Sunday, April 24, 2022

Putting Things In Perspective.

First, for all my Orthodox Christian readers: Happy Easter. Христос Воскресе, Christ Is Risen! Now, back to our everyday routine and why I cringed reading this headline.

First reason why I cringed is the fact that presstitudes' propensity for grandiose and overly dramatic declarations is on a full display here. They need drama to sell themselves in the game of shells which is "European democracy". It is cringe-worthy and absolutely doesn't reflect reality. Hence the second reason for my cringing: I don't speak French and I don't know France beyond pop-cultural and pop-consumer cliches, but there are no "huge implications" for France in these elections because it doesn't matter who wins. It merely means the difference between the speed with which the remnants of France will be deconstructed and what's left will be fully incorporated into the globalist project. 

With Macron it will happen faster, with Le Pen--somewhat slower. Here is explanation:

If to accept this explanation at a face value (it is Associated Press' piece), then what is highlighted in yellow is risible. If French are that dumb, that Macron was "an unknown factor" for them in 2017 when for the rest for the world he was very well-known as a globalist shill and media-construct, then French totally deserve their unenviable fate. And it is unenviable, especially considering another cringe-worthy issue of ANY Western politician's promises being nothing more than pure BS, be that Macron's or Le Pen's. Nothing is going to change in principle, because all Western "elites" are not into the business of national salvation, despite their rhetoric to the contrary. There are no new De Gaulles in France, because French "system" cannot produce anymore real statesmen. But, in the end, these are French people themselves who decided to resign themselves to irrelevance and nothing could be done with it. 

I am on record--same was done by Russians to themselves in 1990s (one of the major reasons I ended up in the United States), but they learned their lesson by barely avoiding the next step into the abyss of national suicide. French, however, as well as most of Europe with the exception of Hungary, seem to be unteachable and here is where I want to defend the United States a little bit. The US at least elected in 2016 a genuinely non-systemic candidate who scared the shit out of the establishment until he turned out to be more of a pathological narcissist than genuine American nationalist. But give the United States the credit where the credit is due--American voters did force the shift and did change the political dynamics in the US. It is not pretty, it is troublesome today and may even lead to disintegration but the US had its moment of "you cannot live like this anymore". French, evidently, will continue to live themselves into globalist oblivion until the process of moral and economic decomposition concludes.      

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