Saturday, June 27, 2020

Another One Hits The Fan.

I stated many times that the so called American "journalism" is a joke and US MSM are basically staffed with human compost who pretend that they do God's work. Enter another "leak" (of a diarrhea variety) from the US "intelligence" and, of course, NYT. 
Some gullible morons already started calling Russia's embassy with threats. What is remarkable in this whole piece is its sterility in terms of any substantive information or sources. Again, it is NYT--a tabloid at the service of globalists in DNC. As per US "intelligence"--they know they suck and they know that US lost the war in Afghanistan DESPITE support from Russia. Judging by "successes" of US "intelligence" in preventing 9/11, Tzarnaev brothers and, especially, still being busy trying to find Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction, and having this "intelligence" in cahoots with terrorists in Syria, as well as being initiators of Russiagate, it is no surprise then that it has found a new pile of BS it can throw at the fan, thus trying to damage Trump and whatever is left of Russian-American relations. 

This is a pattern of sore losers who cannot even come up with a decent enough false flag operation which is believable for people with IQ higher than room temperature. The spiraling of America out of control continues. Meanwhile, there could be some arrangement announced in Afghanistan and it will be Russia who will have to deal with a bloody mess US left there. WaPo, uncharacteristically for itself, called those, now famous, reports of the US war in Afghanistan At War With The Truth. This is exactly the case with NYT excrement. Another one is in progress as I type it. Why now? Explanation is simple: while some polls show that Uncle Joe Biden leads Trump, and we all know how reliable those polls are, it becomes increasingly clear that the "cultural revolution" unleashed by DNC, MSM and financial oligarchy, begins to slowly but spectacularly blow back. It also demonstrated the degree of degeneracy of American political system, which is weak and dysfunctional, and of its political class, headed by Democrats who, always being incompetent, proved themselves also to be utterly insane. 

They definitely feel the tug of a whirlpool of events, some may have arrived already to a conclusion that the US is done, and because of that they try desperately to switch public's attention away from serious economic and political issues, to some media circus run by people who do not even understand that for many of them it will not be a desired political outcome of Trump's defeat but of disintegration of the country with all what comes with this territory, including settling accounts. But then again, expecting any understanding of the consequences from US media or, for that matter, "intelligence" is a fool's errand. But I am on record with that for years. Intellectual collapse is almost complete and with it the collapse and disintegration of the country seems increasingly probable.  

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