Monday, April 11, 2022

Larry Johnson On Psyops.

Larry wrote a very good piece. 

Read the whole thing by following the link to Larry's blog. Larry also echoes what I wrote about recently and what is becoming a point which cannot be hushed over anymore. It is not new, but SMO shone a new light on it. 

I am both amused and sickened by the spectacle of the pundit Generals populating the cable news channels. They offer a harsh, delusional criticism of Russia’s lack of progress on the ground in Ukraine without conceding their own failures to pacify Iraq and Afghanistan. Notwithstanding an 800 billion dollar defense budget, the U.S. military failed to defeat the Taliban and failed to secure Iraq. Spending lots of money does not guarantee military success. And the good Lord knows we spent a ton. To what end?

The scariest thing is that those "experts" continue to do what they have been doing professionally for decades--mislead, that is polite way of saying lying, a general public, not to mention the fact of losing professional face among peers from other places. Many Russians are openly laughing at them. It is down right humiliating, but those generals continue to parade themselves as amateurs. Anyway, great piece from Larry, definitely worthy of your attention. 

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