Friday, December 30, 2016

If You Think That...

I will mourn openly a tragic demise of legendary Alexandrov's ensemble, don't. I held my profound minute of silence already. If you think that I will discuss President Putin's masterful response to Obama's anti-Russian hysteria, don't. On the New Year's eve I want to point out to some East Coast uber-liberal's epiphany. 

Anthony Bourdain slams ‘privileged’ liberals for ‘utter contempt’ of working class

Even if Tony does it out of pure desperation, born out of crushing defeat of liberalism, it is already good. But if he means what he says, that hard working people in US (and not in US only) were treated with contempt by liberal office plankton, much of which has no idea on what productive labor is, then it is even better. This whole liberal ideological cabal (not only, though)  exists only because some people get up early each day and begin producing: milk, wheat, steel, clothes, cars, jet planes, ships, frying pans (there was lately an upsurge in "Made In USA" frying pans), whiskey, beer, guns, satellites, modems, bricks, lumber, locomotives... you name it. For some dimwit from Wall Street or from many "liberal" economic "think-tanks" it could be incomprehensible to grasp that there is NO "post-industrial" world--a figment of imagination of some Davos "thinkers". It is not a post-modern world, unless one resides in NYC or in San-Francisco, it is the industrial world of modernity and this modernity came back to claim its proper place in history. Yes, by mercilessly kicking liberal ass and the boot which kicked this ass was the boot of some working man (or a woman) and that is the way I like it. I can live just fine without Bill Maher, or Tony Bourdain. I would rather live without pretentious, shallow Ivy League "educated" political "scientists" who are always wrong, without MSM, without this "creative" class only small portion of which is any good--the rest is trash. But I will take whatever I can. 

So, I wish everyone this upcoming year of 2017, the fulfillment of their wishes and return to sanity to those who are still capable of doing so. In the end, respect people who feed, dress, transport, teach, treat and save you. Respect a working class man and a woman. 

                                   Happy New Year!!

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