Tuesday, April 5, 2022

This Is My Talking Head For April 5.

I review the issue of "Putin's" (quotation marks are deliberate, it is a collective decision) intentions regarding Europe. 

Of course, things change but many people still do not understand that in a purely civilizational sense Russia and Russians gave up on Europe. The only reason, if it will come to that, and it will, for Russia doing anything positive towards Europe is to contain inevitable economic and social collapse which is already unfolding. In this case supporting buffer states like Hungary and Slovakia, friendly Serbia, makes total sense not just economically but geostrategically, while Latvia was the first among United Baltic Die-outs to agree to Russian conditions on resources. After about 48 hours it proclaimed it would rather die than use Russian gas. Boy, they are a feisty lot there in Latvia. Culturally, meanwhile, Western Europe is finished. 

Here is this French lady (do not forget to turn on Closed Captions) Anne-Laure Bonnel who refuses now to call herself a journalist (I agree) since Western media occupy a much lower rung on the ladder of human depravity than even crack-whores.

I totally understand her and share her view. French media developed a particular hatred of Serbs in 1999 during NATO gang-raping Yugoslavia, and France is the next to fall after Germany. Hey, let them elect Macron again--they want that. 

Per Bucha "massacre", Larry Johnson gives it a write-up: 

While the Bucha propaganda op has been a swimming success in whipping up American fury at fabricated Russian atrocities (the Ukrainian Nationalist Forces have this blood on their hands in my opinion), it has not moved the needle. What is the needle? Convincing the United States, the U.K. and the rest of NATO to enter the fray in Ukraine with actual combatants and NATO operated equipment. NATO is talking tough and posturing like a model in a Madonna video, but when it comes to action–ZIPPO. As I have noted in previous posts, NATO can send all the material it wants to Ukraine and it means nothing. First, can NATO even ensure the safe delivery of any weapons? The short answer is “no.” Russia already has demonstrated it has the ability to precisely target Ukrainian bases hugging the Polish border and wreak havoc. 

Read the whole thing, following the link. "Impotent Rage" is an appropriate qualifier Larry uses. Even now announced Czech 40 T-72B and BMP for Ukraine are just a good target practice. But very many Czechs hate Russian guts and it is understandable what they are doing. Militarily it makes no difference whatsoever,  but Russia keeps the score. As our very own Larch commented on the surrender of remnants of ukie battalion of marines yesterday:

Succinct. And as we all know now, there is 1 to 10 ratio, 1 Nazi "commissar" per 10 regular VSU grunts, who prolong the bloodshed. That explains why many regular VSU die (needlessly, they could have surrendered instead and live) when they have no chance. Well, too bad. The next Ukie thing will be chemical weapons false flag (no, I am not talking about them blowing up acid containers in Rubezhnoe yesterday), this was anticipated and people were evacuated by Russian forces in advance. I am talking about some real chemical shit--after all, UK and their valiant "intel" are still looking for those who killed Skripals' cat. I wouldn't put it pass the UK, they don't care how many civilians are killed--it is their MO for centuries now. 

In related UK news, mighty Britain seems to have found a solution to energy crisis which only begins to unfold in UK:

The wholesale poverty is unfolding in Europe and we can only pray that it will not be a hunger which comes next, but it very well may be the case. But as I said, I empathize with average Europeans, but they made their choice and there is already hell to pay for it, it will get worse, much much worse than that. 

You get what you voted for. So, here is the primer for Tuesday.

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