Monday, June 29, 2020

We Saw It Coming...

I mean not the fact that mobs are supported and controlled by DNC operatives or that GOP is a collection of cowards. We knew that. What is remarkable about this....
Is not even the fact that this woman needs a crash course in basic gun handling, but in the fact that mobs are now  inside gated and extremely rich communities. The house of these two white St.Louis lawyers, despite being a hideous tasteless collection of kitsch inside, is a very expensive mansion. And that brings me to this major point which I made not for once. No gated community is safe in the US. Private security details for very rich, such as a bunch of limousine "liberals" who enable collapse of law and order in the US, are good only until real shit hits the fan--after that they will, at least most of them, be gone. Unless those enablers manage (many will) get into their private jets fast, no number of "security" mercenaries or extremely expensive security systems at their "exclusive" real estate will do anything to stop a mob. A mob armed with full automatic weapons, grenades and Molotov cocktails--easy-peasy to take any real estate within continental United States.

Now, as for this couple--good for them that they had balls to show a little bit of force. As I stated--it is up to citizens now to protect their lives and property and, eventually, form local militias in support of those police forces who still perform their duty. Here in the State of Washington both cowardly cuck governor Inslee and a mayor of what once used to be Seattle completely lost any capacity to govern--not that they had it to start with--and should be removed from the office. The implosion of the governance and massive manifestations of cowardice by American ruling class, especially GOP, I don't talk about democrats--they are a national security threat--continues. Eventually it will become racist to be white in America and the history will be rewritten. As for DNC media machine--until it is dismantled this shit will continue. But then again, it is difficult to explain to some journo that gated communities are no defense when shit hits the fan, after all even those who they support are still a mob and don't give a shit about some cuck who tries to manipulate them. After all, they are not protestors--they are the mob and that changes the game completely. Minneapolis will show the way.  

UPDATE: NYC and its mayor want to defund the police (cut $1 billion from NYPD budget). 
1. We need to understand that NYC is a hotbed of namely white limousine liberal "thought" which is behind BLM "movement", so, as much of a contempt I have for Trump, the BLM is driven primarily by white (DNC--we already discussed it many times) "operatives" to win 2020 elections. 

2. I will repeat it again--no Democratic Party, a party of treason, constituency, such as Seattle, deserve any police protection. "Elections", this ritual of BSing people into the illusion that they have a choice, is a euphemism for distributed responsibility, and people who voted for radical insane creeps should bear the responsibility and face consequences of their choices. 

I begin to suspect that in reality DNC is beginning to get a bit nervous since this whole BLM thing gets a little bit out of hand, and I don't think that those people who voted "democrat" will like to bear responsibility and face those consequences of their choices which may include, but are not limited to, armed robberies, rape, murder, damaging property, home invasions, taking hostages, dramatic loss of value of real estate etc. The list is vast and I think that NYC, Minneapolis, Seattle, San-Francisco among many other "democrat" cities should face the consequences. People change their perspective on life not by reading NYT but by experiencing first hand big events. It doesn't guarantee this change, however, because what is known in the US as "liberalism" is a type of a mental illness, but on some occasions being robbed or having a shit beaten out of oneself may allow a much faster return to the reality-based community. 

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