Saturday, April 30, 2022

Thanks To Andrei Raevsky And His Team.

They did a translation of this Chechen soldier talking about animals from VSU and Nazi formations killing civilians. Zaur, and his brothers are real warriors. Honorable.

You can see the full story at The Saker's blog too. But there is another thing here which I cannot avoid talking about. Obviously, Ramzan Kadyrov is an exceptional man in many respects, but what he and his Chechen warriors are doing today has a truly metaphysical meaning in healing the wounds of past wars. Heroism and sacrifice of Kadyrov people is not just appreciated, you have overwhelming majority of Russians expressing their love and appreciation of their both combat and humanitarian work. I never thought I would see this while I live, but it is an absolutely unique moment. 

There is a story now from some civilians in Mariupol who were hiding in the basement of the apartment block which was turned into the fortress by Azov animals. And then, after some time the sound of small arms and machine guns fire subsides and after the period of silence those civilians heard some steps above them. They thought that now, for sure, the end is near, knowing what Azov did to civilians. And then they hear: Allahu Akbar and Akhmat--Sila (Akhmat is Power) and the whole basement sighs in full relief: "Thank God, Russians!" In recognition of Chechen Kadyrov fighters contribution in fighting Nazis, their field leader and the MP of the State Duma from Chechnya Adam Delimkhanov had been awarded the title of Hero of Russia (in Russian). I am positive he is not the last one of Akhmat Regiment servicemen who will get that kind of highest recognition. The most important one, among Russian people, has been already earned. 

I Think This Fits The Moment...

... describing modern West.  You have to admit, Bob had his excellent moments both musically and lyrically. 

Here is another Exhibit A of:

Broken treaties broken vows
Broken pipes broken tools
People bending broken rules
Hound dog howling bullfrog croaking

Everything is broken. 

I wonder if Pentagon is embarrassed now?

After all, Hitler was also sentimental.  

But he was also a damn good actor, unlike John Kirby.

Friday, April 29, 2022

My Good Polish Friend Mike Krupa Sent Me...

...his piece at Consortium News. He gives an interesting introspective of Morawiecki's family and talks about the father of the current Polish PM who is very eager to start troubles in the Western Ukraine. 

It might come as a surprise to many, however, that this eagerness to be in the vanguard of the West’s proxy war with Russia in Ukraine, does not, so to say, run in the family. The Polish prime minister’s father, Kornel Morawiecki, who succumbed in 2019 to pancreatic cancer at age 78 and was a legend among old school anti-Communist oppositionists, is a case in point. Despite being the founder of one the most radically anti-Communist underground oppositionist groups in Poland in the 1980s, the Fighting Solidarity, Morawiecki Sr. in his late political career — during which he was an MP and senior marshal of the Polish Sejm — displayed an altogether different attitude towards Poland’s geopolitical position, and by extension, Russia. If one were to throw a simplistic ideological divide between the father and the son, we can say the father was definitely the realist, while the son was and remains the hawk.

Read the whole article, which Mike ends, after reviewing realist position of current Polish PM's father. Mike concludes this excellent piece with witty comparison.

This seems to be the modus operandi of the West — the United States in particular — when politically back-patting Warsaw for being useful in whichever type of war, cold or proxy, the West and Russia happen to be engaged. Kornel Morawiecki, one of the few public voices of dissent on this crucial and in fact existential issue for Poland, knew this well. Whatever his thoughts on the current war might have been, he succinctly summed up the current sentiment of many Poles: “Our foreign policy is unfortunately reduced to playing the role of Washington’s puppet.” Sadly, in this case, the apple has fallen very far from the tree.

This, however, is not the only excellent piece Mike writes at this turbulent time. Here is his another excellent history piece in the American Conservative. 

Regarding Russia, Poland Needs to Grow Up. It is past time for the Polish political establishment to implement the vision of Roman Dmowski for a mature foreign policy. 

It is this time that Krupa's voice of sanity and competent historical reflection becomes especially valuable and important. 

What Can Be better Than Stealing?

More stealing! LOL, Germany wants to expropriate Russia-owned refineries in Germany. Now, Poland wants the piece of the action too. 

As Poland desperately attempts to restore the flow of Russian gas to the country, its government has ordered Russian Novatek to hand over pipeline infrastructure or face legal action amounting to infrastructure expropriation.  On Friday, a Polish government spokesman told the Associated Press that Russian Novatek Green Energy had been ordered to make its pipelines available to Polish companies and that failure to comply would mean legal action. Invoking crisis management laws, AP cited government spokesperson Piotr Mueller as saying that the fate of Novatek, Russia’s second-largest natural gas producer, “depends on whether this Russian firm, linked to Russia, will cooperate in the proper way …. whether the employees, acting on some instructions, will not be trying to block this process in some way”.

But, wait a minute, it was Poland, if my memory doesn't fail me, who wanted spot-pricing initially, which drove prices through the stratosphere,  and then Poland underscored at every opportunity her independence from Russian totalitarian gas. And now she is desperate. Oh my, such a Polish thing to do. Sure, let Poland cease the pipe-line, see what happens. Polish political top brass should recall a fundamental principle of any war, bet that hot, cold or merely economic. It reads like that: war is a very democratic affair--the enemy also has a say. 

Understanding this fundamental principle seems to escape the minds of EU "elites" and as the result each time they get slapped in the face by Russia they get hysterical and forget, in addition to other forgotten things, that normal governance, same as normal war-fighting, is done based on contingency planning. Russians do contingency planning 24/7 and the results are showing in the last 8 years. Here is another demonstration of spoiled children running Europe into he ground.

Bloviation on the matters of "if Russia finds alternative buyers" is nothing more than verbal self-medication and PR. PR is the only thing Western "elites" are good at. Real governing and competent foreign policy--not so much. It is hard, one has to study hard, learn a lot and be incorruptible--a very tall order for both D.C. and Brussels. Plus, the news from the fronts in 404 are bad, really bad for NATO.  In fact, it is so bad, that great British mind, a strategist the likes of which world hasn't seen before to rise out of London, and who makes Winston Churchill and Disraeli look like amateurs, UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss called upon creation of "global NATO" and concluded with this:

The war in Ukraine is our war – it is everyone’s war because Ukraine’s victory is a strategic imperative for all of us.

So, quoting Harry Dunne from Dumb and Dumber (love this movie) in relation to this woman: "You know, Liz, just when I think you couldn't possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this...and totally redeem yourself!" Indeed, what other peaks of sheer idiocy will those people summit before they succeed in creating a wonderful mix of Orwellian horror and Idiocracy slap-stick comedy.  Especially UK, who really provides as of lately a bulk of stupefying geopolitical cretinism, while being the nation in precipitous decline on all fronts and being noting more than America's chihuahua who is allowed to bark at guests at the party from master's lap. 

To demonstrate how bad are things for Kiev regime propped up by NATO? Here is Sladkov talking to Hero of Ukraine Evgeny Bova (In Russian).

Bova, a devout Nazi, Commander of the First Battalion of Marines of VSU, finds himself in an unfamiliar territory, that is being taken POW and that is why he still cannot completely grasp the fact that he is now merely an object and possibly some sort of exchange material for Medvedchuk. May be not. Here is yet another American freedom fighter, a former US marine, who went to 404 to fight those nasty Roosskies.

But evidently misunderstood a little bit the meaning of a real war, not some safari of shooting those "sand niggers", because Russian "snow niggers" (as The Saker loves to use such a taxonomy) are a bit different. The name of this guy is Joseph Cancel. A handsome guy, young, with wife and child left behind. What a waste. Can anybody explain to those guys that those Russian subhumans are not Iraqis or Afghan dehkans. Those primitive Rooskies have at their disposal excellent ISR complex and a lot of (and I mean a lot) high precision stand-off weapons, plus excellent artillery, including SMART munitions and other things which the US Armed Forces thought only they have. There is nothing romantic in being blown up by Iskander or be on the receiving end of X-101. I don't even speak about getting acquainted with Krasnopol munitions or being torn apart by Kornet's ATGM. So, now Western mercenaries begin to be killed and captured in wholesale numbers.

But one thing really caught my attention today. It is really disturbing to read because the rate of suicides, even considering a repair mode of any ship, is downright bizarre. 

As her one-year anniversary with the Navy approached last May, Hannah Crisostomo swallowed 196 pain relievers. Her organs shut down. Her brain swelled during multiple seizures and she stopped breathing. She was on life support for eight days, during which time doctors had warned her family that she may never regain normal brain functions. When Crisostomo woke up, she immediately wondered why she was still alive. Her thoughts grew more despairing during the next few weeks in the hospital and then in the Navy’s psychiatric ward. “If they keep me in the Navy, and they put me back in the same situation, I’m going to kill myself,” she recalled thinking, “and I’m going to be successful the next time.” That spring, Crisostomo, an aviation boatswain’s mate handler on the aircraft carrier USS George Washington, had been moved to night-shift repair duties. Amid disorganization on the ship during an extensive overhaul, Crisostomo said she was constantly berated for things out of her control.

Read the whole thing, it is both disturbing and stunning. The rate of suicides is atrocious and why? Because they have been forced to do duties on the aircraft carrier which is undergoing overhaul? Yes, these are also military duties, I am sure written in many manuals and many of those duties are not glamorous and involve often physical effort. They also involve dealing with noise, dirt, boredom and repetitiveness. The article, actually, makes a good point:

Smith disagreed when a sailor said living standards on the ship were not “necessarily up to par.” He said that the sailors get to go home most nights and that they were not “sleeping in a foxhole like a Marine might be doing.”

Excellent point. You have a cot, you have three hot square meals a day, snacks and, apart from traditional overhaul work-place risks of trauma, nobody shoots at you, let alone you are not under fire from artillery in some basement without water, heat and food. Try that for a change and see how the attitude will change. Could it be the case of a generation of Americans becoming absolutely soft mentally, entitled and unable to cope with even minor difficulties? This is military service, people, not a summer resort. I think that is precisely the case here, notwithstanding some legitimate complains about improving the department of "reasonable accommodation". So, this is your primer for Friday.

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Good God, US Humanities "Product".

 The US is flushing itself down the toilet. 

And yes, GOP will sell us all out. It is the party of cowards and quislings. Most of them don't know what it even means and who was Qusling since, and you have guessed it--they graduated useless BS "humanities" programs from US universities. This new Minitrue lady, though, goodness gracious, she is.., she is... a good high school level singer. Hey, when are the concentration camps for Russians coming?

Me Diving Into History.

Those of you who read discussion boards in the last 48 hours may remember this post of mine. 

I was talking about this Babushka with the Banner of Victory, who absolutely summarized a decade of a dramatic re-alignment in Russia's life which saw a new generation emerging which was and is now fighting for Russia and their return to Russia's historic roots and tying together Russia's history is an event whose significance cannot be overstated. Larry Johnson also reflected on it:

So, I decided to make the video today about metaphysics of symbols. 

It is about addressing and referring to "communal subconscious" for Russians and it has much greater ramifications than many would think. I posted many times in this blog a 2010 video of a gigantic crowd of youth in Luzhniki Arena singing in unison one of the most important songs from one of the most important Soviet/Russian movies ever

This was 12 years ago, and then there was 2015 celebration. I wrote about it in my first book. This concert is being removed from YouTube time after time--they know the danger for them and these are not just weapons.

This, like a holy water sprinkled on devil, gets them all burned and screeching from pain.

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Larry Johnson Sent Me This Link.

I am awfully glad and thankful he did. This is the piece from this guy: 

Jacques Baud is a former colonel of the General Staff, ex-member of the Swiss strategic intelligence, specialist on Eastern countries. He was trained in the American and British intelligence services. He has served as Policy Chief for United Nations Peace Operations. As a UN expert on rule of law and security institutions, he designed and led the first multidimensional UN intelligence unit in the Sudan. He has worked for the African Union and was for 5 years responsible for the fight, at NATO, against the proliferation of small arms. He was involved in discussions with the highest Russian military and intelligence officials just after the fall of the USSR. Within NATO, he followed the 2014 Ukrainian crisis and later participated in programs to assist the Ukraine. He is the author of several books on intelligence, war and terrorism, in particular Le Détournement published by SIGEST, Gouverner par les fake news, L’affaire Navalny. His latest book is Poutine, maître du jeu? published by Max Milo.

Here is the snippet from his excellent review:

From an operational point of view, the Russian offensive was an example of its kind: in six days, the Russians seized a territory as large as the United Kingdom, with a speed of advance greater than what the Wehrmacht had achieved in 1940. The bulk of the Ukrainian army was deployed in the south of the country in preparation for a major operation against the Donbass. This is why Russian forces were able to encircle it from the beginning of March in the “cauldron” between Slavyansk, Kramatorsk and Severodonetsk, with a thrust from the East through Kharkov and another from the South from Crimea. Troops from the Donetsk (DPR) and Lugansk (LPR) Republics are complementing the Russian forces with a push from the East. At this stage, Russian forces are slowly tightening the noose, but are no longer under time pressure. Their demilitarization goal is all but achieved and the remaining Ukrainian forces no longer have an operational and strategic command structure. The “slowdown” that our “experts” attribute to poor logistics is only the consequence of having achieved their objectives. Russia does not seem to want to engage in an occupation of the entire Ukrainian territory. In fact, it seems that Russia is trying to limit its advance to the linguistic border of the country.

But it is this metaphysical conclusion which stands out:

As Goethe said: “The greater the light, the darker the shadow.” The more the sanctions against Russia are disproportionate, the more the cases where we have done nothing highlight our racism and servility. Why have no Western politicians reacted to the strikes against the civilian population of Donbass for eight years?

Read the whole thing. It is excellent. 

P.S. I used one of the links Baud provides and, boy, there is nothing to discuss with Europe. This Luxembourgian ass-hole merely expressed in March of 2022 what many in Europe and the US desire above all.

Jean Asselborn, le chef de la diplomatie luxembourgeoise a évoqué « l’élimination physique » de Vladimir Poutine, ce mercredi, au cours d’une interview sur Radio 100,7. L’ADR a réagi via une question parlementaire. La phrase a été prononcée par le ministre des Affaires étrangères, ce mercredi, lors d’une interview sur Radio 100,7 : « Ce serait tout ce qu’on pourrait lui souhaiter, qu’il soit effectivement éliminé physiquement, pour que cela s’arrête ». « Si le peuple russe voyait ce que Poutine fait en Ukraine, à quel point les Ukrainiens ont peur et combien de vies humaines il (le président russe) pourrait avoir sur la conscience, alors il renverserait le Kremlin », a également déclaré Jean Asselborn. « Sous le coup de l’émotion » Le chef de la diplomatie luxembourgeoise a expliqué avoir « prononcé ces mots sous le coup de l’émotion », après avoir été informé par des diplomates occidentaux sur place que l’armée russe s’en prenait aux populations civiles en Ukraine contrairement à ce qu’affirme le Kremlin. Dans un communiqué publié à la suite de l’ampleur que prend cette déclaration, Jean Asselborn explique : « Les deux mots « éliminer physiquement » m’ont échappé. Je sais qu’un ministre des Affaires étrangères ne devrait jamais utiliser de tels mots. Même après 18 ans en tant que ministre des Affaires étrangères, je ne suis pas capable de réprimer mes émotions et mon sens de la justice, face à une telle souffrance humaine incommensurable endurée par des personnes innocentes. »


Jean Asselborn, the head of Luxembourg diplomacy spoke of the "physical elimination" of Vladimir Poutine, this Wednesday, during an interview on Radio 100.7. The ADR reacted via a parliamentary question. The sentence was pronounced by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, this Wednesday, during an interview on Radio 100.7: “It would be all that we could wish for him, that he is actually eliminated physically, so that 'stopped ". “If the Russian people saw what Putin is doing in Ukraine, how scared Ukrainians are and how many human lives he (the Russian president) could have on his conscience, then he would topple the Kremlin,” Jean Asselborn also said. "In the grip of emotion" The head of Luxembourg's diplomacy explained that he "uttered these words under the influence of emotion", after being informed by Western diplomats on the spot that the Russian army was attacking the civilian populations in Ukraine contrary to what affirms the Kremlin. In a press release published following the magnitude of this declaration, Jean Asselborn explains: “The two words “physically eliminate” escaped me. I know a foreign minister should never use such words. Even after 18 years as Foreign Minister, I am unable to suppress my emotions and my sense of justice, in the face of such immeasurable human suffering endured by innocent people. »

As I am on record non-stop:  Western diplomacy doesn't exist, it is a collection of lowlifes like this "emotional" creep.  

So, The Punishment Starts In Earnest.

You already read it, but let me reiterate: 

Oh my, so sanctions and stealing financial reserves are not "unjustified and unacceptable",  and so is arming Nazi regime in Kiev, but getting slapped into face for doing so is now bad? We all know what could be said here, but as I stated before Poland and Bulgaria will be made an example to show others that Europe did it to herself and if need be, Russia may stop practically all economic activity with Europe. But not everybody in brainwashed Europe wants to commit a suicide. Here is one, out of many, such an example.

Many other European companies already opened Ruble accounts and the "plan" (developed in kindergarten) is simple and transparent here--to buy additional volumes of gas and oil through Ruble account holders and then distribute those volumes inside EU, including to all those "proud" nations as Poland, Bulgaria and it seems Finland too. Sure. As I "warned", Hungary may become a very rich country soon. Even Austria may get on that lucrative scheme (in Russian), which, in the end, raises the question why Austrian Chancellor went to Moscow recently at all? He tried to threaten Putin and was shown to the door immediately. Putin is on record: the refusal to pay in Rubles is a breach of contract, period. 
I know how difficult it is for combined West to accept this reality, but resources-based Ruble is here now and not just de facto but de jure and is becoming a very hot commodity. As this, today's, exchange rate testifies to:
that there is a lot of butt-hurt and sore losing is going on in Western capitals and Yahoo News doesn't even bother anymore and simply places this kind of BS on  its front page:

Following the example of Dunkirk: the fighters of Mariupol ask for a procedure that even Hitler agreed to in 1940. 

Per military news, which, as we all know Russia is losing badly, and as UK toy soldiers inform us:

Ukraine retains control over the majority of its airspace, Britain’s defence ministry said, adding that Russia has failed to effectively destroy Ukraine’s air force or suppress its air defences.

I think Sandhurst has to be simply rebranded into the Circus Academy (there is a good one in Tucson, as an example) and just be done with all this military mambo-jumbo because the graduates of the Circus Academy (acrobatics department) can do as swell of a job discussing modern warfare as Britain's Defense Ministry. But then again, Pink Floyd should review and rewrite their  line from The Dark Side of The Moon's immortal track Time: "Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English Way". English way is not quiet, it is bombastic, into your face, loud stream of utter hysterical bullshit which comes as a surprise for fans (like me) of the old English culture of the stiff upper lip, delightful humor, acute sense of self-deprecating and great intellect all of which long ago left the shores of the Foggy Albion and gave us this:

Boy, how far has Great Britain fallen.
But then again, this is the choice British people made and that's the way the cookie crumbles. But if I would have been David Gilmour and Roger Waters I would have rewritten this line from Time. But that is just me, little insignificant me. Indeed, what do I know.  

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Larry Asks All The Right Questions.

And he (being an Old School--this is a whole other story for Cold Warriors like me...and, well, Larry)  asks right questions, while reviewing Putin's speech. 

Ah, yes, about the last phrase. How the times have changed. Read the whole thing at Larry's blog. And in this case it is the FIRST phrase which catches the attention:

I pity those U.S. intelligence officers who still have some measure of integrity and have a comprehensive understanding of Russia. Any who try to offer alternative explanations for why Putin and the Russian people are engaged in Ukraine will face strong headwinds and possible accusations of being a “Russian sympathizer.” If you believe in the maxim, “knowledge is power”, then the United States is now entering a phase of being powerless. Ignorance and ideological fanaticism in the intelligence community is a recipe for disaster.

I do pity them too, because their fate is unenviable because you have to face your conscientiousness--it is hard, believe me. Integrity is hard, very hard. Larry can tell you a story of that, because he faced it. That is why he is an Old School. We, in the USSR, respected Old School. Many of them were good, really good, from war to intel.

I Did Some Q and As Today.

Totally off the cuff, so, pardon my broken speech. 

This is just the attempt to address some concerns of many people.

LOL. Why Not 1.5 million.

Let me be very clear, Ben Wallace, same as any top brass in UK Armed Forces didn't see real armies and real wars in ages. UK as a whole is now a clownish country grasping at the last remaining myths of long passed greatness, and the same goes to British Army. 

Let me put it this way: even the United States who, unlike the UK, has a massive ISR complex ranging from signint in the space to ground, UK has zilch, nada, nothing, even the US cannot make any real assessments of Russia's losses, because nobody can with the exception of Russia's General Staff. Some clownish US former generals who spew primarily Ukie propaganda BS from TV screens in the US do not really represent Pentagon. They represent merely their sinecures in Military-Media-Industrial Complex. 

So, any claims by British has-beens on this, as well as other similar matters related to warfare, are just that--a pile of steaming bullshit. As I already stated, even when adjusted for obvious propaganda and brainwashing of the Western public, one inevitably begins having question about overall professionalism and competence of Western militaries. The question is not just that even respectable West Point has been reduced academically to a joke, but in the fact that the signals of a professional decay of a much more combat experienced US Army have been around for at least two decades. 

Now, the UK which is a woke shell of once great empire and its Army, which can fit (all of it) into the Wembley Arena, underwent a debilitating loss of competence since 1990s and British Army fully reflects the pathetic lap dog status of the UK. Royal General Staff unofficially may sound impressive and pompous, but reality is that the Army whose regular force numbers around 82,000 with zero modern ISR capability and being completely dependent on its master, the United States, strategically and operationally, DOES have General Staff structures which are totally adequate to a rather pathetic state UK Armed Forces as a whole are in. So, the whole idea that UK military and its brain, General Staff, can independently have ANY kind of real data on Russia's losses is down right risible. These pip squeak of the armed forces of a country which has clowns running it assure that the only way UK can ease the pain of being a pompous parody of its glorious self of the past, is to continue to shoot fairy tales about James Bond in which glorious MI-6 fights for the (supports terrorism) everything good against everything bad. 

Now, today Russian MoD warned London (in Russian) that if London thinks that if British weapons transferred to Ukraine "are not necessarily a problem" if they hit Russia proper, Russia will respond, for starters, with wiping out all those "glorious" British "advisers" and spooks on the ground and if need be... well, here is the issue, Russia can do it, UK cannot. Maybe UK does require a little bit of beating to be shaken back into its own reality of being a second-rate country in a complete decline and having the army which faces this:

So, Wallace and his Scots Guards buddies better sit back and learn how real wars are fought in modern times and what are modern combined arms operations against the enemy who uses civilians as human shield. In other news, Russian Military Academy of the General Staff has international programs and, I am sure, that will serve Wallace and his military well, if they are squeamish to enroll there,  to merely go over the list of the alumni of that academy.  May be they will get a hint. But don't hold your breath. 

P.S. To give the scale of British Army to Russian Army one has to know that Russian Army (its Ground Forces alone) are around 300,000 troops (that is 3.7 times larger) and field organic Air Defense and firepower British Army can only dream about.  I don't want to go over other forces which are tightly integrated with Russia's ground forces. But that is a separate issue altogether.

Monday, April 25, 2022

Here Is Russia's Investigative Committee's Video...

 ... of yet another darling of the West, who, when he learned about the married couple from Mariupol being taken prisoners by VSU, got drunk, went into the cellar where the couple was held and started, threatening with his handgun, to rape the wife in a front of her husband. When husband "expressed objections" this courageous ukie killed him.

This is not an exception, this is typical of large segments of VSU and, of course, Nazis. I think US Department of Education should seriously consider introducing the study of these "defenders of democracy" into curricula of history and civics as great examples of personal sacrifice for liberty and against totalitarianism. I am positive many Western universities humanities programs already use these shining examples, like this guy, of human courage and selflessness in their political science and journalism programs because how else would we have gotten such people as Rachel Maddow or late Madeleine Albright and terrorist admirers Lindsey Graham and  his late buddy John McCain. 

Nah, I am screwing with you. The flow of psychopaths into the Western "elites" was reaching its peak right around 1980s and today the combined West lives in a completely distorted reality, especially so in moral terms. Just ask 500,000 Iraqi children how it feels. Now per these Putin's remarks:

In Putin’s opinion, the West has since changed its goal. “… As they realise that this is impossible, they try to achieve a different objective instead – to split Russian society, to destroy Russia from within. But here, too, there is a hitch; this hasn’t worked either,” Putin said. In his opinion, Russian society “has shown maturity, solidarity,” and supports its armed forces and the efforts “to ensure Russia’s ultimate security and help the people living of Donbass.” After a ‘fiasco’ in the media field, Putin claimed, the West has turned “to terror, to arranging the murder of our journalists.” He was referring to Monday’s announcement by Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) that it had detained a group of “neo-Nazis” instructed by the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) to kill popular Russian TV host and journalist Vladimir Solovyov. Kiev has denied any role in organizing the assassination attempt. “In this regard, it should be noted of course that we know the names of all the Western handlers, of all members of Western services, primarily the CIA, who are working with Ukrainian security agencies. Apparently, they are giving them such advice,” the Russian leader said.

The attempts at assassination is what I was talking about yesterday--sleeper cells or "insertions" in Russia from 404. Sabotage and terrorist acts will continue inside Russia, albeit FSB obviously is working and does its job. This is an act of desperation and those are now not just diversionary acts, those begin flow into a pure terrorism, which is CIA's and MI-6's and their poodles specialty. The whole (love) affair with ISIS or murdering General Soleimani while on diplomatic mission--are just small fragments of a much larger picture of a metaphysical problem with continental warfare for Anglo-American world in the 20th century. It got lucky once in WW II, after that its performance was rather dubious and today it is a pure terrorism. Terrorism is a weapon of weak. It is an axiom, not even a theorem.

Plus, in case with Russian journalists it is a continuation of a total delusion and alternative reality combined West resides in when it comes to Russia. They still believe that they can "regime change" in Russia if only they could kill n-amount of Russian media figures and their families and clear the road to "forces of democracy", fifth column that is. Read more Solzhenitsyn and Russian anti-Soviet dissidents, that will ensure that you know shit about Russia and will continue to fail in every subversion endeavor in Russia. 

Bernhard of MoA gives a good write up on the significance of Russia basically cutting 404 in two in terms of rail lines of communications, which, as he puts it:

All the diapers, weapons and munitions the U.S. and other countries supply to Ukraine will now mostly be stuck in west Ukraine where they will rot until some clever Ukrainian oligarch manages to sell them off to some third country. The fall out from the railway attacks will also hit civilian supplies in Ukraine. It will hinder civilian passenger traffic especially for people who have fled towards the west and now have less transport available to return home. Since the war started Russia has intentionally avoided to hit civilian infrastructure in Ukraine. Electricity and communication networks as well as water supplies have all stayed intact. (In recent U.S. wars those were the first things it destroyed.) The attacks on the Ukrainian railway became only necessary after the U.S. and others provided more and more war materials to the Ukraine. Russia will not allow its troops to come under fire from those newly delivered weapons.

As I am also on record, not only the supply channel was largely choked but whatever may trickle into the combat zone of surrounded VSU grouping in Donbass will be annihilated by whatever means necessary. That is why primarily Western military porn addicts with life experiences and education in wargaming and Hollywood ejaculate each time when some Western military toy (the masturbation object du jour is M-777 howitzer) gets shipped to 404 and expectations of this toy ensuring ukie victory run high, this is until dubious effectiveness of the NATO weapons gets exposed, and the masturbation cycles starts anew with expected results. As I said, having no serious military background and basic tools of critical thinking is not good for facing the reality. 

But all this is just a background of a larger drama:

You see, here is a conundrum for dimwits in D.C. Russia is not Libya, which was demolished the moment Qaddafi hinted at gold for oil payment system. Even Lord Austin is somewhat underwhelming in his new objective:

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin says the US aim is to make Russia so weak it can’t invade another country again. 

Well, that is really underwhelming. Honestly and I do not want to elaborate now on the sheer delusion of this statement, but truth is--the only thing combined West can do is to continue with terrorist and diversionary acts on Russian territory because any kind of military confrontation with Russia means a serious rearranging of the stones in Western capitals and losses no NATO nation, especially the United States, has any historic experience with. Well, with the exception of Germany. Some people in D.C. do understand it. So, the resource-Ruble is here and Gold Ruble is next. As The Doors sang: "This is the end". Everything else develops from this point. 

Like this.

Sunday, April 24, 2022

It Is Becoming A Sports Of Sort (Larry Johnson).

And a number of former intel and military professionals around the globe are now catching what could be defined as Pentagon's "experts" with their BS. Larry writes:

Then Larry proceeds to deconstruct this former US Army officer's "analysis" and concludes:

The video evidence emerging from the war in Ukraine is rife with images of bodies of dead Ukrainians and tons of captured weapons and military supplies. If Russia’s Army is a paper tiger, it is doing a remarkable job of grinding the Ukrainian military capability into dust.

But yes, Larry caught "another one" of those "experts" who watched too much of Hollywood and can offer an impressive record of "winning" in such places as Iraq and Afghanistan. 

In related news of the SMO, there are reports of two fuel depots, one is military one, being on fire in Bryansk.

Right, the last phrase is crucial, but you can bet your ass on that all those telegram-channel "warriors" already "established" the cause:

Ми-24 - могут достать.
Bayraktar TB2 - достает (наиболее вероятный вариант).

Translation: Mi-24s may reach, Bayraktar TB-2 does reach (most probable cause).

Wow. I wonder why those people are not leading armies or are not in charge of FSB yet, because the most probable cause is sabotage, as was the case with a couple of other objects in Russian territory (with the exception of the recent two ukie Mi-24s attack on border town). The fact that these Russian telegram "experts" do not even anticipate operations of SBU DRG (Diversionno-Razvedyvatelnye Gruppy), diversionary groups that is, which ARE operating in border regions of Russia betrays immediately "know it all" arm-chair "strategists". Reality, of course, is that any variant is possible, but it is obvious that Bryansk is located in 100 kilometers from 404 border and same as Kursk (96 kilometers from 404 border) or Orel (101 kilometers) is totally within the range of of DRGs and its southerly approach is completely covered in forests.  

This terrain is perfect for diversionary operations and that is why this kind of activity will continue until FSB eradicates (and that is a long haul operation) both sleeper cells and ukie diversionary groups. Both are contingent on establishment of the military-civilian administrations and security services on liberated territories of Ukraine. These are realities of the war and that is why Russia's regions bordering Ukraine are operating under many limitations such as closure for the commercial air-traffic. But as is the case with RKR Moskva, all those arm-chair "strategists" are ready to offer their versions of the events even before any reliable conclusion could be made.
Here is heroic Eva Bartlett doing the job of preserving journalistic integrity and ethics. 
Western MSM are not journalism, they long ago sided with Ukrainian Nazism and as such are nothing more than war crimes enablers. But, the fact that this astounding number of US military and intel "professionals" continue to spew absolute propaganda and base their "analysis" on the "intel" feed from Kiev is a huge reason for concern, as it would be for acute appendicitis patient being prepared for operation on him by an auto-mechanic or accountant. We can easily predict the outcome of a routine surgery. The analogy easily applies. 

OK, This Is Seriously...

 ... funny)))

Next, they should disqualify air masses moving from Russia to Europe and, in the final analysis, the sunrise, which happens in the East should also be "cancelled". This is why Russians do not want to deal with Europe. Russian cats put the pop-corn bags into microwaves.

Putting Things In Perspective.

First, for all my Orthodox Christian readers: Happy Easter. Христос Воскресе, Christ Is Risen! Now, back to our everyday routine and why I cringed reading this headline.

First reason why I cringed is the fact that presstitudes' propensity for grandiose and overly dramatic declarations is on a full display here. They need drama to sell themselves in the game of shells which is "European democracy". It is cringe-worthy and absolutely doesn't reflect reality. Hence the second reason for my cringing: I don't speak French and I don't know France beyond pop-cultural and pop-consumer cliches, but there are no "huge implications" for France in these elections because it doesn't matter who wins. It merely means the difference between the speed with which the remnants of France will be deconstructed and what's left will be fully incorporated into the globalist project. 

With Macron it will happen faster, with Le Pen--somewhat slower. Here is explanation:

If to accept this explanation at a face value (it is Associated Press' piece), then what is highlighted in yellow is risible. If French are that dumb, that Macron was "an unknown factor" for them in 2017 when for the rest for the world he was very well-known as a globalist shill and media-construct, then French totally deserve their unenviable fate. And it is unenviable, especially considering another cringe-worthy issue of ANY Western politician's promises being nothing more than pure BS, be that Macron's or Le Pen's. Nothing is going to change in principle, because all Western "elites" are not into the business of national salvation, despite their rhetoric to the contrary. There are no new De Gaulles in France, because French "system" cannot produce anymore real statesmen. But, in the end, these are French people themselves who decided to resign themselves to irrelevance and nothing could be done with it. 

I am on record--same was done by Russians to themselves in 1990s (one of the major reasons I ended up in the United States), but they learned their lesson by barely avoiding the next step into the abyss of national suicide. French, however, as well as most of Europe with the exception of Hungary, seem to be unteachable and here is where I want to defend the United States a little bit. The US at least elected in 2016 a genuinely non-systemic candidate who scared the shit out of the establishment until he turned out to be more of a pathological narcissist than genuine American nationalist. But give the United States the credit where the credit is due--American voters did force the shift and did change the political dynamics in the US. It is not pretty, it is troublesome today and may even lead to disintegration but the US had its moment of "you cannot live like this anymore". French, evidently, will continue to live themselves into globalist oblivion until the process of moral and economic decomposition concludes.      

Friday, April 22, 2022

How The US MSM Reports On SMO.

Hey, just an example. 

An Exhibit A of US MSM Modus Operandi. Aw, they were so enamored with her, almost like with Ukrainian democracy and VSU victories today. Nothing will change until infotainment industry in the US is demolished and a new code of ethics in reporting is established in a similar manner as a Hippocratic Oath in medicine and specialization in reporting is established and I don't mean ignorant clowns like Fareed Zakaria whose relation to real geopolitics is the same as my relation to Jin Dynasty. I fondly remember early (stressing it--early) Dr. Sunjay Gupta, a bona fide medical doctor, or late John Holliman who actually did his home-work in space-exploration field and reported competently until his untimely death. But then again, Western news "executives" themselves are ... well US "humanities" field is a catastrophe, as is a media culture which is just a symptom of a much larger problem, which is systemic. In this case, Matthew Lee and his brilliant mind is merely an exception which confirms the rule. In the end, they are not called media whores for nothing, because they are. Let independent real journalism and reporting take the center-stage. 

Well, What Can I Say;))

This is for those who doubted. 

European Commission says EU companies can pay for gas in rubles

But that was expected one way or another. Get a load of this.  

This doesn't require any commenting because it is self-evident, this is how the geopolitical defeat of a century looks like. It is also the end of the US Dollar as a fait accompli. The military part of this is happening now in Ukraine, with Russian forces continuing to physically annihilate the remnants of VSU. Russia has all the time on her hands she needs, if any one wonders about timing. The mode of the old bull from the famous anecdote is "ON". 

Here is an interesting fact, wink, wink. First Deputy Commander of the Azov is, actually, POW now. Here is he telling to Sladkov that he was, actually, doing humanitarian work in Mariupol, you know... (in Russian). 

Boy is he singing now like a bird, that also gives a hint about Putin's (prudent) decision to block those thugs in Azov Steel and see what fish, I mean excrement, will surface. In conclusion, EU's main foreign policy clow... I mean honcho, Josep Borrell informed 404 today that EU "exceeded" its budgets for military aid for Kiev. Oh boy, that's gotta hurt;)) 
UPDATE: Just to demonstrate, these are today's headlines from  

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Many People Had It...

... me included with this BS-tank Institute for the "Study" of War.  Recently Bernhard of MoA had it, now Larry had it too. In his latest he deconstructs a total BS this "Institute" produces under the guise of military analysis. 

The so-called Institute for the Study of War aka ISW (i.e. has no sense of irony, especially with the name of its website–Understanding War. The analysts at this outfit show they understand little. Russia announced it has secured all of Mariupol with the exception of the Azovstal Steel Plant. Here is the map of the facility:

Here is how the ISW dealt with the claim:

I am struck by the phrase, “Russian forces will attempt to starve out remaining Ukrainian defenders.” Precious. The Ukrainian force that tried to prevent the takeover of the city of Mariupol numbered at least 8,000 men at the outset. About 1500 of that number have surrendered to the Russian force. There are reportedly only 2500 Ukrainian soldiers holed up in the steel plant. For those of you who are math challenged, that means at least 4000 Ukrainian soldiers killed in action.

Read the whole thing, it is worth it. 

In other, very peculiar (wink, wink) news, something which some in Russia view as an open mocking of EU by London and D.C. Why so? Get a load of this:

ЛОНДОН, 21 апреля. /ТАСС/. Минфин Великобритании предоставил генеральную лицензию сроком до 31 мая, позволяющую проводить операции с подпавшим под санкции Газпромбанком. Об этом говорится в распространенном в четверг сообщении Управления по осуществлению финансовых санкций Соединенного Королевства."Лицензия вступает в силу с 21 апреля 2022 года и истекает 31 мая 2022 года", - сказано в нем. Ведомство уточнило, что разрешение было выдано с учетом интересов компаний из государств - членов Евросоюза, которые проводят платежи за российский газ через Газпромбанк.

Translation:  LONDON, 21 April. /TASS/. The UK Treasury has granted a general license valid until May 31, allowing it to conduct transactions with Gazprombank, which fell under the sanctions. This is stated in a statement released on Thursday by the Financial Sanctions Administration of the United Kingdom. "The license comes into force on April 21, 2022 and expires on May 31, 2022," it says. The agency clarified that the permit was issued taking into account the interests of companies from EU member states that make payments for Russian gas through Gazprombank.

Ah, so nonchalant, so matter-of-factly, so... so mundane. Just like that: paying to Gazprombank either in Rubles or in foreign currencies but to Garzprombank currency accounts IN Russia, where the payments then converted to Rubles and  the gas is released. You see how easy it is? So, BoJo, while being an incompetent freak-show and a disgrace for London is not entirely incorrect when stating this:

Russian President Vladimir Putin is like a crocodile chewing on Ukraine’s leg, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson told reporters on Thursday, while traveling to India. He said that he didn’t see how Kiev could possibly negotiate with Russia, and added that the West would keep sending artillery and other weapons to Ukraine. “It’s very hard to see how the Ukrainians can negotiate with Putin, given his manifest lack of good faith and his strategy, which is evident, to try to engulf and capture as much of Ukraine as he can and then perhaps to have some sort of negotiation from a position of strength – or even launch another assault on Kiev,” Johnson said.

He IS correct to a degree, with only one difference, Russia and Putin are collective crocodile, but they chew on a much larger prey than Ukraine, and it is combined West which has its leg and something else in this crocodile's jaws and BoJo's frustration shows. 

Not that modern UK "elites" are educated or cultured, they mostly produce pedophiles (Netflix, I am coming to watch Jimmy Saville and his enablers story),  and bimbos such as Liz Truss. Or, for that matter, specimens like BoJo, but his frustration is understandable, especially against the background of, well, submitting to Russia's demands to pay the way Russia wants for her products. Tantrums of its dimwit "elites" is what modern West known for today. Really, no class whatsoever. But then again, what do you expect from children?