Thursday, December 22, 2016

From Creek To A River.

You may recall my August post about German family which asked for political asylum in Russia. While many people want to emigrate to Russia, which is world's #2 destination for immigrants after the United States, immigration from the third world to a more developed nations is nothing new. There is nothing surprising in many Tajiks or any other Middle Asian nationals trying to get their green cards in Russia--they number in millions, including a large illegal immigration, and are, evidently, voting with their feet from the lands which so desired their "freedom" from "evil" USSR/Russia in 1991. Evidently local "democracies" and "economies" "improved" so much that for a huge segments of those nations the only way to survive is to get to Russia and start sending hard-earned money back to the relatives who remain in their now free (from Russians) lands. I do not have a schadenfreude moment here, if anyone wonders, far from it--I feel for many of those people but Russia has no responsibility nor resources for restoring what was given to those people under the Soviet power. In the end, they did want their "freedom", sometimes by means of ethnic cleansing of Russians--they got it. Culturally, those people are largely alien to Russia and contribute, if at all, mostly in low skilled labor segment. No doubt, some do get fully Russified but the problem of illegal immigration and with it of penetration of Islamism into Russia is a very serious issue.   

However, the immigration from Western Europe to Russia is a separate matter. How large is this flow of West European immigrants is difficult to assess as of now. Bar some very high profile people such as Steven Seagal or Ornella Muti getting their Russian citizenship, it is very difficult to even separate, such as in German case, if these are "native" Germans immigrating to Russia or Russian Germans who merely return, after their Germany's odyssey, back to their Russian motherland. Here is another example of Germans getting to settle in Russia. Such as Martens' family. While the article is in Russian, Google Translate will do a fine job for those who are interested. 

This large family (10 kids, no less)  are Russian Germans who not only returned but chose to settle in deep Siberia in a small town of Kyshta. This family, as well as "native" German Griebach family are a very good indicator of a strategic reasons for not only possible, but, actually, highly probable causes of West European immigration to Russia. 

1. Islamization of Europe which proceeds apace and will not be stopped because of what none other than John Derbyshire defines as a "Nationalist Ceiling" there. Derb, whom I respect deeply, even when I disagree with him (and that happens once in a while) is fairly straight forward in his (which happens to be mine too) assessment: "Politics and religion draw on some of the same mental modules. So perhaps there is a similar ceiling for nationalist politics among white Europeans. Perhaps the nationalist parties over there are doomed never to get above thirty percent support—and so never to get power. If that’s the case, and given the number of Third Worlders pouring in to the continent to swing the balance even further against native nationalism, Europe is toast."
Sadly, it is the case, plus, as I stated not for once, I can not, for the love of God, to even conceive how some Brussels or Paris brainwashed politically correct office plankton will have any desire to get the weapon, let alone organize and go fight for own survival. I simply don't buy this anymore. 

2. Total depravity of current European "culture". Martens' family is such a case--they simply refused their children to be "sexually educated" in Germany's public schools. If German porn, and I am not talking about proverbial run-of-the-mill German plumbers, or Gay-pride parades in Berlin, are any indication we can only imagine the final objective of German schools' "sex education"--it is, basically, indoctrination in a depravity and normalization of the most disgusting sexual and (a)moral practices. In this sense Russia, which is by no means a prude, on a level of general population (that is vast majority of Russians and other peoples living there) is on several orders of magnitude saner place than contemporary Germany. Plus, Russia's parents may, in case of such an "education" being imposed on their children, simply get together know, baseball bats are easily available in any Russian sports goods or even Walmartesque  Auchan stores. There are precedents. 

3. This is the last point--and this is more a metaphysical one. Europe simply stopped being a Europe as we all understood that for many decades. Fact is, by becoming a post-Christian post-Modernist it also stopped being the "West" as it is known for millennia. The United States is a separate case, both US and Russia are two opposite extremes of European culture and after Trump's victory one can feel the air of hope in the US--it may not come to a fruition but mostly white, Christian hard working people of America spoke, plus, they are armed to the teeth and proud of it. Russia also boasts similar attitudes and getting weapon in Russia is much easier than it is in Europe and the discussion of a complete legalization is ongoing. 

And here is my prediction. I usually hate all kinds of predictions but this one I am pretty damn sure about. The exodus of Western people to Russia (and to US) will only increase. As Eduard Limonov, not without a merit, boasted recently about Russia: "We are West now". He has a very good point. While criminal Merkel is presiding over Germany's cultural demise, more and more "native" Germans will look towards Russia. Some are already settling in such places as Hungary but the real opportunity in every sense is only in Russia--the size of land, of population, of economy and largely conservative culture is what inevitably will attract many Germans to such a degree that serious consideration on moving to Russia will be given. Very many Russian Germans already returned to Russia. More, many more will follow. In the end, the horrible Russian national soccer team needs the guys who can actually play. One of them is already playing for it. Germans are good at it. 

What about other European nations? I don't know. Russia has an enormous experience, sometimes tragic, sometimes triumphant, of dealing with Germans--these people must be given a most warm welcome in Russia, and they, probably, will get it. French, English? If Barclay De Tolly's or Mikhail Lermontov's backgrounds are any indication, at least Scots assimilate just fine. Will French or English people go to Russia? Some, certainly, will. A lot will also depend on how the Far Eastern Hectare program will evolve, among many other factors. In general, a prevailing mood in Russia is that if Western Europeans will decide to immigrate to Russia, be it in search of a fortune on the Russian Far East or in the Middle Russia's farming, or in Russia's metropolises--they will find a warm welcome as brothers and sisters, however hapless and troubled, should be given. This, combined with improving Russian birth rates, may, in the end, ensure the survival of Europe as a great civilization it once was. The pace of the World's change today is breathtaking and what yesterday seemed as a far-fetched fantasy, is a reality today. We witnessed this already many times. In the end, for many West Europeans it may come down to not having any other options since their "elites" already betrayed them. 

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