Thursday, April 14, 2022

The Key Phrase (or About RKR Moskva Again).

The key phrase in this whole RKR Moskva affair, with her being "sunk" or "being hit by missiles" are Russian MoD's words about "the cause of the fire is under investigation". Usually, when you are hit by missiles you don't investigate--it is self evident what happened. As was expected, Ukies immediately tried to "insert" their version of the fire and explosion on board of Moskva, which turned out, surprise-surprise, a full BS.  But then again, remember--VSU is about to crush Russian Forces in 404 and be on their way to Moscow. 

Several Ukrainian officials had earlier boasted that a battery of their Neptune anti-ship missiles hidden in the area near the port town of Odessa had successfully struck the Moskva twice, setting it ablaze. However, they provided no proof to their claims, with the images of the burning vessel distributed on social media turning out to be fake. Russia’s Ministry of Defense said earlier that the fire aboard the Moskva had been likely caused by an ammunition explosion. The cruiser had suffered “serious damage,” while its crew was safely evacuated to other ships in the area. The Pentagon commented on the incident on Thursday evening, saying that there was “at least one” explosion on the Russian cruiser that was a “fairly major one” and “caused extensive damage.” The US military believe the ship is now heading to the Crimean port of Sevastopol for repairs, the Pentagon’s press secretary, John Kirby told CNN's Brianna Keilar. Ukraine had already claimed last month to have sunk the Russian patrol boat Vasily Bykov, only for the vessek to show up in Sevastopol unharmed a few days later.

Looks like it is not even being towed but Moskva is on the way under her own power, at least that is what Kirby (it seems) stated himself (in Russian). So, anyone who has the time to listen to his briefing, please check if this is true. 

In any case, Moskva is certainly not sunk, she is functional and will be repaired, at least this is the word for now. In fact, something tells me, that now she may go into the modernization and even a deeper one than Marshal Ustinov. Just to make the point. I cannot give the guarantee, obviously, but something tells me that this could be one of the options. This Moskva issue is a great demonstration of a massive fraud which all kinds of telegram-channels and military "experts" offer as "analysis" and "news" rushing to promote themselves as valid news outlets, while selling fake sensations. I am not talking about Ukie or Western propaganda--one would expect them to lie. No, I am talking about a truck-load of those alleged "pro-Russian" outlets who spread BS purely to make a buck. 

Per versions on why the fire started: recall Bonhomme Richard? Just saying. Military counter-intel organs cannot be 100% proof and under present conditions of SMO the issue of sabotage cannot be excluded, period. Especially after devastating news for Kiev with yet another more than VSU 300 marines surrendering today to Russian Forces and the pool of POWs from Ukrainian side constituting now more than 3,000 POWs. The reduction of the Donbass cauldron, some sources close to SMO project, may bring 30,000 VSU POWs and that is a completely different "logistics" in humanitarian and security terms. As I already stated, the most in demand profession in LDNR right now are prison security guards, to handle thousands VSU POWs. This in itself could be a very serious motivation for someone who may have sympathies to regime in Kiev, which may not have been promptly detected. Inside work is totally possible. We'll see anyway. 

BTW, pay attention to those Vikhrs on Ka-52s, those are PGMs.

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