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America Doesn't Do Real War...

 ... period. The reason it doesn't do real war is because she doesn't know what it is. Because she doesn't know what real defense is, apart from tropes of "national interests", "we need to fight them there, to not fight them here", "democracy" and other bullshit to cover up expeditionary and imperialistic nature of the US military.  So, Gregory Daddis asks a reasonable question and raises a proper issue:

While much of the book is heavy with dense, analytical prose, “How Much Is Enough?” still asks useful questions that remain relevant for us today. How well are DoD budget practices aligned to U.S. foreign policy objectives? Are spending ceilings logical or “arbitrary”? Are some military services “entitled” to a certain percentage of the defense budget, and, if so, why? What is the relationship between spending on social programs versus national security? Perhaps most importantly, Enthoven and Smith argued for a “central plan” to drive resource requests and avoid duplication of effort. Once more, they encouraged spending criteria that supported the “national interest.” In evaluating forces structures and strategic mobility, weapons systems and nuclear stockpiles, analysts always had to keep in mind a central question: “for what purpose?”

Well, the issue, of course, is WHAT IS American nation and how its "national interests" are formulated? I agree--US "defense budget" is nothing but a jobs program and defrauding of the US economy. Moreover, I agree, that for all this spending the US continues to fall behind technologically and is incapable of REAL, as in large scale combined arms operations. Condescending references to "peer" or "near peer" warfare is an absolute BS. What is not a BS--it is inability, especially at the political level to grasp what COFM is. 

Senator Roger Wicker--a lawyer and a journo who was JAG, who penned this somnambulic BS in NYT in May...

America’s Military Is Not Prepared for War — or Peace

... has about zero grasp on how wars are planned and executed. JAGs, especially with "degree" in journalism are not educated on the virtues of Combat Effectiveness, Combat Stability and Force Designs. But these are crucial in order for him to understand why the United States lost the arms race and why the "rebuilding of the US Armed Forces" as he puts it this way will be mostly about "more cowbell"--same BS about replicating the TOE from 1990-s, the attempt to repeat the halcyon days of beating the crap from people who cannot shoot straight. And Daddies concludes the piece with seemingly common sense: 

In 1971, Enthoven and Smith were asking similarly hard questions because they believed it served the nation’s best interests. Undoubtedly, Senator Wicker feels similarly. But it’s worth voters engaging in this moment when the wars in Eastern Europe and the Middle East seemingly demand more, more, more. Of course, we shouldn’t underestimate the threats we face. But surely now is the time to ask both our presidential candidates, “how much is enough?”

What can I say, the whole US military thinking is not about real wars, it is about who gets what domestically. It is a gravy train, for now. But changes are coming. In fact, they are already here.

My Latest...

 ... Le Monde didn't do its homework. They never do. 


Larry Wilkerson...

 ... is spot on. Which also buttresses my constant point--the US as it exists today is not governable, and is not living in reality, including neocons who dominate Biden Admin and all of who, without exception, are military and foreign policy amateurs and dangerous ideologues.


There Goes All The Command...

 ... of the 63rd motor-rifle brigade of VSU.  I also have to correct myself from yesterday--Iskander carries 700 kg, not 500 kg warhead. 

Keep in mind also that Iskander's warhead can penetrate deep underground. So, most of the action is undeground. Keep also in mind that Iskander could be upgraded through some minor additions to fly way-way above its present range of 500 km. We are talking couple of thousands. Well, my new video should come up soon...

Mayor Of Moscow...

 ... decided to stop the charade and...

Мэр Москвы Сергей Собянин подписал постановление о переименовании площади Европы, расположенной вдоль Бережковской набережной неподалеку от Киевского вокзала. Новое название площади Европы – площадь Евразии, следует из документа, передает ТАСС. Площадь Европы открылась в 2002 году как символ единения континента, это был общий проект России и Бельгии, передает РБК.

Translation: Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin signed a decree renaming Europe Square, located along Berezhkovskaya embankment near the Kievsky railway station. The new name of Europe Square is Eurasia Square, follows from the document, TASS reports. Europe Square opened in 2002 as a symbol of the unity of the continent; it was a common project between Russia and Belgium, RBC reports.

Europe is an existential enemy of Russia and Russian people. It is akin to naming some square in Moscow after Goebbels. Of course, I do not mean that ALL Europeans are Russia-haters, but significant majority are. West's "elites" in general still view Russians as subhumans and have a visceral hatred of Russia on a genetic level. But here is another reason for renaming--Europe is fast becoming the peninsula of an incomparably larger Eurasia and it is not just geographic in nature--economically the fate of Europe is decided and you can see it here, again:

That pretty much sums it up and this trend cannot be reversed for Europe, because without real industries and machine-building complex, which EU sheds like crazy, there is no future. As some astute commenters suggested--there are plenty of dead-ends in Moscow, why not name one dead-end after Europe. Indeed, sounds fantastic--Europe's dead-end.

In related news: ah, yes, DEI hires... 

Secret Service director Kimberly Cheatle has resigned from her post after the attempted assassination of Donald Trump. Cheatle stepped down one day after she testified to a congressional committee about law enforcement failures during Trump’s campaign rally in Pennsylvania on July 13. She has faced widespread calls for her resignation in the aftermath of the attack, where one rally attendee was killed and at least two other people were critically injured. A joint letter from both Democratic and Republican leaders on the House oversight committee called for her to step down after Monday’s hearing, where lawmakers were repeatedly frustrated by her inability to provide detailed answers about the Secret Service’s actions that day, with one Republican lawmaker telling her she is “full of s***”. In her testimony, Cheatle said the shooting was “the most significant operational failure at the Secret Service in decades”.

No shit, pardon my French. The whole world laughs at this "most significant operational failure" and it was a sheer luck that former and, highly likely future, POTUS hasn't been killed. While at it--check the background of the US Navy's CNO Lisa Franchetti--it is a wowser. My condolences to the US Navy.

Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Garland, Scott and Yours Truly...

 ... today. Soon. 


For some reason blogspot cannot find the video on UTube. Strange. 

Totally Expected...

... Mr. Iskander decided to visit an interesting site and voila'... nice catch. 

Here is the video. 

Then, rumor has it, some Spanish Colonel (Ret.) informed that there have been visits to US, British, French and Spanish "advisers" near Odessa, but we have to wait for Russian MoD confirmation. 

Meanwhile, British military continues to parade itself as a joke and: 

Yes, sure! I wonder which battalion will UK send to fight Russia or China. That will be hilarious. But here is what British General Staff is:

Although Russia was embroiled in the war in Ukraine, and on current trends its forces would, Walker said, take “five years to grind their way through” to capturing the eastern Donbas, at a cost of 1.5 million casualties, the country’s history had shown it could bounce back.

A bunch of illiterate clowns, but take a load of this:  

He took the one year-long "advanced" course here, which is a euphemism for British military to get some sort of military credentials enough to "fight" people who cannot shoot back. Real war? I doubt anyone in this "Advanced" Command and Staff Course has any idea what modern command is on real battlefield, but, hey, leave it to British to bestow a shitload of meaningless awards and titles to nincompoops, who would fail the first year in any serious military higher education Russian officer college, not to speak of Services War Colleges let alone the Academy of General Staff, but sure--the guy was in Iraq, that must count for something, right? With his background in agriculture and Masters of Arts degree, I am positive he is precisely the material UK military needs to lead it into a complete irrelevance. They are almost there, as is United Kingdom as a country.

Monday, July 22, 2024

Why They Will Learn Nothing...

RUSI is becoming a sort of a joke, a very British one. COFM rules geopolitics and war. The times of great British mathematicians and engineers trying to solve warfare puzzles are over. What you get is Sir Radakin or BoJo--both clowns. Warfare is hard, it requires serious background. In related news, Russia's economy is booming. Somebody (from the West) finally decided to figure out why. Per Biden and DNC... well, the question is how many MUST go to prison. 

Sunday, July 21, 2024

To Conclude The Weekend...

Anton finally started to upload music with some art. You heard this piece Nero (Neron) already...

Russia Is About...

 ... to unleash... Tatar robots!!

That's the force the world has never seen before... ;))

Yeah, As If...

 ... the United States didn't sustain enough humiliation and destruction in the last eight years, yes Trump's sabotage by Democrats included.

So, at some point of time even morons should have started asking questions about why their, morons that is, life got worse, much-much worse in the last few years. Well, as much as I cannot stand GOP BS, Democrats are a national disaster for the US. Both contributed, of course, throughout decades of utter geopolitical and economic BS--well, the whole world laughs. This is American "democracy" which sustained a demented (from the get go) carcass of a man under the slogans MiniTrue would envy. It is a logical conclusion to this circus. It leaves, the new one rolls in town. 

Saturday, July 20, 2024

It Is Fake...

 ... but it is still funny)))


Here Is Ania, Scott And Larry...

 ... discuss the events of the last week. 

Read also in comments to this video at Larry's that Scott's daughter--I assume it is Patty, a beautiful and classy young lady--will not be able to join US Foreign Service because she was blacklisted by Georgetown University and will not be able to obtain Top Secret clearance. What a clusterfuck America has become. Sad.

Visiting Barnes And Noble...

 ... I did it yesterday again, and when sipping on my latte from B&N coffee shop I usually browse periodicals such as Combat Aircraft and Air Forces. Yesterday, looking at the latest issues of both I couldn't find any so called "Ukraine-Russia War" headline on the cover of Air Forces, which prior to a demolition of the fabled "counteroffensive" by VSU in Summer 2023 have been plastered with SMO's headlines all over on the covers and inside. Enough to take a look at June 2023 issue where Tim Ripley investigated the leaks from Pentagon about air war in SMO titled State's Secrets, in which he stresses Pentagon's own assessment of Russian Air Defense being 97% effective. But in the latest issues--nothing, except for some tiny note in the "cellar" about VSU shooting down Russian TU-22M3 strategic bombers using some "long-range" missiles--the information based on... "intel" from UK Defense Ministry. That means wet fantasies of depressed amateurs with epaulets from London witnessing the true "scale" of UK as a nation and as a military (lack of) power. 

Except, of course, for masturbating convulsions by Bulgarian NATO shill and semi-literate BSer Alexander Mladenov who made a career for himself writing about things based on "data" supplied by VSU. So, the guy decided "to learn lessons" of air war in 404 based on "data" most of which is nothing but Ukie wet fantasies. It is difficult to explain to a graduate of a one-year (1996-97) so called "reserve" officer of Artillery and Air Defense vocational school in Sofia that masturbating to Top Gun: Maverick and "studying" air war records such as in... Afghanistan, against mighty Taliban's air defense and air force is not exactly a good foundation for combat study and operational assessment of... anything, but Mladenov continues to collect BS from Ukies and spread it as a fact. You cannot fix a Bulgarian нищеброд (a beggar with a pauper's concept of a wealth) who gets patted on the back and enjoys being anything but military professional. But that's the issue of which I speak non-stop. 

So, Mike Krupa sends me today the link to Quincy's Institute for the so called Responsible Statecraft with three "experts" Lieven, Beebe and Episkopos doing what they usually do in US so called "intellectual" circles of humanities credentialed and dumbed down individuals who want to be military analysts but have absolutely no background required for that. So, they produce (how predictable) a "paper" naturally titled: Right-Sizing the Russian Threat to Europe. Needless to say, it is a wowser. A collection of tropes, while exposing lack of any awareness of modern warfare by people none of who, even CIA's own Beebe, have basic tool kit for grasping balance of military power and how it is formed, as for Lieven--he is a pathetic BSer with own agenda. So, these three find nothing better than grab Radakin's BS and this table of linear nominal numbers:

Obviously, none of them has any clue about how Correlation of Forces and Means (COFM) is calculated, how strategies are developed and operational planning is done based on real data sets--all of which are highly classified--not some media BS and none of them having any clue and feel of Russian military environment. They cannot understand it, least of them Lieven, what "harmonization" in the coalition warfare is and why NATO's TOE is a joke--it is the TOE and operational concepts based on propaganda BS from Desert Storm and "optimism" of people who never saw and experienced real war. So, it is more surprising that after loads of BS they (come on, Beebe was a cadre CIA, after all) arrive to a semi-coherent conclusion: 

Why did they need to produce this "paper" only to quote what was repeated by Russian political top non-stop beats me. Moreover, this trite "conclusion" misses the whole point--Europe is irrelevant, while the American military mythology has been utterly destroyed. Because of that, the processes of which anyone with a half-brain warned about for many years are beginning to manifest themselves in the most profound way. Instead of pasting BS military data, these three should be thinking now about how to approach the thermonuclear financial bomb of the US national debt and what will happen with the US as a country once it explodes. And, please, Mr. Bacevich, hire somebody with real military background to write strategy papers on Russia for your "Institute"--make sure they are not from D.C. area and preferably are not from the cesspool of the American "Russia Study" field. I am sure grants to your institute will cover this. But then again, it is only my friendly advice. I will discuss this "paper" with my friends from Russian military--they periodically need some laughter, pseudo academic fraud is a good subject for that. 

General Cavoli Rewrites Warfare...

 ... and plans for a new counter "offensive"--meaning finishing off what's left of VSU and US military reputation. 


Now You Know...

 ... why planet Venus is in such horrible conditions. 

In related news, Starliner and two astronauts are still stuck in space. How about NASA instead of gimmicks tries to do something about this slowly unfolding disaster. Like offering a ride... ah, wait. I see. It is slowly coming to this, so what's the plan? Will somebody call Moscow? Not that it guarantees anything but it is better than abuse of already uninhabitable Venus.

A Notable Article...

 ... by Swiss Army officer Lt. Colonel (Ret.) Ralph Bosshard about rewriting of the history of the WW II by the West. It is in Russian, but it is worth reading.

Недавно я в Швейцарии принял участие в дискуссионном мероприятии, посвященном Второй мировой войне, на котором со вступительным докладом выступил белорусский коллега. Было интересно наблюдать за реакцией примерно 60-80 присутствовавших журналистов, историков и преподавателей: информация о страданиях белорусов в 1941–1945 годах была для них новой. Они не знали ни о трагедиях Озаричей и Хатыни, ни об операции «Багратион». Они едва ли знали о бесчисленных преступлениях, совершенных немецким вермахтом — не только СС и гестапо.  Причина этого ясна мне как военному историку: после 1945 года военно-историческая служба армии США наняла большое количество немецких генералов для написания истории только что закончившейся войны. И господа воспользовались возможностью, чтобы приукрасить свою роль, выдумать сказку о том, что немецкий вермахт всегда сражался честно, и объяснить, почему они — на самом деле якобы превосходящие противника солдаты — все же потерпели поражение от Красной армии. Многие из них остались верны своим национал-социалистическим убеждениям и по-прежнему считали солдат и офицеров Красной армии «недочеловеками». Их самооправдание на протяжении десятилетий определяло историографию немецкоязычных стран. И сегодня этот дух вновь определяет репортажи о российской армии и о войне в Донбассе.

Translation:  Recently, in Switzerland, I took part in a discussion event dedicated to the Second World War, at which a Belarusian colleague gave an introductory speech. It was interesting to watch the reaction of the approximately 60-80 journalists, historians and teachers present: information about the suffering of Belarusians in 1941-1945 was new to them. They knew neither about the tragedies of Ozarichi and Khatyn, nor about Operation Bagration. They hardly knew about the countless crimes committed by the German Wehrmacht - not just the SS and the Gestapo. The reason for this is clear to me as a military historian: after 1945, the US Army Military Historical Service hired a large number of German generals to write the history of the war that had just ended. And the gentlemen took the opportunity to embellish their role, invent a fairy tale that the German Wehrmacht always fought honestly, and explain why they - in fact, supposedly superior soldiers - were nevertheless defeated by the Red Army. Many of them remained true to their National Socialist beliefs and still considered the soldiers and officers of the Red Army to be “subhuman.” Their self-justification shaped the historiography of German-speaking countries for decades. And today this spirit once again defines reporting on the Russian army and the war in Donbass.

Read the whole thing (use Google Translate)--it explains HOW the so called "military history" in the US has been rewritten and what is taught, with some minor tweaking, in West's military academies. Then, do not be surprised with Pentagon's "planning" which delivered in 404 one disaster after another for VSU and an army of its "supporters" from primarily NATO countries. You recall, I hope, a review to my first book, which is largely dedicated to WW II, left by US officer about lies about WW II permeating West's historiography. So, follow the link and read. 

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Thursday, July 18, 2024

SSGN Fishing))

Gives some idea about the size of Oscar-IIs (pr. 949A) SSGNs. Open the "lids" of missile containers and fish)). 

Gives a whole new meaning to taking a boat for fishing;))

And This Is News Exactly How?

 NYT reports: 

Ukrainian troops have lost a hard-won position on the eastern bank of the Dnipro River, near the southern city of Kherson, after months of bloody fighting to hold on to a piece of land in what some Ukrainian soldiers and military analysts have described as a futile operation. The Ukrainian military said on Wednesday night that fighting continued on the eastern bank but that most of the main positions in the village of Krynky, where its troops had gained a foothold, “were destroyed by intense, combined and prolonged enemy fire.” The statement came after several Ukrainian news media outlets reported that Ukrainian forces had withdrawn from the village, which now lies in ruins.The operation to establish a bridgehead on the Russian-controlled eastern bank of the Dnipro had been controversial from the start. 

Well, this whole disaster has been planned from the start as a fantasy and PR action, and it was part of the "plan" by NATO "specialists", who, yet again, paraded themselves as operational level amateurs and fantasists, who believed that Krynky bridgehead could be somehow instrumental in a catastrophic "counter-offensive" in Summer 2023. This is a work of amateurs in NATO. VSU, however lost thousands there and some 800 VSU personnel are also counted as MIAs. In general, the whole "counter-offensive" thingy encapsulated clearly a cultural abyss between West's and Russian views on war. Krynky is just one episode in a larger drama of NATO's military incompetence. In the end, no NATO military person, top-bottom, ever experienced sustained, long-range fires--they simply don't know what it is. So, even Kiev regime admitted today that it is over. And it is.

Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Europe Is Getting Back...

 ... to its roots. 

Ukraine’s 3rd Assault Brigade, which includes fighters from the notorious neo-Nazi Azov Regiment, has announced plans to embark on a tour of EU countries. In two separate posts on Facebook last week, the unit said its service members would travel to nine cities in Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, the Czech Republic, and Lithuania in late July and early August. Participants at the events will be able to speak with Ukrainian soldiers to learn “the truth about serving in the brigade” and hear stories from the front lines, one of the posts said. One of the tour’s goals is to encourage more people to take part in the fight against Russia, either directly or indirectly, the other post stated. Attendance at the events costs around €20 ($22) depending on the location. The 3rd Assault Brigade was officially formed in early 2023. It includes many members of the neo-Nazi Azov Regiment, widely suspected of multiple war crimes, which has been fighting in Donbass since 2014, when hostilities erupted in the region following a Western-backed coup in Kiev.

The only thing which surprises me is why France is not on their itinerary. It would be be interesting to see how fast Paris will fall. By the same token, they should visit London and Sandhurst--you know, to explain to British Army what real war is. I am sure Europeans will be delighted. Did USMA at West Point submit the request? They should... Ah, wait Oh, Canada! 

Good destination, let me tell ya...

My Two Good Friends Talk...



Bean Counting...

... may help.  

In related news, "destroyed" (in imagination of NATO "experts") SSK Rostov-on-Don completed most of the repairs, is afloat and will join the fleet soon. Ouch...

Nima And I...

 ... spoke yesterday. I stressed again that nothing much will change in the US foreign policy and all US "strategies" are a kindergarten level ruses based on a complete detachment from reality. Even with Trump. I'll talk about it in my video today. The only positive in possible Trump Admin is that it will start bean counting which indicates certain degree of rationality. Russian-American relations are ruined for good, Russia doesn't trust the US but also knows that behind the bluster the US is in no position to demand anything. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2024

People Already Posted It...

 ... but here is a direct report about Tenacious D: 

The musical comedy duo are currently on tour Down Under, paying a visit to Australia’s ICC Sydney Theatre on Saturday and Sunday. During the pair’s second show, the School Of Rock presented Kyle with a birthday cake, imploring him to “make a wish”, to which he responded: “Don’t miss Trump next time.”After the clip was posted online, it was met with a backlash from some critics with Australian senator Ralph Babet going as far as calling for the group’s immediate deportation.While the duo initially postponed their follow-up show, which had been scheduled to take place in Newcastle, Australia on Tuesday evening, Jack has since shared an Instagram post confirming that the remaining tour dates have now been pulled. “I was blindsided by what was said at the show on Sunday,” the Shallow Hal actor said on Tuesday afternoon. “I would never condone hate speech or encourage political violence in any form. “After much reflection, I no longer feel it is appropriate to continue the Tenacious D tour, and all future creative plans are on hold. I am grateful to the fans for their support and understanding.”

I have news--American so called creative class due to it being degenerate has no mental tools for "reflection". This is a bunch of spoiled ass-holes brainwashed with propaganda and having no tools to even comprehend what agenda they push and what they stand for. Where is the Secret Service? Where is the FBI? I don't like Trump, I abhor Biden and his cabal of war criminals but I don't call on anybody to even try on the life, however pathetic and degenerate, of present POTUS, nor the former ones. This also shows you to what degree the system has become dysfunctional when you have pathetic entertainers who wouldn't know shit from shinola calling shots. They hate and all their "excuses" are worthless.

Monday, July 15, 2024

On A More Pleasant Note...

 ... good retro-future (stressing--good) is hard to come by. But this is fabulous. 


Some News From Convention...

 ... the conditions, however, are known--Kremlin articulated those many times.

МИЛУОКИ /штат Висконсин/, 16 июля. /ТАСС/. Кандидат в президенты США Дональд Трамп будет готов вступить в диалог с российским лидером Владимиром Путиным по урегулированию конфликта на Украине без каких-либо посредников. Об этом сообщил корреспонденту ТАСС высокопоставленный функционер Республиканской партии, принимающий участие в национальном съезде партии в городе Милуоки, где недавно объявили об официальном выдвижении Трампа кандидатом в президенты. "Несомненно, он начнет диалог с Путиным. Причем он сделает это без посредников", - подчеркнул собеседник агентства, отвечая на вопрос о готовности Трампа вступить в диалог с Путиным по Украине. "Сейчас демократы не ведут никаких переговоров [с Россией]. Конечно, должен быть кто-то, кто начнет переговоры, чтобы вы [Россия и Украина] смогли прийти к какому-то согласию", - подчеркнул собеседник агентства и утвердительно ответил на вопрос, будет ли этим человеком Трамп. Функционер выразил уверенность, что Североатлантическому альянсу не следует присутствовать на Украине, конфликт должен быть решен путем переговоров. "НАТО не нужно быть на Украине. Нужен диалог, и если он начнется, мы все сможем прийти к соглашению о том, как преодолеть его [конфликт на Украине]", - отметил собеседник агентства.

Translation: MILWAUKEE /Wisconsin/, July 16. /TASS/. US presidential candidate Donald Trump will be ready to enter into dialogue with Russian leader Vladimir Putin to resolve the conflict in Ukraine without any mediators. This was reported to a TASS correspondent by a high-ranking Republican Party functionary taking part in the party’s national convention in Milwaukee, where Trump’s official nomination as a presidential candidate was recently announced. “Undoubtedly, he will begin a dialogue with Putin. And he will do this without intermediaries,” the agency’s interlocutor emphasized, answering a question about Trump’s readiness to enter into a dialogue with Putin on Ukraine. “Now the democrats are not conducting any negotiations [with Russia]. Of course, there must be someone who will start negotiations so that you [Russia and Ukraine] can come to some kind of agreement,” the agency’s interlocutor emphasized and answered the question affirmatively, whether that person will be Trump. The functionary expressed confidence that the North Atlantic Alliance should not be present in Ukraine, the conflict should be resolved through negotiations. “NATO does not need to be in Ukraine. We need dialogue, and if it starts, we can all come to an agreement on how to overcome it [the conflict in Ukraine],” the agency’s interlocutor noted.

Just the news. 

OK, Now That's Huge...

The best choice for V.P. 

A very pleasant surprise from The Donald. J.D. was picked over neocon and whore Marco Rubio and this is a huge contrast with Christian Zionist Pence. Will see, maybe he did learn some things after all.

Hungarian Intel...

As was confirmed now:

Update: this was fake

How It All Ends...

 ... my latest on shit hitting the fan. 


Well, Anybody With A Rudimentary...

 ... operational sense (believe me--a lot of complex calculations and planning goes into it), would do that.  

This may or may not be true, but at this point the only issue is that of numbers: how many more VSU cannon fodder will be annihilated before inevitability in Washington hits the fifth stage of Kubler-Ross--the Acceptance--and those perfumed boys and girls in Biden "national insecurity" complex begin to resign themselves to them being nothing more than fanatical and incompetent war criminals, responsible for the largest war on European soil since WW II. I heard they are "preparing" yet another counteroffensive. Sure.  

Hey, the dude just won the election.

Sunday, July 14, 2024


 ... with UMPK from SU-34. 

I wouldn't want to be closer than 1 kilometer when this monster hits. Moreover, evidently there is nothing that SU-34 cannot do. Monstrous combat aircraft, capable also to launch Kinzhals and long range cruise missiles, among other things. That is some nasty duckling, state-of-the-art too. 

Why Do You Think...

 ... Joseph Goebbels, the Minister of Propaganda of the Third Reich, committed suicide, together with his wife Magda, while also killing all six their children? Joseph Goebbels never killed anyone, all his life he wanted to be a writer, he never commanded any Wehrmacht let alone SS formation and yet... Well, being a Minister of Propaganda he knew he was responsible for deaths of tens of millions of people because his writings and propaganda created a moral and informational framework for crimes against humanity. American main-stream media and their "operatives" are a copy of Goebbels' ministry and there is no low, no atrocity, no crime they will not justify on the orders of their owners--themselves sociopaths and outright madmen. 

So, this all came to head yesterday at Trump's rally in Pennsylvania and the media circus is in the full swing now, as is production from "pattern seekers" and other conspiracy theories' specialists who, as always, will miss the main point:

While the attempted assassination of Donald Trump has been roundly condemned by his political opponents, liberal politicians and pundits have – implicitly and explicitly – called for his death before. Trump narrowly avoided death at a campaign rally in Butler, Pennsylvania, on Saturday, when an assassin’s bullet apparently clipped his ear as it whizzed past his head. The shooter – named by the FBI as 20-year-old Thomas Matthew Crooks – killed one spectator at the rally and wounded two others before he was shot dead by Secret Service agents. US President Joe Biden decried the attempt on Trump’s life, declaring that “there’s no place for this kind of violence in America.” Ever since Trump won the 2016 election, however, he has faced a steady stream of threats from members of Biden’s party and their allies in the media.

Simple as that, period. After that the law of large numbers kicks in (the US has population of roughly 330 million plus tens of millions illegals) and it makes no difference whatsoever at this point if DNC "operatives" did seek out a nutjob to kill Trump or it was his own initiative--the sample space is too large. 

The US as we know it is over, Trump is now destined to win, while Biden Admin and Democratic Party media and electoral machine is nothing more than a criminal organization which not only raped what's left of the US in nominal sense, but also is responsible for atrocities not seen since WW II. If somebody forgets--a reminder. 

Попытка покушения на президента Владимира Путина, о которой говорил глава ГУР Украины Кирилл Буданов (внесен Росфинмониторингом в список террористов и экстремистов), готовилась на деньги США, заявила официальный представитель МИД России Мария Захарова. По ее словам, один из главарей киевского режима Буданов открыто признался, что ГУР готовило покушение на президента России и делалось это на американские деньги, «без которых никакой зловредной деятельности ГУР, СБУ и в целом Банковой и не было бы», передает РИА «Новости».

Translation: The attempt to assassinate President Vladimir Putin, which was mentioned by the head of the State Intelligence Service of Ukraine Kirill Budanov (listed by Rosfinmonitoring as terrorists and extremists), was prepared with US money, said the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. According to her, one of the leaders of the Kyiv regime, Budanov, openly admitted that the GUR was preparing an assassination attempt on the President of Russia and this was done with American money, “without which there would have been no malicious activities of the GUR, the SBU and Bankova as a whole,” RIA Novosti reports. 

So, the psychological threshold of disintegration has been crossed. Now things will only accelerate.

Saturday, July 13, 2024

Larry Explaining...

 ... shit. And let me tell you even .22 LR could be a nasty round which can kill...

Let the FBI deal with it, granted it is not corrupted through and through...


 ... today. 


 No! Shots fired...

The US is over...  What happens next? Your choice... 

Democratic "Party" and its "operatives"--you are low lives. You all smell like shit. Give a girl from Secret Service credit where the credit is due... professional.

Belousov Calls Austin...

 ... you know, SecDef of a third world nation with nukes...


Correct Decision...

 ... in general, International Olympic Committee has to die together with this so called Olympic Movement which is nothing more that ideological and propaganda machine for the combined West. 

Российские телеканалы впервые за 40 лет не стали покупать права на трансляцию Олимпийских игр - 2024, которые пройдут в Париже с 26 июля по 11 августа.  Как сообщает, принято политическое решение, что в нынешней ситуации показывать Олимпиаду, в которой без гимна и флага будут участвовать всего 15-16 российских спортсменов, по центральным федеральным каналам нельзя. Трансляции на спортивном канале "Матч" обсуждались, однако после того как выяснилось, что борцам, дзюдоистам и тхэквондистам отказали в участии, вопрос отпал. Руководство канала посчитало, что миллионные расходы на ТВ-права в этой ситуации себя не оправдают. Сервис Okko также решил, что с учетом отстранения российских спортсменов Олимпиада не представляет большого интереса для аудитории в России.

Translation: For the first time in 40 years, Russian television channels did not buy the rights to broadcast the 2024 Olympic Games, which will be held in Paris from July 26 to August 11. As reports, a political decision has been made that in the current situation, it is impossible to show the Olympics, in which only 15-16 Russian athletes will participate without the anthem and flag, on central federal channels. Broadcasts on the sports channel "Match" were discussed, but after it became clear that wrestlers, judokas and taekwondoists were refused participation, the issue was dropped. The channel's management considered that spending millions on TV rights in this situation would not justify itself. The Okko service also decided that, given the suspension of Russian athletes, the Olympics are not of great interest to audiences in Russia.

Same as Russia suspending her participation in and payments to a bunch of verbose freeloaders known as Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE)--there is nothing for Russia to do there. 

People ask about Russia and some do think about moving there. Here is the video of Joseph and Svetlana--Russian-American family--they are involved actively in helping Westerners to move to Russia. 

They are active on a very serious level, including, IIRC, on the level of Duma's subcommittees and it is also part of their business. Svetlana's info is inside video. I do not advocate one way or another, I merely present facts here and, yes, the migration from the West to Russia is gaining steam. It will become even more massive in coming years.

Friday, July 12, 2024

It Is Friday...

Spoke to Anton. He is like, dude, I was already retired and lost inspiration. My response? You found me, it is you problem now)))) We laughed. Here is another Anton's old tunes. Laziness. 

Because People Brought It Up Again...

... and basic ethics doesn't allow me to present to public my private "discussion" with Ted Postol, plus Douglas Macgregor refers to this self-proclaimed "expert", here is a simple answer to all this amateurish BS about Russia's SPRN and Early Warning space-based capabilities. Here is from 2020. 

МОСКВА, 5 авг - РИА Новости. Единая космическая система предупреждения о ракетном нападении "Купол", созданная для Минобороны РФ, находится в рабочем состоянии, сообщил в среду гендиректор Ракетно-космической корпорации (РКК) "Энергия" Игорь Озар.  "Пуском четвертого космического аппарата "Тундра" Единая космическая система "Купол" доведена до штатного минимального состава", - сказал Озар на едином дне приемки военной продукции. Он уточнил, что аппараты, выведенные на высокоэллиптическую орбиту, контролируют районы стартов баллистических ракет "на материковых территориях и акваториях мирового океана".
Translation: MOSCOW, August 5 - RIA Novosti. The unified space missile attack warning system "Dome", created for the Russian Ministry of Defense, is in working condition, Igor Ozar, general director of the Rocket and Space Corporation (RSC) Energia, said on Wednesday. “With the launch of the fourth Tundra spacecraft, the Unified Space System “Dome” has been brought to its minimum standard composition,” Ozar said at the single day of acceptance of military products. He clarified that the devices launched into a highly elliptical orbit control the launch areas of ballistic missiles “on continental territories and in the waters of the world’s oceans.”
I offered Ted to connect him to people who may get him in contact with people from RKK Energia for them to marvel at the guy who spreads smut on Russia for some time now. But then again, what this loser General Director of RKK Energia Igor Ozar knows, especially when compared to omniscient Ted Postol who operates with data from 2000s. I omit here physical explanations of known data on Tundra satellites  with each of 6 satellites carrying 5 sensors: three IR, one UV and one optical, with Kupol constellation not only being able to develop tracks of any type of any missile but also serve as a communication and control system of Russia's Strategic Missile Forces. 
Per Colonel Macgregor--I kinda get it when your country and your, allegedly great, accomplishments, collapse in a front of your eyes and everything you know about military history and war turns into, well, fairy tale--it is difficult. This is the only explanation I have for Macgregor embarrassing himself whenever him talking about USSR/Russia. I call it Al Bundy's high school football "four touch downs" syndrome. I know, I went through this myself. Defensive reactions vary, but they, most (not all) of them, are always based of self-medicating lies. In general, Macgregor should avoid talking about USSR in WW II of which he has minimal knowledge and understanding and also goes referring to the guy whose "expertise" is his own figment of imagination.

Nima and Me...

 ... yesterday. 


Open Thread...

 ... checking brakes on the car. Go at it.

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

We Found Each-Other After 30 Years

My dearest friend, musical genius composer Anton Ovcharenko found me (yeah, there are some benefits to being somewhat famous) and I found him back! He was looking for me for 30 year and he is alive and well, living in Finland! He now is being coerced by me to return to composing and recording! ))) Here is his Neron! This is an absolute delight! This is posted on my Patreon for everyone to listen. 

Boy, my videos are now going to be changing music intros often, but I will make him record an album. That's him!

Eight years ago... He thought he was done with music until he found me yesterday... devil's laughter fading in the darkness...)))

Larry! LOL!

 The best opening of analysis of the month))) 

Read the whole excellent piece at Larry's blog.  

An Interesting Quip...

... from Douglas Macgregor.  Same ol' issue of SLOCs and sustainability of any US force in Europe. 

RFK JR is spot on regarding Washington’s poorly disguised attempt to drag us into war with Russia, but the situation in Ukraine is very different and we have no ground troops to send. The European peoples don’t want a war and neither do Americans. In 1965 the mood in America was very supportive of intervention in SE Asia to fight communism. I know. I was there. It would take four years for American support to collapse.  In addition, for reasons of geography, Ukraine cannot become another Vietnam. In 1965 no one could or would interdict us on the way to Vietnam. Today, Russian subs would immediately shut down the Atlantic and all of our staging areas in Eastern Europe would utterly demolished in a hail of missiles. Worse, US-NATO air and missile defenses are only capable of defending 5% of NATO’s European territory. In the space of 5-7 daisy our missile supply would be exhausted. I could go on, but you get the point. It’s a dead end. Any attempt to mimic the approach to Vietnam will end abruptly and badly for the US and Europe. That was the point that Orban tried to make.

Well. Technological and operational reality is a bitch, you cannot escape it, no matter how you try and any shipping through Atlantic Ocean will be ground to a halt in a matter of days. Naval warfare changed dramatically and you can not defend SLOCs from technology which is several generations ahead of whatever Houthis have, plus add here massive quantities of it. We all know what Houthis did and how they paralyzed marine traffic in the Red Sea. Combined NATO navies couldn't a thing about it other than barely defending themselves. Now imagine when a couple of Yasens (pr. 885) and several Akulas (pr. 971M) go out to hunt--good luck trying finding them without risking own aircraft carries. Just classic escort by something like Arleigh Burke class DDGs is a death trap, because no US asset has the ability to deal with salvos of newest anti-shipping missiles. So, no good options. Those escorts will be sunk and "convoy" or dispersed group of strategic lift vessels will be found out and sunk too. It is 2024, Ladies and Gentleman, not 1943.

But in the end, let's imagine that the US somehow manages to put some force into Europe--it will not be sustainable in the serious war no matter what. Have you seen the US "force protection" capabilities? Patriot PAC3, NASAMS et al--seriously? That's you answer. I'll remind you--estimates for US casualties in such a war will average for the US Army on 3,600 KIAs and WIAs daily. US Army is incapable to fight such a war even if to imagine that SLOCs somehow will be relatively safe. Neither is American society.