Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Feeding VSU POWs.

Sladkov, who is now a military reporter with celebrity status in Russia, has posted this video. 

VSU POWs being fed in their temporary holding facilities until further decisions, upon completion of investigations in everyone's part in this war, on what to do with them. Most, if they are not stained by atrocities, will be used for a while to clean and rebuild Donbass cities and infrastructure and then will be released to their families. This is a very different treatment than Russian POWs get, with many being tortured and killed. This is just a glimpse of how VSU POWs are treated. At least they are alive and many may even get their lives put back together. 
P.S. Surprising, aluminum spoons are still in abundance. I thought all were gone by early 1990s. 

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