Wednesday, April 27, 2022

So, The Punishment Starts In Earnest.

You already read it, but let me reiterate: 

Oh my, so sanctions and stealing financial reserves are not "unjustified and unacceptable",  and so is arming Nazi regime in Kiev, but getting slapped into face for doing so is now bad? We all know what could be said here, but as I stated before Poland and Bulgaria will be made an example to show others that Europe did it to herself and if need be, Russia may stop practically all economic activity with Europe. But not everybody in brainwashed Europe wants to commit a suicide. Here is one, out of many, such an example.

Many other European companies already opened Ruble accounts and the "plan" (developed in kindergarten) is simple and transparent here--to buy additional volumes of gas and oil through Ruble account holders and then distribute those volumes inside EU, including to all those "proud" nations as Poland, Bulgaria and it seems Finland too. Sure. As I "warned", Hungary may become a very rich country soon. Even Austria may get on that lucrative scheme (in Russian), which, in the end, raises the question why Austrian Chancellor went to Moscow recently at all? He tried to threaten Putin and was shown to the door immediately. Putin is on record: the refusal to pay in Rubles is a breach of contract, period. 
I know how difficult it is for combined West to accept this reality, but resources-based Ruble is here now and not just de facto but de jure and is becoming a very hot commodity. As this, today's, exchange rate testifies to:
that there is a lot of butt-hurt and sore losing is going on in Western capitals and Yahoo News doesn't even bother anymore and simply places this kind of BS on  its front page:

Following the example of Dunkirk: the fighters of Mariupol ask for a procedure that even Hitler agreed to in 1940. 

Per military news, which, as we all know Russia is losing badly, and as UK toy soldiers inform us:

Ukraine retains control over the majority of its airspace, Britain’s defence ministry said, adding that Russia has failed to effectively destroy Ukraine’s air force or suppress its air defences.

I think Sandhurst has to be simply rebranded into the Circus Academy (there is a good one in Tucson, as an example) and just be done with all this military mambo-jumbo because the graduates of the Circus Academy (acrobatics department) can do as swell of a job discussing modern warfare as Britain's Defense Ministry. But then again, Pink Floyd should review and rewrite their  line from The Dark Side of The Moon's immortal track Time: "Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English Way". English way is not quiet, it is bombastic, into your face, loud stream of utter hysterical bullshit which comes as a surprise for fans (like me) of the old English culture of the stiff upper lip, delightful humor, acute sense of self-deprecating and great intellect all of which long ago left the shores of the Foggy Albion and gave us this:

Boy, how far has Great Britain fallen.
But then again, this is the choice British people made and that's the way the cookie crumbles. But if I would have been David Gilmour and Roger Waters I would have rewritten this line from Time. But that is just me, little insignificant me. Indeed, what do I know.  

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