Tuesday, December 31, 2019

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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

A Teeny-Weeny Bit Of News From Germany.

I respect Germans, not the perverts from the so called German "left", but real Germans who understand who they are and have ideas about Germany other than guidelines dictated from the swamp of the modern political creatures at the service of globalism. But even globalist shills understand that if Germany has any chance to survive in whatever shape and not be consumed by the United States against which Germany's very high energy cost manufacturing is a very weak hand, Germany needs affordable energy. Bundestag obviously understands that:
Berlin (AP) - The Bundestag has cleared the way for the controversial gas pipeline Nord Stream 2. With the votes of the coalition parliamentary groups CDU / CSU and SPD as well as the FDP the conversion of an EU gas guideline into national law was decided. This should provide legal and planning certainty for Nord Stream 2. The Greens raised sharp criticism. A proposal for a decision on the draft law that has now been adopted is concerned with the addition of a time-limit until when exceptions to certain provisions of the Directive are possible. It is now said that "all circumstances" of the individual case must be taken into account. The amendment to the EU Gas Directive adopted in April stipulates that in future EU energy rules will also apply to pipelines that run from third countries to the European Union. According to this, the production of natural gas and the operation of the pipeline must not be in the same hands - unlike before in Nord Stream 2. 
The only issue I have with this is that Nord Stream 2 is called "controversial". Well, for European Greens who are primarily an open-door asylum for mentally disabled people it is "controversial", it is, of course, controversial for the United States. But then again, everything Russia-related is controversial for the United States, including down right embarrassing maneuvering around Turkish S-400s. 
This will continue across the whole spectrum of the American foreign so called "policy" issues but it will not change couple of facts "on the ground" which became clear for anyone with half-a-brain observing American behavior in the last 5 or so years. 

1. Nord Stream 2, of course, never was about US "concern" about "security" of Europe's energy supply. It was always about opening European market for American expensive LNG while simultaneously providing a double-whammy by raising costs of European, especially German highly energy consuming, manufacturing thus reducing competitiveness of Germany's products. This, and then, of course, Russia--since 1970s the United States were in constant opposition to any Soviet/Russian supply of Europe with affordable energy. Soviet Union then and Russia today were not and are not supposed to benefit from selling energy and, while doing so, establishing better economic relations which served as an impediment to any war plans against Soviet/Russian "threat". 

2. This pathetic charade about F-35 (or F-22) should really be dropped by now. Not only they are seen by S-400s, they are seen by S-300s, and especially are seen by integrated Air Defense using normal sensor-data-fusion techniques across the whole spectrum from optical to radio. They are also seen by the radar or OLS of such aircraft as SU-30SM, SU-35C and SU-57. Even the latest butt-hurt BS propagated by all kinds of tabloids such as The National Interest pushing some lame rumors about supposedly S-500 being "tested" in Syria is yet another link in this long chain of BS claims to save "reputation" of one of the most embarrassing military programs, or rather failures, in the history of humanity. 

But in all of this, one can easily see machinations and desperate attempts to save what Obama Administration and its so called Intelligence Community thought would be a sure thing--to lure and then lock Russia in with the shithole both US and EU helped to create in Ukraine. When it became obvious that Russia didn't take the bait and forestalled the United States first with Crimea and, secondly, in Syria it became clear that the only value of the Ukrainian madhouse for the United States and the Belt of Stupid (US lapdogs from Poland and Baltic States) is in trying to coerce Russia to continue to finance Nazi low lives in Kiev through the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine. "Smart" plan--making Russians pay for the chaos near their border. Well, considering ignorant petulant infantiles populating US "analytical" circles, this master plan was calculated well in advance and all necessary steps were taken.  You all know the story--I call it a Revelation Mode and, in fact, I may reiterate again (and why not?), the emergence of a new TOOD (Theater Of Operation Denial) Doctrine. All this happened in an instant when looked at it in historic terms. I had this discussion with Paul Craig Roberts and others not for once: compare the start-state and the end-state, between 2014 and 2019. We all live in a completely different world than it was in 2014. I mean completely, it is already unrecognizable for those who have an attention span longer than the time between commercials in SitCom and who opened their minds to seeing obvious things. 

Here is the deal. The way I see it. Hopefully by that time this pathetic show with "Impeachment" will be over and many people (if to believe that AG Barr and DOJ have any balls and integrity left) who are today omnipresent in US media will be locked away. That time is being May 9, 2020--the 75th Anniversary of the defeat of Nazism. Russia already issued invitation to Donald Trump to attend the undeniably grandiose parade in the Red Square. If the seditious treasonous coup is squashed early next year, Trump has a choice, an enormously powerful choice--if he goes to Moscow he may get along with himself a unified battalion of the US Armed Forces for it to march at the Red Square at the Parade. The precedent was set in 2010. After all, USSR and the United States were big allies. Who knows, suddenly UK and France may "reconsider" (wink, wink). But we'll see how it plays out. But yes, it will take draining of the swamp, but can you imagine the power of such a message? In the end, there are always American and British flags present every year in a massive river of humanity walking in an Immortal Regiment March. I think that is more important, even if for a day, than any geopolitics.     

Hey, Don, Take The Job.

We all know that you are an obnoxious bad mouthing old Son of a Bitch, but hey, seriously, take this offer Russians would love to have you to both hate and like you. You ARE, let's be honest, great entertainment value.  Legendary Dynamo Moscow certainly thinks so: 
I am not being facetious, Don would love Moscow which offers way more than Toronto, plus he will never have better opportunity to learn that Russians are not subhumans after all. Moreover, there is a shitload of Canadian head-coaches managing Russian teams from Kontinental Hockey League (KHL), plus a large number of Canadian hockey players play in KHL. Very few people can get a second chance like that. In the end, it may indeed end up with Coach's Corner on Hockey Night Russia. That would be something to behold. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Europeans Want Own Weapons.

Well, at least this is what they state. 
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - European Union governments gave the green light on Tuesday for 13 new defence projects in a step to develop more firepower independently of the United States. Under plans agreed by EU defence ministers in Brussels, work will begin on a new patrol vessel, an electronic jamming weapon for aircraft and technology to track ballistic missiles. The projects took months to negotiate but French President Emmanuel Macron underlined the desire for deeper EU defence collaboration last week when he said the U.S.-led NATO defence alliance was dying. Some 47 joint EU defence projects are now in the works following the signing of a pact by France, Germany and 23 other EU governments in late 2017 to fund, develop and deploy armed forces following Britain's decision to quit the bloc. Any new weapons on land, at sea or in the air and cyberspace can be put at NATO's disposal, but U.S. President Donald Trump's questioning of the alliance's significance has added impetus to European defence efforts.Macron has expressed doubt about NATO's security maxim that an attack on one ally is an attack on all. But many European allies reject his portrayal of NATO, which will hold a summit in London on Dec. 4, as brain dead. 
Looks like Macron made some decision personally, this one maybe out of personal conviction even. This fact:
European defence planning, operations and weapons development foresee France taking a big role in 60% of the 47 projects, often with Germany, Italy and Spain.
Speaks volumes. But while France may have some technological, by far not all, expertise to realize at least some of those programs the underlying issue remains--it may be too late for Europe. If to follow Macron's today statement at Paris Peace Forum:
One has to seriously question, granted it being a traditional political fodder in Europe, such "priorities" as climate change (the way Europeans want to deal with it--which is DOA), if "nationalism" is truly a real danger? I think President of France should be better situationally aware than your average Joe, or Jacques, for that matter, to not know that the so called "nationalism" was merely a response to a degenerate, culturally and economically, globalization. People simply fell back to their roots. One has to when seeing sodomy, pedophilia and Islamization flourishing in Europe. You know, like Poles today, or Russians who guard their children from European "progressive" so called "values".  

Trump is surely correct in one thing, granted this thing is built on a false premise, that Europeans were a free loaders and riders against Soviet/Russian "Threat". Not that the US didn't profit from it, pardon, I mean few American corporations, but Trump's logic is sound--how about Europe paying for her safety from those nasty Russkies, who, as we all are aware, sleep and dream of attacking Europe for some mysterious reasons. But, in the end, it is between Europe and the United States. Macron wanted to put a mantle of a mediator between Russia and combined West, but I don't think it is a serious attempt nor do Macron or France have enough weight to mediate anything. Russians just want Europe to buy their gas, which Europeans are hell bent on doing so, and that is good enough for Russia. Russia has a much bigger business to attend with China and there are some issues to be solved because for all her massive economy China also has some serious energy and military issues, especially if to consider the bat-shit crazy US political Parnassus, which may decide in the end to block China on SLOCs. United States would love to "pull" the war with China into the high seas where mighty US Navy can interrupt the flow of resources to China. But Europeans wanting own weapons is, certainly, a symptom, a late one, but important nonetheless. 

Meanwhile, Power of Siberia is getting ready, and now there is a very compelling school of though out there which thinks that during 2014 negotiations between Russia and China on this strategic gas-pipe issue, it was Chinese side which was more interested in the project, not actually Russia. But no matter now, it is ready and so be it. New ones are also in plans because China will need Russia's energy badly. That is unless the United States itself doesn't implode so badly that it will be, indeed, forced to live only by effectively regional aspirations, if that. But that is a separate issue altogether.  

P.S. Because people may ask due to rumors spread by all kinds of BS Artists from various US media sewers I forestall it--I don't see why Russia needed to "test" S-500 in Syria. This whole "story" reeks of yet another BS, especially related to F-35 damage control in US (and Israeli) media. I call it a BS.  

Don Cherry Is Fired.

Oh, (come on) Canada! We all know that Don Cherry is a village idiot, always was, and is primarily a side-show entertainment for Hockey Night in Canada. BTW, the guy spoke so much anti-Russian shit over decades that it is difficult to even keep the score. But then again, no offense is taken when said by a village idiot. Jesters are allowed to speak their mind, so Don spoke and he got grilled and fired.

You know what? Don is actually correct here--as I said, jesters are, periodically--but Canada gripped by the suffocating political correctness couldn't take it. 85-years old Don got fired. Really? This is the fate of people who dare to point out to obvious facts of dissolving of white, primarily christian, European-keen population of North American Continent with people many of who do not share any ideas in the foundation of both Canada and United States, among which freedom of speech was, until relatively recently, one of the most important rights. It is not anymore. Globalist, open-borders, totalitarianism is unfolding over North America and until something drastic happens, both Canada and the US will inevitably descend into the either complete chaos or into the severe dictatorship in which everything what made Anglo world so attractive in the XX century--human rights and due process--will be either repudiated or entirely destroyed. The new generation of Anglo Hongweibings is already here and the only thing which separates North America, for now, from a complete collapse of the remnants of tradition of liberty is the older generation which is still armed and has its own opinion on all this shit. It is a sad, sad reality. Meanwhile Democratic Party calls for open borders. Don Cherry learned it the hard way--even jesters are not safe anymore.