Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Larry Johnson Sent Me This Link.

I am awfully glad and thankful he did. This is the piece from this guy: 

Jacques Baud is a former colonel of the General Staff, ex-member of the Swiss strategic intelligence, specialist on Eastern countries. He was trained in the American and British intelligence services. He has served as Policy Chief for United Nations Peace Operations. As a UN expert on rule of law and security institutions, he designed and led the first multidimensional UN intelligence unit in the Sudan. He has worked for the African Union and was for 5 years responsible for the fight, at NATO, against the proliferation of small arms. He was involved in discussions with the highest Russian military and intelligence officials just after the fall of the USSR. Within NATO, he followed the 2014 Ukrainian crisis and later participated in programs to assist the Ukraine. He is the author of several books on intelligence, war and terrorism, in particular Le Détournement published by SIGEST, Gouverner par les fake news, L’affaire Navalny. His latest book is Poutine, maître du jeu? published by Max Milo.

Here is the snippet from his excellent review:

From an operational point of view, the Russian offensive was an example of its kind: in six days, the Russians seized a territory as large as the United Kingdom, with a speed of advance greater than what the Wehrmacht had achieved in 1940. The bulk of the Ukrainian army was deployed in the south of the country in preparation for a major operation against the Donbass. This is why Russian forces were able to encircle it from the beginning of March in the “cauldron” between Slavyansk, Kramatorsk and Severodonetsk, with a thrust from the East through Kharkov and another from the South from Crimea. Troops from the Donetsk (DPR) and Lugansk (LPR) Republics are complementing the Russian forces with a push from the East. At this stage, Russian forces are slowly tightening the noose, but are no longer under time pressure. Their demilitarization goal is all but achieved and the remaining Ukrainian forces no longer have an operational and strategic command structure. The “slowdown” that our “experts” attribute to poor logistics is only the consequence of having achieved their objectives. Russia does not seem to want to engage in an occupation of the entire Ukrainian territory. In fact, it seems that Russia is trying to limit its advance to the linguistic border of the country.

But it is this metaphysical conclusion which stands out:

As Goethe said: “The greater the light, the darker the shadow.” The more the sanctions against Russia are disproportionate, the more the cases where we have done nothing highlight our racism and servility. Why have no Western politicians reacted to the strikes against the civilian population of Donbass for eight years?

Read the whole thing. It is excellent. 

P.S. I used one of the links Baud provides and, boy, there is nothing to discuss with Europe. This Luxembourgian ass-hole merely expressed in March of 2022 what many in Europe and the US desire above all.

Jean Asselborn, le chef de la diplomatie luxembourgeoise a évoqué « l’élimination physique » de Vladimir Poutine, ce mercredi, au cours d’une interview sur Radio 100,7. L’ADR a réagi via une question parlementaire. La phrase a été prononcée par le ministre des Affaires étrangères, ce mercredi, lors d’une interview sur Radio 100,7 : « Ce serait tout ce qu’on pourrait lui souhaiter, qu’il soit effectivement éliminé physiquement, pour que cela s’arrête ». « Si le peuple russe voyait ce que Poutine fait en Ukraine, à quel point les Ukrainiens ont peur et combien de vies humaines il (le président russe) pourrait avoir sur la conscience, alors il renverserait le Kremlin », a également déclaré Jean Asselborn. « Sous le coup de l’émotion » Le chef de la diplomatie luxembourgeoise a expliqué avoir « prononcé ces mots sous le coup de l’émotion », après avoir été informé par des diplomates occidentaux sur place que l’armée russe s’en prenait aux populations civiles en Ukraine contrairement à ce qu’affirme le Kremlin. Dans un communiqué publié à la suite de l’ampleur que prend cette déclaration, Jean Asselborn explique : « Les deux mots « éliminer physiquement » m’ont échappé. Je sais qu’un ministre des Affaires étrangères ne devrait jamais utiliser de tels mots. Même après 18 ans en tant que ministre des Affaires étrangères, je ne suis pas capable de réprimer mes émotions et mon sens de la justice, face à une telle souffrance humaine incommensurable endurée par des personnes innocentes. »


Jean Asselborn, the head of Luxembourg diplomacy spoke of the "physical elimination" of Vladimir Poutine, this Wednesday, during an interview on Radio 100.7. The ADR reacted via a parliamentary question. The sentence was pronounced by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, this Wednesday, during an interview on Radio 100.7: “It would be all that we could wish for him, that he is actually eliminated physically, so that 'stopped ". “If the Russian people saw what Putin is doing in Ukraine, how scared Ukrainians are and how many human lives he (the Russian president) could have on his conscience, then he would topple the Kremlin,” Jean Asselborn also said. "In the grip of emotion" The head of Luxembourg's diplomacy explained that he "uttered these words under the influence of emotion", after being informed by Western diplomats on the spot that the Russian army was attacking the civilian populations in Ukraine contrary to what affirms the Kremlin. In a press release published following the magnitude of this declaration, Jean Asselborn explains: “The two words “physically eliminate” escaped me. I know a foreign minister should never use such words. Even after 18 years as Foreign Minister, I am unable to suppress my emotions and my sense of justice, in the face of such immeasurable human suffering endured by innocent people. »

As I am on record non-stop:  Western diplomacy doesn't exist, it is a collection of lowlifes like this "emotional" creep.  

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