Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Federica Mogherini Cries....

Well, why didn't you cry, EU "politicians", when Ukronazi killed and continue to kill people of Donbass, when they commit terrorist acts both against people and infrastructure. Where was your outrage and tears when good people of Syria were being killed, tortured, displaced by the creature all of you are directly culpable in creating--IS. Well, the chickens are coming home to roost and this is just the start, things will get much more "interesting". While my heart goes out to people of Brussels, I have no sympathy whatsoever to EU bureaucrats, who are traitors and cowards. So, cry me a river. Go, double on tolerasty and multiculturalism--we'll see how your further cultural "enrichment" go.

Now on a more professional note: 

1. EU is not equipped for dealing with this kind of threats--its military and law enforcement structures are incompetent and, as the rape binge in Koln demonstrated, cowardly. They also are rendered impotent because of the political correctness and ideological doctrine, which effectively reduces the ability to profile, which, in its turn, is one of the pillars of the effective operative work. 

2. EU will not be able to establish direct causality between its fundamental guiding principles and Islamic terrorism. It also will not be able to develop a working security doctrine. There are already huge number of "communities" and Mosques all over Europe where law enforcement doesn't dare to go.

3. EU population, its large portion, is long ago emasculated, unarmed and scared.  It is also a subscriber to suicidal immigration and "cultural" policies of EU. This is in a startling contrast, for example, with the US whose white population, yours truly included, is armed to the teeth and both supports and practices 2nd Amendment and, thankfully, enjoys what's left of the 1st one. This is not the case in Western Europe.  

So, in general, the problem is deep and systemic. Europe was fuming and accusing Russia when Russia fought two bloody wars in Chechnya against Wahhabi-Salafist forces there. Europe accused Putin (and Russians) when Islamic terrorists committed atrocity in Beslan and Nord-Ost. Well, Europe, how's that sitting on the high horse going for ya? I guess will see how when Charlie Hebdo's new issue comes out with caricatures on Brussels' tragedy.  

Will healthy, real nationalist forces wake up in Europe? I, certainly, hope so but the chances are slim and the illness progressed too far. As of now--another disastrous failure of the European intelligence and counter-terrorist forces. At this stage nothing more than that is expected of them.

Tick, tock, tick, tock............ 

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