Tuesday, April 26, 2022

LOL. Why Not 1.5 million.

Let me be very clear, Ben Wallace, same as any top brass in UK Armed Forces didn't see real armies and real wars in ages. UK as a whole is now a clownish country grasping at the last remaining myths of long passed greatness, and the same goes to British Army. 

Let me put it this way: even the United States who, unlike the UK, has a massive ISR complex ranging from signint in the space to ground, UK has zilch, nada, nothing, even the US cannot make any real assessments of Russia's losses, because nobody can with the exception of Russia's General Staff. Some clownish US former generals who spew primarily Ukie propaganda BS from TV screens in the US do not really represent Pentagon. They represent merely their sinecures in Military-Media-Industrial Complex. 

So, any claims by British has-beens on this, as well as other similar matters related to warfare, are just that--a pile of steaming bullshit. As I already stated, even when adjusted for obvious propaganda and brainwashing of the Western public, one inevitably begins having question about overall professionalism and competence of Western militaries. The question is not just that even respectable West Point has been reduced academically to a joke, but in the fact that the signals of a professional decay of a much more combat experienced US Army have been around for at least two decades. 

Now, the UK which is a woke shell of once great empire and its Army, which can fit (all of it) into the Wembley Arena, underwent a debilitating loss of competence since 1990s and British Army fully reflects the pathetic lap dog status of the UK. Royal General Staff unofficially may sound impressive and pompous, but reality is that the Army whose regular force numbers around 82,000 with zero modern ISR capability and being completely dependent on its master, the United States, strategically and operationally, DOES have General Staff structures which are totally adequate to a rather pathetic state UK Armed Forces as a whole are in. So, the whole idea that UK military and its brain, General Staff, can independently have ANY kind of real data on Russia's losses is down right risible. These pip squeak of the armed forces of a country which has clowns running it assure that the only way UK can ease the pain of being a pompous parody of its glorious self of the past, is to continue to shoot fairy tales about James Bond in which glorious MI-6 fights for the (supports terrorism) everything good against everything bad. 

Now, today Russian MoD warned London (in Russian) that if London thinks that if British weapons transferred to Ukraine "are not necessarily a problem" if they hit Russia proper, Russia will respond, for starters, with wiping out all those "glorious" British "advisers" and spooks on the ground and if need be... well, here is the issue, Russia can do it, UK cannot. Maybe UK does require a little bit of beating to be shaken back into its own reality of being a second-rate country in a complete decline and having the army which faces this:

So, Wallace and his Scots Guards buddies better sit back and learn how real wars are fought in modern times and what are modern combined arms operations against the enemy who uses civilians as human shield. In other news, Russian Military Academy of the General Staff has international programs and, I am sure, that will serve Wallace and his military well, if they are squeamish to enroll there,  to merely go over the list of the alumni of that academy.  May be they will get a hint. But don't hold your breath. 

P.S. To give the scale of British Army to Russian Army one has to know that Russian Army (its Ground Forces alone) are around 300,000 troops (that is 3.7 times larger) and field organic Air Defense and firepower British Army can only dream about.  I don't want to go over other forces which are tightly integrated with Russia's ground forces. But that is a separate issue altogether.

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