Monday, August 8, 2022

In Support of Graham Phillips.

Andrei Raevsky already posted about the atrocity "democratic" UK is committing against Graham. Here is Saker's post's intro:

Dear friends,

After seeing and then posting this video by Graham Phillips I got to disgusted by what was being done to him by the British authorities that I decided to contact him and ask him a few very basic question about his situation in the hope to introduce him to a larger audience, give visibility to his case and to try to offer him as much support as possible.  So I emailed Graham who very kindly took the time to answer my questions.  Here is our full exchange below.

I ask all of you who use the social media to spread all the information you can about Graham and the outrageous actions of the British authorities against him.  Graham himself said “moral support is good, please, contact a politician or a public person to bring this to their attention. This is a common cause, a common fight, and one we not only can win, but must win“.

I absolutely agree with him and I ask our wonderful Saker community to be as loud as possible in defense of Graham and the basic values of free speech and the rule of law which the West has now completely abandoned.  Graham is right, this is a common cause and we must prevail.  Please help him as much as you can!

Kind regards


Read the whole thing at Andrei's blog. Some reminder to British "authorities"--"in a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act"(c). It is not Orwell, albeit this quote is ascribed to him, but it doesn't make it less correct. UK lives the lie for many decades now. Support Graham Phillips.

I Will Answer This Question... Again.

One of our friends, understandably, asked the question about this:

And the person asked a reasonable question--WHO IS Mr. Pukhov. I decided to answer this publicly. But I also want to remind everyone what I wrote about this very same guy and his fraudulent org CAST in 2019. 

Enter CAST, Moscow "Center of Analysis of Strategies and Technologies". The organization also known for maintaining a rather popular in some circles Blog BMPD which is an excellent platform for mutual insults and fanboys' exchanges on military toys. I communicated on some forums with one of the CAST "experts", Mikhail Barabanov, who among some people in Russia passes for "expert" in the navies, and who didn't serve a single day in uniform and has a degree from Moscow Institute of Culture, allegedly in either librarian or screenplay writing fields, something like that. Barabanov is known as a mindless and utterly incompetent herald of US Navy's "ideas" (without knowing anything of substance about them) and his main "expertise" is in memorizing types of weapons and some technical data and parroting mostly Western views on warfare.
Pukhov is the head of this "center" and here is his bio:

Директор Центра анализа стратегий и технологий Родился 16 апреля 1973 г. в г.Электросталь. В 1994 г. окончил факультет международной информации Московского государственного института международных отношений МИД РФ. В 1994-1996 гг. – слушатель франко-российской Магистратуры по политическим наукам и международным отношениям. В 1996-1997 гг. – сотрудник проекта по обычным вооружениям Центра политических исследований в России (ПИР-Центра). В 1997 г. учредил Центр анализа и стратегий и технологий. С 1997 г.  по настоящее время – директор Центра анализа стратегий и технологий, издатель журнала «Экспорт вооружений». Автор ряда статей о торговле обычными вооружениями и ситуации в оборонно-промышленных комплексах России и Франции.

Translation: Director of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies Was born on April 16, 1973 in Elektrostal. In 1994 he graduated from the Faculty of International Information of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. In 1994-1996 - student of the Franco-Russian Master's program in political sciences and international relations. In 1996-1997 1999-1998 – Project Officer for Conventional Arms at the Center for Political Studies in Russia (PIR Center). In 1997, he established the Center for Analysis and Strategies and Technologies. From 1997 to the present - Director of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, publisher of the Arms Export magazine. Author of a number of articles on the trade in conventional arms and the situation in the military-industrial complexes of Russia and France.

In other words, a typical good ol' Moscow boy who never served a day in the Armed Forces and has ZERO, zilch, nada background in anything related to operations and modern military technology and is nothing more than a typical political shyster specializing in rubbing shoulders with some military people in Moscow and gathering rumors and highly personal opinions. That's the level of Ruslan Pukhov's "expertise", this and fantastical (not surprising after being dumbed down in some French "program") "understanding" or, rather, lack thereof of modern West, let alone the United States. In layman's lingo--the guy is ignorant and still lives with the US mythology of 1990s. 

Pukhov, as are all his "employees" are a classic result of the humanities "educated" pol-sci boys and girls running into the brick wall of modern warfare realities which are so beyond their grasp that the only thing they are reduced to is to comment on comments about comments from some dubious sources and massage pop-media issues. Pukhov's speculations like these are risible:

I know one thing: unlike the Ukrainians, we started the SMO with white gloves. That is, we wanted not a single local resident to suffer. We opened the fighting as some kind of knightly duel. And this, sorry for the expression, is a dirty fight in the alley, where there are no rules.

These are the words of amateur, who never in his life saw any operational plans and has zero understanding how operations are planned, because operational planning goes 24/7 and plans are adjusted on a daily bases, if need be. But Pukhov, who saw armed forces only in movies, doesn't know this. As he doesn't have a clue about US Military-Industrial Complex but still continues to pass judgements on the matter he has no clue about.

Regarding the fact that they have some problems, I think this is standard Yaroslavna’s cry [old saying to express bad grief, a reference to The Tale of Igor’s Campaign] for most military industrialists. All around the world they love complaining that they have something missing. Let’s remember how nice they found it during the Cold War. All these productions can be quickly increased. If, say, the Germans run out of chips, they will ask the Americans for them. Americans will ask Germans. For example, did you know that the Abrams tank has a German gun? They bought a license from them and are doing very well. Often what we think of as American is actually pan-Western and is done in a collaborative way. At one time, the United States bought licenses for unmanned aerial vehicles from Israel.

Obviously,  neither Pukhov nor his "analysts" will be able to answer some critical questions about US Military-Industrial Complex and why most of it problems not being solved but are getting worse, much worse, but this is what you get when you were brought up and "educated" in the environment which is as far removed from manufacturing floor and military hardware as possible. If he still thinks that NATO can "quickly increase" production, he should throw away his useless diploma from MGIMO and start from attending vocational college of some serious production unit and learn basic facts about modern (I underscore--modern) military technology and WHY modern West lost the arms race. His other sophomoric psychobabble about "infantry" and "artillery" betrays the guy who by the age of 50 should recognize that all his education and activity is nothing more than being useless, together with his CAST, political shyster trying to sell his lack of any real skills and knowledge as "expertise". It is hard to face this reality at this age. So, NO, Ruslan Pukhov is not an expert in anything, least of all in warfare and all his blathering is nothing more than a BS of a  guy whose gig is up.

Sunday, August 7, 2022

Russian "Sturgis"...

One of the great American influences. Bike Show in... no, not Sturgis but in Crimea near Sevastopol and it is not that young running in its second decade. 

It is much less oriented towards "sexual" theme but it is still heavy on heavy metal and some fireworks with patriotism and is done each year by Night Wolves bike "club" (wink, wink) and even Vladimir Putin once attended. It is a huge event and it is genuinely international. Tomorrow (Today) Kipelov will be delivering some real Russian hard'n'heavy. Crimea (near Balaclava) is amazing this time of the year and the Black Sea water is amazing for swimming.

Bernhard Commented On Larry's Superb Piece.

Yesterday, Larry demolished what passes in the US for main stream "journalism" by exposing utter BS they publish about Ukraine and SMO, specifically NYT and WaPo. 

The U.S. and European officials are relying on HOPE–hope that troop shortages and old, worn out equipment slow the Russian advance. A reporter worth a damn should have asked, “what is the evidence of troop shortages?” Russia is not a totalitarian state. Russia has not shut down opposition media and political parties. Ukraine has done that. So where is the social media showing a rising tide of disgruntled Russians being forced to put on the uniform and then being compelled to show up on the front lines without adequate training? I have not seen it. Have you? Please forward if you got it and please, no video game footage. That does not count. Are you familiar with the refrain, “If if and buts were candy and nuts it would be Christmas everyday.” That seems to be the position of the unnamed U.S. and European officials desperately hoping that Ukraine’s million man offensive against Kherson will succeed. Only several little problems. Ukraine is having a dickens of a time scraping together that mythical million man army. And if they do succeed in rounding up that many sentient fellows, how will they get proper training while Russia continues to hit Ukrainian training bases with missiles, rockets and shells? 

Read the whole thing at Larry's excellent blog. But Bernhard of MoA didn't just read Larry's piece, he, in typical methodical Bernhard's manner, expanded and provided some additional insights. As Bernhard states:

Exactly, and Bernhard lists those "sources" and then concludes:

What is terrifying about such pieces is that 'officials' in Washington and Europe are actually reading such stuff and come to believe in it. They are consuming the myths they themselves produce and then act on them. They thereby ignore history, basic facts and the very real life of the people who become casualties of their wars.

Exactly! Somebody, a few years ago, complained that Louis C.K., the comic, was doing his Russian "routine", laughing at Russia he visited in 1990s. In 2015-16 he still thought that it was the same Russia, he never even bothered to visit Russia in 2016 and he still thought about this grim crime-ridden miserable place he saw in 1990s. This is the problem for the US, including also the problem that overwhelming majority of the US decision-makers are civilians with humanities degrees who never served a day in the uniform and who have huge difficulties with grasping even basic physics and mathematics principles behind modern warfare and as a result they tend to rely on absolutely the same ignoramuses from US media, who are in the business of spreading BS. 

Sadly, even professionals, who should know better sometime don't know better. I was bombarded in the comments sections to my videos with questions like: but Prof. Postol says that Russian Early Warning System sucks compared to the American one.(c) After that even Douglas MacGregor repeats that, despite obviously missing the caveat by the same Prof. Postol that he was basing his opinion on late 1990s-early 2000s data. It has been more than 20 years since then. Remember? I had to write a separate post about this horrendous misperception.  

What is horrible here is the fact that many still do not grasp a fundamental difference between Russian and US ABM systems--Russian ABM system at this stage already is capable to mitigate a nuclear attack on Russia by fielding (no, not planning but actually deploying) systems with a full blown intercontinental anti-ballistic capability such as S-500, S-550, A-235 Nudol. These are capabilities the US simply doesn't have. Importantly, one needs a system of BMEWS radar with accuracy characteristics such as Voronezh to not just detect but provide accurate targeting for ABM systems. Look at the comparative characteristics of Russian and US BMEWS radar. Especially their accuracy in targeting. Guess from three times who gets better probabilities for a hard-kill (kinetic, meaning physically slamming into nuclear warhead) of the incoming MIRVs. Right. 

And this is just one example out of very many. Now to today's news, which reminds me the news from 1944 and Patton's (yes, yes, this "genius for war") Lorraine Campaign. 

Well, get a load of this per today's briefing by Russia's MOD. As Konashenkov states today:

«Из-за высоких потерь режим Зеленского принимает меры по восполнению некомплекта личного состава украинских формирований в районе боевых действий в Донбассе. Так, принято решение о досрочной отправке на передовую мобилизованных граждан, начавших подготовку в учебном центре 72-й механизированной бригады в городе Белая Церковь Киевской области. Вместе с ними направляются и находившиеся в госпиталях раненые, не дожидаясь завершения ими полного курса реабилитации после ранений»

Translation: “Due to heavy losses, the Zelensky regime is taking measures to replenish the shortfall in the personnel of Ukrainian formations in the combat zone in Donbass. Thus, a decision was made to send mobilized citizens to the front line ahead of schedule, who began training at the training center of the 72nd mechanized brigade in the city of Belaya Tserkov, Kyiv region. Together with them, the wounded who were in hospitals are also sent, without waiting for them to complete the full course of rehabilitation after injuries."

You get the picture. Once one starts drafting 65 year olds, it is everything one needs to know about the state of the affairs on the front. For references see again the Patton's Lorraine Campaign. I will also be talking about what modern ISR complex is, including this Western and fanboys' fetish of UAVs and how modern (I stress again--modern) ISR complex is way more (much-much more) than mere UAVs.  

Yes, yes, can you imagine--those backward Rooskies can launch not just satellites, but launch them when they want and however they want, not to mention the fact that those satellites nowadays are built around Russian-made microelectronics. Here, Russians are getting ready to start launching Sfera-program satellites (Skif series) for a high speed internet for Russia. And, naturally, all Western components were fast replaced by Russian-made ones (in Russian). Louis C.K. I am calling on you, granted that nowadays West made traveling to Russia extremely difficult, just get visa and go visit Russia today and see the difference between 1990s and 2022--you know, will be good for your stand up routine and your OODA loop.

Friday, August 5, 2022

Putting Out The Fire With A Gasoline. Friday...

And doing it ever since. It boggles mind to think about how much real talent emerged from UK in 1960s through 1980s. Especially against the modern day depravity and lack of real talent. 

Good fit for our times.

Note To Myself...

Don't plan any trips to Spain. Not that I wanted to. 

But, yes, EU is steadily going bananas and I think they should double down on support for Ukraine by limiting "dependence" on Russia's energy. This is just a "warm up" for the main event, if you know what I mean.

Mind you, Europe did it to herself, so I have to stop using this caveat that I sympathize with Europeans. You made your own bed, now sleep in it.

If You Ever Needed Any Proof...

A whorehouse filled with former spooks, Amnesty International, suddenly, after four months noticed:

Oh, please.  You can read the whole report here. The hypocrisy of this is so obvious that one really has to question main reasons behind this "discovery" by enablers of West's war crimes. The main reasons, however, are very easy to spot. The stream of documents confirming almost compete demolition of regular VSU continues to gain strength, and it is also coming from... Ukraine itself.

We may only extrapolate the losses of VSU but even brief acquaintance with the reports tells us that we are looking at around 300,000 KIAs and MIAs. It is a catastrophe for Ukraine, while the bulk of fighting on Russian side is done by LDNR militias. Another proof of that is absolutely ridiculous behavior of Mr. Ze.

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said on Thursday he would like to speak “directly” with Chinese leader Xi Jinping, as he urged Beijing to use its economic and political leverage to stop the conflict in his country. In an exclusive interview with the South China Morning Post, Zelensky noted that he had not spoken to the Chinese leader since the start of Russia’s military offensive in Ukraine. “I would like to talk directly. I had one conversation with [President] Xi Jinping that was a year ago,” he said. “Since the beginning of the large-scale aggression on February 24, we have asked officially for a conversation, but we (haven’t had) any conversation with China even though I believe that would be helpful.” According to Zelensky, Xi is one of a handful of world leaders who have been to Ukraine “at least once,” adding that the Chinese president warmly recalled his ties with Kiev during a call between the two leaders last year. Zelensky stressed that he wants to see China redefine its stance on Russia, but understands why Beijing is seeking a “balanced” approach.

In related news, I want to directly talk to God and I demand it immediately, while reading famous fairy tale of Fisherman and Gold Fish. Speaking of which, I mean China. 

Upon my video on situation with Taiwan, as was expected, I was bombarded by accusations of "demeaning" China, of "underestimating" her and other sins of this nature. I want to respond to all "critics"--I don't DO pleasantries, I am into business of sober assessment of geopolitical (a euphemism for military-industrial capability) balance. All of those "accusers" miss completely my every praise of China's achievements, but immediately go bananas when I point out things which do define this very geopolitical balance. 

1. Many continue to forget that China still remains a very "good boy" for the US when it comes to sanctions against Russia. Yes, China buys Russia's energy, but so does USA, who exempted it, together with other strategic resources, from sanctions. Should I ignore this fact for the sake of Russian-Chinese friendship? Ask yourself a question why Russia grows her indigenous microelectronics industry with lighting speed? Well, because China is in no hurry to provide Russia with it. I can sit here and write this list for 24 hours. 

2. Many still do not understand that militarily and technologically China lags behind both US and Russia. It is a hard cold fact which many prefer to ignore. Yet, the list of crucial military and dual-use technologies where China lags, not to speak of operational and strategic experience, is vast. It takes a lot of effort to explain to people what it takes to build and operate effectively such huge military organizations as advanced submarine force, carrier task groups or air force, among many others. Sorry to break it for you, China lags here, and this is not just my opinion, it is opinion of Russian military professionals who were directly involved militarily with Chinese. China still has a long way to go here. 

And that is why it explains this today, as was predicted:

ПНОМПЕНЬ, 5 авг - РИА Новости. Китайские власти готовы укреплять стратегическое сотрудничество с Россией на фоне все более усиливающейся напряженности в Тайваньском проливе, заявил в пятницу министр иностранных дел КНР Ван И на встрече с российским коллегой Сергеем Лавровым."Россия неизменно придерживается принципа "одного Китая", выступая против любых посягательств на суверенитет нашей страны", - подчеркнул он на встрече с Лавровым в Пномпене."В свою очередь Пекин готов усилить стратегическое взаимодействие с РФ, чтобы сообща мы могли еще более эффективно отстаивать международную систему, в которой ключевую роль играет ООН, а также порядок, опирающийся на нормы общепринятого международного права", - добавил Ван И.
Translation: PHNOMPEN, August 5 - RIA Novosti. Chinese authorities are ready to strengthen strategic cooperation with Russia amid growing tensions in the Taiwan Strait, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Friday at a meeting with Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov. "Russia invariably adheres to the One China principle, opposing any encroachment on the sovereignty of our country," he stressed at a meeting with Lavrov in Phnom Penh. "In turn, Beijing is ready to strengthen strategic cooperation with the Russian Federation so that together we can more effectively defend the international system in which the UN plays a key role, as well as the order based on the norms of generally accepted international law," Wang Yi added.
It took obvious humiliation, largely self-inflicted by Chinese, of this bimbo Pelosi visit to Taiwan for China to start recognizing that maybe there should be more than just buying of energy and some from Russia and verbal support in a strategic partnership. Time for CPC to start cleaning its decision-making circles from people from Chinese Komsomol, a precise contingent, which keeps its vast fortunes, families and real estate in the United States and Canada and continues to exercise this illusion that China can substitute the United States as global hegemon and become... the US 2.0. Hopefully this humiliation gives Comrade Xi a necessary tool for removing these people who believed that fantasy. The reaction from China in regards to Russia is really instant, but still, let's wait and see how it will translate into practical actions. Russia fully supports China and will continue her support but it is about time China also undertook very substantive steps, not just declarations, towards real alliance and adjustment of China's economic aspirations to the realities of the Eurasian integration, whose strategic security rests with Russia. Ah yes, Chinese recognition of Crimea as part of Russia would have been nice, know.