Thursday, December 15, 2016

Mogherini, Take Your Place, Together With Europe.

The Europe's place is in steerage. The audacity of some second-rate European bureaucrat in trying to pretend that post-Obama and Merkel-Hollade's Europe has any right or ability to influence the dialog which is about to start on the new global order is breath-taking. Federica Mogherini really thinks that Europe will talk shit about Russia, impose new sanctions and then cooperate with Russia in effect against Trump, especially so regarding Iran's nuclear deal. Talk about being delusional.  

Did Mogherini (and EU morons) call Moscow and ask if Moscow is interested? Of course not. EU, such as some of its members as France, were too busy being sad about the fate of supported by them jihadists in Aleppo. So much so, that Eiphel Tower went dark. France, who, together with US, are the main sponsors of various Al Qaeda affiliated terrorist groups in Syria, is in mourning over her creation--these are European "values", folks. Europe is either going to rebel against the catastrophe which is unfolding there (the probability of that is minimal) or it will fairly soon complete its, already in progress, cultural, and economic, and social suicide and for that, for this unenviable fate Europeans can blame only themselves, and such people like this shithead Mogherini, and those who are behind her. In the end, we, personally, make our choices, even when it is really hard. The Kremlin's response to Mogherini's (EU's) idiocy was measured but firm: "It is obviously dangerous to be friends against someone. This is definitely not the approach which is in Russia's interests".  I will translate it from diplomatic language: EU, go fuck yourself, your days are numbered anyway. 

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