Tuesday, July 26, 2016

It Has Started.

Remember I recently stated that this is just the start? Well, sadly, events are developing too fast to even properly react. Forget "tolerant" Germany which is still reeling from self-inflicted death wound but now something totally new. From France, obviously. 

This is new to Europe. For Russia it is not. While fighting West-supported "freedom fighters" and "rebels", in reality jihad terrorist internationale, in Chechnya number of cases where Russian Orthodox priests and nuns were taken hostage and killed were observed. Such as Father Chistousov killed in Grozny in 1996. But for France this is most likely another "first" (I am not 100% positive) and French better get used to living with the idea that nothing, and I want to stress--nothing--will be beyond reach. Churches, schools, kindergartens--all is for terrorist grab. Neither France, nor Europe as a whole are ready to deal with it and the issue is not just treasonous political "elites" nor incompetence of the anti-terrorist organizations. No. The issue are French and Europeans themselves. They allowed this to be done to themselves and I don't accept any argument of well-meaning or people being lied to by main-stream media. We live in the world of  IT when it is possible for any person with even average IQ to put an effort in learning about the world. How much time is left until it becomes completely uncontrollable, and it will, I don't know. But I am sure that supporting LGBT, multiculturalism and watching Hollywood trash will help to deal with life-and-death problem.... In related news, Russia is offering lands in Siberia and Far East for free and Vladivostok and Khabarovsk are lovely in Spring. Irkutsk has some superb theaters. 


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