Thursday, March 24, 2016

Russian Spetsnaz Doesn't Surrender

One of the Russian Spetsnaz officers heroically died today near Palmyra, where for a week he was directing Russian Air-Space Forces' strikes against terrorists. He was detected and surrounded by IS terrorists. He called in friendly fire on his position--Vyzval Ogon' Na Sebya. 

He entered the pantheon of Russian immortals and he will forever be hailed as a hero, who died fighting evil not only on behalf of Russia or Syria. But there will be no global hash tags, Kumbaya songs and tears of sensitive liberal youths holding hands and promising to double on tolerance. The remains of this officer will be recovered and, in a zink coffin, will be flown back to Russia where his family will be given a golden star of Hero Of Russia and his name forever will be left in the list of personnel of his unit, as if he were alive, because he is. And then the revenge will come.....

I learned about this officer while writing a eulogy for Johan Cryuff, FC Ajax, FC Barcelona and Dutch National Soccer team legendary footballer. I will write about him later.   

UPDATE: now in English. 

Russian military says special forces officer killed near Palmyra: agencies 

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