Friday, July 15, 2016

Je Suis...Whatever.

I already made this point several times, here is one of these:

European "Elites".

Europe is not ready to really fight terrorism, neither is US. Even Nice tragedy is not going to change anything. Nice terrorist act is a bloody and brutal testament to a complete bankruptcy of EU's in general, and France's in particular, social and cultural ideas. It is also a testament to impotence of European "anti-terror" organizations and (and I write this with a very heavy heart) Nice tragedy is just another one in what is shaping to be a first and early iteration of the European civil war. More tragedies will follow. Make no mistake there will be again candle vigils, kumbaya singing, tears and invocations of some "spirit" and "values"--all of this is a complete Bullshit. This is war and the war is with Islam. Not just some Caliphate and ISIS--no, those are merely latest extreme jihadist iterations of Wahhabi scourge--but large European spaces, cities mostly, are not European anymore. Those are forbidden zones where only Shariah law is enforced and where no Europeans are allowed while hatred against the host nations is preached in local mosques. Europe did it to itself and while doing so she both grew own "domestic" terrorists and allowed even more in from the outside. Obviously, Sorbonne-"educated" lawyers are not acquainted with such term as pre-deployment of forces. If French think that their tough-talking midget Sarkozy will change anything--good luck with daydreaming. Current European "elites" will sell Europe to Islam's "cultural enrichment" while thinking that they will be able to endure in their gated communities. On the other hand--why "will", they already sold everything there ever was to sell.

It is very difficult to imagine some hipster from Paris even conceiving that he may need to learn how to shoot (both handguns and rifles), that he need to know how to fight with and without knife, how to defend his woman (wife, girlfriend etc.), how to provide first medical aid, how to orient oneself in urban and other environments. No, I can not see this. European culture was so emasculated that at this stage, I think, the number of European metrosexual wussies is larger than the number of European true men who still retain some balls and semblance of normal man's instincts. The enemy these remaining European men will be facing (or, rather, are facing already) will be on the order of magnitude more determined, often combat trained and this enemy will be indoctrinated with every ideological postulate which makes Islam aggressive and dangerous. In the end, Saudi and Qatar (among other Gulf shitholes) financed Islam is what Anwar Shaikh termed as "the instrument of Arab imperialism", which it is. Islam is more than religion--it is a complete worldview system which sees "peace" only after the whole humanity is converted to Islam and Sharia rules the world. So, good luck, gun-hating, LGBT-worshiping, Obama admiring, sneering at Christian values and faith, feminine Euro-wussies with facing the guys who are totally ready to kill, rape, pillage and, most importantly, die. I know on whom my bets will be. 


Make no mistake, my hearts bleeds and I weep for Europe and Europeans, but I do have an acute case of schadenfreude when imagining how this almost whole European political and media class, most of which is comprised of insane multi-culti feminazi liberals with no applicable life and professional skills is beginning to sense something coming.  Those treasonous low-lifes better start making arrangements in advance, because once Enoch Powell's "Rivers Of Blood" prescient warning becomes a reality (it is in the process as I type this), it will be them who will be done with first by either side of the emerging conflict. But that is my, so to speak, a somewhat emotional response to a tragedy in Nice. Now to more rational parts. 

Not all Muslims are terrorists but almost all terrorists are Muslims is more than just truism. It is, in some sense, operational concept. Islam and Christianity are not compatible--all this pseudo-"scholarly", fluffy talk about them being from the same source as Abrahamic religions is just that, empty words. World DOES have Islamic terrorism problem, it also DOES have an issue with Muslim communities in non-Muslim lands--those communities never, with some minor exceptions, integrated, do not integrate and never will integrate into the host nations. In Europe it is now reaching catastrophic proportions. To address this problem one MUST address the problem:

1. Domestically and this means serious "profiling" and "restriction". Any Wahhabi activity should be stopped and mass deportations started;
2. Internationally: ISIS, Al Qaeda and War in Syria come to mind immediately. 

Here is the catch, US IS NOT going to fight terrorism. It will continue to imitate the war but will continue to support "moderate" Islamic terrorism all the same. Kerry's visit to Moscow solves absolutely nothing--it is all about big power politics and has more to do with Russian-American power balance than with war on ISIS. It is also about perceptions and saving Obama's face. Europe, on the other hand, simply has no guts nor means to deal with terrorism in Syria on any serious level, in the end Europe thought of ISIS and AQ as good tools of ridding Syria off Assad, as their masters in D.C. told them to do. After several recent publications in Russia, the interview with Colonel Murahovsky, Chief Editor of Magazine "Fatherland's Arsenal", gave a very good insight into the whole Russia's military-strategic kitchen. In an interview properly titled Without Illusions And Exaggerations: About Difficulties Of Syria Campaign, Murahovsky is brutally honest when assessing fighting capabilities and operational acumen (or rather lack thereof) of SAA, especially when compared with....ISIS. But then again, Arab's inability to plan and fight modern combined arms war is legendary. Considering the fact that Russian advisers merely play training (and only when allowed) and mediating role in Syria, it is naive to expect both Syria's and Iranian forces to improve operationally more than they did already. Murahovsky's interview comes down to what I was writing about since the inception of Russia's campaign in Syria--a Damocles Sword of Russia's Fast Reaction Forces which can provide what many in Russia are calling for now--a ground operation. 

Murahovsky sees this 2-3 months long operation in concert with US Army. But then again, Murahovsky sees this operation as the means to an end of obliteration of ISIS and its infrastructure--United States can not accept it for a number of reasons, both domestic and international. There is very little doubt that Pskov and Ivanovo together with US 101st or 82nd  Divisions will do the job just fine in required time frame and clean Syria from ISIS but again--US doesn't want to do this, not least because it has its own SOBs there and Obama can not simply abandon his suicidal "Assad Must Go" meme. Obama, and US with him, were humiliated more than enough. This leaves...... yes, Russia's airborne divisions as possible first wave of troops there. But, but....will Putin listen this time to his General Staff as opposed to Ministry Of Foreign Affairs? Who knows. But Russian Armed Forces today are completely capable of finishing job in Syria on their own and in a fairly short time. This is a strategic factor and in my humble opinion one of the major points of Kerry's visit to Moscow was to tie Russia with procedural diplomatic BS for as long as possible and not to allow Russia to actually finish the job in Syria by means of deploying there a serious ground force. This event may completely exclude US from any decision on Syria and completely expose its role in supporting Al Qaeda affiliated "opposition" terrorist groups. And so, the waiting continues. Some say--through November, until US election cycle is over. This, I don't know. I think this election factor is greatly exaggerated, but we will see soon enough. These are my short, on the run, thoughts on the issue almost immediately after the tragedy in Nice. My heart goes out to French people and I think there are many of us around the world--aging farts who still remember how to shoot and command, who would consider strongly, if (or rather when) shit hits the fan in Europe, to come to aid. I just cannot conceive living the rest of my life with Notre Dame De Paris turned into mosque.


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