Thursday, March 31, 2016

Well, Duh.....

I already mentioned several times that Europe is run by imbeciles and whores. Most of Europe's political class is, basically, a collection of degenerates, literally. As was expected, any agreements with Erdogan are not worth the paper on which they were written. 

At this stage Europe reminds me of a condemned to death criminal who is already on the execution table, strapped and having IVs in his arms, with first portions of poison being pumped into the body. He (or she) is still alive but receding fast and is about to fade into the nevermore. Is physical salvation still possible at this stage? No. 

Hollande scraps plan to strip terror convicts of nationality 

The title of this news story speaks more volume than what is actually in the story itself. I'll explain. It is not news that Hollande or "elites" he represents are spineless cowards which are in the process of flushing what's left of France (or Germany) down the toilet. What is remarkable is that those European (and many American) imbeciles think of "nationality" as merely a citizenship. As Barnett succinctly observed:"According to liberal thinking, a nation was no more than so many human atoms who happened to live under the same set of laws". But nations are not formed this way, they never were. Nation involves more than concept of citizenship, way more. It involves race, blood, that is ethnicity, language, culture, religion, shared historical experience and realm which do give birth to citizenship--not the other way around. Citizenship is a derivative of nationality, and not even the first one. A real Russian remains a Russian, even being a citizen of France or USA, French will remain French even if he is stripped of his citizenship--he will retain his (or her) French nationality no matter what. A real German will remain a German even in Africa (I am not talking about rare cases of self-imposed "mutation" into something what people are not--I know some of those) and, in most cases, will seek other Germans to establish a connection, because will need an experience of common language and culture through communications.

But this is not how EU and US "elites" and so called intellectuals view nationhood. They indeed view it as a collection of human atoms. They are incapable of comprehending the reasons why Islamic terrorists, who do have French or Belgian citizenship, ARE NOT French or Belgian, never were and can never be in the future. The whole notion that Molenbeck is populated by what we broadly perceive as Belgians is preposterous--there is nothing Belgian there. One can try to strip those inhabitants of their citizenship but one can not strip them of Belgian nationality since they never had it in the first place and never will have it, unless one wants to redefine Belgium and Europe in terms of Arabs, Albanians and Turks thus effectively denying European nations their nationhood. But that is exactly what happens. Losing a nationhood means death or, in case of EU and, to a certain, lesser degree, USA--a murder. Current EU political class is a class of murderers both literally and figuratively and as murderers they must face justice. Will European nations be able to deliver this justice? I doubt it, but this is the case when I will be happy to be wrong. As of this moment, however, the introduction of poison continues.

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