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The State Of The Affairs...

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I have to admit, prescient in Herbert's book and Lynch's fantastic imagining of it. Reminds you of anything today?

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Thursday, June 20, 2024

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In Related News...

 ... about 404. 

In a June 16 interview with the news channel of Ukraine’s army, Armiya TV, an Azov commander admitted to his unit being used to prevent other Ukrainian units from retreating.  Dmitry Kukharchuk, the commander of the Second Battalion of Ukraine’s Third Assault Brigade, the current iteration of the neo-Nazi-linked unit, recounts a moment in 2022 when his unit was positioned behind a unit of Ukraine’s territorial defense forces (TRO) to prevent its retreat:

“Motivational troops” appears to be a euphemism for a “blocking detachment” (also known as “barrier troops”), a unit positioned behind the frontline to prevent retreat. It appears that Azov’s “motivation” existed as an implicit threat, preventing the TRO soldiers from falling back.

In related news--the water is wet, the fire is hot and concrete is painful when you fall on it from 20 feet height. They have been shooting VSU cannon fodder in the backs since day one. And, in fact, it was also part of the training provided by the NATO "instructors" who due to them sucking at real war are very good at shooting at the backs of retreating troops. Public executions in a front of the units have been also a normal affair in VSU since day one. But give The American Conservative a credit, after 30 months of SMO they finally noticed. Does Estonian own this publication, if you know what I mean? Since we are at TAC. 

Reaganism is the same type of mental illness as is exceptionalism, so Doug Bandow continues to live in the illusionary world that if you somehow define "victory" you may get some sort of favorable result: 

The allies should lay the groundwork for negotiations today, when Ukraine’s position is strongest. It is still possible to preserve that nation’s independence and sovereignty, while accepting military restrictions and territorial losses. How much would depend on talks. Washington and Brussels should discuss possible economic and security arrangements with Moscow. For example, Ukraine could be nonaligned militarily—with Russia assured that it would not face a hostile state allied with America on its border—but still free to form economic and political ties with Europe. If Russia makes peace, it could be free to reengage economically and politically with the West. The allies could offer the return of frozen funds and property to Moscow and individual Russians. 

What Bandow doesn't understand is that Putin's "offer" was peremptory and that the West far from having a strategy--it is an unknown thing in Washington--missed completely, as is ALWAYS the case in the US--in fact, I think they teach that in USMA at West Point and in War Colleges--the nature of the conflict. Few people who do grasp this nature, they usually do not go far in Washington. So, wishful thinking is not a strategy and for Bandow, if he still didn't understand the issue--Russia is at war with combined West and she will not stop now until Western hegemony is over.

For People Who Still Recall...

 ... this so called "strategist". Remember?

Russia should revise its nuclear doctrine and lower its nuclear threshold in order to deter the West from pursuing reckless policies, says former foreign policy adviser to the deputy head of the Russian Presidential Administration, Sergey Karaganov. The political scientist, who is the honorary chair of the presidium of Russia’s Council on Foreign and Defense policy (SVOP), has in the past repeatedly brought up the issue of nuclear weapons, in a number of articles, and has suggested that Russia should consider the possibility of carrying out preemptive nuclear strikes against targets in Europe at some point. Karaganov’s controversial suggestions have landed him in hot water, as SVOP members even issued a joint letter this summer “unequivocally condemning” his reasoning and calling it “irresponsible” to assume a nuclear conflict could be limited without spiraling into a global nuclear war, costing millions of lives.

It is easy when you have no viable education and is privileged boy from Soviet/Russian Moscow Beau Monde who wouldn't know the difference between operational and strategic. So, spewing BS is the only skill these types have. But, finally, Vladimir Vladimirovich put all this pseudo-military amateurish crap to rest. Today, to the whole world. 

Translation:  We don’t need a preventive strike yet, because in a retaliatory (head-on response strike) strike the enemy will be guaranteed to be destroyed,” the Russian leader explained, commenting on the possibility of updating the nuclear doctrine.

Simple as that, and that validates what I started to state the moment announcements of the possibility of changes to Russian nuclear doctrine started to circulate--the changes will be primarily of the technical (and technological) nature and will involve the imposition on the US of the technological development in the delivery and anti-missile systems where the US is radically falling behind and the gap only grows. In SMO--Russia will continue to annihilate mobilization potential of NATO, and continue to kill 404 cannon fodder.

But, Of Course...

 ... I was mistaken, damn it--no "breakthroughs" from North Korean "scientists". It will be done (already?) in the open. 

West, a euphemism for the US primarily, doesn't think--enough to take a look at a boy Jake Sullivan whose "national security" background is in running Hillary's campaign and... well, that's about it, or at the present crop of Pentagon generals and one gets the idea about "intellectual level" of these people. But for those who really want to get the idea--draw two circles--one 800 km radius (P-800 Onyx) and another 2,500 km (Iskander with cruise missiles)--with the center somewhere in North Korea  and what you get is the full coverage of the Yellow Sea and the Sea of Japan and well into the South China Sea. With that North Korea begins to cover the whole theater of operation of the US Navy (its bases in Japan included) and we all understand what it all means. Yes, it is a dramatic shift in the balance of power in South-East Asia. 

You see, in real strategy--not in election cycle "strategy" nowadays it is all about ranges and accuracy. Russia was patient with the West for a long time. And this is just North Korea, who knows what Iran will decide to do and with what, if you know what I mean, wink, wink. 

Per changes in Nuclear Doctrine, as I already stated--it is about more and better weapon systems beyond stated "sufficiency", especially in hypersonic delivery systems to completely discredit any remnants of NATO anti-missile defense and push it into debilitating expensive arms race which it already lost. Keep in mind--with dedollarization reaching now an incredible speed and the USD de facto losing its reserve currency status, the US simply has no resources to sustain this race both economically and scientifically. I am sure more free-falling nuclear bombs scared Russians, right? Nah, I am screwing with you. But the US "rethinking" its nuclear posture gave Russia an excuse to break all shackles of pretense and free itself for showing a bunch of globalist cowards that the real game begins. The greatest of those shackles was Russian belief till 2022 that you still can reason with the West. You cannot. Washington and its euro-poodles understand only the cold hard barrel of the gun at their temple.  

P.S. Russia and North Korea have a direct railway link and a lot could be delivered by trains.