Sunday, June 7, 2020

I Am Sure It Is A Really Good Idea.

Which will advance the cause of "human rights" really far. In fact, so far that we may never see it over the horizon ever again. 
Yes, what can possibly define great education better than being busy "fighting for the rights", you know, like not getting an education. As I stated many times, Seattle is increasingly becoming a raving mad cesspool of weirdos, such as this "professor":
“You need to encourage and demand professors to accommodate their black students during this time. If UW truly understands our pain, UW will be a part of alleviating it,” the petition states. Nicole McNichols, UW Psychology Professor told Campus Reform that she supported the move. “Obviously, I support the petition and absolutely believe the accommodations it requests should be honored by all faculty. Students need all of the support and compassion we can afford to give them right now.” The email sent by McNichols to her students reads: “First, the remaining homework chapters are being put into review mode. Everyone will receive full points. Second, I have decided to drop everyone’s lowest exam score. This means that you may opt-out of taking Exam 3 if you just don’t feel up to it, (or if you [are] happy with your scores from exam 1 and 2).”
Here is this lunatic, who also pushed for watching porn as a part of her "curriculum":
She is very enthused about sex (I wonder why) and that is how she is being described: 
Your first week in PSYCH 210, Diversity of Human Sexuality, you might know to expect. Rumors about watching porn in class (which happens around week five) zip around UW social circles but beyond that, most students go in blind. Around week two this quarter, professor Nicole McNichols proclaimed the class was going to watch a documentary that “she absolutely loves,” a 50-minute video on the G-spot (which is actually named after a man). But McNichols’ bubbly attitude to all things sex is what makes her class what it is. At 720 students, PSYCH 210 is the largest and most popular undergraduate course at the UW. Packed into Kane 130, it takes a lot for McNichols to stand up in front of that many students every day and talk about sex toys and fetishes. McNichols has taught this class every quarter for the last five years and loves it.
So, basically this "professor" teaches dildoing and BDSM and students love it. What's next--course in peeing and shitting? Why not. Anything is possible in the world of US universities which employ obviously mentally compromised (and probably not fvcked enough by real dick) perverts with Ph.D in BS and one doesn't have to be a psychologist to recognize that. I am sure UW enjoys a reputation for steadily turning into asylum, but I think this, once respected, school needs to double down and commit research into new genders and into the human-animal sexuality. I am sure students will love it. While at it, I also propose to offer Ph.D courses in "fighting for human rights" (all credits are received remotely by providing time-sheets of being on the street, extra credit for vandalism and robbery) and in playing video games...Oh wait. 
Boy, I wish I could get a Ph.D in e-sports. I was actually very good once in Wolfenstein 3D:
I am positive, me missing out on this important degree, together with the course in dildoing and sexual fetishes dealt a massive blow to my self-esteem and contribution to civilization I may have made in the field of practical insanity. But then again, in the world where lunacy is defined as bubbly personality and "human rights" are just a second away from turning into wholesale crime, one should not forget that we are already in 1984, we are just waiting for it to be announced officially. In the end, graduate degree in robbing stores sounds so enticing.

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