Americans or even Europeans. As I stated many times in this blog--it comes naturally, memories of wars and sacrifice are as alive as it was true in my childhood, which was quite some time ago. I had a very interesting discussion with youth (distant relatives and relatives in law) one warm night near Moscow. The interest about US was lively but even this youth (ranging in age from 25 to 31) radiated what Leo Tolstoy called in his War & Peace "the warm light of patriotism", when describing Russian soldiers on the eve of Borodino Battle. It is there and it shows. These are very bad news for neocons.
Memory Hall in The Victory Park. There Are 2.6 Million Crystal Pendants-Tears Hanging  From The Ceiling--Each For A Fallen Soldier.   

Lend-Lease M-4 Shermans And Matildas Are proudly Displayed.

2. Life is not easy for anyone but it is also not what is being peddled by Western media. Not even close. People still go out, they still buy things and department and grocery stores are always packed. The choice of products both consumer and groceries is, actually, startling. I bought a superb Russian-made shoes--leather, comfy, nice. Well, they came out around 60 USD which is a hefty sum but there are very many less expensive options which work just fine. Fact is, I wouldn't mind getting to one of the huge Russian market places (rynok) where variety of stuff is offered for a fraction of the price. We simply didn't have time. 

3. Moscow and around it--everything is uber-computerized, everything is scanned, including universal cards for all modes of public transportation--from metro through buses and trams. As it is well known, Moscow's traffic is a nightmare and even colossal Moscow's major streets (sometimes 12-14 lines of traffic combined) have issues handling the flow. Yes, Moscow is gigantic but it is what is inside it that makes her stand out. Major arteries are incredibly wide and there is construction everywhere--2018 FIFA World Cup is coming. The worst part is narrowing of famous Tverskaya Street which leads to the Manege Square.  As I already stated, to comprehend Moscow's scale one has to be there physically and try to get the bearings while standing on the isle near Arc De Triumph   on Kutuzovsky Avenue--the space seems limitless despite colossal buildings and skyscrapers of Moscow-city towering in distance. Lovely villages around Moscow (if not for a freaking heat-wave) are a much better way of spending time, granted that one has an ample supply of Jack Daniels and a couple of good cigars;-) 
In Village.
4. One can literally feel Russians visceral hatred towards Medvedev's cabinet and, in general, towards so called "liberals". I merely confirmed what I wrote many times about--it is only Putin and his immense popularity which keep the so-called "pro-Western" operatives from hanging from the lamp posts. The hatred is palpable. So, good luck to combined West with supporting these scumbags.  Russians' attitude towards Europe is that of condescension (deservedly so, I may add) and nobody has any illusions on Europe's and US' account. Russians do like Trump though.  

To be continued......

Monday, July 4, 2016

Back On Watch

Flew back yesterday from Moscow, just in time to pour some bourbon and light a cigar for the 4th.  17 hours combined (Moscow, Domodedovo--Frankfurt, Germany--D.C., Dulles and SeaTac, Seattle) in the air will do a trick on anyone.  I will write about this in depth soon. Moscow, as always, is a plethora of senses, her scale is beyond comprehension of those who never experienced this metropolis. It ranged from 85 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit with sick humidity most of the time. Traffic, skyscrapers, streets, humanity moving in gigantic flows, Chinese are everywhere (holy crap!), glitz, misery, enormous wealth, fuck..g Starbucks where they torture you with interrogations including what kind of roast (light, medium, dark) and other things you want. Girls? My son will not recover from that for a long time, I know;-) 

We caught bells' tolling in Kolomenskoye  and took elektrichka beyond Moscow. So, my advice:

1. Don't go there in Summer, unless you are lucky to catch a break temperature-wise;
2. They will treat you to espresso anywhere from BP gas-stations to some shitty dive; 
3. Scale! Paris, Berlin, NYC--don't even compare. Imagine LA and Orange Counties combined and packed with high-rises and humanity. Distances are colossal, Wi-Fi is everywhere, including famous Moscow Metro (you can call from  from 300 feet underground)............

Ah, yes, when in Kremlin--Vlad was there, the standard was there. Beer is everywhere, hotels are fine (our Holiday Inn was superb, and girls at front desk--holly molly!!! This is for young people, I am happily married for 33 years, I mean it). It is THE happening in its most concentrated form.......
Soviet, American, British, French Allies in Victory Park in Moscow. 
 To be continued.....