Wednesday, July 20, 2016

France's Finest.

France's Foreign Ministry seems to be in serious competition with US State Department for producing dumbest, most irresponsible and amoral hacks ever. Special mention is awarded to UK's Foreign Office.

I already wrote a truck load of stuff on total degeneration and imbecility of Western "elites" but each time I think we reached the bottom, someone knocks from beneath. This time it is France's Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault. As Le Figaro reports, the moron (I am sure France's finest) raised concerns about Assad Troops besieging the cities of Aleppo and Daraya trying to clear them from those wonderful moderate terrorists. Suddenly, France is really concerned with the fate of population of those cities. 

Google Translate will do a fine job. Well, obviously, Jean-Marc Ayrault somehow forgot France's absolutely crucial (together with US and UK) role in bringing about all those ISIS terrorists to life and playing a decisive role, through neocon midget Sarkozy, in first dismantling and turning Libya into hotbed of jihadism and then, through efforts of Hollande, devastating Syria with the help of same "moderate terrorists" who kill and maim people in France in a string of latest terrorist acts. This is not a hypocrisy--it is pass that now. We are talking about people who are insane in every possible human way. Yet, instead of being placed in the asylum or being tried as war criminals (Sarkozy and Hollande are war criminals), these imbeciles continue to run their own nations and the world into the ground. But then again, come to think about it, French deserved it--they elected these criminals and they have to live with them and decisions they make. Russia went through purgatory of 1990s to understand her own national failure and she learned her lessons. Will France do the same? Only time will tell if EU "human rights" virus finally finished the nation of De Gaulle. For now it seems it did and I am not sure if any immunity is left in the grey mass of politically correct, pretentious French electorate. I am not sure I can call France a nation anymore. I hope I am mistaken.    

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