Tuesday, March 15, 2016

On Russia's "Withdrawal" From Syria.

I could have written a bus-load of staff on this decision by Putin but I see no reason for regurgitating same points one can easily find in both Russian and Anglophone alternative media. I just want to reiterate some fundamentals of any, and this, war:

1. Victory (or defeat) in war is defined by achieving this war's political objectives.  Russia went into Syria as a great power, she is "exiting" (sort of--Russian bases remain and so do some Air-Space Forces units) it as a superpower. Most important politcal objectives have been met. 

2. Russia DOES play a long game and this game is not just about Syria and Assad. Remember Ukraine? I wonder what kind of mood is now in Kiev. 

3. Technological objectives--a dazzling display of modern weapons and C4ISR complex.  

4.............You may fill in the blanks on your own, after all from Anatoly Karlin to Moon Of Alabama, to Saker--everyone had an input. 

The sum? Huge plus. My hat is also off to Syrian Army--they endured long enough to convince Russia to interfere and this interference changed regional and global balance of power. I guess, Syrians also like T-90s, very much so;-)  

Going Home.....For Now;-)


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