Thursday, March 31, 2016

Well, Duh.....

I already mentioned several times that Europe is run by imbeciles and whores. Most of Europe's political class is, basically, a collection of degenerates, literally. As was expected, any agreements with Erdogan are not worth the paper on which they were written. 

At this stage Europe reminds me of a condemned to death criminal who is already on the execution table, strapped and having IVs in his arms, with first portions of poison being pumped into the body. He (or she) is still alive but receding fast and is about to fade into the nevermore. Is physical salvation still possible at this stage? No. 

Hollande scraps plan to strip terror convicts of nationality 

The title of this news story speaks more volume than what is actually in the story itself. I'll explain. It is not news that Hollande or "elites" he represents are spineless cowards which are in the process of flushing what's left of France (or Germany) down the toilet. What is remarkable is that those European (and many American) imbeciles think of "nationality" as merely a citizenship. As Barnett succinctly observed:"According to liberal thinking, a nation was no more than so many human atoms who happened to live under the same set of laws". But nations are not formed this way, they never were. Nation involves more than concept of citizenship, way more. It involves race, blood, that is ethnicity, language, culture, religion, shared historical experience and realm which do give birth to citizenship--not the other way around. Citizenship is a derivative of nationality, and not even the first one. A real Russian remains a Russian, even being a citizen of France or USA, French will remain French even if he is stripped of his citizenship--he will retain his (or her) French nationality no matter what. A real German will remain a German even in Africa (I am not talking about rare cases of self-imposed "mutation" into something what people are not--I know some of those) and, in most cases, will seek other Germans to establish a connection, because will need an experience of common language and culture through communications.

But this is not how EU and US "elites" and so called intellectuals view nationhood. They indeed view it as a collection of human atoms. They are incapable of comprehending the reasons why Islamic terrorists, who do have French or Belgian citizenship, ARE NOT French or Belgian, never were and can never be in the future. The whole notion that Molenbeck is populated by what we broadly perceive as Belgians is preposterous--there is nothing Belgian there. One can try to strip those inhabitants of their citizenship but one can not strip them of Belgian nationality since they never had it in the first place and never will have it, unless one wants to redefine Belgium and Europe in terms of Arabs, Albanians and Turks thus effectively denying European nations their nationhood. But that is exactly what happens. Losing a nationhood means death or, in case of EU and, to a certain, lesser degree, USA--a murder. Current EU political class is a class of murderers both literally and figuratively and as murderers they must face justice. Will European nations be able to deliver this justice? I doubt it, but this is the case when I will be happy to be wrong. As of this moment, however, the introduction of poison continues.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Sasha Prokhorenko, You Are The Hero

The name of the Russian Spetsnaz officer who heroically died near Palmyra, by drawing the friendly fire is now known. It is 25-years old young graduate of Air Defense Academy, officer (most likely of junior rank) Aleksandr Prokhorenko. He is from near the city of Orenburg. He leaves behind a pregnant wife. His child must know what his (or her) father did. He will remain in the hearts and memory of all decent people. He is immortal now. 


Link in Russian.


Sunday, March 27, 2016

Palmyra Is Taken

By now everyone who lives outside MSM news bubble should know this. Strategic ramifications of this success are immense. It is also a massive, possibly crippling, ideological blow to IS. President Putin already gave order for Russian Army's engineer-sapper units to start clearing Palmyra from mines, while State Hermitage will take active part in restoration of Palmyra's historic sites destroyed by IS savages. 

It seems now that final defeat of IS in Syria is a matter of time. Syrian Army gave good account of itself but it also clear that Russian contribution in form of active air support, military advisers and employment of Russia's massive C4ISR capabilities played one of the key roles in this operation. Meanwhile in Europe, they sing Kumbaya songs, cry, light candles, say pious speeches and promise to double down on "diversity"--you know, the usual staff which traditionally defeats dangerous enemies. But during this important for Christians (Western) day of Easter, I want to wish all of them and to decent people of other confessions a happy Easter. As they say in Russia--Христос Воскресе, Christ Is Risen. And no better gift on this day than taking Palmyra.  

Remember this?

Friday, March 25, 2016

The Collapse Of The West

Among my American friends and colleagues, whom I love dearly are some of the toughest sons of bitches I ever encountered in my life. Interestingly, some of them are not devoid of fine academic nourishment and have graduate degrees from different US universities. These are straight shooters who do not take BS from anyone nor give it to anyone. We debate, we disagree, sometimes we shout at each-other but it all, usually, ends up in puffing a cigar and consuming some sort of decent alcohol. I always thought that this is how life is, that is until I learned about "Safe-Spaces". 

Oh poor, poor sensitive dears! Can you imagine how much they are hurting? Look at those distressed faces!

Oh, The Personal Drama And Tragedy From Reading This Horrible T-Word. 
Their refined souls and sensitivities are so important and the scale of suffering is so incomprehensibly large, nay--biblical in proportions, that they had to grab each other just to be able to bear the horror of this moment.

Well, friends--here is your (and mine) new generation. Not all of it, of course, but still this can only create a sense of dismay and dejection. This is not just the campus of one university, this is happening all over the United States' institutions of higher learning--the result of decades of dominance of all those new lefty Social Justice Warriors and  humanities professors with agenda to emasculate, "feminisize" and reformat the human nature. They are certainly succeeding, sadly.  I wonder what would happen to those kids if they would spend couple of days at one of FOBs in Afghanistan or in good 2-3 days long storm on the ship in the ocean. Will they redefine their (and their deranged "academics' ") meaning of "Safe-Spaces"?  If not, then we all are in for a dystopia. Not that it is not already in the making and it is being made by losers like that........


Thursday, March 24, 2016

Russian Spetsnaz Doesn't Surrender

One of the Russian Spetsnaz officers heroically died today near Palmyra, where for a week he was directing Russian Air-Space Forces' strikes against terrorists. He was detected and surrounded by IS terrorists. He called in friendly fire on his position--Vyzval Ogon' Na Sebya. 

He entered the pantheon of Russian immortals and he will forever be hailed as a hero, who died fighting evil not only on behalf of Russia or Syria. But there will be no global hash tags, Kumbaya songs and tears of sensitive liberal youths holding hands and promising to double on tolerance. The remains of this officer will be recovered and, in a zink coffin, will be flown back to Russia where his family will be given a golden star of Hero Of Russia and his name forever will be left in the list of personnel of his unit, as if he were alive, because he is. And then the revenge will come.....

I learned about this officer while writing a eulogy for Johan Cryuff, FC Ajax, FC Barcelona and Dutch National Soccer team legendary footballer. I will write about him later.   

UPDATE: now in English. 

Russian military says special forces officer killed near Palmyra: agencies 

This Is Rich

Grandiose gestures and grand statements are nothing new in the world of diplomacy but this Kerry's appeal is something really really rich.

Kerry in Moscow Urges Unity in Face of Brussels Attacks 

This is especially "potent":

"Kerry will be seeking clarity from Putin and Lavrov as to where Russia stands on a political transition for Syria, particularly on the future of President Bashar Assad, now that a fragile truce is holding and U.N. brokered peace talks are underway."

So, US still wants "clarity" on the fate of the guy (Assad) who fought, and consistently killed for the last 5 years, West-sponsored terrorists. Talk about being out of place and out of time. West's "successes" in "fighting" terrorism have been on the global display for the last 16 years, starting from its despicable aggression against Yugoslavia (this very day). But then comes this:

"Kerry said that he was optimistic his talks could "prove that two powerful nations that have been able to find cooperation in the past few years despite differences have the ability in the face of those differences to do what is necessary to meet the challenge." 

No, really, how about John Kerry and his Big Boss give the definition to this "challenge"? Russia did, which she proved, time after time and beyond the shadow of a doubt, by actions. I think the time is upon us that if US and Europe are serious (which I predict they are not and will not be) about fighting terrorism they stop those hollow (and useless) statements and either put up or shut up, or follow. Or, they may continue to cry us, people who hold dear the best Christendom gave us and who face life with open eyes, a river as this clown Mogherini did. How about starting with charging former US Secretary Of State Madeline Albright, together with Christian Amanpour, with war crimes and support for Islamic terrorism which started this day with bombing of innocent civilians in Belgrade. How about opening a criminal probe into the activity of Senator John McCain in support of the Islamic terrorists in Syria. Well, all this is a wishful thinking. Very little could be discussed with people who proclaimed Islam a religion of peace or when the biggest boss can not bring himself to recognizing "terrorism" for what it is. What "unity" is possible with such people? And then, of course, there is this issue of sanctions. "Unity" with backstabbers is not possible.  It seems Russia finally learned her lessons.  

Today is the17th black anniversary of the West's war crime against Orthodox Christian Serbia and this will never be forgotten.

The "peace" NATO brings. Yugoslavia 1999.


Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Federica Mogherini Cries....

Well, why didn't you cry, EU "politicians", when Ukronazi killed and continue to kill people of Donbass, when they commit terrorist acts both against people and infrastructure. Where was your outrage and tears when good people of Syria were being killed, tortured, displaced by the creature all of you are directly culpable in creating--IS. Well, the chickens are coming home to roost and this is just the start, things will get much more "interesting". While my heart goes out to people of Brussels, I have no sympathy whatsoever to EU bureaucrats, who are traitors and cowards. So, cry me a river. Go, double on tolerasty and multiculturalism--we'll see how your further cultural "enrichment" go.

Now on a more professional note: 

1. EU is not equipped for dealing with this kind of threats--its military and law enforcement structures are incompetent and, as the rape binge in Koln demonstrated, cowardly. They also are rendered impotent because of the political correctness and ideological doctrine, which effectively reduces the ability to profile, which, in its turn, is one of the pillars of the effective operative work. 

2. EU will not be able to establish direct causality between its fundamental guiding principles and Islamic terrorism. It also will not be able to develop a working security doctrine. There are already huge number of "communities" and Mosques all over Europe where law enforcement doesn't dare to go.

3. EU population, its large portion, is long ago emasculated, unarmed and scared.  It is also a subscriber to suicidal immigration and "cultural" policies of EU. This is in a startling contrast, for example, with the US whose white population, yours truly included, is armed to the teeth and both supports and practices 2nd Amendment and, thankfully, enjoys what's left of the 1st one. This is not the case in Western Europe.  

So, in general, the problem is deep and systemic. Europe was fuming and accusing Russia when Russia fought two bloody wars in Chechnya against Wahhabi-Salafist forces there. Europe accused Putin (and Russians) when Islamic terrorists committed atrocity in Beslan and Nord-Ost. Well, Europe, how's that sitting on the high horse going for ya? I guess will see how when Charlie Hebdo's new issue comes out with caricatures on Brussels' tragedy.  

Will healthy, real nationalist forces wake up in Europe? I, certainly, hope so but the chances are slim and the illness progressed too far. As of now--another disastrous failure of the European intelligence and counter-terrorist forces. At this stage nothing more than that is expected of them.

Tick, tock, tick, tock............ 

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Burlaki (barge haulers)

An outstanding report by Roscosmos about what Russia and US can achieve when working together. 

It also brings to mind this:


Europe As Tabaqui

Another foreign policy "pearl" from Europe regarding Russia. 

These are, so called, five guiding principles of the EU policy towards Russia.  If there ever were any doubts about EU being run by imbeciles, after these remarks they should be completely dispelled. Things, and people, should be called their proper names. It is not enough for Europe to be reduced to the status of Turkish whore, now it wants to outdo itself in dealing with the last real ally this emasculated geographic appendix of Eurasian land mass can possibly have before being turned completely into "multicultural" cloaca. To be sure, Europe is heading this way, but, what is most important, it doesn't have any tools of dealing with this situation, among many other problems it faces. 

European "elites" today are nothing more than a collection of political and state bureaucrats who would sell their own nations (what's left of them anyway), honor (if they ever had one), principles (if they ever had any), possibly closest people for the sake of their careers in the totally dysfunctional leviathan super-state, which is good for nothing and more and more resembles a major train-wreck. Today, it is totally legitimate to talk about almost total post-WW II European mutation into the US lap-dog with a minimal, if any, foreign policy subjectivity. The proof is in the statement of Europe's two most spineless and cowardly creatures who, for absolutely unknown reason, are called heads of their respective states (or whatever remains of them), Francois Hollade and Angela Merkel, in regards to enforcing of the anti-Russia sanctions. 

Poroshenko, Merkel, Hollande discuss prospects for elections in Donbas, confirm sanctions on Russia still in force 

Well, as old saying goes: tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are. With "friends" like Poroshenko, I guess, the natures of Hollande and Merkel can not get any clearer than that. I pity French and German people (I deliberately do not use "the people of France and Germany") but, pity aside, let's see what those sanctions achieved. But before I get to this I want to state my long-held position that I am categorically against lifting the sanctions for two reasons:

1. Russia's problems in economy have 90%  domestic origins and are primarily the result of headless neo-liberal monetarist policies of Putin and Medvedev. But even these remaining 10%  which can be attributed to sanctions are good enough leverage against the monetarist cabal of Medvedev's government. This government must go, together with this whole panopticon of High School Of Economics' (VShE) freaks and ignoramuses, who pretend that they know something. But even Medvedev stated yesterday a strategic importance of Russian machining centers production and pledged government's support for it.  You see, even "liberals" are forced to play right under the circumstances.

2. Russian industry, that is real economy sector (with the notable exception of auto-industry), actually started to grow. In some areas it grew 3-4 times in 2015, such as in Voronezh Oblast  and all this is thanks to sanctions.  If not for the sanctions, Russia would still be buying German power plants for combat ships. Now, this dangerous dependence on the geopolitical midget on the US leash is over, with NPO Saturn being totally capable to develop  adequate power plant by 2018--the work is already in progress. There is also no necessity to maintain some Joint Venture with French Snecma, Russian planes, including latest SSJs and future MC-21 will do just fine with totally Russian state-of-the-art PD-14. The list of sanctions-induced strategic benefits is huge. These are just some examples.

While Obama and his colleagues in Europe discuss how sanctions "harmed" Russia, Russia seems to be, finally, doing many things right. Yes, finances are important, yes, the banking system is important but, as I stated already many times in this blog, what really matters is how many enclosed technological cycles nation possesses and is able to develop--that is what really makes all the difference between simply a nation and a great power. Saudis spend on defense $10 billions more than Russia, yet, Russia is a superpower while Saudis' main export, after oil, is terrorism. Russia, meanwhile, launches Mars missions. A joint mission with European Space Agaency, no less. 

And here comes this very strategic question. All things considered, especially a European "values" revolution--DOES RUSSIA NEED EUROPE? And the answer to that is both simple and complex. The Europe on the American leash, cowardly, spineless, "unified" into the super-state, with declining birth-rates, with large portions of its population turned into the mankurts, whose only care is keeping their welfare benefits and whose only value is full stomach, the Europe of emasculated metrosexuals and gay families--such Europe is not only not needed in Russia but, in fact, represents a clear and present danger. There could be no cultural, economic or spiritual common ground with such Europe, which, for all intents and purposes resembles itself less and less. What are the benefits in dealing with such a supranational structure?  Technology? Well, in some fields it is still important but Russia produces her own processors, Russian software engineers are one of the best in the world. Could Russian-produced Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining centers run on Baikal or Elbrus processors and Russian software? Some are already running.There are very many fields in which Russian expertise is more than adequate for both satisfaction of internal needs and for staying competitive internationally. 

Dealing on the level of state structures with current EU is akin to dealing with Kipling's Tabaqui without seeing face to face with Shere Khan. No serious discussion is possible with Europe, period. Discussing anything with slave is useless. All measures have to be taken to limit any economic cooperation with Europe to an absolute necessary minimum and any communications must be reduced only to healthy, which is largely conservative, forces within European nations. The rest? Russia must leave for good such circus as PACE because there is nothing to discuss in and with the asylum.  Europe brought itself to the knees completely on its own accord, including selling her sovereignty to the US and it is Europeans' business to take care of their "common home", which is on its way to becoming an outhouse.  Europeans want to liberate themselves? Let them deal with it. And while they are at it they might as well put Ukraine into their books--let them face and pay for the mess they helped to create there, as well as in Libya, Syria and other places. That sure will help their EU "strategies". 

Turkish PM hails EU migrant deal as 'historic day'     

As Christopher Caldwell succinctly observed in his Reflections On The Revolution In Europe in 2009:

Tick, tock, tick, tock........

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

On Russia's "Withdrawal" From Syria.

I could have written a bus-load of staff on this decision by Putin but I see no reason for regurgitating same points one can easily find in both Russian and Anglophone alternative media. I just want to reiterate some fundamentals of any, and this, war:

1. Victory (or defeat) in war is defined by achieving this war's political objectives.  Russia went into Syria as a great power, she is "exiting" (sort of--Russian bases remain and so do some Air-Space Forces units) it as a superpower. Most important politcal objectives have been met. 

2. Russia DOES play a long game and this game is not just about Syria and Assad. Remember Ukraine? I wonder what kind of mood is now in Kiev. 

3. Technological objectives--a dazzling display of modern weapons and C4ISR complex.  

4.............You may fill in the blanks on your own, after all from Anatoly Karlin to Moon Of Alabama, to Saker--everyone had an input. 

The sum? Huge plus. My hat is also off to Syrian Army--they endured long enough to convince Russia to interfere and this interference changed regional and global balance of power. I guess, Syrians also like T-90s, very much so;-)  

Going Home.....For Now;-)


Friday, March 11, 2016

Keith Emerson, RIP

You gave meaning to rock music with your virtuosity. You gave birth to one of the first true super groups Emerson, Lake and Palmer, aka ELP. Rest in peace, keyboard hero..... This is a bad year.

I salute your genius...... 


Admiral Grigorovich, Welcome To The Fleet.

Yesterday, the leading ship of project 11356 Admiral Grigorovich was officially transferred to the Russian Navy. This ship, as well as two others, Admiral Essen and Admiral Makarov, to be commissioned in April and October 2016 respectively, are a good lesson in geopolitical realism for Russia. Hopefully, the lesson has been learned. Original 6-ship series of this class was supposed to have Ukrainian-made power plant but, as you all may know, things didn't work out this way. Current regime in Kiev is anything but normal and there are no reasons anymore for Russia to buy anything from Ukraine, especially equipment for the navy. Nor was it a good idea to buy power plant from German MTU--sanctions on Russia are here to stay and it is all for the better, while Germany can forget about Russia's market. Good riddance. NPO Saturn is already busy with designing power plant for future Russian ships. Russia is totally capable of producing first class power plant (COGAG) for any class of the ships.

Meanwhile, three other hulls of this class, most likely will not get their power plant on time and could be sold to India with Ukrainian power plant. Initially, all six were planned for the Black Sea Fleet, now, it seems, the Black Sea Fleet will receive only three. This changes operational picture substantially. The Black Sea Fleet for decades, for a reasons of Crimea being a de jure part of Ukraine since 1991, was the most neglected Russia's Fleet. Times changed and six project 11356 frigates were supposed to be the core of what would eventually emerge as remote analogue of the Soviet Navy's 5th Operational Squadron (OPESK). While deliveries of the brand new SSKs of Kilo-class are on track and formation of the separate brigade of this highly capable subs is on track too, the Black Sea Fleet will need more in terms of its surface combatants. One of the stop-gap solutions could be, and it was articulated already, delivery of increased numbers of project 21631 Buyan-class and perspective project 22800 Karakurt-class  missile corvettes. There is also a possibility of some of the project 22160 patrol ships adding to what can be a mighty first salvo of deadly Kalibr and Onyx missiles. The problem with this solution, however, is that none of the missile corvettes listed have robust enough air defense systems and carry only short-range self-defense weapons. Grigorovich-class frigates were supposed to be the ones providing a robust air defense cover with their Shtil' AD Complex.

It is difficult to predict how this problem will be solved but there is little doubt that something is in the works. In the end, the transfer of Northern Fleet bound couple of project 22350 Admiral Gorshkov-class frigates with their mighty Poliment-Redut can not be ruled out. Meanwhile, the new ship for the Russian Navy and she is a beauty and a damn dangerous one at that. 

Grigorovich sister ship Admiral Essen

 As they say--7 feet under the keel............ 


Thursday, March 10, 2016

How Much Lower Can Obama Stoop?

And when we thought that we couldn't get any lower, somebody knocked from the bottom. This is beyond belief, US President openly steals the credit for elimination of Syria's chemical weapons. This is from a very long, full of BS, piece in The Atlantic called The Obama's Doctrine:

"Amid the confusion, a deus ex machina appeared in the form of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin. At the G20 summit in St. Petersburg, which was held the week after the Syria reversal, Obama pulled Putin aside, he recalled to me, and told the Russian president “that if he forced Assad to get rid of the chemical weapons, that that would eliminate the need for us taking a military strike.” Within weeks, Kerry, working with his Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov, would engineer the removal of most of Syria’s chemical-weapons arsenal—a program whose existence Assad until then had refused to even acknowledge."

This already created, and rightly so, the shitstorm in Russian mass-media.


Sadly, there is no such law in international relations as "Stolen Valor"--that is when impostors dress themselves in military uniforms, wear combat medals and BS naive people with their "stories" of being heroes. Should such law have existed in international relations Obama would have been accused of breaking it. The surrealism of this whole affair is only topped today with this:

Iran Told to Pay $10.5 Billion to Sept. 11 Kin, Insurers 

The nation which had nothing to do with 911 is ordered to pay billions for Saudi crimes. All this defies imagination and are signs of what I do not want to even contemplate now. But I know this feeling.......   

"Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad".

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Fulton Speech

Yesterday it was 70 years since Churchill's famous "Iron Curtain" speech, also known as Fulton Speech. It was the first salvo in what later became known as Cold War. It was also the start of what can only be described as a massive propaganda campaign in convincing Western public opinion in hostile intentions of Soviet Union and imminent attack of those nasty Russkies, who just lost 27 million of own people and had their country destroyed, on everything Sir Winston held so dear--the myth of Anglo-Saxon exceptionalism. 

Today, when archives are opened and the truth of the Cold War is finally emerging, position of Sir Winston, a man of many talents, becomes as clear as never before. Speaking in plain language--the guy was a sore, in fact, bitter frustrated loser. It would be later that both Churchill's daughter and his personal dentist Lord Moran would describe a heavy feeling of jealousy Churchill experienced towards relations FDR and Stalin had. Churchill might have been a crafty politician but great military strategist he was not. He presided over, in fact precipitated, Great Britain's departure from the status of global power precisely for the reasons that great strategist he was not.  As Correlli Barnett succinctly observed:
Barnett, The Collapse Of The British Power, page 593
It is unenviable fate for a statesman to preside over the collapse of own state, for Churchill it was also unbearable to lose elections in 1945 and be left without "job". All that happened to Churchill in the most dramatic fashion and it left a scar. By the mid-WW II his strategy was heavily criticized by Britain's main ally, the United States, as was stated in General Stanley Embick's memorandum on "primrose path", which was circulated at Casablanca.    
David Eisenhower, Eisenhower At war, 1943-1945, page 21.
Later, Churchill would recite his experiences of WW II in what can only be described as the most self-serving memoirs of them all The Second World War, with volume The Grand Alliance being especially the case in point--an unbelievable combination of false narrative and self-aggrandizing. Yet, the results were clear by 1946--two superpowers emerged, the USA and USSR, and it was up to them to form a new world in which Great Britain would remain important but secondary player. And so "The Iron Curtain" descended. The greatest historical secret of Anglo-Saxon world that USSR did not have any plans for attacking and conquering Europe was locked into the vault of bodyguards of lies of none other than Churchill's creation:

In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies.
Read more at:
"In wartime truth is so precious that she should be attended by a bodyguard of lies."

And Churchill followed his own dictum to the last letter--he lied. Today, 70 years later we still live in the world of Sir Winston, in the world which Stanley Embick's memorandum is as relevant as it was in 1942. We see it in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Ukraine. We see it in unrelenting propaganda and lies of the Western media, we see and hear it in words and actions of West's political class. This time, however, The Iron Curtain, the real one, is descending. Rephrasing Sir Winston: "From Riga in the Baltic to Varna in the Black Sea, an iron curtain has descended across the Continent."  But one can lie only for so long.......

Friday, March 4, 2016