Friday, December 30, 2016

If You Think That...

I will mourn openly a tragic demise of legendary Alexandrov's ensemble, don't. I held my profound minute of silence already. If you think that I will discuss President Putin's masterful response to Obama's anti-Russian hysteria, don't. On the New Year's eve I want to point out to some East Coast uber-liberal's epiphany. 

Anthony Bourdain slams ‘privileged’ liberals for ‘utter contempt’ of working class

Even if Tony does it out of pure desperation, born out of crushing defeat of liberalism, it is already good. But if he means what he says, that hard working people in US (and not in US only) were treated with contempt by liberal office plankton, much of which has no idea on what productive labor is, then it is even better. This whole liberal ideological cabal (not only, though)  exists only because some people get up early each day and begin producing: milk, wheat, steel, clothes, cars, jet planes, ships, frying pans (there was lately an upsurge in "Made In USA" frying pans), whiskey, beer, guns, satellites, modems, bricks, lumber, locomotives... you name it. For some dimwit from Wall Street or from many "liberal" economic "think-tanks" it could be incomprehensible to grasp that there is NO "post-industrial" world--a figment of imagination of some Davos "thinkers". It is not a post-modern world, unless one resides in NYC or in San-Francisco, it is the industrial world of modernity and this modernity came back to claim its proper place in history. Yes, by mercilessly kicking liberal ass and the boot which kicked this ass was the boot of some working man (or a woman) and that is the way I like it. I can live just fine without Bill Maher, or Tony Bourdain. I would rather live without pretentious, shallow Ivy League "educated" political "scientists" who are always wrong, without MSM, without this "creative" class only small portion of which is any good--the rest is trash. But I will take whatever I can. 

So, I wish everyone this upcoming year of 2017, the fulfillment of their wishes and return to sanity to those who are still capable of doing so. In the end, respect people who feed, dress, transport, teach, treat and save you. Respect a working class man and a woman. 

                                   Happy New Year!!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

I Wish You All A Wonderful Christmas.

I also wish, however unrealistic this wish may be, a peace on Earth, you know--the absence of war, for people to have time to express their love to their closest ones and contemplate the fate of our planet. Have a wonderful and Merry Christmas. Incomparable Kelly Clarkson (and Reba and Trisha) wish this to you too.

But we call it Merry, apart from the main reason, for a number of wonderful other, very down to earth, reasons. You know, like a bottle of Gentleman's Jack and nice cigar underneath the tree;-)  Wonderful, cute Kelly again. Merry Christmas, everybody. 


Thursday, December 22, 2016

To The Credit Of Fox News

Tucker Carlson brings Stephen Cohen to his show and a remarkable conversation happens--honest and in agreement. I didn't see that in a long while. Cohen's points for the most part are valid, but especially so his lament of this current geopolitical insanity being perpetrated by the so called "progressives". This also, however circumstantially, answers the question about who gave the order to assassinate Ambassador Karlov. 

Meanwhile, the truth begins to surface at the affiliates of a major network. 

As Russian proverb (also spoken in one of the cult movies of 1990s Brat, "Brother") goes: The God is not in power, he is in truth.  

Left's Insanity.

I can only shake my head in disbelief. This would have been the future for the US should HRC have won the election. A dictatorship of fringes, Orwellian cultural reality which would at some point have resulted in a massive bloodshed in the US. We all avoided this fate so far. 

Man kicked off JetBlue flight for questioning why Ivanka Trump was on it

Here are some corrections:

1. The "man" who did this is not really a "man" but a "husband" of other man in a relations in which neither is a man. 

2. He didn't "question", he harassed Ivanka and her three children, even the "wife" (who is another "man") of this "husband" confirms this in her (his?) tweet. 

I do have a question and a statement: Mr. President of the United States (I drop "elect" things--no use), you have to understand that the whole future of the United States and, to a degree, of the world, as normal places, hinges today on you being calm, collected and in a good spirit. There are many nutjobs or completely consumed by hatred to you and your family "ideological" types out there who wish a great harm to you personally and to your family. While I believe that Secret Service carries out its duty properly, I can not conceive why Ivanka and her children should fly regular commercial flights. This is unnecessary exposure of closest to you people to what can become a tragedy waiting to happen. Decrease your exposure to a potential danger. Ivanka could have been using a private jet to move around and no normal person would have accused her of elitism or snobbery. Today she MUST fly separately from general public in the midst of which some ideological zealots or dangerous operatives wishing to harm can lurk. 

Mr. President, if you don't want your children to use private jets, you are a New Yorker, come on, get your people to Brighton-beach  to at least find some Russian bouncer Vasily Petrov or Ivan Drago (preferably former VDV para-trooper), in one of the Russian restaurants, or get some Vinny "Torn Spleen" Bonaducci to travel with your children commercial and beat the shit out of anyone who dares to harass them. These types of guys will be OK to spend a year or two for assault in one of the numerous penitentiaries for a very reasonable price and a huge moral satisfaction. My heart goes out to Ivanka and her kids. Stay and travel safe, guys.     

From Creek To A River.

You may recall my August post about German family which asked for political asylum in Russia. While many people want to emigrate to Russia, which is world's #2 destination for immigrants after the United States, immigration from the third world to a more developed nations is nothing new. There is nothing surprising in many Tajiks or any other Middle Asian nationals trying to get their green cards in Russia--they number in millions, including a large illegal immigration, and are, evidently, voting with their feet from the lands which so desired their "freedom" from "evil" USSR/Russia in 1991. Evidently local "democracies" and "economies" "improved" so much that for a huge segments of those nations the only way to survive is to get to Russia and start sending hard-earned money back to the relatives who remain in their now free (from Russians) lands. I do not have a schadenfreude moment here, if anyone wonders, far from it--I feel for many of those people but Russia has no responsibility nor resources for restoring what was given to those people under the Soviet power. In the end, they did want their "freedom", sometimes by means of ethnic cleansing of Russians--they got it. Culturally, those people are largely alien to Russia and contribute, if at all, mostly in low skilled labor segment. No doubt, some do get fully Russified but the problem of illegal immigration and with it of penetration of Islamism into Russia is a very serious issue.   

However, the immigration from Western Europe to Russia is a separate matter. How large is this flow of West European immigrants is difficult to assess as of now. Bar some very high profile people such as Steven Seagal or Ornella Muti getting their Russian citizenship, it is very difficult to even separate, such as in German case, if these are "native" Germans immigrating to Russia or Russian Germans who merely return, after their Germany's odyssey, back to their Russian motherland. Here is another example of Germans getting to settle in Russia. Such as Martens' family. While the article is in Russian, Google Translate will do a fine job for those who are interested. 

This large family (10 kids, no less)  are Russian Germans who not only returned but chose to settle in deep Siberia in a small town of Kyshta. This family, as well as "native" German Griebach family are a very good indicator of a strategic reasons for not only possible, but, actually, highly probable causes of West European immigration to Russia. 

1. Islamization of Europe which proceeds apace and will not be stopped because of what none other than John Derbyshire defines as a "Nationalist Ceiling" there. Derb, whom I respect deeply, even when I disagree with him (and that happens once in a while) is fairly straight forward in his (which happens to be mine too) assessment: "Politics and religion draw on some of the same mental modules. So perhaps there is a similar ceiling for nationalist politics among white Europeans. Perhaps the nationalist parties over there are doomed never to get above thirty percent support—and so never to get power. If that’s the case, and given the number of Third Worlders pouring in to the continent to swing the balance even further against native nationalism, Europe is toast."
Sadly, it is the case, plus, as I stated not for once, I can not, for the love of God, to even conceive how some Brussels or Paris brainwashed politically correct office plankton will have any desire to get the weapon, let alone organize and go fight for own survival. I simply don't buy this anymore. 

2. Total depravity of current European "culture". Martens' family is such a case--they simply refused their children to be "sexually educated" in Germany's public schools. If German porn, and I am not talking about proverbial run-of-the-mill German plumbers, or Gay-pride parades in Berlin, are any indication we can only imagine the final objective of German schools' "sex education"--it is, basically, indoctrination in a depravity and normalization of the most disgusting sexual and (a)moral practices. In this sense Russia, which is by no means a prude, on a level of general population (that is vast majority of Russians and other peoples living there) is on several orders of magnitude saner place than contemporary Germany. Plus, Russia's parents may, in case of such an "education" being imposed on their children, simply get together know, baseball bats are easily available in any Russian sports goods or even Walmartesque  Auchan stores. There are precedents. 

3. This is the last point--and this is more a metaphysical one. Europe simply stopped being a Europe as we all understood that for many decades. Fact is, by becoming a post-Christian post-Modernist it also stopped being the "West" as it is known for millennia. The United States is a separate case, both US and Russia are two opposite extremes of European culture and after Trump's victory one can feel the air of hope in the US--it may not come to a fruition but mostly white, Christian hard working people of America spoke, plus, they are armed to the teeth and proud of it. Russia also boasts similar attitudes and getting weapon in Russia is much easier than it is in Europe and the discussion of a complete legalization is ongoing. 

And here is my prediction. I usually hate all kinds of predictions but this one I am pretty damn sure about. The exodus of Western people to Russia (and to US) will only increase. As Eduard Limonov, not without a merit, boasted recently about Russia: "We are West now". He has a very good point. While criminal Merkel is presiding over Germany's cultural demise, more and more "native" Germans will look towards Russia. Some are already settling in such places as Hungary but the real opportunity in every sense is only in Russia--the size of land, of population, of economy and largely conservative culture is what inevitably will attract many Germans to such a degree that serious consideration on moving to Russia will be given. Very many Russian Germans already returned to Russia. More, many more will follow. In the end, the horrible Russian national soccer team needs the guys who can actually play. One of them is already playing for it. Germans are good at it. 

What about other European nations? I don't know. Russia has an enormous experience, sometimes tragic, sometimes triumphant, of dealing with Germans--these people must be given a most warm welcome in Russia, and they, probably, will get it. French, English? If Barclay De Tolly's or Mikhail Lermontov's backgrounds are any indication, at least Scots assimilate just fine. Will French or English people go to Russia? Some, certainly, will. A lot will also depend on how the Far Eastern Hectare program will evolve, among many other factors. In general, a prevailing mood in Russia is that if Western Europeans will decide to immigrate to Russia, be it in search of a fortune on the Russian Far East or in the Middle Russia's farming, or in Russia's metropolises--they will find a warm welcome as brothers and sisters, however hapless and troubled, should be given. This, combined with improving Russian birth rates, may, in the end, ensure the survival of Europe as a great civilization it once was. The pace of the World's change today is breathtaking and what yesterday seemed as a far-fetched fantasy, is a reality today. We witnessed this already many times. In the end, for many West Europeans it may come down to not having any other options since their "elites" already betrayed them. 

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Liberated Aleppo.

Remember those bloodthirsty FSB (KGB, NKVD...whatever fits) and GRU agents coercing people of Crimea, namely Pheodosia teenagers, into expressing their joy and celebration under the cute tune by Pharell Willians "Happy". Remember? We can only guess what happened to those people.  Sent to GULAG I guess, never to be heard from again. Possibly Putin, who, as we all know, is worse than Hitler, personally executed them. Here is the latest Russian atrocity--staging Christmas celebration in just liberated Syrian Aleppo. Can you imagine how much went into this theater? How many Syrian Christians and their Muslim brothers had to be tortured and coerced into such a jubilant mood when celebrating Christmas in the city liberated from "moderate" terrorists and enlightened jihadists. This has to be one of the most vile exhibitions of Russian "hybrid warfare". Just take a look.

It seems with Russia atrocities never end (wink, wink). 

Andrei Karlov's Murder (Update)

Well, Mr. Kirby may deny whatever he wants, not that US State Department's claims are believed by anybody with a handful of neurons in their brain, but Jaish al-Fatah, another iteration of JAN, which is Al Qaeda, took responsibility for the murder of Russia's Ambassador to Turkey. How interesting, what a coincidence, which can not be ignored, that these guys are favorite les enfant terribles of... I don't even know where to start but let's try: Senator John Mccain, CIA, Mr. Obama, US MSM--you know, the people who continue to insist that unicorns, aka "rebels" and "moderates" exist in Syria. US has a "stellar" record of growing, grooming and using their jihadists--be it Afghanistan, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, you name it, and now Syria.

I lived in the US long enough to NOT remember anything of the level of all-encompassing hatred and Russophobia which dominates US media today. From CIA's own Morell to US Generals openly calling for killing of Russians:

Should such calls be made in Russia by any person, forget about Russian officers--it is inconceivable for Russian officer to call for killing of Americans on a network TV or in press--such a person will find himself facing a book being thrown at him for inciting violence and hatred. Today, anti-Russian hysteria in the US is a new normal and now, that US-supported jihadists did their dirty deed, I was astonished not to find at Yahoo news page anything mentioning the fact of JAN (or whatever the title they are using now) taking responsibility for Ambassador's murder. Once one considers who currently formulates and runs US foreign policy, one has to only recall a very famous proverb, in its rough variant: if it looks like a shit, smells like a shit and tastes like a shit then it  probably is a shit. We have to wait till 20th of January 2017 when so much needed sanity will return to the Oval Office but we must always remember: dirty deeds done dirt cheap.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Andrei Karlov Is Assassinated.

Russia's Ambassador to Turkey, Andrei Karlov, was assassinated in Ankara today. The terrorist, who was killed, shouted all kinds of slogans, including:"We die in Syria, you'll die here". 

The situation is still fluid and I am one of those people who hates to jump to the conclusions, but one thing is for sure--such an act, at this stage, is less likely to originate within Erdogan's circle. There is still a probability that Erdogan may have gone berserk but, in my opinion, such a probability is not very high. What is of the most interest is how Obama's Administration will try to put a good face on what was committed by US supported and trained jihadists. There is no denial of this fact of desperation from them, as well from Obama, who is extremely busy after Trump's victory in trying to ruin as much as possible for incoming new US President. I will elaborate on this situation later, when more facts will see the light of the day. For now, my sincere condolences to the family of Andrei Karlov. Now observe how "Western" media will play this situation in favor of jihadists.

P.S.  All this happened while I was writing a large post on Obama's so called "legacy". Here is one of the facets of his "legacy". 

UPDATE: Now Reuters (well, it is a sewer but it is what it is) breaks such thing:

 'Very strong signs' Turkish gunman linked to U.S.-based cleric: official

Judging by the phone talk between Erdogan and Putin immediately following Russian Ambassador's assassination and both sides agreeing that this atrocity was a provocation before Syria talks in Moscow between Turkey, Russia and Iran, and, if one strongly considers (as I do now) that failed coup in Turkey was Gulen inspired, things begin to point into a very specific direction. All this is happening as Berliners are being run down by a heavy truck at Berlin's Christmas Market and a shooting in Switzerland around one of Zurich's mosques. The pattern is more complex than the obvious picture which emerges. Remember, today is the day when state electors vote for Trump? And yes, for those who think that this is all--there is a whole hell unfolding right now at Debaltsevo in Donbass with Ukrainian Army trying to break through and, while doing so, sustaining heavy losses. Does more complex pattern begin to emerge now?

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Mogherini, Take Your Place, Together With Europe.

The Europe's place is in steerage. The audacity of some second-rate European bureaucrat in trying to pretend that post-Obama and Merkel-Hollade's Europe has any right or ability to influence the dialog which is about to start on the new global order is breath-taking. Federica Mogherini really thinks that Europe will talk shit about Russia, impose new sanctions and then cooperate with Russia in effect against Trump, especially so regarding Iran's nuclear deal. Talk about being delusional.  

Did Mogherini (and EU morons) call Moscow and ask if Moscow is interested? Of course not. EU, such as some of its members as France, were too busy being sad about the fate of supported by them jihadists in Aleppo. So much so, that Eiphel Tower went dark. France, who, together with US, are the main sponsors of various Al Qaeda affiliated terrorist groups in Syria, is in mourning over her creation--these are European "values", folks. Europe is either going to rebel against the catastrophe which is unfolding there (the probability of that is minimal) or it will fairly soon complete its, already in progress, cultural, and economic, and social suicide and for that, for this unenviable fate Europeans can blame only themselves, and such people like this shithead Mogherini, and those who are behind her. In the end, we, personally, make our choices, even when it is really hard. The Kremlin's response to Mogherini's (EU's) idiocy was measured but firm: "It is obviously dangerous to be friends against someone. This is definitely not the approach which is in Russia's interests".  I will translate it from diplomatic language: EU, go fuck yourself, your days are numbered anyway. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

John Moffat, You Will Live Forever.

Sad news. On December 11, at the age of 97, John Moffat of Royal Navy, a pilot who launched that torpedo which finally sunk Bismark, departed this world to forever fly his Swordfish in heaven. I salute you, Lieutenant Commander. You will be remembered and missed. 



Thursday, December 8, 2016

Boeing As A Lesson.

This news bit caught my attention yesterday.  

Here comes a question: what is Boeing? I have an answer--it is a premier global aerospace company with incredible history of innovation and first class products when it comes to civilian aircraft. Today, Boeing is a state-of-the-art aircraft (and some space systems) manufacturing conglomerate with the world-class labor force. It is, in many respects, is a trend-setter in civilian aviation globally and it is massive both numerically and geographically, not to mention its very many facilities, not least of which is the largest building (by volume) in the world at Boeing's main civilian assembly plant in Everett, WA. Go, visit it, if you have a chance, it is damn impressive. In other words, Boeing is a national treasure of the United States, one of its major national symbols the same as Statue Of Liberty, USS Arizona Memorial, NASA, Smithsonian, Arlington Cemetery, Apollo spaceship, nuclear aircraft carriers, Ford Motors, what have you. 

In other words, Boeing is a combination of a massive national symbolism and of a damn serious scientific and manufacturing substance. Boeing long ago transcended traditional meaning of private company since it is, unlike fraudulent US investment banking system, is too big and way too important to fail. That is why Boeing exists within, however not-advertised, system of US government contracts and support. Is Boeing perfect? No, not even close, but if Bank Of America fails tomorrow, yes, there will be serious consequences, some economic disruptions, some CEOs may go to jail and some Wall Street a-holes may get heart attacks or may even commit suicide. But within fairly short time this failure will be addressed and the life will go on. Now, imagine if Boeing fails. Depending on what this failure may be, but Boeing's "failure", which may stop such a company in its tracks implies immediately that if Boeing fails, the US also does. It means only that something in the United States went so wrong that it changed its economic and social fabric and relegated the US to the ranks of not so great powers. Boeing is one of the pillars of the United States' superpowerdom. Merrill Lynch and its owner BOA are not. Now back to the news bit with Donal Trump's tweet. The question:

What kind of "economy" is this which is based on the mood of mostly ignorant, however wealthy they may be, hacks who have a nervous system of rabbits. If reasonable tweet by US President-elect regarding one of the very important but by far not life-dependent contracts does, indeed, send the shares of one of very few American companies which can, actually, back 99% of its activity with actual and in very high demand products, not some BS mostly virtual service, what does it tell us? Of course, an argument can be made that all these "shares" and Wall Street mumbo-jumbo are just that--a virtual, detached from the real life, speculations on the expectations of profit. And they are. Well, that plus buyouts of own stock by companies in order to increase their "capitalization". Sure (sarcasm on),  "capitalization" of the New York Life Insurance and of Boeing are the "same" in nature, yes, and I am an alien from planet Zoltar. And here is the point--all this yesterday's story with Boeing shares making a dramatic dive after a rather reasonable tweet by President-elect Trump are a perfect testimony to a bizarre extremely fragile and mostly virtual mechanisms of Pax Americana and of its demise. How so, one may ask and here is the answer. 

25 years, after the end of the Cold War, that's for how long US "global order" existed.  It is being sent to the dust bin of history as I type this. After all, Trump's main campaign slogan of making America great again implies directly that she is not that great at the moment. Of course, even today, the United States is a global superpower and probably will remain so for a long time, but US "shares" are in the tailspin. The reason for that is that, as in case with Boeing shares, the main bet is not on substance, manufacturing base, educated and highly professional labor force and high-tech machinery, the bet is on expectations of profit. Thus the real value is being largely ignored in favor of greedy perceptions and "expectations", which have some stupid terms, such as "stock performance", attached to them. And here is the deal with Pax Americana--it was built on perception, not on real deal, it was built on US military power as its main pillar. As long as this power's "stock" was "performing", US geopolitical "shares" grew. Almost exactly like those "high performance" stocks and "shares" which brought to us all the collapse of 2008, which followed the implosion of real estate market and its shady lending practices. Trump's tweet yesterday was an external factor which sent Boeing's shares down. US geopolitical "shares" went down, among many other factors, largely as the result of external factor. Somebody "tweeted" and US "shares" went into the tailspin. Boeing shares, obviously, "recovered" and it was inevitable--Boeing does produce a real deal, in fact, in very many respects Boeing is a definition of a real deal, unlike most of the snake oil traded on the Wall Street. But is the United States a Boeing or is it now a Bank Of America or some insurance company with "high performance" shares, which have behind them nothing but virtual money? 

The whole Pax Americana was built around US claiming a "victory" in the Cold War and selling to the world its image as military power capable of global domination of anyone, anywhere in the world. This all came as the result of live TV broadcasts in 1991 of US-led coalition demolishing Saddam's Army. But when everything is said and done and we all, hopefully, will get us some more stable, less chaotic, less dangerous world, historians will inevitably ask a question, apart from questioning US' complex internal factors, what was that "tweet", that external factor, which started the collapse of Pax Americana and made the emergence of true multi-polar world possible? This blog of mine....well, me personally, all right, was trying to answer this question all along, from the very first post. The year of this blog's plaque is 2014, the time when US-supported and financed neo-nazi coup in Ukraine went into the bloody overdrive on the land of Donbass. I personally knew that at that point of time that the war unleashed at people of Donbass by murderous Kiev's junta will have a massive geopolitical ramifications, which will change the world. And so they did. The problem? D.C. and its think-tankdom, all of its "experts" failed to see that it was in Donbass where the "tweet" about US wars' and warfare's prohibitive costs was being composed. The first letter of this "tweet", actually, was written on 08-08-08 when elements of "weak", "backward", "no good" Russian 58th Army demolished NATO trained and partially equipped Georgian Armed Forces. It took 120 hours to do so and after that Russians, instead of "celebrating" the defeat of no good force, unleashed a squall of criticism on their own Armed Forces. But even if to discard this fact, for many real professionals around the globe the message was clear: combined arms warfare never disappeared. In Donbass, 6 years later, this was demonstrated in full force. This was no your average Arab military, however large, this was a war in which serious C4ISR, ECM and ECCM capabilities were employed. Some battles there saw tank battalions engaging each-other head on, they also saw how grossly outnumbered but seriously supported by Russia Novorossia force literally bled white the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which had, in the words of Ukrainian "President" audacity to place themselves among the "five strongest armies in Europe". But the truth remained unchanged no matter how one would try to obfuscate it, and I quote myself:

"For COIN crowd, yet again--Combined Arms Operations remain a principal method of the Continental Warfare".    

No, not the warfare designed to fight some backward Afghani dekhans in the environment of a complete firepower dominance, not some large Arab military designed to mostly march on the parades, but the warfare which would put serious armed forces on the opposite sides of a conflict and it was here where the main pillar of Pax Americana could hardly put anything as a shining example of a success. Indeed, and let's be very forthcoming with ourselves, hunting from the air for some jihadist group under the conditions where only your fighter/attack jet's malfunction can bring you down is hardly a big deal. In fact, it could be fun. Try to do so under the conditions of being constantly jammed, tracked by serious AD complexes, and being yourself not a hunter but hunted--game changes completely. The same goes for the ground operations or, for that matter, naval ones too, albeit in a different way. Was United States ready to face the consequences of such a warfare? Make no mistake, US Armed Forces are very professional and really good at what they do, especially US Navy, but they didn't encounter near peer, let alone peer, since 1950. As Colonel Davies succinctly observed:  

The truth is, the United States is nowhere near as powerful and dominant as many believe.

And that is precisely what war in Donbass and, eventually events in Syria demonstrated fully. The world at large is not just a collection of imbeciles (who dominate Europe's political life), there are millions upon millions people out there, on all continents, who, thanks to Al Gore's invention of the internet (wink, wink) have almost unobstructed access to a lot of relevant to Pax Americana information. Forget about me, but very very many of those people eventually were able to arrive to the same conclusion to which Colonel Davies, or Colonel Macgregor, or a huge number of other military professionals globally have arrived after they started to question many American assumptions about warfare which is in the foundation of Pax Americana. The empirical evidence was simply not there. And once this process started, the unpleasant truth, sometimes accompanied by hysterical response from many ideologues of American exceptionalism, started to emerge. 

1. US can not win conventional war against China. Fact is, I, personally, can not even conceive how this can happen. Any suggestion about US sending some "expeditionary force" to fight in mainland China? Well, of course, history has a record when even such a brilliant and courageous man as Admiral Arleigh Burke, being a very serious anti-communist, during his tenure as CNO once proposed the 900-ship Navy which was.... beyond the American industrial capacity even if all resources would be spent on shipbuilding. I can totally see US Navy defeating, under some circumstances, PLAN but it is absolutely not the same as fighting a combined arms war against China's ground forces. US simply has no resources to do so. Some peripheral operations? Yes. Fighting China's Army on mainland? Give me a break. 

2. US can not win conventional war in Russia's vicinity. In Russia's immediate neighborhood US will have to face a peer in every possible way: from the air, to the ground and to Russia's littoral. This conventional battlefield, God forbids, will look apocalyptic for both sides. But Russians will be fighting in defense of their motherland. What would US force be fighting for? For "democracy", for "American values"? Such fight will see US casualties skyrocketing compared even to Vietnam and even at the pre-deployment stage--Russia has a massive state-of-the-art conventional stand-off arsenal, capable to attack any NATO's staging areas from London to Poland. As Colonel Macgregor writes: "In 110 days of fighting the German army in France during 1918, the U.S. Army Expeditionary Force sustained 318,000 casualties, including 110,000 killed in action. That’s the kind of lethality waiting for U.S. forces in a future war with real armies, air forces, air defenses and naval power. Ignoring this reality is the road to future defeats and American decline. It’s time to look beyond the stirring images of infantrymen storming machine-gun nests created by Hollywood and to see war for what it is and will be in the future: the ruthless extermination of the enemy with accurate, devastating firepower from the sea, from the air, from space and from mobile, armored firepower on land."
China and, especially, Russia both are in possession of such lethality. Even Iran, which may become a target for US attack, can successfully defend against US ground invasion (which will be the start of a suicidal war for the US) and it can respond in number of ways to make costs, both human and political, of such a war absolutely prohibitive for the United States. So, after Donbass and Syria, which demonstrated that US doesn't have long proclaimed (and highly exaggerated) monopoly on modern warfare and is facing the emergence of peers who not only have capabilities but are actually damn serious about using them if attacked, what's left? The question is rhetorical. What's left are proxy wars (Ukraine, Syria) and a bit of "regime change" shtick which long ago stopped to impress anyone, as Macgregor states, "with a modicum of capability in their armed forces". Coming of Trump may finally put the end to this and it will be all good for everyone, United States first and foremost.

Can US Armed Forces wreck the havoc?  Sure as hell, but to what end? And the most important question is--will they be able to win the war, that is to achieve political goals, which Clausewitz defined as "to compel the enemy to do our will". Here, the answer is clear. Once this became clear, US' geopolitical  "shares" went down big time and it is felt around the world in most profound way, even to those who are in denial. In this case, we need all to ask ourselves a question, will Donald Trump be able to turn this current United States which are equivalent of virtual insurance company with its stock "performing" very badly, back into the Boeing--whose shares recover because of its substance and products which the whole world wants? This we will see--there is a lot left in US' gas tank and it still can come back, not as some geopolitical bully, but as what Boeing as a company represents--innovation, beauty and a dream whose limit is a sky, or space. This America is what will be truly great and which world at large truly needs. In this case Boeing is a truly great American lesson.