Thursday, March 24, 2016

This Is Rich

Grandiose gestures and grand statements are nothing new in the world of diplomacy but this Kerry's appeal is something really really rich.

Kerry in Moscow Urges Unity in Face of Brussels Attacks 

This is especially "potent":

"Kerry will be seeking clarity from Putin and Lavrov as to where Russia stands on a political transition for Syria, particularly on the future of President Bashar Assad, now that a fragile truce is holding and U.N. brokered peace talks are underway."

So, US still wants "clarity" on the fate of the guy (Assad) who fought, and consistently killed for the last 5 years, West-sponsored terrorists. Talk about being out of place and out of time. West's "successes" in "fighting" terrorism have been on the global display for the last 16 years, starting from its despicable aggression against Yugoslavia (this very day). But then comes this:

"Kerry said that he was optimistic his talks could "prove that two powerful nations that have been able to find cooperation in the past few years despite differences have the ability in the face of those differences to do what is necessary to meet the challenge." 

No, really, how about John Kerry and his Big Boss give the definition to this "challenge"? Russia did, which she proved, time after time and beyond the shadow of a doubt, by actions. I think the time is upon us that if US and Europe are serious (which I predict they are not and will not be) about fighting terrorism they stop those hollow (and useless) statements and either put up or shut up, or follow. Or, they may continue to cry us, people who hold dear the best Christendom gave us and who face life with open eyes, a river as this clown Mogherini did. How about starting with charging former US Secretary Of State Madeline Albright, together with Christian Amanpour, with war crimes and support for Islamic terrorism which started this day with bombing of innocent civilians in Belgrade. How about opening a criminal probe into the activity of Senator John McCain in support of the Islamic terrorists in Syria. Well, all this is a wishful thinking. Very little could be discussed with people who proclaimed Islam a religion of peace or when the biggest boss can not bring himself to recognizing "terrorism" for what it is. What "unity" is possible with such people? And then, of course, there is this issue of sanctions. "Unity" with backstabbers is not possible.  It seems Russia finally learned her lessons.  

Today is the17th black anniversary of the West's war crime against Orthodox Christian Serbia and this will never be forgotten.

The "peace" NATO brings. Yugoslavia 1999.


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